Top 5 Childrens Pendant Lights Reviews

kids room pendant

The right type of light can make your children’s room fantastic and attractive. There are many reputed companies that can provide you the best kinds of lighting fixtures for your room and your kid’s room. The right type of lights can also set the mood of your kids. It can also inspire their imagination power.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of kid’s lighting. The pendant lamps can always create a fairy tale and amazing atmosphere for the children. You can also choose your lighting style according to the preference of your babies. Last Sunday, I went to my friend’s place.

She arranged and decorated her baby’s room with the Childrens pendant lights. The overall look of the room has changed a lot due to this light fixture. When I entered into this room, I got a positive vibe and the atmosphere also changed my mood instantly.

So, I also decide to decorate my baby’s room with this kind of light. The product is very good and attractive as well. You cannot ignore its beauty at all. It will change the whole interior of your child’s room. So, I decided to write a review on these kinds of products.

5 best pendant lights for kid’s room:

There are too many varieties available in the market that offers fresh colors and new designs as well. You can make your kid’s room amazing by installing this kind of pendant light. The perfect lighting structure can increase the beauty of your children’s room. You should make your children’s room perfect according to their preferences. There are so many items that you can choose such as:

1. HROOME wood hanging pendant ceiling light

Childrens Pendant Lights

This pendant light is just like the shape of the whale. You can install it in your kid’s room if your baby is very much fond of underwater elements. This is one kind of best home decorative. This is the large ceiling hanging lamp.

You can fix it in the ceiling and decorate your children’s room with this. This unique looking pendant light will give your children a kind of satisfaction and joy. This is made with premium quality wood. You do not need to take pressure about its breakage.

What I like:

The design is very much attractive and unique. The material is very hard. The product is looking perfect for your kid’s room. The product is durable enough. It enriches the decoration of the room.

What I don’t like:

Too large for your baby’s room.


  • Easy to hang
  • Different sizes are available
  • The packing is very good


  • You will have to buy the bulb separately.

2. IJ INJUICY loft vintage resin hemp rope monkey pendant lamp

kids pendant light

This pendant lamp is made with high quality material. If your children like the jungle life, then you can install this lamp in their room. It transforms their room into a jungle and you can also paint their wall accordingly in order to create an atmosphere. Child

ren love the animals.

So, they will enjoy this new look of their room as well. The jungle environment will keep your children active and strong. They will get the positive and strong vibes from this vintage atmosphere. A child’s room is the best place to grow up. So, it is very important to decorate it in right way. This brand is very popular for its vintage style and different style of creativity.

What I like:

It is the best and perfect gift item. The product is durable enough. The product is made with high quality materials. Unique craftsmanship is there in this product.

What I don’t like:

It does not go with all kinds of wall decorations.


  • It does not come with the lamp
  • It is not all suitable at all with the soft and sweet decoration

3. Gahaya moon pendant lamp

pendant lighting canada

Children love the night sky. They will be very happy if you install this moon pendant lamp in their room. You can also paint the ceiling just like the night sky with lots of stars. This can give them a feeling of sleeping under the open sky. This style will give them the feeling of camping under the wide and open sky.

This pendant lampshade will definitely change the atmosphere of your kid’s room. This brand is very popular in order to make this kind of artistic lampshade. You cannot ignore their unique style and creativity as well. Your child will also love this lunatic style in his or her room.

What I like:

It comes in too many sizes. So, you can choose the size according to the size of your kid’s room. The design is safe and durable as well. This is made with advanced 3D printing technology.It looks like a real moon in your kid’s room.

What I don’t like:

The charge does not stay a long time of period.


  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Improve the interior of your kid’s room
  • The soft light
  • Best for your kids
  • Advanced 3D painting technology


  • Overpriced and overhyped as well
  • Very bad electrical components
  • Charging not well

4. Surpars house white feather crystal chandelier

kids room pendant

This is the perfect pendant light for your baby girl’s room. She will enjoy this pendant light in her room. You will have to decorate the whole room with some sort of baby pink colors and set the tone. This looks elegant and nice in the bedroom.

This particular white feather crystal chandelier will create a soft and sober mood when you will enter the room. It will give you positive vibes as well. This feather crystal pendant lamp is very much attractive and sober. It enriches the beauty of the room. Your baby girl’s room will look fantastic with this pendant light.

What I like:

The finishing touch is very elegant and attractive. It is perfect for a girl’s room. The soft feather touch will give you an outstanding interior. The white color can easily compliment any kind of wall decor and color.

What I don’t like:

You will not get exactly what you see in the picture.


  • Elegant and beautiful
  • DurablePerfect for a girl’s bedroom
  • Easy to install


  • Overpriced and overhyped
  • Not for your baby boy’s room

5. JINGUO lighting modern bedroom lights- cartoons aircraft

boys room pendant light

If you love to create modern decoration, then you should install this cartoon aircraft pendant light in your kid’s room. Every child loves the cartoon and animated things in their rooms. This creative and modern aircraft light fixture will change the look of your kid’s room.

This pendant light will increase the modernity of your kid’s room. Children actually want to fly in the sky. So, this aircraft pendant light will give them the spirit to fly high. This is an attractive looking pendant light shade that you can easily install your kid’s room.

What I like:

The modern designThe creative style Perfect for children’s roomColourful and attractiveJust like the real aircraft

What I don’t like:

You will have to take the help of a trained electrician at the time of installing this in your kid’s room.


  • Adjustable chain and chord
  • Look like the real one
  • Attractive color and style
  • Perfect for your baby boy’s room


  • Have to take help from a professional and experienced electrician.
  • The product is overpriced as well.


There are so many varieties in Childrens pendant lights apart from these designs. There are too many styles that can make your children’s room beautiful and different. If you want to add some modern look, then you will have to bang on the trend. The modern looking room is going to be the best present for your children. You will have to decorate and design it for your children.

There are varieties of colors and designs available in the market. You will get a wide range of options there. You can make a quick compare and contrast list before taking any particular buying decision. There are too many varieties for your children.

You should decorate your children’s rooms as per their preferences and likings. In this way, you will make your children’s life sorted and beautiful. It needs the right atmosphere behind the upbringing of your child. So, the perfect lighting structure, style and technique can make their room beautiful and amazing.

I like these types of pendant lights very much. Even I have one of these. It added more beauty to my kid’s room. My baby loves this pendant light. These kinds of lights can light up the whole room. These all are easy to fix and can provide you so many benefits as well.

You can also change the color and shape of the bulb according to your preferences. The lights of these pendant lampshades are eye soothing and safe for your children. It will not hurt your kid’s eyes. These childrens pendant lights are now so popular and trendy as well. It can also provide you different colors and style options. You can set it in your room according to your preferences.


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