Top 8 Best Air Compressor Under 500 Reviews

dewalt air compressor combo kit

Air compressors are used in different types of applications and industries at present.

Whether it is providing power to automotive production equipment or offering contaminant-free and clean pressurized air to the petrochemical, chemical, and food and beverage industries, the requirement for air compressors has grown steadily over the years.

In this article, we will mention the different types of best air compressor under 500 and also how to select the appropriate one. But first, we will take a look at the different uses of air compressors right now.

What Is An Air Compressor Used For?

Air compressors are used for converting normal air into high pressurized and denser air for various uses under 3 main classifications – professional, consumer, and industrial.

1. Manufacturing

Air compressors help to make sure that pharmaceutical, food, and beverage manufacturing is able to produce contaminant-free and clean products. It is also possible for compressors to provide power to sprayers, conveyor belts, packaging, and presses.

2. Construction

Large air compressors are used by construction sites for powering hammers, drills, as well as compactors. Uninterrupted power is produced by compressed air which is vital on remote sites without any proper access to electrical power.

3. Construction

Air compresses help to provide power to tractors, pumps, sprayers, as well as crop conveyors for accomplishing agriculture and farming operations. Greenhouse ventilation and dairy farm likewise need compressed air which is able to distribute clean and steady air.


The heat pump and air systems of HVAC units typically come with inbuilt rotary screw models. These help to conduct vapor compression refrigeration which requires compressing air vapors for moderating the refrigerant cycles and increasing the temperature.

5. Engines

The engines of automobiles consist of air compressors for cooling and heating. Apart from this, compressed air likewise is accountable for operating lots of theme park rides.

6. Energy Sector

Air compressors are also imperative for oil drilling. Dependable and risk-free drilling equipment which is air compressed is essential for the safety of the employees.

7. Spray Painting

You’ll come across many small air compressors which are employed in spray painting at present. Airbrushes usually range from bigger brushes for painting vehicles to delicate brushes for artists.

8. Inflating

Air compressors can also be utilized for inflating tires of vehicles and bicycles, air beds, balloons, as well as other inflatables.

9. Pressure Washing

Air compressors are used for providing compressed air for pumping high-pressure water by means of water blasters and pressure cleaners for effective cleaning of brickwork and concrete flooring, plus stain removal.

10. Scuba Diving

Compressed air is also used in scuba diving with the usage of tanks which store pressurized air for enabling the divers to remain underwater for a considerable period of time.

Type Of Air Compressor

1. Centrifugal

As compared to the subsequent 2 air compressor types, centrifugal compressors are known to function by means of dynamic compression.

They’re capable of producing a highly pressurized air discharged through a rotating impeller which is a process known as dynamic displacement. For performing this task, these compressor types make use of extremely high-speed rotation.

Apart from this, these are likewise oil-free compressors which imply that the oil-lubricated components are isolated from the pressurized flow of air by means of seals and vents.

2. Reciprocating

The reciprocating air compressor is one particular type of positive displacement air compressor and it makes use of a piston inside a cylinder for pumping successfully and also displacing an enhanced volume of air into space till the maximum operating limit is accomplished, and the pressurized air is prepared for usage after storing.

You’ll come across reciprocating compressors in single as well as 2-stage versions offering different degrees of efficiency.

3. Rotary Screw

Similar to reciprocating air compressors, rotary screw compressors likewise rely on positive displacement.

Nevertheless, as compared to reciprocating air compressors which require valves for operation, the rotary screw air compressors make use of a couple of spiral screws which spin for effectively and smoothly guiding air within the pressurized chamber.

These sorts of air compressors require less maintenance as compared to the reciprocating compressors and they will also require less energy for operation. Moreover, they’re also the quietest air compressors at present offering the least downtime and highest efficiency as well.

How Do I Choose An Air Compressor?

Air compressors can be used for various purposes as mentioned earlier. However, there are so many models available on the market that you might be confused regarding which product to purchase for satisfying your requirements.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned a guide for choosing an air compressor which you should go through before making a final decision.

1. Oil-free

While several of the most popular air compressors out there are oil-free, the others are not. Those which are oil-free will require less maintenance and also it will be quite easy to operate them.

