How to Select the Best Nightlight for Breastfeeding?

breastfeeding night light

If your little one is still in diapers or you need to breastfeed your baby during those late hours at night, you need the best nightlight for breastfeeding. With these products, you will not find it difficult to make your way to the crib or nursery of your baby.

These lights will provide optimum comfort while you are breastfeeding your baby. They are used on a wide scale by moms who not have any additional help while breastfeeding their babies in the middle of the night.

They emit cool and pleasant light by which you can complete your tasks while breastfeeding your little one single-handed. If you are a new mother, it is one of the most ideal tools for you and ensures that your little one is safe throughout the night.

It is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. You can carry them during camping, hiking and any adventurous trip for feeding your little one at night easily.

Best Nightlight For Breastfeeding

1. Vava night light

Best Nightlight For Breastfeeding

This is an LED eco-friendly night light that very efficient while breastfeeding your baby. This light is available in 3 colors and you may easily choose your ideal option that suits your baby.

The battery can stay charged for 200 hours and it is thus an effective option to consider if you need an energy saving night light.

2. Hatch baby night light

nursing night light

The hatch baby night light is a modern design that you can easily control from your smartphone and you, therefore, don’t need to walk into your baby’s room to turn the light on.

You can set different colors, increase or lower the light brightness, sound and volume among other features.

3. Lumipets night light

baby feeding night light

This is a cute night light for your toddler. It is made of a silicone material and can restore back to its shape after squeezing it.

It has touch sensitivity features and may change to different colors depending on your preferences.

Tips to choose the best nightlight for breastfeeding

There are different brands of nightlights, available in the market, and choosing the right one, can be baffling. If you are planning to buy the best nightlight for nursing, consider the below-mentioned factors:

Type of Bulb:

If you are planning to buy light bulbs, you need to consider the type of bulb, used by it. Different types of bulbs that are present in nightlights are inclusive of halogen, LED, CFL, and incandescent.

LED is regarded as the safest and efficient option for these products. However, these products are available at a huge cut off from the pocket.

Hence, a wide array of people prefers to purchase night lights with CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. They are, however, not as effective or efficient as night lamps with LED bulbs.

Also, they involve a burn risk. The electroluminescent nightlights might be a good compromise as they do not comprise any bulbs and are available at a reduced cut off from the pocket.

In the majority of the cases, it is not possible to replace the bulbs that come with night bulbs. Thus, if the bulb gets blown off, it will damage the night bulb.

Generally, the night lights in which the night lights cannot be replaced are available at a reduced cut off from the pocket, in comparison to the counterparts.

However, if you consider the cost of the acquisitions, the product becomes useless, in case the bulb gets blown out.

Hence, it is recommended to purchase night lamps that come with replaceable bulbs. In addition to saving money, you can reap the benefits of the product for more time.

Light color:

Choosing the night lamp with the right color is essential for stimulating your little one for sleeping. You should make sure to adjust the color of the product in a way that does not disrupt your baby during sleep.

Most babies are fond of bright colors such as blue, red, yellow, orange, etc. You need to keep in mind that few colors can stimulate the activities of the brain. So, they might cause an interruption in the sleep of your little one.

Night lamps with white and blue colors are known to stimulate the brain activities of your baby. They make your little one more alert owing to which they fail to fall asleep properly.

Hence, you should ensure to pick a night light, where you can adjust the color.

Light Brightness:

A good nightlight should be capable of providing sufficient light so that you can prepare for breastfeeding without getting hard. At the same time, it should be dim enough so that it does not wake up your baby.

You can consider buying night lamps where it is possible to adjust the brightness of the light in different intensities, according to the situation. Thus, you will be capable of finding the right level of brightness in each moment and situation.

Type of sensors:

At present, most of the nightlights, available in the market feature motion and daylight sensors. The daylight sensors are known to turn the daylight off and on, according to the specific time of the day.

On the other hand, motion sensors are known to trigger the light, once anybody enters your room.

Henceforth, if you want to operate the products automatically, you should ensure that it is equipped with the right type of sensors, catering to your needs.

Time feature:

Now that your little one has fallen asleep, you might be wondering whether to turn the night light off or now?

Well, the answer is yes. It is because light might have an impact on the secretion of crucial hormones such as growth hormone and melatonin that help in the growth hence, it is recommended to keep the bedroom where your little one is sleeping as dark as possible.

Timer function plays an integral role in keeping the room in which your baby is sleeping, dark. You can enter the room for turning the light off.

However, as the aisle’s bright light enters the room, it might disrupt the sleep of your little one and wake them up.

To get rid of this issue, it is recommended to set a timer. As you purchase a night light that is equipped with this feature, it is possible to turn the night lamp off in an automated manner.

Few kinds of night lamps are available in the market which can be turned off with the aid of a smart device.


Generally, low-cost models of night lamps have low durability, as compared to the expensive ones. Night lamps that are available in the market at a too good to come true price are generally fragile and have a very shorter lifespan.

On the other hand, expensive night lamps come with high durability. Hence, if you are looking for a durable night lamp, it is recommended to pick one that comes at a high price.

These products are equipped with different kinds of equipment and each one of them has a different function.

These lights save an ample amount of energy and ensure that the eyes of your little ones are not affected by the brightness.

If you want to invest in the best nightlight for breastfeeding, you should consider the above-mentioned factors, before buying them.


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Frequent Questions on the nightlights for breastfeeding

best night light for feeding baby

Nursing your baby can be stressful especially when the baby cries out at the middle of the night and you have to breastfeed them as you lure them to sleep.

You will fumble through the darkness trying to find the baby’s bassinet only to give up when you can’t locate the baby after breaking and falling off objects on the floor. You are left with only one option switching the bright light to find the baby.

