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lampat led desk lamp

Desk lamps can create an eye-friendly environment to perform your job more effectively. If you work in a dark environment, it will affect your eyes as well as the productivity level.

Therefore, you should always use a LED desk lamp on a small area to get enough amount of light and to work in a healthy and comfortable environment. A desk lamp will help you to stay organized and to focus more on the work.

Now different types of desk lamps are available in the market. You will find different designs and shapes to complement other decors of your office or home. Some of them are lightweight, compact, and foldable.

In addition, these are durable and economical. You will find wide options to choose from. You can choose the one depending on your requirement and preference.

As different types of LED desk lamps are available, it might be difficult for beginners to get the right one to meet their unique requirements.

If you want to act smart, you will have to go through the features of the lamps and then you can match them with your requirements to find out which one can be the right choice.

You will have to consider the style, flexibility, size, functions, lighting types, price, and reviews of customers before deciding on one. To help you more, the followings are the reviews of top LED desk lamps.

3. Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp

lampat light

Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp is a stylish and well-designed LED desk lamp that comes with four different lighting settings, touch control, memory function, and five levels of brightness to enable the users to adjust the lights easily depending on their needs.

This energy saving desk lamp can match well with your home décor with stylish black color.

What I Like

This best selling desk lamp is known for its top-notch services. The four lighting modes of this lamp offer natural and non-flickering lights. It will have no effect on your eyes. So, you can use it for long working hours.

It also features a high-quality LED bulb and five levels of brightness. The lifespan of the bulb is around twenty-five years. That makes your desk lamp durable.

Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp has a USB charging port that makes it suitable for your smartphones and tablets. Also, it has a one-hour auto-off timer. This feature will save your energy cost. It will be automatically switched off when not in use.

I will appreciate the fashionable and stylish appearance. The design and look will be suitable for any office, living room, or bedroom.

This desk lamp is fully rotatable. You can rotate it from the head to the arm to the base. It is easy to adjust each part of the lamp to get the ultimate lighting coverage. The setting will not be an issue with this lamp.

In addition, the lamp comes with some vision friendly features to become the first choice for all types of eyes. It is designed in such a way that it will provide full lighting coverage without leaving any dark space, glare, or ghosting.

Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp can also help to lift your mood. You can use five different levels of brightness and flour lighting modes to match your mood and to enjoy the environment more.

The four modes are reading, sturdy, relax, and sleep. This lamp can meet all your requirements while supporting your study, relaxation, and even your sleep.

All four modes have five brightness choices. That means you will have twenty brightness choices. Also, it features an ergonomic design that ensures easy folding and storage. In brief, I can say that it is a less-expensive, stylish, and environmentally-friendly desk lamp.

What I Don’t Like

The finish is not admirable. It is a bit chicer. A glossy finish will be an ideal choice for this stylish desk lamp. Also, the cord is a bit long for the power supply. The on/off button is very small. It should be replaced by large buttons for easy usage.

Though it has different settings, still, I will prefer more brightness on some specific occasions. The lamp also needs improvement in the armature. You can move the lamp up and down or forward and backward. But you cannot rotate the head of the lamp.

Another issue is with heating. The top of the lamp gets hot while using the brightness mode. If I use the brightness mode, it might affect the durability of the lamp due to the heat.


  • Durable and stylish
  • Foldable design for easy folding and storage
  • Stable and sturdy Base
  • Quick bright adjustments 、Fully rotatable


  • Not ideal for small desk
  • Stiff adjusting joints


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2. Lampat LED Desk Lamp

lampat dimmable led desk lamp

Lampat LED Desk Lamp features easily switchable five-level brightness and four lighting modes to offer the required brightness to the users. Yes, it also comes with a USB charging port to enable you to enjoy your favorite music in the relaxing hours.

Like the previous one, you can expect natural lights with this lamp. The natural light will protect your eyes. The light is perfect to work during night hours for a long. Also, it will save your energy in a great manner.

What I Like

Lampat LED Desk Lamp is the perfect desk lamp to support many of your activities. I find it worth spending since I can adjust the setting for study, relaxation, and sleep. The right level of brightness also protects my eyes.

It features an adjustable head that enables me to change the light position. If required, you can use the 1-hour timer to set your lamp.

That will save you energy. Lampat desk lamp is made of plastic construction that makes the lamp lightweight. Also, it comes with a contemporary and space-saving design.

The bulbs of the lamp are designed to work for twenty-five years. So, you can use your lamp for a long without any replacement. It has dim-level adjustment four separate modes and five levels of brightness.

The four separate modes are reading, sturdy, relaxation, and bedtime. I can easily change the setting from the study to relaxation to bedtime.

The light is natural and does not glare. It is eye-friendly and eco-friendly. It also ensures less power consumption and that saves my energy bills.

The sophisticated and modern design of the LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp makes the style statement of my living room. I can easily keep it on my small desk.

What I Don’t Like

I love the brightness but it does not rotate sideways. There is also a USB port. But that is useless as most of the smartphones require 1.5A to charge and it has 1x 1A.

You cannot also plug this into a surge protector or any type of power strip. The package does not come with cleaning instructions as well.

I am also not satisfied with the dust and fingerprint magnet design. Light has a major design flaw. It sticks out below the edge of your lamp.

The arm is made of plastic. That offers a stylish and sleek look. However, it does offer a durable result. The lamp also attracts dust easily. The setting buttons are not tactile.


  • Eco-friendly and stylish design
  • Lower power consumption
  • Natural light to protect eyes
  • Durable and versatile、Excellent brightness


  • Light does not rotate

1. Lampat Light Eye-care Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

lampat led desk lamp

Lampat Light Eye-care Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is one of the coolest desk lamps available in the current market. Its modern design can add to the aesthetic value of any living room or bedroom.

This desk lamp features three-level touch dimming with memory function. It offers natural and eye-friendly lights.

What I Like

This great lamp features a nice design and three lighting levels. I can adjust the lighting or even bend it. It fits my purpose well. It does not demand much space and lights the area perfectly.

It works exceptionally well with three brightness settings. I love the elegant, attractive, and modern design most. It enhances the look of my desk.

Though it is plastic, it does not look cheap. The metallic accent actually boosts the look of this LED desk lamp. It is extremely lightweight. I can easily move it around. However, it is sturdy and can be ideal to use for years.

I like the highest level of the lights. This is bright and consumes seventy-five percent of less power. The bulbs are made to be used for twenty-five years. The bulbs are not breakable and do not get nearly hot.

This feature makes this desk lamp a safer choice for those who have young kids. The light is natural and will protect your eyes. You will not experience ghosting and flicking.

What I Don’t Like

The light glares. I cannot adjust the setting. Also, it is very small and I cannot use it for large desks. The light does not cover much. In fact, it does not extend beyond the base of the lamp. It provides cool light instead of warm light.


  • Less energy consumption
  • Elegant finish
  • Extremely lightweight、Bright lights


  • Light covers only limited space


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