Apart from this, they’re also much more inexpensive since there is no need to purchase oil or dispose of it whatsoever.

However, there are likewise some positive aspects with oil-lubricated compressors since they can be much quieter and will be able to serve you for a longer period of time.

2. Horsepower

One important aspect to take into consideration prior to purchasing an air compressor will be the amount of horsepower it has got since this will help to figure out how powerful it is.

Nevertheless, one problem is that many companies usually over-exaggerate the amount of horsepower they actually have.

Fortunately, it will be possible for you to check whether it is a genuine horsepower by looking at the amount of electrical power used by the compressor while it is operating.

3. Air Pressure

PSI on any air compressor model stands for air pressure and, on most occasions, every model will be requiring 90 psi for working efficiently. You will be able to see the amount of air pressure on the description of the product.

However, prior to using it, you should verify whether there is any obstacle restricting the hose in the compressor since this can prevent the air pressure from functioning to its maximum.

4. Tank Size

This particular aspect is not that important since an air compressor usually stores the air following which you will be using it directly. Therefore, different sizes of tanks will not restrict how much you will be capable of using the compressor.

However, it is a fact that compressors coming with bigger tanks usually tend to be somewhat more costly.

Hopefully, these above-mentioned tips will help you to come across the appropriate air compressor for you.

However, it might not be sensible on your part to go for the most inexpensive air compressor on the market including the best air compressor under 500 since it might not have all the features required by you.

Make it a point to go through the online reviews which will help you to make a sound purchasing decision.

Let’s check the list and find the useful one according to your choice. This best air compressor Under 500 guide will help you to find the best one according to your need.

1. CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor Under 500

The 6-gallon pancake maximizes portability and stored air. It’s also reputedly maintenance free” and durable. It has an oil-free pump. The pump’s recovery time is excellent.

Can it be the best air compressor under 500? Yes, it does but it starts easily in cold weather. Its 13-piece accessory kit includes an air hose with coupler, a tire chuck, a blow gun and a tire gauge. The 1-year guarantee rounds it off pretty well.

The craftsman professional air compressor is lightweight. And portable. It works great in inflating car and bike tires.

It gains pressure very quickly. And it recovers beautifully. It’s super easy to use and is great value at the quoted price.

There are those who use it to get the water sprinkler working. It’s the best air compressor under 500 to have if you are living in a four-season climate country.

2. DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Air Compressor

dewalt dwfp55126

This DeWalt dwfp55126 pancake air compressor comes with a 6-gallon tank and high-efficiency motor for an easy start in cold weather. The noise level is pretty decent at 75.5 dBA. Take care to place the compressor away from the wall. From anything that obstructs airflow.

People like the sturdy handle on the top. The best air compressor Under 500 is lightweight and that’s another plus. Little things matter.

So, there’s a place to wrap the power cord and keep it there. Not be a hanging nuisance. The trio of feet encased in rubber keeps the noise level down.

It’s not a heavy-duty air compressor but is pretty handy for the nail gun and the car tire. That said, there are air leakage issues that bothersome buyers.

But, overall, it’s the best air compressor under 500 “fine product”.The Dewalt eats the pancake and keeps it, too.

3. California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet

california air tools 8010spc

USP: It is supposed to be ultra-quiet. Only 60 decibels! And oil-free. Another plus is the tank fills from empty to full in 165 seconds!

Most reviewers give it the “Great Product” treatment. It’s quiet, really quiet. No need for ear protection. It fills up pretty cool – the California Air Tool compressor.

It takes very little time to fill-up. It’s used mostly to top up the air in tires and to blow out the lawn tractor air filter. The fittings attach nicely. There are no discernable leakages.

The one little flaw is it’s Made in China. And China is not Japan or Germany. That said, the welding is shoddy but the performance is great!

It may not be good for sandblasting, spray painting and operating air grinders. But it is good for air nailers, airbrush painting and inflating balloons and balls.

4. California Air Tools CAT-4710SQ Quiet Compressor

California Air Tools CAT-4710SQ 4710Sq Quiet Compressor

Portable and lightweight, this California air tools cat-4710sq 4710sq quiet compressor comes with a pump and no oil. That is a prescription for minimum maintenance and low cost. It boasts of being engineered for high performance with a 1.0 HP motor.

