Top 5 4W LED Bulbs Reviews

4 w led bulb

When you think of energy-saving bulbs, 4w LED bulbs become the best. 4w LED bulbs are applauded for being energy-efficient when you compare with the traditional incandescent bulbs.

They are highly recommended for safety and longer-lasting hence making them a preferred lighting option for commercial and residential establishments.

Around the office or home, you will find them being in different places which include track lighting, stage lighting, home security lighting, and the spotlights in museums and art galleries. Here are the top 5 best 4w led bulbs.

1. BRIMAX Candelabra LED Bulbs

4w led bulbs

When you talk of the best 4w led bulb, these bulbs are the best because of energy-saving and brightness. It is known because of the UL approved, up-grade LED Chip, 380 Lumens, a small screw base of E12, and 2700K warm white.

It is non-dimmable because of the 4 watt 110-120v which has replaced halogen light bulbs of 25w-40w. When you have these bulbs, you will save a lot of electricity because they usually save you over 90% of the electric lighting bill.

It is healthy and eco-friendly in that there is no dazzle, no flicker, where they are very healthy for your eyes.

These bulbs are ideal for the kitchen and room light fixtures with different bulbs that can act as sputnik light, pendant light, bathroom vanity lighting, inside decorative lamps, and Mason jar ceiling lights.

They are also fit carriage lanterns and lamp posts. They have wide applications in the base led replacement filament candle bulbs for example in the decor of a room, hotel, coffee shop, schools, restaurants, among other areas.

They have a quality guarantee of 100% where the last long giving an average of 30,000 hours and a warranty of 2 years.


  • Full brightness
  • Long lifespan
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation


  • A bit expensive

2. CMYK Edison Vintage LED Bulb

4w led

This 4w led bulb is well-known for having high-quality materials. The materials are premium which is a piece of the cool gear that decorates the house on special days.

With the fine outer glass, it is durable when you use it as it can resist crash and smash.

This bulb offer360-degree light with a pleasant daylight color of 4000k it usually takes like 1-2 seconds to warm up IC driver in a bulb which is for a long lifespan and which cannot hurt the eyes if a room is dark.

The bulb is compatible with many dimmers which is due to the improved techniques. It has multi-functions making it ideal for ceiling fixtures, outdoor lanterns, wall pendants and sconces, chandeliers, daylight bulbs for offices, restaurants, and homes.

It has a long lifespan because the LED light has 4000k, 4w, 80 CRI, 330 lumens, and 3000 hours of average rated life. You can use one bulb for a dozen years if only you don’t break it.


  • Provides 360-degree light
  • Dimmable pattern
  • Multi-function
  • Perfect energy saving
  • Long lifespan


  • None

3. LED Edison Dimmable Bulb

4 w led bulb

LED Edison dimmable bulb work the best because of the high CRI and an awesome dimming pattern.

It has a squirrel cage filament light bulb which is 100%-10% of dimmable offering smooth control dimming without humming or flickering.

It has the CRI value that goes up to 80, bringing the color to life. It has 2200K warm white which is visually relaxed.

It offers 400k lumens which are calm, soft warm light, antique, great for accent lighting and primary lighting. When it comes to its service, the energy can be solved immediately,

It has a vintage-inspired design that has the teardrop top and gorgeous filaments. This design creates the retro atmosphere in the room and the ultra-thin glass which offers the high transmittance which is ideal for pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces.

This bulb has a long lifespan because of the quality material which offers 20000 hours and more reducing the re-lamp frequency. Once you get the bulb you are given an unlimited warranty of 2 years.


  • Long Lifespan
  • Energy Efficient
  • Great quality
  • Environmental sustainability


  • Some care is required when installing

4. Tenergy Edison Dimmable Bulbs

4w led light bulbs

The energy Edison Dimmable Bulbs are the best bulbs in that they are designed to revive beautiful home décor styles during the 19th century. They are known because of the combination of modern technology and vintage elegance.

These bulbs are compatible with the LED switch dimmer, dimmable up to 10% brightness which offers smooth dimming control.

The bulbs of 4W LED have energy efficient when powered on for they offer the perfect illumination which is equivalent to the 40-Watt incandescent bulbs.

They are also known because of the superior quality where they have zero harsh garden and non-flickering light which help you to avoid eye fatigue providing you with a stress-free and comfortable atmosphere.

These bulbs are ideal to be used in homes, coffee bars, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and many more.

They are UL certified where they are built of the materials and the circuitry giving them safe standards when used. Once you buy them you will be given a special offer of a 3-year warranty.


  • Great price
  • Good quality control
  • High Performance
  • Low Power Consumption


  • None

5. LED Candelabra Vintage Light Bulbs

4 watt bulb

These bulbs are known for their 100% safe which is manufactured under restricted guidance of quality assurance and the UL-Listed in full compliance of the material standards and relevant and relevant safety.

There is maximum dimming control because these bulbs work using the old and new dimmer switches offering fine-tunable dimming, premium and light control over the room, workspace and patio.

LED candelabra vintage light bulbs are known because of long-lasting and environmental sustainability and save money because they can be used for 20,000 hours.

These bulbs have versatile lighting options which have a warm and classic window growing candle. They are weatherproof, perfect for the outdoor light options, and bright burst for the chandelier chic-ness.

Every LED candelabra vintage light bulb usually comes with a satisfaction guarantee and one year warranty.


  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easily control to light level


  • Pricey


4w led bulbs continue to make fast advancements in areas of brightness, color output, and efficiency. They continue to drop many consumers who are enjoying the benefits of this eco-friendly technology and energy saving in their businesses and homes.


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