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Best Light Bulb For Reading In Bed

Is there something known as the best color light for reading at night and if so what it is all about? If you are keen on knowing more about it, please spend some time going through this article. We are sure it will be informative and give some useful knowledge.

Which Color Light Is Best For Reading?

When it comes to reading, especially during the night, most people and even experts believe that yellow and light are the best options. However, within these two colors, there are many of us who indulge in a debate as to which is better or the best.

The answer to this does not depend on the color of the light but more on personal preferences. And other such things. It also would depend on other factors.

These other factors include the intensity of the light, the position of the light, and the distribution of the light in the area apart from a few other things. Hence, it may not be possible to give a straightjacket answer to this question because there are a number of other factors involved.

How To Choose The Best Color Light For Reading At Night?

There is no doubt that reading before we go to bed could be quite relaxing and will certainly quieten our mind. It certainly will help you to gather a good nights’ sleep. Reading in poor light could damage our eyesight.

We were taught this in our school days. While this may not be entirely true, it does cause some negative effects, especially in the short term. It could lead to headaches and avoidable eye strains.

If you choose the right color and brightness of lighting especially in the bed, it could make things much better. Here are a few things that could be considered when there is a need to choose the right color lighting

Irrespective of the color of lighting you choose, ensure that the light is evenly distributed in the area where you are reading. We make a common mistake of focusing a bright bed lamp that focuses on a single place.

The other areas are pitch dark everywhere. This could harm your eyes. Your eyes will become fatigued soon. The best option would be to ensure that the entire room has some lighting though the spotlight may be on your reading area.

The color of the reading light you choose is your personal decision. You should also bear in mind that as one gets older, we need to use a brighter level of light for reading.

A 10 year old can read well with a 40 watt bulb but a person above 60 years of age would need a standard bulb of 75 to 100 watt. Don’t go for lights that are too bright because they could harm your eyesight.

Reading lights become an important and essential part of our study. But when it comes to its uses, people prefer to have something handy, portable, compact, and less space consuming.

More importantly, it is the kind of light that makes all the difference, since people have different uses and sensitivity towards light.

Here is a list of the ten reading lights which offer the best color light for reading at night.

1. Best Color Light For Reading At Night By LACOKI

Best Light Color For Reading At Night

The Lacoki reading light is a portable, flexible, and USB rechargeable study light. It consists of 28 LEDs with customizable 3 colors and 3 brightness settings, giving it 9 different settings and making it easy for users to change the settings according to their requirements.

The adjustable clip-on and wireless technology of this reading light makes it portable and adjustable in any space or situation.

The best characteristic feature of this light is its eye protection. The reading light is made in a unique way that the direct light is refracted before reaching the eye, therefore, putting less pressure on the eye and saving it from the exposing radiation.

This best color light for reading at night is also rechargeable with a 1800mAh battery, with a maximum reading time of 25-28 hours.

And the greatest thing about it is that it comes with 5 years of company warranty, making it one of the most trusted reading lights for the study.


  • Gives 9 different customizable settings as per users’ convenience.
  • Fast recharge technology which charges the battery to full in up to 3 hours.
  • Maximum reading time of 25-28 hours, with a safety clip to ensure against power loss.
  • Eye safety feature which saves our eyes from constant direct radiation and fatigue.


  • Given the battery capacity is just 1800mAh, the charging hours are long.
  • One can get the maximum reading time of 28 hours only if used in low brightness mode.
  • The reading light is composed of a plastic body.

2. Best Light Color For Reading By LEPOWER

Best Light Color For Reading

Lepower reading light is also a portable, flexible and USB rechargeable light. The light can be used and adjusted in any space or position with its clip-on technology, which has to be clipped on either a study table edge or any surface where we wish to study or read.

The clip-on is attached with foam on its clips which makes it scratch resistant and it can be attached on any edge with a thickness of fewer than 2 inches. The light has 9 different customizable schemes – 3 colors and 3 brightness settings.

The best light color for reading has an aluminum steel body with a flexibility of 360^, making reading easy and comfortable in any situation. It also comes with a 59 inch USB cable which makes it easy to charge it from any distance or space.

Moreover, it can be charged in 4 ways, making it one of the handiest reading light for the study.


  • It has 9 customizable lighting colors and brightness features.
  • It is made up of aluminum metal body rather than plastic bodies of other reading lights.
  • The USB cable is a 59-inch long cable and 4 modes of charging, making it easy to charge the light.
  • The light is comfortably soft and nonflickering, giving the much-needed protection to the eyes.


  • AC adapter is not included with the reading light kit.
  • It has a warranty of just 12 months.
  • Doesn’t come with a safety switch to ensure battery drainage or loss of power.