At 1680 RPM it is quiet as a breeze. It is also compact and easy to lug around the house. The rust-free tank is steel. California 4710 comes with a toolkit.

People like it mainly because it’s so incredibly quiet and it’s so conveniently lightweight. Take it to wherever it will be of use, from the rooftop to the garage and the cellar.

The California air tools cat-4710sq 4710sq quiet compressor is an air compressor that is lovable. If it gives the impression of being fragile, perish the thought. This one will last a lifetime, provided it’s taken care of and is handled with respect and care if not awe.

The tank fills in less than two minutes and recharges equally quickly. On the whole California 4170 is a compressor for everyone.


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5. California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

Like all California brand air compressors, this one too claims the mantle of ultra-quiet’. Just about 56 decibels! The oil-free pump keeps a check on maintenance and costs.

At 29.5 pounds, it is very easy to lift and carry. The 1.0-gallon tank is all steel. On the noise, portability and maneuverability parameters, it remains right on top, the very top.

There are several reasons why this portable air compressor delivers a silent performance.

From its motor pump’s single-piston action to the fact that it can perform in various climatic conditions and on different terrains. It performs at a very high level and is a winner on the durability front.

Transportation is not a problem. It fits all scenes. And can perform with all kinds of performers. From the nail gun to the airbrush. Got a deflated toy or a squashed ball?

This California air tools 1p1060s is the compressor to call. It is the perfect one for all the imperfect busted-up things in the garage. It is for places where there is zero-tolerance for noise.

6. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Combo Kit

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Combo Kit

It’s made in the USA with “global materials”. The CRAFTSMAN air compressor combo kit is lightweight, oil-free and portable.

It has the power to drive nails up to 2in. Reviews give 5 out of 5 for this small lightweight compressor, which is surprisingly quiet. It is a nice kit and is suitable for all sorts of small projects.

The compressor itself is small and therefore portable. The cord of the hose could have been longer. But nothing is perfect. Also, it does not create a temporary blackout when it switches on.

It is the right compressor for filling a tire and for air tools in general. It comes with a nail gun that uses 18 gauge straight Brad nails that can be purchased at any hardware store. It’s better than driving nails in by hand.

The compressor tank holds pressure for days. Proof that it’s for keeps and much valued. Made in the USA!

7. DEWALT Air Compressor Combo Kit

dewalt air compressor combo kit

This DeWalt air compressor combo kit features an 18 gauge nailer. The nailer drives nails to 2″ length. There’s a tool-free jam release mechanism for easy nail removal. For the amateur and DIY it’s perfect. And is “incredible” for home remodeling.

The nailer-compressor combination makes re-installation a snap. The modest compressor does not appear like a fat slug.

And it would not fit all situations. But it’s good enough for someone trying to remodel his home. The nailer is a beauty. Don’t ask the nail, though!

8. Industrial Air Contractor Air Compressor

Industrial Air Contractor Air Compressor

This one has all the right configurations. O, shall we say, the correct components? From the PSI tank to a soft start motor.

It is lighter compared to other available air compressors. A compact air compressor, it is designed to give a maintenance-free performance for years.

Maintenance costs are minimal. If it was a human being, there would be legends written on its long life! Nails just sink in front of this air compressor.

From the cage frame to the pump, there’s nothing in the compressor to call for summary execution. This industrial air contractor’s report card is excellent.

To the professionals, it offers several solutions to various problems. From the carpenter to the framing crew, everyone comes aboard and work gets done fast. The unit is a great all weather-low voltage air compressor.

This industrial air contractor air compressor can be left out in the open on a cold night and every time it will start without fail the next morning. It has plenty of power.

Whether you’re a technician a heavy-duty mechanic or a contractor, if you’re looking to buy the best air compressor for under $500 there are a series of different factors you must consider ensuring the air compressor you purchase will keep up with the tasks at hand.

How Long Do Air Compressors Last?

Because of the complex nature of their design, tools such as air compressors regardless of their quality or brand, it remains difficult to estimate the length of their lifespan.

The vast majority of high-end air compressors are oil-based, and the oil is important as it acts as a lubricant to prevent the moving parts of the device from wearing because of friction.

