Best Light Bulb For Reading In Bed

Which The Best Color Light For Reading At Night?

Reading lights become an important and essential part of our study. But when it comes to its uses, people prefer to have something handy, portable, compact, and less space consuming.

More importantly, it is the kind of light that makes all the difference, since people have different uses and sensitivity towards light.

Here is a list of the four reading lights which offer the best color light for reading at night.

1. Best Color Light For Reading At Night By LACOKI

Best Light Color For Reading At Night

The Lacoki reading light is a portable, flexible, and USB rechargeable study light. It consists of 28 LEDs with customizable 3 colors and 3 brightness settings, giving it 9 different settings and making it easy for users to change the settings according to their requirements.

The adjustable clip-on and wireless technology of this reading light makes it portable and adjustable in any space or situation.

The best characteristic feature of this light is its eye protection. The reading light is made in a unique way that the direct light is refracted before reaching the eye, therefore, putting less pressure on the eye and saving it from the exposing radiation.

This best color light for reading at night is also rechargeable with a 1800mAh battery, with a maximum reading time of 25-28 hours.

And the greatest thing about it is that it comes with 5 years of company warranty, making it one of the most trusted reading lights for the study.


  • Gives 9 different customizable settings as per users’ convenience.
  • Fast recharge technology which charges the battery to full in up to 3 hours.
  • Maximum reading time of 25-28 hours, with a safety clip to ensure against power loss.
  • Eye safety feature which saves our eyes from constant direct radiation and fatigue.


  • Given the battery capacity is just 1800mAh, the charging hours are long.
  • One can get the maximum reading time of 28 hours only if used in low brightness mode.
  • The reading light is composed of a plastic body.

2. Best Light Color For Reading By LEPOWER

Best Light Color For Reading

Lepower reading light is also a portable, flexible and a USB rechargeable light. The light can be used and adjusted in any space or position with its clip-on technology, which has to be clipped on either a study table edge or any surface where we wish to study or read.

The clip-on is attached with foam on its clips which makes it scratch resistant and it can be attached on any edge with a thickness of less than 2 inches. The light has 9 different customizable schemes – 3 colour and 3 brightness settings.

The best light color for reading has an aluminum steel body with flexibility of 360^, making reading easy and comfortable in any situation. It also comes with a 59 inch USB cable which makes it easy to charge it from any distance or space.

Moreover, it can be charged in 4 ways, making it one of the handiest reading light for the study.


  • It has 9 customizable lighting colour and brightness feature.
  • It is made up of aluminium metal body rather than plastic bodies of other reading lights.
  • The USB cable is 59 inch long cable and 4 modes of charging, making it easy to charge the light.
  • The light is comfortably soft and non flickering, giving the much needed protection to the eyes.


  • AC adapter is not included with the reading light kit.
  • It has a warranty of just 12 months.
  • Doesn’t come with a safety switch to ensure battery drainage or loss of power.


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3. Best Light For Reading At Night By TOPELEK

Best Light For Reading At Night

Topelek reading light is another portable, flexible and USB rechargeable light. The reading light consists of 7 LED book light with 9 customizable settings – 3 colours and 3 brightness scheme.

Its clip-on feature makes it portable and compact, making it easy to fix it on any edge, either study table or even the headboard of your bed. It comes with a 1000mAh battery which can last up to a maximum 60 hours.

The best color light for reading at night also comes with a convenient power indicator to inform the users of its battery status and capacity. Along with it, it is also an eye friendly reading light since its blue light technology filters out the direct exposure and reduces the fatigue.

The best part of this light is its flexibility of 360^ which makes it an all-time favorite for any late night readers.


  • It has 9 customizable settings, allowing readers to make adjustments as per their convenience.
  • Portable, compact, less space consuming and USB rechargeable.
  • It has eye care technology, protecting the eyes from direct light exposure.
  • It has a battery indicator allowing the readers to know about the battery status.


  • Only 7 LED lights, making it less bright than other LED study lights.
  • The clip-on can only be attached on a thick board of less than 1 and a half inch.
  • The battery lasts 60 hours given that it is kept at its lowest brightness level.

4. Best Light Bulb For Reading In Bed By IVICT

Best Light Bulb For Reading In Bed

Within the whole range of USB rechargeable, portable and compact reading lights, Ivicit reading light also comes within the list. It is a 24 LED study light with 3 color modes and 10 brightness settings – all customizable as per the users’ convenience.

It also comes with a feature of auto-off timer for those who tend to doze off while reading. The eye protection safety is also a remarkable function which saves the eyes from direct exposure and fatigue.

Its 360^ flexibility along with a rotatable neck and energy saving feature makes it a perfect tool for all late night readers.

Interestingly, it can be recharged and powered up through 5 ways by several direct electronic means. The length of the USB cable – 59 inches also makes it easy to charge from far away.


  • The reading light consists of 24 LEDs.
  • It a customizable feature of 3 colour modes and 10 brightness adjustable setting features.
  • It comes with an auto-timer off to ensure power saving.
  • The neck is 360^ flexible, making it adjustable in any situation.


  • The AC adapter is not included within the kit.
  • It can only be adjusted on edges which are less than 2 inches.


Above mentioned are one of the best color light for reading at night, comfortably suitable for bibliophiles who love to read and study at night. There are certain variations in all the light and users just has to choose one considering their requirements as well as budget.


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