Things are not also good at this time since you are still sleepy and may take some minutes before your eyes can adjust to the bright light.

Things get more difficult when you have to out the baby back to their bassinet without switching off the light since you will need to effectively lay the baby back to their bed.

The only effective way of avoiding these challenges is simply finding a quality nightlight to nurse your baby comfortably.

Is nightlight for breastfeeding safe?

There is actually nothing wrong with using a nightlight to breastfeed your baby intact you should be afraid of not using one.

You are likely to knock some objects on the floor, you may even hit the baby as you try to locate them in their bassinets.

Therefore using a soft light for your baby at night is recommended to comfortably and safely breastfeed your baby.

However, there are a few concerns you should pay attention to while using a nightlight to breastfeed your baby.

What to avoid while using a nightlight to breastfeed your baby?

battery night light baby

1. Avoid using blue lights while breastfeeding. Blue light reduces the production of melatonin hormones and this may cause poor sleep. Instead consider using a warm, red, or yellow toned light.

2. Avoid placing the night light close to your baby’s sleeping area. This may distract them and they may find it hard getting asleep.

3. Do not assume that you need a baby night light especially if your baby is highly temperament. If the light districts them and they keep crying when they are exposed to it then you may need to switch it off once you locate your baby.

Nightlight features to consider

breastfeeding night light

1. Outlet location

Before making your purchase you need to consider the power outlets in your baby’s room. If the outlets are close to the baby’s crib then that will not be safe for the baby, since the light will be too bright for your baby.

An outlet that is too far from the crib may also be too dim. You may, therefore, choose a portable light that you may not need to plug in the power outlet. Nightlights may also work for outlets facing different directions.

Upside down outlet locations are preferred for promoting better electrical safety and also switch controlled outlets.

If you are not comfortable with the outlet direction, then you may consider rotating the outlet to your preferred direction.

2. Desired colour

The color of a nightlight may highly impact on how your baby sleeps. Consider red, yellow or orange colors; they trigger a baby’s mind to get ready to sleep.

However blue lights should be avoided as they stimulate the mind and boost attention hence causing poor sleep.

3. Brightness

You should not go for a bulb that is either too bright or too dim. Choose a nightlight that produces a medium light which would be fit to nurse your baby and lure them to better sleep.

4. Bulb type

There is a range of bulb types including standard incandescent and led light bulbs that you may acquire to safely and comfortably nurse your baby in the dark.

Some bulbs tend to burn out easily and they may not be replaced and therefore you will have to spend more money to buy a new one. To avoid such expenses it is important that you buy a bulb that can easily be replaced.

Differences between incandescent and LED bulb lights

best co sleeper for breastfeeding

Standard incandescent light bulbs work by heating a wire filament which as a result raises temperatures to generate light.

Such bulbs are cheap to acquire and are flexible to a range of voltages, light output and power current.

These incandescent bulbs may render a range of colors and you may choose the ideal color that will soothe your baby for better sleep.

These kinds of bulbs are omnidirectional since they emit light at 360 degrees radius and therefore may not be too bright for the baby since the bulb reflects light in all directions.

The LED on the other hand consists of two electrodes through which electric current flows. The LED light bulbs are preferred due to their long lifespans as compared to the standard incandescent bulbs.

They are also energy efficient since they emit light directionally to about 180 degrees. This thus results to fewer losses and is able to produce high light quality. Low maintenance costs are required for LED light bulbs.

The LED lightbulbs are designed using different colors and you can easily choose what suits you best.

However, these bulbs may be too bright for a baby and you, therefore, need to be careful about what best suits your baby.

What to use to replace a burnt out bulb?

night light for newborn baby

Sometimes your nightlight bulb may burn out and if you do not want to incurs the replacement costs, fixing the problem may be the ideal solution. Follow these simple steps to fix a burnt out bulb.

1. Unplug the bulb from the socket

You will only fix the problem if you can see clearly on everything that you are handling on the bulb and therefore a frosted bulb may not be an effective way of fixing it.

Take the bulb out of the socket and ensure that the lamplight or the switch is turned off before you can unplug.

2. Examine the bulb

You need to understand the problem of why the bulb burnt out and some of the filaments that need to be fixed. Examine the springy filament to see if there are any broken poles.

If the two metal poles are broke then you have no option but to replace the bulb.

However, if the metal filaments are in condition then any other problems can be fixed.

3.fix the burnt out bulb

The idea is all about reconnecting the filament to get a complete circuit. Simply hold the bases of the two filaments firmly with both hands and move them in forwarding and backward motion to spin the bulb rapidly.

After some time through these motions, the filament pieces will stretch and wave rapidly as they clutch on each other. If this step works out successfully then you just did it.

Use of rechargeable batteries for nightlight nursing bulbs

feeding night light

A nightlight with rechargeable battery features is recommended in case of emergency backups.

In case the electric power goes off, then you have nothing to be stressed about on how to feed your baby since your night light us fully charged and you can easily turn it on and get to breastfeed your baby even in the middle of the night.

Such lights are cheaper to acquire since they require minimum electric currents to operate. The light emitted is not also too bright and hence efficient for better sleep.

Can you charge the baby nightlight when it us on?

Charging the nightlight while it is still on is not only risky but will also damage your batteries. Consider switching it off and leave it to charge fully before you can turn it on.

If you are wondering how to know when the battery is fully charged then that should not worry you either.

When the battery has a low charge, the LED indicator will blink red. However, if the nightlights fully charged it will turn to a solid blue color on the light indicator.

If you are experiencing difficulties breastfeeding tour baby at night then you should consider the best nightlight for breastfeeding your baby comfortably.

The nightlight will also help to soothe your baby to sleep comfortably even in your absence. Simply choose a perfect night light that suits your toddler and avoid some of the challenges experienced while nursing your baby in their dark rooms.


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