One of the most important parts of your maintenance regime is ensuring that the oil in your compressor is changed regularly.

Doing this will ensure it will not lose its ability to lubricate itself efficiently. After you purchase your device, change the oil after 10 hours of use top it up every 20 hours after that point, and approximately every 120 hours completely drain your device and change the oil.

Outside of changing the oil you should check that all the fasteners on your device remain tight if you’re consistently using your air compressor any loose nuts or bolts can directly affect or damage the device because of the vibration that is constantly produced by the engine’s operation

Checking its intake for dust will prevent the engine from overworking and overheating. The easiest way to do this is to perform regular maintenance checks, cleaning the air filters where needed and replacing them if required.

Most air compressors will automatically switch off when they run too hot and this will cause them to produce fire lower pressure than usually required.

If you follow a regular maintenance regime, you can expect a well oiled and maintained air compressor the last anything from 10 to 15 years.

How Often Should An Air Compressor Be Serviced?

Even with regular servicing and maintenance, your air compressor should be professionally serviced at least every 3,000 hours are at a set interval of 6 to 12 months.

Regularly changing the oil and removing contaminants from elsewhere will help you keep your device contaminant free and running smoothly.

If your air compressor experiences a high level of activity, carry out a service every 6 to 9 months. On the flip side, if it’s only infrequently used a service every 2 years, maybe enough.

Ultimately, the decision to service your air compressor will be down to the number of working hours they use it in a 3-month period.

Getting your device professionally serviced will involve the following:

  • All fasteners will be checked, replaced if needed, and tightened
  • All hoses will be checked and replaced if needed
  • They will run a full safety test on the device
  • They will clean the fuel tank
  • They will change the compressor oil
  • The separator element will be tested and changed if needed
  • The filter will be checked, cleaned and changed if needed
  • It will clean the heat exchangers


This article will cover some frequently asked questions to reveal some important information that should help you choose the best air compressor under 500 you purchase.

Air compressors are personal tools of private individuals in the West. Multinational brands of air compressors sell by the thousands in the United States and Europe.

But not in developing countries where they are seen by the common man only in petrol bunks to fill air into tires.


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FAQ Of Best Air Compressor Under 500:

What Is The Best PSI For An Air Compressor?

They measure the air pressure produced by a compressor in pounds per square inch or PSI. The vast majority of compressors on the market will require a minimum of 90 PSI to run effectively. But to maintain this level of pressure, your air compressor will have to have a much higher shutoff point.

The vast majority of compressors on the market are two-stage devices, which means they shut off between two pressure points. The first being 90 PSI and usually, the second stage will build to 170 PSI.

If you’re looking for a smaller lower duty compressor or a hobby compressor, you could work with a single-stage shut off that operates between 125 and 135 PSI. I know this sounds like ample air pressure.

But that they usually kick in around 100 PSI if they encounter any drop-off or restrictions in the couplers or hoses you quickly find out that these compressors don’t provide you enough pressure.

Which Is A Better Oil Or Oilless Air Compressor?

Whether you’re going to choose an oil-less or oil air compressor will not be down to what you intend to use the device for.

Oil compressors will require more maintenance than oil-free ones because the oil will need changing occasionally, depending on how much it’s used and the design of the device.

Oil-lubricated compressors are also much heavier than the oil-free ones, making them less portable. Oil-less compressors are cheaper as they comprise fewer moving parts and the design is more simple.

Having said all that although an oil-less compressor is lighter, cheaper and requires lower maintenance they are far less durable than oil air compressors.

An oil compressor that is pre-lubricated will maintain constant air pressure much longer than an oil-free compressor. If you intend to use your compressor for a non-commercial purpose then an oil-free compressor should work perfectly.

But if you’re using one for industrial purposes and it will be used for long working hours, then an oil-less compressor will not last the pace.

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Air Compressor?

How often you need to change the oil in your air compressor will depend heavily on the compressor you buy and how much you use it. Some brands of compressors need oil changes more frequently than others.

As they design every brand of compressor differently to get the most accurate information about oil changes, you must consult the user’s manual.

But experts will tell you that anyone working with a reciprocating air compressor, they should change the oil every 3 months and if you’re using a rotary screw compressor, you should service every one to two thousand hours.

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