Top 5 Child Safe Night Lights Reviews

safe night light for toddler

The most difficult part of the day for every parent is to put his/her child into the bed at night. A night light can help in making this bedtime process a bit easier.

These night lights can help the children to sleep easily without fearing from the darkness as well as the parents to prevent falls and trips while checking them during late-night hours.

So, it is great to add a night light in the bedroom of your kids along with bathrooms and staircases.

But finding the child safe night light is not easy as they are available in various sizes and shapes in the market. Before selecting a night light for your kids you must know how to choose the best one for your home.

In order to find a child-friendly night light for your kids, you should focus n their features like design and size, etc. In order to help you in this regard some of the best child safe night lights are reviewed hereunder.

1. Plug-in LED Night Lights by LED Concepts

Child Safe Night Lights

What I like

I liked these plug-inn night lights because of their ultra-slim design and cool in touch feature. They provide warm white light without warming up their structure.

Hence they are perfect to be used in the bathrooms, stairway, hallways, and bedrooms including the bedroom of your kids.

They can brighten your path as well as the entire room of your children from dusk to dawn. The pack includes two pieces of plug-in LED lights which can be used separately to enlighten two rooms simultaneously.

Another thing that I like in this child safe night light is that it turns on and off automatically when it becomes dark naturally at dusk or lights are turned off and brightens at dawn or the lights are turned on.

Along with enlightening every nearby space safely these LED plug-in night lights also save a lot of energy and make it easier for the eyes to see even in the dark.

These modern night lights are great to light up any dark room with its ultra-slim design measuring 3” x 3” .

What I do not like

Though the light of these LED plug-in night lights is cool and soothing still I wish it should be a bit brighter so that I could see the thing more easily in the hallways.

In the bedroom, their light looks brighter than required. So, there must be a dimmer switch in them to adjust their light as required in the bedroom.


  • Clean light
  • Modern looks
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great brightness


  • Emits brighter light in the bedrooms
  • Does not have a turn off/on the switch to turn it off
  • You have to pull it manually you do not need the light

2. Night Lights for Kids by VAVA

safe night light for toddler

What I like?

I like that the light emitted by this LED nursery lamp is very caring for kids’ eyes. It is a real child safe night light as the brightness of its cool and warm white light is adjustable.

Another thing that I liked about this night light is the stickers provided with it which kids can use to decorate it to convert it into their favorite play character in a very creative and fun manner.

This LED light takes care of the eyes of the kids along with saving a lot of energy by providing a non-flickering uniform light throughout the room. Moreover, its color from warm white to cool white can be adjusted easily.

This night light is specially designed for kids so that they can feel safe at night. It is also helpful for breastfeeding moms while feeding their baby in late-night hours.

Children can feel safe with this night light as it can be used on weak light mode for over 89 hours in one charge. After that, it can be recharged.

Moreover, this night light is waterproof and portable which allows your kids to take it wherever they want including a camping trip, hiking, or adventure trip with the family.

What I do not like?

Though this LED night light emits cool white light but it is very bright for kid bedroom. The button to adjust its brightness is very sensitive. It changes its brightness even if it is touched accidentally.


  • Easily portable Dimming facility
  • Compact and cute
  • Good battery life


  • Sucks battery fast
  • Not very durable

3. Star Night Light Projector for Kids by GoLine

child safe lamp

What I like?

The first thing I liked about this night light for kids is that it can be gifted to kids at any occasion including their birthday party or even at the occasion of Christmas etc.

It is a two-in-one night light for kids as its cat-shaped silicone cover can be removed and it can also be used as a projector to project 6 types of stars to have fun in the darkness.

Its brightness can be adjusted to three levels. It can also be used by new moms while breastfeeding the newborn or changing his diapers.

It can be controlled easily with the help of a button instead of using a remote control to tapping it. Once it is fully charged in nearly 3 hours, your kids can use it for up to 12 hours.

It has been specially designed for girl kids as its cat design is extremely cute and safe for them as it is made from BPA free silicone to make it washable and easy to handle.

What I do not like?

Though the light f this night light is safe and loveable for the kids but I do not like its charging chord. Its charging chord is very small which makes really hard to charge it anywhere.

Moreover, the charging port of this light is beneath the bottom of this light which makes it difficult to charge without tilting it against something or laying down on a flat surface.


  • Offers soft surface
  • Easy use design
  • Portable lightweight design


  • Touch is very sensitive
  • Quality of remote is not good

4. Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light

baby safe night light

What I like?

The first thing that I liked about this plug-in LED night light is that its pack includes 6 lights emitting warm white light.

They allow me to use them to light up 6 different places simultaneously including bathrooms, stairs, hallways, and bedrooms including kids’ bedrooms.

They allow you to go wherever you want in the dark without switching on the main lights due to their bright but soothing to eyes light.

These night lights turn on automatically when the room is adequately dark due to the built-in smart sensors used in them.

They do not block the socket to be used to plug-in another piece of light due to its compact size and offset plugs.

The life of LEDs is very long as they can be used for several years without replacing with a better option.

Thus they are the best option to use at any place in your home wherever you need a light to guide you.

What I do not like?

The light of some of its pieces was not enough bright to light up a dark space. They appear like an indicator to find the location of the power outlet.


  • Compact design
  • Turns on automatically
  • Bright lightPower saver
  • Versatile usage


  • Quality is below expectations
  • Inadequate light

5. LED Night Lights by Kalmiris

kid safe night light

What I like?

The thing I liked the most about this child safe night light is that it saves energy and its UL certified compact and slim design.

It can provide light continuously up to 20 hours due to the durability provided to it by using high-quality materials while making them.

It is one of the most favorite night-lights for kids of all age groups due to its shape and compact structure. Its built-in sensor allows it to turn on and off automatically from dusk to dawn accurately.

It turns on this LED plug-in as the natural light reduces at dusk or the other lights are turned off. Similarly, it turns off as the sun rises or other lights are turned on.

It has two different modes to change its colors at different levels of brightness like warm lights of 10 lumens and colored lights of 5 lumens. Its built-in sensor also allows you to take it even while traveling as it does not hurt your eyes.

Moreover, it provides peace of mind as it consumes lesser energy. Along with the kids’ room, this night light can also be used in playroom, nursery, and napping room, etc.

It can be gifted to your loved ones on any occasion including birthday party, baby shower or Christmas, etc.

What I do not like?

Though it can be used to light up bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms still its light-emitting part cannot illuminate the entire room as it is smaller in size. It should be a bit bigger to light up your room more effectively.


  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Color changing LED
  • Energy-efficient plugin
  • Nice gift for any occasion


  • The light-up face is small
  • Consistent light is a bit annoying feature


Thus, by reading the reviews of some of the best child safe night lights provided in this write-up you can easily choose the most suitable one for your home.


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