Top 10 Best Night Light For Night Feeds Reviews

best Night light for night feeds

Nightlights are known to be a functional and handy gadget that you can rely on in your home. That is because they have various benefits that are also friendly to a child. However, finding the best night light for night feeds can be a difficult task as there are numerous factors to consider.

Choosing the best night light for night feeds can be quite essential to know the details that the light has in order to purchase it. Lights come with specifications that help them to be convenient in some specific areas such as the night and also the day time light.

In the house, you can get lights that are specifically for the baby room and also different rooms depending on its nature and type of brightness. In this case, we focus more on the best night light for night feeds. Through research, we have been able to analyze for you the best with very good reviews.

Besides, with multiples brands in the market today, finding making a purchasing decision on one of them may be difficult. And that is why we have come up with a list of the best night light for night feeds and a buying guide for you to consider. Read through to understand more.

1. ANGTUO LED Wooden Night Light

best Night light for night feeds

This one of the best night light for night feeds such that it has some very unique features that help it stand out and these are; it has a natural material design that is natural wood base that is with free silicone good for environmental protection and health. It can also be mixed with great designs such as order, vintage, and classic.

It has a combination of four flight modes that will give your friends and family a relaxing experience when combined with rich blend vibrant colors.

The four light modes include fade, flash, strobe, and smooth modes. Moreover, the lights can be adjusted into four categories, which are Dim, low, middle, and high.

This will help to adjust the brightness, whether in the child’s room, so as not to disturb their peace. Its features allow it to be able to placed anywhere, such as the living room, bedroom, and also office.


  • It has a remote control for using
  • It is suitable for any scenes as well
  • It indirectly protects the eyes
  • It has four light modes
  • It has a natural raw design


  • Its lampshade is made of silicone and does not use any screws to secure it

2. Emotionlite 8-Pack Plug-in Night Light

night light for night feeds

This is another best night light for night feeds because it has an automatic sensor such that It powers on when normal light appears to be dim or insufficient. It is also useful for night time navigation since it has a 2700k soft, warm night glow that is easy for the eyes.

It is ideal for nighttime safety. It can be used in various places in the home such as the bathroom, hallways, stairs, kids’ bedroom, and also the corridors.

Moreover, it is energy efficient where it is usable for up to 50000 hours lifespan and less than 25 cents annual power consumption. They have glare-free lights that help in relaxation and stress-free work.


  • It is reliable and durable
  • It is easy for the eyes
  • It is a Safety Illumination
  • It is of a compact size
  • It is automatic on and off


  • It does not have a strong diffuser


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3. VAVA VA-CL009 Night Lights for Kids

dim light for night feeds

This is also another best night light for night feeds because first, it has smooth touch controls, whereby in warm light, it is dimmable with a long touch, and once you double-tap it.

It activates or deactivates the standby and gently illuminates the night feedings in a light night mode. It is made from toy grade materials, where it gives a pleasant haptic and ensures safety for your baby to play with.

VAVA has long-lasting batteries wherein its lowest mode; the battery could be able to last up to 100 hours with a single charge. It also gives a warning when the battery is low, where the LED indicator starts to blink red. It also has a one-hour timer on the bottom that helps save energy.

It also has eight velvety colors which are enchanting, and one can be able to switch through them by just tapping once.

Moreover, it has a highly functional design and a base which is non-slip for every surface and super compact dimension; this makes the light an ideal travel companion. The small LED light is enhanced to help in lamp location in standby mode.


  • It has a smooth touch control
  • It has enchanting LED colors
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It has a highly functional design
  • It has an adorable nursery light


  • The multi-colored setting switches between the colors very fast. If you want to stop on one color, you need to tap it at just the right moment.

4. Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine

Baby Night Light for Sleeping

This type of night light is used to enhance sleep quality and unwanted noise. It has features such as an optional night light, which produces brightness that is enough for baby feeding. Moreover, it is proved that babies fall asleep easily under a comforting sound background and soothing light.

This gives babies night light and provides an extra sense of safety that helps children feel secure while they are moving around. It is also a multi-purpose light that is not only used at home but in the office as well because it is has a smooth texture a minimalist design.

This light can be used to prospect speech privacy in the office when necessary because it can adjust volume when necessary. It also can be used as a sleeping feature on an audio option.

It can also be used to increase concentration or taking a nap because you can use the audio to enjoy your own content without disturbing others.

This sound machine can be played continuously or can be set timers to make efficient use and also save electricity. It also has a memory function that enables it to remember the last settings that were done on the sound, volume, and timer, so one does not need to keep adjusting every time they switch it on all the time.

Moreover, these machines have a vivid simulation of nature sounds that help you get into your zone quicker and deeper like sleeping yoga and also meditation giving you the power to have full energy and lasting freshness.


