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Are you a book sweetheart who cannot hit the sack until you read several pages of your favorite book? In case really, this article is for you. We, in general, in all in all, know that it is hard to read a novel or any book around night time using the main yellow reading light.

The issue becomes far increasingly atrocious in case you have a partner who likes to rest while you are reading your book. This is because you are probably going to forestall with them and square them from checking the long-awaited night’s rest.

Regardless, this should not be the case in the 21st century when the market now has various book yellow reading lights for reading in bed. These units are small yet significantly functional.

Yellow light is preferred for reading as they are soothing to your eyes. It doesn’t harm the production of melatonin within the body that is responsible for good sleep.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Yellow Reading Light

  • Yellow light below 3000k should be selected on the color temperature reading.
  • Kelvin rating should be ideal for nighttime reading.
  • Yellow color adds to warm-white light.
  • It should be cozy and calming to the eyes.
  • Light intensity should be ideal.
  • The position of the light should be flexible with gooseneck lights.
  • The fixture/clamp should be sturdy.
  • Light Distribution should be perfect and relevant when reading.

They get a triumph win situation by making sure that you discover the chance to read your book without upsetting with the individual napping by you.

In case you are enthusiastic about having one, we advise that you experience the accompanying top best book yellow reading light.

You have heaps of decisions out there, anyway don’t pressure — we’ve narrowed it down to the most world-class. Underneath, you’ll discover the absolute most noteworthy rated book yellow reading light. let’s review some top products that make them best.

1. iGoober Amber Book Light

yellow reading light

Clip stability, quality, and light head capabilities – Weighs basically 2.5oz anyway holds a strong grasp without tearing the pages. It has an adaptable 7-inch gooseneck so you can move the light around to suit your needs.

Magnificence setting – It accompanies two brilliance settings of half and 100% The levels are 35 and 70 lumens individually.

Battery life and charging decisions – Up to a HUGE 30 hours of reading on a low setting before waiting to be recharged!

It accompanies one rechargeable 1200mAh Lithium-particle battery that forces four brilliant LED amber lights that don’t gleam. The charging cable is a USB 2.0 A to Micro B.

What does it accompany? 36 inch USB charging cable

Warranty – Not clear. It states to “please contact the merchant straightforwardly for warranty information for this thing” via the Amazon site.

What we couldn’t care less for such a great amount: Due to the entire head of the light being a push-button switch, it is easy to turn it on in your bag accidentally.

In addition, it doesn’t overlap down to an advantageous size to avoid this from happening.


  • Made quality materials
  • Gives steady light
  • Easy to use


  • The clip is not stable enough

2.1600K Warm LEDs for Reading in Bed

night light yellow

Make an effort not to stay in the dark because you want to read your favorite novel anyway would slant toward not to encroach with your partner’s rest.

The yellow reading light Book Reading Lamp ends up being useful to help with the situation.

And it offers enough illumination for ultimate accommodation. Aside from reading, this book light is ideal for pianos, orchestra pits, music stands, mixing tables, DJs, work tables, and craft tables, among others.


  • Produces warm light
  • Rechargeable
  • No spotlight effect


  • A bit unstable


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3.Amber Book Light No Blue Light

yellow light bulb

Your search for a top-notch quality book light finishes here! The Lighting Ever Rechargeable LED Book Light has all that you have been searching for in a book light.

It is portable, and this means you can use it anywhere, including camping, travel, and climbing. In addition, it checks the eyes by passing on natural, non-flashing light.


  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not ideal for large hardcovers

4. LuminoLite Rechargeable 12 LED Eye-Care Warm Book Light

yellow night light

This is outstanding amongst other yellow reading lights available in the market today. It gives a gentler diffused light and full coverage for your book, e-reader, or music stand.

This yellow reading light creates a portable, warm, and private brilliant space for you alone.

It has two totally adaptable necks allowing you to position and concentrates light exactly where you want it.

This yellow night light is ideal as a travel book light and great for all the family. Impeccable as an examination, craft, music stand light, or task light.


  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Colorful design


  • Has no dimmer setting

5. AMIS Rechargeable Amber Book Light

somnilight rechargeable amber book light

This AMIS rechargeable amber book light is suitable for reading on a study table or in bed with 3threebrightness levels, LED blue light blockage, and a clip for holding during travel or on bed headboard.

Eye Protection: Mobile phones, TV, electronics and other electronic equipment releases blue light that can be harming to our retina of our eyes.

Amber blue light is only 0.05 percent of the overall light beam and so shields your eyes from the blue light. Amber light enhances the generation of melatonin that is responsible for sleep induction in our body.

Lithium Rechargeable Battery: This reading light has an in-built 1000mAh Lithium rechargeable battery that can be recharged using a USB connection. Blue light shows up on charging.