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3. Best Light For Reading At Night By TOPELEK

Best Light For Reading At Night

Topelek reading light is another portable, flexible and USB rechargeable light. The reading light consists of 7 LED book light with 9 customizable settings – 3 colors and 3 brightness scheme.

Its clip-on feature makes it portable and compact, making it easy to fix it on any edge, either study table or even the headboard of your bed. It comes with a 1000mAh battery which can last up to a maximum of 60 hours.

The best color light for reading at night also comes with a convenient power indicator to inform the users of its battery status and capacity. Along with it, it is also an eye friendly reading light since its blue light technology filters out the direct exposure and reduces fatigue.

The best part of this light is its flexibility of 360^ which makes it an all-time favorite for any late night readers.


  • It has 9 customizable settings, allowing readers to make adjustments as per their convenience.
  • Portable, compact, less space consuming and USB rechargeable.
  • It has eye care technology, protecting the eyes from direct light exposure.
  • It has a battery indicator allowing the readers to know about the battery status.


  • Only 7 LED lights, making it less bright than other LED study lights.
  • The clip-on can only be attached on a thick board of less than 1 and a half-inch.
  • The battery lasts 60 hours given that it is kept at its lowest brightness level.

4. Best Light Bulb For Reading In Bed By IVICT

Best Light Bulb For Reading In Bed

Within the whole range of USB rechargeable, portable and compact reading lights, Ivicit reading light also comes within the list. It is a 24 LED study light with 3 color modes and 10 brightness settings – all customizable as per the users’ convenience.

It also comes with a feature of auto-off timer for those who tend to doze off while reading. Eye protection safety is also a remarkable function that saves the eyes from direct exposure and fatigue.

Its 360^ flexibility along with a rotatable neck and energy saving feature makes it a perfect tool for all late-night readers.

Interestingly, it can be recharged and powered up in 5 ways by several direct electronic means. The length of the USB cable – 59 inches also makes it easy to charge from far away.


  • The reading light consists of 24 LEDs.
  • It a customizable feature of 3 colour modes and 10 brightness adjustable setting features.
  • It comes with an auto-timer off to ensure power saving.
  • The neck is 360^ flexible, making it adjustable in any situation.


  • The AC adapter is not included within the kit.
  • It can only be adjusted on edges that are less than 2 inches.

5. BOHON Clamp Reading Light

clamp reading light

This is an interesting reading light from BOHON. It also has many interesting features and they include 10 brightness levels and 3 lighting modes. The LED clamp light also has 3 different types of color temperature.

It has a stylish appearance with a long USB Cord and a flexible Gooseneck. It has an easy USB cable plug-in facility. On the whole, it looks good and could help make your reading better and stress free as far as your eyes are concerned.

The lamps are specially designed for reducing stress and strain as far as the eyes are concerned.


  • The clarity of the eye-caring lamp from BOHON will be clearly visible when the same reading matter and page are kept aside from any other competitor-brand lamps.
  • It comes in three colors, natural white, warm white and cool white.
  • It also has memory function and auto-off after 1 minute of idling.
  • The entire lamp is made from strong metal.
  • Good value for money.


  • Quality control is not up to the mark.
  • Transit damages of bulbs and lamps have been reported.

6. Eyocean Clamp Reading Light

Eyocean Clamp Reading Light

This is from the famous house of EYOCEAN and it comes with a number of features and functions. It comes with an adapter and requires 5W to function. It also comes with 12 cool LEDs and also 12 Warm LEDs.

Additionally, you also have other interesting features like an eye protection facility and a strong clamp with flexible gooseneck. It looks ergonomic and stylish.


  • The body is made from quality aluminum alloy and ABS plastic.
  • It offers three different types of LED colors. They are cool white, natural white and warm white.
  • The color temperature ranges from 3000K to 6500 K.
  • It weighs just around 15.2 ounces.
  • You will love its company in your bedroom.

7. W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light

led usb reading light

This certainly is an awesome looking lamp that is useful for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a piano lamp, book lamp and reading lamp.


  • It could be a good choice for those who look for professional eye care.
  • The lamp is flexible and can be turned around 360 degrees.
  • It comes with a multi-functional clip.
  • It is stable compared to battery recharged lights.


  • The gooseneck is floppy in some areas.
  • The dimmable feature does not exist.

8. CeSunlight Clamp Desk lamp

cesunlight clamp desk lamp

This is a stylish looking and proven desk lamp from CeSunlight. This CeSunlight clamp desk lamp comes with 3 different types of color temperature. You can choose from 3000 K warm light to a 6500K cool white light. You also can control brightness seamlessly.


  • It offers 11 levels of dimming.
  • The flexible gooseneck is a big takeaway.
  • It comes with a long USB cord.


