Top 10 Best Bulb for Salt Lamp Reviews

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If you have a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, then with time, it may need replacement. But what kind of bulbs will you use? Finding the best bulb for salt lamp is the option if you do not need distractions.

That is why you must know how to choose the best Himalayan replacement bulb for your different rock lamps.

Our review covers detailed information, including sizes, wattage, and socket shapes. We hope that with the information provided you will find the best size that fits your lamps fully.

What type of bulb does a salt lamp use?

Salt lamps need incandescent light bulbs to produce heat. Most people go for 15-watt bulbs for smaller lamps and even 15-40 watt bulbs for larger bulbs.

More so, it should be of an E12 candelabra bulb socket. They should also be thin C7 or tubular in designs that are perfect wide bulbs. Lastly, it should be from a reputable company with positive customer ratings so that you will be able to save your future budget.

What size bulb for a salt lamp?

If you use an incorrect size light bulb, it leads to dripping. It is necessary to find a light bulb with a candelabra base C7 to avoid inconveniences.

Salt Lamps, 4-10 lbs = 15 watts light bulb

Salt Lamps, 11-20 lbs = 25 Watt light bulb

Salt Lamps, 21-200 lbs = 40-60 watt light bulbs

1. Betus Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Control and Base Assembly

best bulb for salt lamp

The Betus salt lamp cord is the best to consider if you need to leave your lamp salt overnight. That is because it has a built-in dimmer that helps in controlling the brightness of the salt lamp.

More so, the 6-ft long cord will reach your power source with ease; therefore, you can place it anywhere you want. This package comes with two 150W bulbs, butterfly clip compatible, standard E12 socket, and six feet cord making it worth the purchase.

Lastly, it is very easy to install because of its butterfly clip design, which is simple to fix at your salt lamp’s hole.


  • Comes with two replacement bulbs
  • Very easy installation
  • UL listed certification
  • You get a one-year free replacement
  • Salt lamp cord with dimmable switch and base


  • Tends to have faulty dimmer if not double-checked

2. LEVOIT Salt Lamp Light Bulbs

LEVOIT Salt Lamp Light Bulbs

The LEVOIT Salt lamp light bulbs are a six-pack designed to meet all your needs while sleeping. You can rely on it for 3000 hours of warmth and light, convenient and budget-saving. And since only salt lamps have a dimmer switch, then LEVOIT is dimmable, therefore beautiful warm lights throughout.

Its features E12 socket, 15watt bulbs, and 120 volts. More so, they are energy-saving as it is of incandescent light bulbs with 100 lumens, therefore no inconveniences while using it. Lastly, you get two years warranty and also lifetime support for this product.


  • It is of six-pack light bulbs
  • Bulbs don’t burn out that much
  • Easy to use
  • Longlasting
  • Worth the purchase
  • Comes in a securely protected gift box


  • Maybe extremely hot to touch

3. OHLGT E12 Halogen Salt Lamp Bulbs

salt lamp replacement bulb

The OHLGT salt lamp cord replacement is specially designed for use in the Himalayan salt lamp or any other lighting application. It is one of the best two consider because of its quality design and performance.

Its butterfly clip design makes it suitable for use in a series of hole diameter and salt lamps’ weight. This 5 ft long salt lamp comes with a dimmer switch.

Meaning you can adjust the brightness to your preferred level. You can also conclude that it is worth the purchase as this best bulb for salt lamp is comprised of 8 packs, 15-watt salt lamp bulbs, therefore, heat the salt ups without inconveniences.


  • Has 5 ft cord with metal clip for easy use
  • Consists of 8 packs E12 halogen salt lamps
  • ETL listed
  • Dimmable
  • One year warranty included
  • Suitable for majority salt lamps


  • None

4. Pyramid Bulbs 15 Watt Himalayan Salt Lamps Bulbs

how long do salt lamps last

Considering Pyramid 6-pack bulbs can also be the best option for your Himalayan salt lamps, candlelight bulbs, and wax diffuser.

That is because it has a lifespan of over 2500 hrs, therefore the best choice for your home. You can rely on it for your salt lamps, decorations, and other applications.

More so, incandescent T7 light bulbs offer vibrant coloring, which makes it useful for Himalayan lamps.

Lastly, its quality makes it more outstanding as it includes tubular shaped bulbs, buckles coated bases to prevent corrosion and 6-replacement bulbs. All of it enhances performance and makes it perfect for use both inside and outside your home.


  • Dimmable and creates warmth
  • Has value for money
  • Increased longevity and also brightness
  • Perfect replacement bulbs
  • Of great quality and enhanced performance


  • May burn out with ease, therefore not durable as expected.

5. Fenrun Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs

what size light bulb for salt lamp

Fenrun is a 12 pack set of incandescent salt lamp bulbs designed to meet your needs. This bulb fits E12 sockets, and their design is majorly for the most salt lamp, but you can also rely on it for a regular incandescent bulb, which means it multi-functions, making it convenient for home use.

More so, its dimmable feature makes it more convenient when it comes to adjusting brightness. Lastly, it is a reliable, inexpensive salt lamp bulbs set that meet all your needs without inconveniences.