  • It effectively masks noise in multiple scenes
  • It is easy to use since it has a thoughtful memory function
  • It has a vivid simulation of nature sounds
  • It has warm night light guards


  • Does not support Batteries

5. RTSU Bedside Lamp

RTSU Bedside Lamp

This RTSU bedside lamp uses smart touch control for all operations. A simple short touch powers the lamp ON or OFF. Long pressing on the light makes the lamp brighter or dimmer. The lamp will remember the light once you adjust to the brightness that suits you.

So, once you set everything, every time you turn your lamp on, it will always light up to the same brightness overtaking the need to adjust every time.


  • The flat base ensures the lamp is stable.
  • Previous brightness memory
  • Power-saving anti-blue light
  • Has versatile uses
  • It is rechargeable


  • The usability may be confusing to first-time users

6. Cute Bunny Kids Night Light

Cute Bunny Kids Night Light

This version does not support remote control but uses tap control. Only press the power off/on at the bottom of the bunny lamp. To switch from one colour to the other, touch the surface of the bunny kids.

There are more than seven colour-changing light modes and a stand by mode. The touching on the surface to change the colour modes feature improves the kids’ creativity and curiosity.


  • The bunny offers a calm and gentle glow.
  • Has a variety of colours
  • Has a 90 no questions asked return policy
  • The bunny lamp doubles as a lamp and as a toy.
  • Effortless usability


  • The light is not great for reading.

7. Gladle Cordless Dimmable Bedside Lamp

Gladle Cordless Dimmable Bedside Lamp

You will love the fantastic colour-changing star projector. The projector has four RGBY led lights, which projects a sky-like combination of colours in the ceiling of the room.

This projector creates comfort and peace of mind for the kids and lets them sleep easily and in fantasy. Additionally, this might boost your child’s creativity and power of imagination.


  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • The light is dimmable
  • Very durable materials make the lamp.
  • It has a 30-minute auto-off projector.
  • Very easily usable by twisting to adjust the brightness


  • Since the projected images do not move, your kid might be bored within a short time.

8. YSD Night Light

YSD Night Light

How would it feel to listen to cool music when relaxing in your bedroom? This what this YSD night light promises adults and children. It features a Bluetooth Hi-Fi 4.0 speaker that quickly connects with any Bluetooth enabled device.

The speaker has a high power woofer and an outstanding bass technology that perfect the sound you experience. The Bluetooth speaker has a radius of 33ft or 10 meters.


  • It has a romantic colour that changes with the rhythm of the music.
  • Digital clock and alarm
  • Bluetooth speaker and MP3 player compatible Bluetooth devices
  • Long-lasting battery
  • It has a flash drive and SD card input.
  • Touch control night light


  • The alarm clock is hard to figure out for new users.
  • The clock only shows standard time(12hour clock system)

9. G Keni Nursery Night Light for Babies

G Keni Nursery Night Light for Babies

The hanging design in the lamp makes its versatile nature a dream come true. You can easily use this night light on table umbrellas using the hanging handles hidden at the lamp’s bottom. The hanging aspect makes this portable lamp ideal for an outside activity like camping.

Additionally, the up and downlight direction complement hanging the lamp. This light can be used by babies and adults at night and for feeding babies, hallways, reading, etc.


  • Touch activated
  • The lamp remembers the brightness settings
  • 3hrs rechargeable lamp
  • Easily portable.
  • Dimmable night light


  • It doesn’t plug into an out less.

10. Dostyle Bedside Lamp

Dostyle Bedside Lamp

You will fall in love with the alarm clock, which uses warm LED light that lights up, and gradually brightens 30 minutes before the alarm. The alarm goes off, and the blending of sound and light helps you lose your sleep gently and peacefully.

On the other hand, the alarm light has a perfect snooze function for heavy sleepers. Both adults and babies can use the wake-up light, the latter using the three brightness modes baby caring night light.


  • Its time display is 12/24hr adjustable.
  • The lamp is touch-sensitive
  • The lamp has a colour-changing light
  • It has five different alarm sounds


The snooze function might be too ideal for an alarm.

How To Choose The Best Night Light For Night Feeds?

Since it is difficult selecting the best night light for night feeds, we believe putting the following factors into consideration will help ease the struggle:


It is a vital factor as night lights emit multiple colours. And since, it also affects how a baby sleep, then the colour selection is very important. The common types of light used are

Red lights: It helps in the stimulation of the melatonin hormone that induces sleep that why they are highly recommended.

Blue light: Blue lights help in stimulating and boosting attention. Meaning the baby will have a hard time to sleep.

And since babies sleep faster after night feeds, relying on a red light that induces sleep is the best option.

Location Of Power Outlet

Before purchasing a night light, have the layout of the baby’s room, the location of the electric socket. If the sockets are too far, then there is a possibility that the light will be too dim.

But again if it’s too close, it will be very bright. Ideally, night lights should not be closer to the baby sleeping area. And that is why you will find a portable light to be more convenient.


Night lights design works best in night mode to ensure a soft light and provide ambient to illuminate the baby’s room. That is why it is essential to consider brightness as a factor.