Portable And Lightweight: It weighs about 83g only. There is a mini LED and portable for traveling and camping. Put it in your bag and use it whenever you need it.

Brightness Settings And 7 Leds: Comes with 3 brightness settings to choose from.


  • Different brightness settings
  • 7 LEDs
  • Portable
  • Flexible arm
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Sturdy clamp
  • Durable material


  • Handle with care
  • A little sensitive to use

6. HONWELL Amber Book Light

Amber Book Light

This is a book reading light with a clip-on facility. It comes with a rechargeable USB battery. It is right for night reading when in bed. This HONWELL amber book light has a 1600k Amber light with dimmable brightness. It has a warmth light of 4000k that is ideal for reading during travel.


  • Two settings for adjusting brightness with the warm white light of 4000k and the amber light of 1600k.
  • Dimmable brightness of 100 to 10 percent.
  • Amber light releases 99.94 percent of blue free light.
  • Enhances melatonin generation during the night and minimizes strain to eyes. It promotes sleep.
  • Flexible gooseneck to focus and position the light.
  • Ideal for travel, reading, camping, table, study, computer, music and other tasks.
  • Clip equipped with the rubber pad on.
  • 900mAh Lithium rechargeable battery with USB hold providing over 60 hrs time of lighting. Micro USB is an 18” cable for charging.
  • Light in weight and clip-on.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy and portable to carry
  • Blue light blockage
  • Long battery life
  • Arm flexibility
  • Dimming brightness feature


  • Clipping can go rigid after some time.
  • No magnet available

7. Hooga Headboard Clip On Amber Reading Light

clip on headboard reading light

This is a clip on reading light with blue light blockage and LED lights. It is perfect for bedtime reading or on the study table or a computer. Night and Day modes are provided with amber and white light. Amber light comes with a 1600k sleep aid.


  • Amber hue lighting is gentle on eyes and 99.94 percent in blue free light. It releases melatonin and gives good sleep.
  • Lighting minimizes eye strain.
  • Night and day modes with 1600k and 5500k amber lighting respectively.
  • 2 brightness levels for each mode with 50 and 100 percent.
  • 360 degrees flexible neck to customize the angle of lighting.


  • Sturdy and strong clamp
  • Foam pads that are scratch-resistant
  • 2.36 inches optimum bite
  • 5foot USB charger cable
  • Well made


  • Pale yellow lighting (not typically amber)
  • Over-priced to others

8. ULEFIX Amber Book Light

best clip on book light

This is a book reading light with sleep aid 1600k LEDs that come with a rechargeable battery. It has 3 brightness adjustability for strain-free reading. It has 99.95 percent of blue light blockage features for the generation of melatonin.


  • Sleep aid lighting for minimal eye strain and generation of melatonin for good sleep preparation.
    1200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It gives 36hrs of reading support in 3 modes. It comes with a micro USB charging cable.
  • Light in weight and right for clip on your book without disturbing anyone.
  • 3 brightness setting with an adjustable neck for focus and positioning.
  • Portable and travel are friendly.


  • Three brightness levels
  • Multifunctional reading light
  • Protective on eyes
  • Ideal to carry easily anywhere


  • Durability is not up to the mark
  • Sensitive to rough use

9. Vekkia Amber Rechargeable Book Light

rechargeable book light

This reading light has 7 LEDs with eye-care lighting. It has a blue light blockage, 1600k lighting for strain-free reading. It has a rechargeable battery life that lasts for over 70 hours.


  • Amber hue with 99.95 percent blue light blockage. Promotes sleep with melatonin generation and for fatigue-free eyes.
  • 360 deg gooseneck for adjustment to position and lighting.
  • Portable and flexible with a big clamp hold. Sturdy clamp and Light in weight.
  • 1000mAh Lithium rechargeable battery with an included Android micro-USB enabled charging cable.


  • 3 levels of brightness
  • Soft lighting
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Sturdy in design
  • Flexible in positioning the lighting angle
  • Good clamp hold


  • The not too brighter setting for the third level of brightness.
  • Handle carefully as it is sensitive to rough arm turns.

10. Flowlamp clip on reading light

clip on reading light

This is a rechargeable Amber reading light with 16 LEDs. It has 5 settings of brightness. It has dimmable reading with touch control. It comes with a gentle night light and a flexible neck. It can be clipped on a bed headboard or a book.


  • Eye protection with blue light blockage. The LED light is round-headed with diffuse reflection, clear view, minimizing shadows, no glare and no flash lighting.
  • 5 Different brightness settings for variant environments to read.
  • 360 degree gooseneck is flexible to move, twist and bend.
  • It is compact and light in weight
  • 1800mAh rechargeable battery that can be last up to 40 hours.