  • Are of perfect size and great price
  • 12 pack of incandescent salt lamp bulbs
  • Fits E12 sockets
  • Dimmable functions
  • Worth it price


  • Burns out too fast


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6. LiteHistory 150lm Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulb

salt lamp led bulb

LiteHistory light bulbs are not only known if being Amazon’s choice but also great in performance. You can rely on it for various home lighting like appliance bulbs, night light bulbs, Himalayan salt lamp bulbs, wine cooler, etc.

With this best bulb for salt lamp, you will save up to 93% of energy, which is very convenient as you will have bill reduction. More so, it is also compact, therefore compatible with most light fixtures. Lastly, the bulbs provide even warm lights making it perfect for all seasons.


  • Energy-saving and eco friendly
  • Compact in size
  • 2-years warranty included
  • Guaranteed use of up to 20000 hours
  • Applied for home lighting


  • Not durable as expected

7. Ecoflex 25 Watt Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulb

why is my salt lamp turning white

With eco flex lamp bulbs, you will keep your Himalayan salt lamps warm with these replacement bulbs. They are dimmable, which means you can adjust the level of brightness to your preference.

More so, these 12 pack bulbs are small and co.pact, therefore suitable for most salt lamps. Although they are best for Himalayan salt lamps, you can also use it as night lights, wall plug-ins, and candle warmers.

We select it among the top best not just because of its performance but also its value of money and durability.


  • Consist of 12 pack incandescent salt lamp bulbs
  • Dimmable therefore adjustable
  • Suitable for most Himalayan salt lamps
  • Provides the correct amount of heat
  • Durable


  • None

8. Emotionlite Amber LED C7 Night Light Bulbs

replacement c5 led bulbs

The Emotionlite C7 night light bulbs are among the top quality light bulbs to consider. That is because of its 2200k amber ambiance that offers you a relaxing and comfortable light while you sleep.

More so, it has a 0.7 w build-in LED chip that helps to save up to 90% of energy. With this best bulb for salt lamp, this four-pack set is reliable for up to 25,000 hours lifespan depending on how you use it, reducing re-lamp replacement frequency.

Lastly, you can rely on it for use in salt lamps, night lights, chandelier, refrigerators, Christmas strings light, and other E12 base bulb replacement.


  • Provides a relaxed light glow
  • Energy efficient therefore reliable
  • Multi-functional
  • E11 candelabra small base
  • Perfect for indoor use alone


  • Not compatible with dimmers, motion sensors and so on

9. GoodBulb Himalayan Dimmable Salt Lamp Light Bulbs

himalayan salt light bulb

GoodBulb Himalayan salt lamp light bulbs ensure you get all the health benefits of the Himalayan salt. The bulbs are 35 watts, which means they very little electricity making it energy efficient all time. Also, they are durable enough to create a perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Besides that, the bulbs have a lifespan of 2,500 hours, so it doesn’t need regular replacement. With this bulb, you can light salt rock lamps, candle warmers, night lights, miniature vanity lights, chandeliers, etc. Lastly, they have an E12 screw base, which makes its installation simple.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Versatile lighting use
  • Energy-efficient and also durable
  • Six-pack set of bulbs this worth the price


  • Poor customer service

10. Betus 15 watt Dimmable E12 Incandescent Salt Lamp Bulb

15 watt candelabra base light bulbs

Betus Salt lamp bulbs are known for its quality, so it is among the best. It is the best replacement series of an incandescent bulb to consider once your bulb burns out. Specifically designed for a salt lamp, it is a perfect size for all Himalayan salt lamps.

Besides, it is dimmable, making it perfect for indoor use as you can adjust the lamp brightness to your preference. Lastly, these six-pack Betus salt lamp bulbs are of E12 socket, therefore easy installation and use.


  • Comes with one year replacement warranty
  • It is dimmable
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for salt lamps


  • May come defective


From the review above, you should have noticed that size and wattage determine which replacement suits your Himalayan lamp best.

When you decide to go the best bulb for salt lamp like in the list above, you should also know how to replace the salt lamp bulbs.

No worries as the sets should come with detailed instructions on how to change the bulb. With that in mind, we hope that the choice you make will be the best bulb for the right lamp.


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FQA Of Best Bulb for Salt Lamp:

What watt bulb for salt lamp?

When it comes to wattage bulb for a salt lamp, it depends on the lamp’s size. That is:
. Small light lamps of up to10 pounds need a 15 watt light bulb
. Medium salt lamps of 11-20 pounds use 25 Watt light bulb
.large slat lamps with over 21 pounds need 40 Watt light bulb
If you live in a high humid climate, you should go for a light bulb with higher wattage

Why do my salt lamp bulbs keep blowing?

Incandescent gloves are the ones commonly used in the Himalayan salt lamp. Their design is to remain in a stationary position. If exposed to vibration or moved suddenly, they may pop. However, if the gloves keep popping daily, then it may be due to the following factors.

. The globe may be loose and touching the inside lamp surface.
. The lamp is moved suddenly yet it has been on for a while
. The globe is not firmly screwed.
. There may be large currents that draw appliance through the same circuit, and there is a momentary power spike.
. Also, there may be excessive micro-vibration close by

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