What’s The Best Led Desk Lamp For Studying?

best light bulb for studying

The best led desk lamp for studying is not the same for everyone. It is a very personal decision and one that should not be taken too lightly.

A lot of people unfortunately make the mistake of just seeing a lamp at the bedding store, and drop it in their shopping cart or buggy along with odds and ends and pillows. Now, it sure is a convenient way to get a lamp.

Though, it may be marked up more at the bedding store for the added convenience of buying it there. In addition, it may not be your ideal lamp.

Now, if you are sitting here asking about the best led desk lamp for studying, you probably are going to be spending a lot of quality time with the lamp. It means it needs to provide what you need.

Typical Desk Lamp Issues

best led desk lamp for studying

It needs to be pretty sturdy and well made of quality materials, for starters. Most of all, it needs to provide ample light without blinding you with the blazing glare of sun-like power.

And, it definitely should not have you feeling like a mole living in a cave — too dim, either. The other item on the list is that the lamp must provide long-lasting use without a lot of maintenance. Old incandescent bulbs were renowned for blowing at the worst times.

They were disposable. Depending on the electricity in your home, the quality of the bulb, and the amount of time you used it, they needed to change often.

Look for lamps that come with LEDs because they do not contain a bulb in the traditional sense. That means that you do not run the risk of being in the dark or having downtime.

The other bulbs, fluorescent, provide a light that can be rough on the eyes. Many people also claim that it is not great for their mood either. If you are doing work that requires accuracy with colors, you want something closer to daylight, not fluorescent light.

Halogens are wonderful though when they blow it is expensive to replace the bulbs. It can take days to get a new bulb as you usually have to go to a specialty store or online.

Halogens were at one time a popular alternative to incandescent and fluorescent. Though, these days, who needs a bulb?

What Are The Features Of A Quality Desk Lamp?

best light bulb for studying

Now that we have reviewed what some of the typical problems with best led desk lamp for studying are, we can explore the features. For the purposes of studying, you may want to have an adjustable lamp that sits on the desk or on a tier of the desk. That way you can control the direction of the light.

The addition of the LED lights on the scene has allowed for dimmable features. The advantages of dimmable light are that you can control the amount of light. Add in a gooseneck arm and you are provided the most amount of adaptability.

The prices range from approximately $13 to $50. There is plenty of variety as well. From different colors to rechargeable there are various features that were not available even 10 years ago.

Look for Energy Star as well. Though, given that the lamps are rechargeable and LED, they are mostly going to save money on electricity in the first place.

The Top Desk Lamp Choices

LAMPAT Dimmable Desk Lamp is the top selling best led desk lamp for studying for good reason. At only approximately $27 with dimmable features an LED, it is easy on the budget. It is low maintenance going forward, with a near-to-nothing cost of ownership in the future, because there are no bulbs to buy ever.

Lampat LED Desk Lamp

It features a craned neck that makes it both compact but powerful. It retracts into an arm that sits horizontal to the desk. It has 5 brightness levels, and 4 lighting modes, along with providing natural light.

The one-hour auto-off feature is a nice added bonus as well. It comes equipped with a USB charging port as well. The LED light means that the lamp should provide up to 25 years of use. That’s not bad for $26.99 or thereabouts.

The TaoTronics Elune (Style TT DL01) is another top desk lamp to consider. At $28.99 it comes with a 5-level dimmer, has a 1-hour auto-off timer, USB and 5V/1A port for charging. It has a control panel that is operated purely by touch.


It too features very straight lines, almost like an architect’s lamp. It is similar the mechanical adjustment capabilities of the LAMPAT.

For people who prefer greater adjustment capability, such as an option to swing, expand the height, and lower the lamp, the Newhouse Lighting’s 5W is a great option. It is deemed their Energy Efficient Architect lamp. It is also the best led desk lamp for studying as well. It runs approximately $30.

It has a projected lifetime of 32 years if it is used an average of 3 hours per day. It provides a high-quality, steady and non-flickering LED light experience. It is not only a longevity star but also an Energy Star rated device as well.

It is easy on the eyes and features a 1-year warranty as well. It is a fantastic option and available at a very reasonable price.

Another convenient feature of all of these lamps is that they are readily available online. It means that if you are in a jam, wherever you are, the lamps can be sent right to your door.

The future is so bright you have to wear shades. Not so with the led desk lamp for studying. They provide a nice, even light that is akin to natural light.

And, with estimated lifetimes of 25 to 35 years, they will be a long-lasting and committed member of your team.

The hardest choice yet might be what color lamp to pick. For the most part, the top lamps featured here are functional, feature-rich lighting options that leave you wanting for nothing.

They are quite flexible and allow for a good deal of control of the light as well. It is a great time to buy a desk lamp.


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