Top 5 Cool White Led Light Bulbs Reviews

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Today’s cool white LED light bulbs have showcased some of the bright ideas. The manufacturers of these LED light bulbs that can last for the decades, and once combined with the decreasing sticker price.

This has made them become much popular and affordable than there before. Indeed this has become the new technology of light in the market.

They have enacted efficiency standard, the traditional incandescent bulbs which have been out in favor of environmentally-friendly alternatives and more-efficient. Here are some of the top 5 best cool white LED light bulbs.

1. Sunco Lighting G25 10 Pack LED Globe

cool white led light bulbs

If you intend to go for the latest technology in the light bulb, Sunco Lighting G25 10 Pack LED Globe is the best for you to have. It is rated the top Screw Edison Base E26 with the seamless dimming capacity which ranges 10% to 100% fitting any décor and mood.

It give off the sunlight-like quality of CRI80+ which is the right color rendering, chandeliers, ideal for vanities, kitchens and any room in the house.

It can be converted to green light with Sunco for an instant energy saving which goes upto 85%. It is eco-friendly with no IR, mercury or UV and which can last for an extended period as you compare with traditional bulbs, for example, fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen.

It has energy star listed, and UL certified which hold the highest standards because of its safety and optimal performance. It has a warranty for 5-year which benefit many users and also it has an affordable price.


  • Clean、Bulbs stay cooler
  • Eco-friendly、white light
  • Affordable price
  • Instant energy savings
  • Expected to last


  • None

2. 10 Pack BR40 Pack LED Bulb

cool white led

This is a particular bulb that has a great option when you are looking for a quality LED bulb in your home. It is the top-rated bulb with a dimmable BR40 LED bulb which has floodlight. The seamless dimming capacity is 10%-100% which fit any décor or mood.

The 10 Pack BR40 Pack LED Bulb give off the sunlight-like quality of CRI80+ which is the right color render, an ideal application for living areas, bedroom, offices, and kitchen. The light of this bulb is converted to LED for instant energy saving which goes up to 85%.

It is UL certified which upholds the highest standards because of its safety and performance. It is eco-friendly which has no IP, UV, and mercury and which last longer than the traditional bulbs like incandescent, halogen or fluorescent with a lifetime of 25,000 hours and more.

This bulb has an affordable price which everyone can buy, and it has a warranty of 5 years.


  • Unbreakable
  • 3-4 times brighter than incandescent bulbs
  • Light output become whiter
  • much cooler、Accurate


  • Price is not constant

3. Luxrite A19 60W Equivalent LED Light Bulb

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If you are looking for the current technology in the LED light bulb, then Luxrite A19 60W Equivalent LED Light Bulb is the right one to have. Its brightness is affected by 800 lumens of crisp, high-quality lighting which is perfect for any atmosphere.

It provides much light in the bedroom, kitchen, office living room, or any space because of its brightness. The brightness can be controlled which can be reduced from 10%-100% lighting output.

It is energy saving because it has 60 watts which lowers the electricity by 85% making the cost of electricity to go down. This bulb has a long life of lighting which can go upto 25,000 hours which means it can be used for the next twenty-two years.

It can last 10x longer than traditional bulbs. It has zero eyes straining stare, zero flickering light, and zero worries bulb because it is quick to install. It is safe and banked with a warranty of 3 years.


  • Use very little electricity
  • Attractive light、Has a long life
  • Light is perfect、Easy to install
  • Has three year warranty
  • Cool white color


  • None

4. Sunco Lighting BR30 12 Pack LED Bulb

cool white dimmable led bulbs

If you are after the well-performing and affordable cool white LED light bulb to replace many of your old incandescent, look for the Sunco Lighting BR30 12 Pack LED Bulb. It is top-rated with 10%-100% of seamless dimming capabilities which fit any décor or mood. It is eco-friendly where it has no IR, mercury, or UV with a lifetime of 25,000 hours and above.

It is UL certified with the highest standard in performance and safety. This bulb provides no buzzing or flickering with an instant bright light which is comfortable for every eye. It is of the best quality with the affordable price leading in the warranty of 5 years. Everyone who needs a light either in living areas, kitchen, offices or bedroom, this is the best bulb.


  • Great price、Bight
  • Great Quality、Instant on
  • Excellent dimming


  • Rather too bright

5. Philips LED A19 Non-Dimmable Frosted Light Bulb

cool white led lamp

Philips LED A19 Non-Dimmable Frosted Light Bulb offers 800 cooling lumens, full-spectrum light and the equivalent of 40-watt incandescent with the energy use is less than 80%.

These bulbs are fit for the standard medium base fixtures with an appearance and feel of the classic bulb. It offers bright white bulbs that offer bright and warm lighting with the exceptional high and clarity color rendering index (CRI) ideal for the project and the task lighting.

This crisp white LED light bulb offers durable and shatter-free plastic construction. It has natural light with energy-efficient flicker-free that cannot degrade over time. Unlike the cheaper imitations, it provides clean, and natural lighting with exceptional clarity.

It lasts up to 10X longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs. Unlike compact fluorescent and fluorescent bulbs, it is mercury-free therefore it does not contribute to hazardous waste. Every bulb in a pack of the 16 A19 Philips LEDs delivers a lifetime of up to 10,950 hours which covers ten years and above, saving your cost and the hassle of frequent bulb replacement.


  • Cheapest、Energy efficient
  • Warm yellow light
  • Comfortable light
  • Eco-friendly、Long lasting


  • Do not work well in the light controlled circuits


Depending on the specific lighting required, cool white LED light bulbs have been growing as the best white LED light bulbs that are coming in the market.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best bulb to light your house, you can take a look at these LED light bulbs. You can pay close attention to the details and the customer reviews. They are cheap and eco-friendly which anyone can afford.


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