Top 3 Trond Lamp Reivews

trond desk lamp

1. Trond Halo C Task Light

trond lamp

What I like

This Trond Light has a lot to offer. In short, it ensures as a customer you get value for your money. For instance, it is built well just to ensure it works well. It has a number of unique features that other lamps do not have.

Those features really set it apart from the rest. You can enjoy color tone adjustments charging port and dimmer features. Its aesthetic value is convincing and will blend well with your house interior. In Trond Halo C task light you buy a reliable and stylish Trond Lamp.

What I don’t like

It has also its fair share of adversities or rather limitations. First of all, its brightness is too low. This kind of brightness will not serve you well. The 11 watts quoted only translates into 7.5 W in real life.

This is a turn off to me sincerely speaking. The manufacturer seems to be misleading potential users which is very dangerous. It will be very fine if the brightness would be improved so that customers can really get value for their money.

If that is not the case, then this Trond Lamp will not attract more customers. Secondly, this lamp desk does not open wide enough, hence will not fit well on your proffered desk. You just have to go for a smaller desk then, which is not that appealing.


  • Color tone adjustment, allows one to get the right color and brightness on your working desk
  • A USB charging port so that you can easily charge this lamp desk when it goes off
  • Provides enough brightness for reading your proffered magazine or newspaper
  • Has a strong neck hence will not break easily
  • Adds great aesthetic value to your desk


  • The brightness produced by this Trond LED desk lamp might not be sufficient to some people
  • Might not fit while on some desks hence not being that reliable

2. Trond Halo 9W-C LED Clamp Light

trond led desk lamp

What I Like

In case you want to enjoy significantly enough brightness while working on your desk at night, then this is the right Trond Lamp for you. It is considerably better than most lamp desks.

Credit goes to the significant features it has. For instance, it is equipped with 6000 lumens in terms of power close to that of sunlight. Furthermore, if you are a painter then this is the right lamp desk for you.

It sheds accurate light to the project you are working on so that you can accurately see colors. You were painting capability will surely be enhanced. Also, it provides photography light that can be used while taking photos.

What I don’t like

Unfortunately, its head cannot rotate around. This means you cannot rotate it so that it can supply light to the exact place you need. You have to shift its position on your desk.

Definitely, this might become frustrating as time goes by. You have to clip its clamp horizontally for better placement. Surely this does come as a disappointment once you purchase this lamp desk expecting that everything about it is very perfect.

To some extent, you will feel that you have wasted a considerable amount of money. For those who are not bothered by clipping it horizontally can always feel free to use it.


  • Provides sufficient brightness to enable you to read your magazine and weakness
  • Very flexible to the point that hence you use with an adjustable firm
  • Comes with a lot of intensity settings. This means you can always set that brightness which will serve you well
  • Has a strong clamp that sets it in a better position for you to use


  • You cannot rotate its head especially when you want to switch your reading position
  • Its neck cannot curve sharply upwards

3.Trond Minimalistic LED Desk Lamp

trond desk lamp

What I like

This Trond Lamp is unique in its own right. It provides sufficient light for proper reading. The light coming from this lamp desk will prevent you from knocking down things like water glasses.

In short, the brightness provided is enough. In addition, this is the kind of desk lamp that does not produce too much heat that might only be a nuisance to you and deny you some good reading time. This means fire cases are not bound to happen while using this desk lamp.

Your safety is always guaranteed at all costs. Feel free to purchase one and you will in for a great treat. It can easily be mounted on your working desk, so you will not need an expert to do the mounting on your behalf.

What I don’t like

It has quite a longer cable which might be a nuisance to you. Besides, its base has some sharp corners that might expose you to accidents, for instance, needless cuts and bruises.

Last but not least its large logo is not that pleasing. These are just minimal drawbacks about this desk lamp. These minimal complaints are bound to make some people shy away from purchasing it.

It is very important that manufacturers of this lamp look at these drawbacks and do some rectifications. This will only make the lamp better. It is really a point of concern.


  • Offers enough brightness for reading and even moving around
  • A suitable bedside lamp, helping you keep countertops very clear
  • Touchable switch for easily switching it on
  • Has a universal USB, which means it is very easy to charge it once the lamp desk runs out of power
  • You will enjoy the ease of setting your most preferred brightness


  • Sharp corners on its base that are likely to cause unnecessary injuries


Finding the right LED desk Light is not a walk in the park. You are required to put a lot of factors into consideration. These factors will help you find that Trond Lamp you so much need.

Fortunately, the market has a wide variety of these products you can choose from. The ones discussed above are some of the best you can choose to purchase. They have all the features you need.


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