  • Brightness gets set to the lowest level every time the lamp is switched off.
  • Bringing it back to a bright setting takes some time and effort.

9. TOPELEK Rechargeable Book Light

topelek rechargeable book light

This is a quality lamp from TOPELEK that helps you to customize your illumination apart from offering a number of other features. It offers the best of wireless reading time. This TOPELEK rechargeable book light has been specially designed for eye protection.


  • Offers quality wireless reading time.
  • It allows you to customize your illumination.
  • It has been designed to offer complete eye protection.
  • The adjustable clamp and flexible neck.
  • Portable design and lightweight


  • The clip and flex neck are big issues.
  • The clip grip just pops off.
  • Warm settings do not provide enough brightness.

10. Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

This is a smart-looking and high-performing lamp with a great deal of flexibility. It is from the house of Glocusent. It has 6 levels of brightness adjustment and 3 different colors to choose from.

This Glocusent led neck reading light is rechargeable and once charged it works for a long period of time. The ergonomic design is focused to improve eye care.


  • Multiple settings for brightness and color temperature.
  • Rechargeable battery (1000 mAh built-in)
  • Offers hands-free operation.


  • It does not charge on USB C-port despite claims.
  • Transit damages have been reported.

Reading light is very much important for many readers who like to read at night. It is very much efficient to install the best kinds of lighting in your child’s room. The layering of light is a very much important consideration.

You need to check the lighting solution. It is necessary to keep your eye healthy. Your eyes should not take too much pressure at the time of reading. So, proper installation of light is a very essential factor.

So, if you can see then you will notice that LED lights are convenient and user-friendly as well. We all know that LED is energy-efficient light. This kind of light is also child-friendly than the traditional incandescent light. Above all, you will have to choose the best color light for reading at night.

Best Lighting Tips For Studying And Reading:

You should not read in the dim light. For that, you need to know that a bulb is brighter. It is best for reading and studying in the cooler white to natural daylight. This type of light is best for reading and studying.

This type of light is equivalent to 4000K to 6500K. Apart from this, you will have to make sure which type of lamp design is perfect for your room and study room.

You need to check some basic considerations before lighting your room and make it perfect for reading.

What Is The Best Color Temperature For Reading?

Here is a division of light bulb color temperature:

Soft White Color Bulb: It is warm and yellow. It is one kind of color range that you will get from traditional incandescent bulbs. This kind of bulb offers a warm and cosy feeling. It is best for the bedroom, living room and all. It is available from 2700 to 3000 Kelvin.

Warm White Color Bulb: It is available from 3000 to 4000 Kelvin. It is yellowish-white. These bulbs are perfect for kitchen and bathrooms.

Bright White Color Bulb: It is available from 4000 to 5000 Kelvin. It is a less cosy and more energetic feel. It is best for workspace and study purposes.

Daylight Bulb: This kind of bulb has a bluish tone. The light color is good for maximizing the color contrast. It is good for working and studying.

What Color Of Light Is More Relaxing?

Blue color carries calmness, faith and trust. Blue lighting also has a special effect on our body and mind. Blue color light is very much helpful while you will wake up in the morning. It will help you to adjust yourself.

It is also very much helpful for people who are suffering from jetlag. Our skin is also very sensitive to the blue color. It will discard the pain and offers us healing power as well.

The green color is also a calming color. It is one of the most visible and sensitive colors for the human eye. The green eye can enhance concentration and learning as well.

Yellow light is a warm color. It enhances the joy and feeling of happiness. It will spark muscle energy and power and also increase mental activity. The warm tone and color of yellow light will offer a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. It is used in hospitals. The patients will get proper sleep at night.

Orange is the welcoming color of light and it is energetic as well.

On the other hand, the light purple color will offer wisdom, magic and inspiration as well.

Are Led Lights Good For Reading?

Many people have the question that LED is good for our health or not. You will be happy to know that LED light can offer so many benefits. These benefits are such as follows:

  • The LED light will balance the circadian rhythm.
  • It will also decrease the headache problem.
  • The LED light will increase learning performance.
  • This light will also increase productivity.
  • It will decrease the level of anxiety and stress factors.

Apart from this, you will know the fact that LED light is good for the environment. From the recent study, we get to know that LED light is also good and beneficial for humans. So, if you are still using incandescent light then, it is high time to switch to the LED lights and make a positive impact as well.


It certainly makes quite a bit of sense for you to pay attention to the right color of your bedroom lamp, whether you use it for reading, piano playing or other such purposes. Further, the reviews of ten different types of lamps with lights would also have given better insight to our customers.

The above mentioned are one of the best color light for reading at night, comfortably suitable for bibliophiles who love to read and study at night. There are certain variations in all the light and users just have to choose one considering their requirements as well as budget.


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