  • Efficient blue blockage
  • Flexible neck
  • Dimming adjustability with touch control
  • 5 levels of brightness


  • Can be too bright for bedtime in higher settings for some.
  • Sensitive touch button for dimming control

Nowadays more and more homes are installing yellow reading light. If you are wondering whether you should get one for your reading/living or bedroom, then you have come to the right place.

Next, we will answer the most frequently asked question about this kind of light so that you can make an informed decision.

Is Yellow Light Depressing?

If you do your research well on colors and what impact it has on you, then you will see that many forums and specialists are associating yellow with frustration. The color yellow can create feelings of anger and frustration.

Even though it is considered a cheerful color, it is seen that people are more likely to lose their temper in a room that has been painted yellow.

In fact, it has also been observed that babies tend to cry more in a room that is yellow in color. However, it is different when you are dealing with warm yellow reading light.

Warm yellow happens to be a bright color that is many times is described as cheery. People with difficult digestion can treat it with the help of yellow lights. This color is associated with the intestine, liver and the stomach.

As long as you go with a warm tone, they are not at all depressing. In fact, people suffering from depression can gain benefits from yellow color therapy.

There you have it, these were the most frequently asked question about yellow reading light. Hopefully, now you know that it will be a good decision to grab a warm yellow light for your home.

Reading in a room lit up by this color of light comes with many advantages. So, what are you still waiting for? Search and research well to find the best yellow light for reading today!


Yellow reading light does not strain your eyes and influence your mood, concentration and sleep. It keeps you mentally stable and relaxed. Based on the light intensity, distribution, fixtures, brightness adjustments, price and other factors, select the best that suits your requirements.

For avid readers who are also night owls and that is apparently the greater part of us, a book light is more than a gadget.

A greats book yellow reading light takes after a companion that stays with you on your academic experiences late into that night.

Great of all, book yellow reading lights let us appreciate the made word out concerning our co-workers.

For you musicians out there, the quality yellow reading light offers calm assistance during significant stretches of practice. It sparkles on sheet music and keyboards, keeping the yellow reading light — and your inside — where it’s required.

And, for a crafter or even hobbyist, the yellow reading lights make a trusty sidekick giving the sharper point of view on join, brushstrokes, or adornments creating.

Pick your book yellow reading light as carefully as you would lean toward your partner.

You don’t have to barge in with your partner in the name of reading a novel or book around night. Today, the market has various brands of reading book yellow reading lights.

These yellow reading lights make sure you discover the chance to read or even total your formal work without disturbing anyone.

An OK number of them are minor and advantageous enough for use for travel, camping, climbing, and clearly, reading in bed. Most manufacturers have also made these yellow reading light.

Coincidentally, not each yellow reading light on the market is top quality. That’s the reason we end up being useful with the above top 10 yellow reading lights for reading in bed audits.

Altogether assessed and totally compared, book yellow reading lights listed in this compilation have all that you have been searching for in yellow reading light. Best of all, they don’t sacrifice price for performance.


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FAQ Of Yellow Reading Light:

Is Yellow Light Good For Reading?

Compared to traditional white light, the warm yellow reading light is much more relaxing for your eyes. They can help you to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere which is what every reader craves.

So, yellow light is actually good for reading. In fact, they are great for finishing tasks that would require mental stability. For this reason, many students are opting for this color of light in their study room or dorm. They are great for places where you often relax and read like your bedroom or living room.

Why Is Yellow Light Better Than White?

Traditional white light is considered to be direct, intense and cold. They do help you to stay well-concentrated and focused during the day time.

However, if you want a relaxing ambiance then white light will not be able to provide what a yellow light can. White and yellow lights many times have different effects on your eyes and also your psychological state.

When choosing a light color, the first thing that you should look into is what suits your brain and eyes the most. Compared to white lights, yellow lights are much more relaxing to the eyes. Thus, it is highly recommended to go for warm yellow lights to enjoy this benefit.

Unlike white light, the warm yellow light won’t harm your melatonin production. So, with such a light you can feel sleepy naturally and without any problems.

Color temperature can be explained as the scale that happens to tell the color of the light that is emitting from a light source like a bulb. You can also understand how much blue light happens to be in a particular light source just by seeing its color temperature.

The range is from 1800k to 6500k. 6500k happens to be the coolest light with the most amount of blue light in it. So, such a light will help you to stay alert and awake.

In this modern world, we are exposed to blue light even at night either via light blubs or by cell phone screen or TV and desktop/laptop screens.

For a bit of nighttime reading, the best color temperature should be below 3000k. This is where the importance of yellow light comes in.

A warm yellow reading light can be found with a color temperature of 2000k or less. Thus, making yellow light ideal for reading in bed which won’t interrupt your sleep cycle, unlike white light.

A warm color light happens to be perceived by the brain as the evening or night time. This is mainly because naturally in the evening time the sun sets and the sky turns from blue to warm yellow color.

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