Too bright lights disrupt a baby’s sleep, therefore creating restlessness. And since babies need sufficient rest, your night light should be bright enough for you to check on your baby at night.

Globe Types

A night light can feature either a fused or replaceable light globe. So, selecting the most suitable night light globe types is the best option. For instance, if you settle for a fused globe, be sure you will need a full night light replacement when its bulb dies.

More so, the type of bulb you are using will also determine heat dissipation. But, no worries as lee lights produce minimal heat if compared to other bulbs.

Timer Feature

The timer feature is an essential factor of consideration even though it is not available in all night lights. It makes control o the night light very convenient as you won’t have to switch the lights on/off manually.

Once you set it to a predetermined time, it will switch off automatically. Therefore, this feature is not only convenient but also helps reduce energy bills.

Additional Features

Some night lights have additional features that may be helpful to baby feeding and sleep.

Some of these features include a thermometer, used to tell room temperature, music boxes and white noise machines for soothing sounds, motion sensors that turns the light on, and lastly the handles that make its portability simple.

Can I Leave A Night Light On All Night?

Although you can rely on a night light to provide you and your child with a more relaxed sleep, there are also some demerits of using it. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using night light all night.


Better Visibility

The use of night light will help prevent tripping over and also enable you to see objects during the night. You can also set it up in story houses for a better view of staircases. Besides that, it helps in guiding parents to the kids’ room without stepping over objects in the kids’ room.

Relieves Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness. But a night light helps to illuminate the room; therefore, relieving nyctophobia to small children.

The view of night light gives children a sense of general safety and familiarity hence sleeping with no problem. More so, they won’t get scared if they wake up during night hours.


Lighting during night hours acts as a source of security to your home as it helps deter robbers and thieves. So, it enhances more security to your home against robbery.


If compared to using overhead light, the use of night light is the most cost-effective option. That is because it uses lease electricity.

Generally, from the pros above, we conclude that leaving your night light not only saves energy bill but also provides less invasive lighting.


Despite its many benefits, night lights still have some drawbacks. It includes:

Can be distracting

Some night lights design may destroy during the night, especially those with movements.

Power Draining

Although we say night lights are the most cost-effective if compared to standard lights, it still can be power draining.

All electrical gadgets are power-draining, especially if left on all night. If your light night uses batteries, it may need regular replacement. And batteries can be very expensive, especially if it’s an easy budget.

Fire Risks

Nightlights still poses a risk of fire. When left on all night, they may become too hot and begin to melt, which is risky if there is a flammable material closer.

Therefore, do not plug in your night light near-bed coverings, curtains and flammable materials. No matter the situation, ensure you butt one with low wattage to reduce overheating risks.


Getting the best night light for night feeds has various prospects where one can be given an opportunity to choose using certain specifications that they want. The coolness and warmth of the lights are important both for home and office environments.

Most individuals use these night lights in ensuring the safety of their children and also to ensure that there is a proper movement within their homes. Night lights can also be a source of sensation to make someone move into there zones faster, such as yoga, meditation such as the sound bulbs.

This is essential in considering the best night light for a night feed. The brightness adjustments are also another thing to consider while getting night bulbs in order to ensure that there is good vision.

It is clear that night lights not only provide comfort but also increases safety in your home. However, it would help if you took precautions when buying and using the best night light for night feeds.

Consider one with low wattage to prevent overheating and also low brightness to avoid sleep destruction. We hope that our review gives you enough solution and you will be able to suit your needs.


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FAQ Of Best Night Light For Night Feeds:

How Dark Should Babies Room Be During The Night?

Night lights are very important to babies. That is because you will be able to tend to the baby, but when it comes to sleeping, brightness is crucial. Even though a child can sleep in darkness, a soft and gentle light will help soothe the baby to deeper sleep.

Generally, the light should be of low wattage or dim to avoid distractions. Ideally, go for night bulb that ranges 4-7 watts for baby feeding and sleep.

Do Night Lights Help Baby Sleep?

One of the major causes of stress and fear in babies is complete darkness which begins from the early stages. In the darkness, a baby begins to develop the anxiety of separation and nightmare fears, that’s where night lights come in handy.

Night lights help babies sleep better. It is also convenient for use as it will make it easy for a parent to change diapers and also feed the baby at night.

Does A Nightlight Help You Sleep Better?

Definitely, Yes! Nightlight helps your family at large sleep better. That is because it induces sleep, therefore no destruction while sleeping. It is because it supports melatonin production that induces sleep.

What Colour Of The Night Light Is Best For Sleeping?

When considering night light for sleeping, you should find one that works for your whole family. Physiologists and therapists advise the use of red/warm light as it is known for its soothing effect. This colour helps in stimulating circadian rhythm; therefore, the body sleeps naturally.

More so, it supports the production of melatonin at a high level, which is a sleep hormone. The hormone causes muscle relaxation; therefore, induces sleep. Also, its wavelength is ideal and friendly for the baby’s eyes. And not just babies, it is suitable for the entire family use as well.

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