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Dobetter Cordless Impact Wrench

The power tools have transformed our world in a very impactful way. The availability of various power tools has made our working with complex structures much easier.

One such power tool is an impact wrench that is used in various places for its numerous utilities and benefits.

There are a number of areas where we need to use wrenches. While manual wrenches are used, there is no doubt that cordless impact wrenches that run on batteries do make a big difference when it comes to difficult wrenching jobs.

What Is An Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is a very common power tool that is mainly utilized in automobiles, heavy engineering, and construction sectors. The main purpose of using an impact wrench is to provide optimum torque with less labor by the worker.

The required torque can be easily achieved by reserving energy and discharging suddenly to the output shaft.

What Is An Impact Wrench Good For?

There are various utilities of an impact wrench. This include:

1. In Building Constructions

With the boom in urbanization, we see buildings and constructions everywhere. But these constructions require to be done at an abrupt pace to benefit the urgency of urban life.

But it is sometimes observed that the fixing of nuts and bolts might take a long time if done with a traditional wrench.

So impact wrenches are used to quick the pace of fixing nuts and bolts in the bars. The same can be used for loosening those nuts and bolts with ease.

2. In-Home Repairments

There are always some repairs that need to be fixed quickly. But due to the unavailability of time, things remain undone. In such a case, an impact wrench is a blessing that helps in the repairs and saves a lot of time.

3. In Car Repairment

The impact wrench is widely used in car repairs and mostly in the replacement of tires. Sometimes loosening the nuts and bolts can be challenging with a simple wrench. Things are much simpler with the usage of an impact wrench.

4. In Mechanical Stores

Numerous things need to be fixed in a mechanical store that includes heavy machinery, pulleys, and ropes to name a few. So the nuts and bolts are needed to be tightened at their very best to avoid any kind of accidents. This can be easily achieved with the help of an impact wrench.

Choosing The Best Impact Wrench Under 100?

Impact power wrench is a useful device that helps you tighten the bolts and nuts. Since it is a power device it can do the work in much less time.

Also, it can undertake seemingly difficult tasks such as opening rusted and blocked bolts. In this article, we will discuss the best impact wrench under 100.

While impact power wrenches are one of the basic tools for any workshop, they have more applications in auto workshops and the construction industry.

Impact power wrenches come in many sizes, shapes, and types. The variations allow you to select a model that serves your purpose in the best possible manner.

Usually, power wrenches are not included in combo kits, and your need to buy them separately. It is very popular with technicians because it helps them pack in extra kicks in their work.

Since power wrenches can be available at affordable prices, it makes sense to know about the features and choose a model that lives up to your expectations.

If we look at the best impact wrench under 100, there are hundreds of models available. Now, which one you want to buy depends on what you are looking for. There can be many factors that may help you determine which model you want to go for.

Some of these considerations may include convenience, power, brand, warranty, and customer care.

Here are some of the important factors that may help you make a call in favor of a mode:

Price: If you have a budget of $100, you have a large range of power wrenches to choose from as they can be available from $20 onwards. At $100, you are going to get more than simply bolt tightening and opening devices.

Corded Or Cordless: Power wrenches may come in both corded and cordless versions. If you are looking for convenience and versatility, a cordless wrench is your choice. You can carry it for on the spot maintenance and projects.

It has one downside that you always need to keep a charged battery handy. A corded power wrench is more suitable for a fixed workstation such as an auto garage.

Features: The best power wrenches under 100 may get you several features such as a built-in regulator, soft handle, and adjustable buttons. Colors, weight, sizes, warranty, and customer care are some other features that may help you determine which tool is for you.

To better understand what features you need, let’s have a look at how impact power wrenches work.

Impact power wrenches are designed to tighten or loosen hex head bolts, nuts, and lag-screws. It allows you to do such jobs effortlessly even when bolts are rusted and threads are jammed.

How is this possible? It uses both torque (rotational force) and impacts (concussive blows) to bring a huge amount of power to work. A cordless impact wrench produces a torque of more than 250 foot-pounds.

This is enough power to lose rusty and corroded nuts. For $100, you can find impact power wrenches with a torque of 550 foot-pounds or more.

The high torque is made more effective with concussive blows that smoothly transfer most of this brute power directly to the fastener.

Batteries: The battery’s voltage can determine the power that your tool can use and exert on the work-piece.

The more the voltage the more powerful the machine is. But sometimes you are not looking for just a powerful device but also a convenient one that you can use in different situations.

A power wrench with a 12-volt battery can be compact yet powerful. It can be used in tight places and smaller jobs.

Working overhead is also easy. Power wrenches with 18-volt and 20-volt batteries do not represent too much of a difference. An 18-volt power wrench can be both more versatile and capable.

Amp Hours (AH): The battery’s capacity is denoted by Ah (amp hours). The more the Ah the longer it will run. So when buying a battery-powered device, spare a thought to the capacity of the battery in terms of how long it will work.

IPM And RPM: You will need a higher RPM capacity to drive the bolts and nuts faster. IPM is the power at which the device will work against the resistance. For a more powerful impact wrench, you need both IPM and RPM higher.

Impact power wrenches are useful devices. They help you tighten or loosen the bolts effortlessly. Among the best impact wrench under 100, you can find many options. This guide should help you zero in on the model that suits you the most.

However, making the right choice is not easy when we have so many choices. We are therefore happy to list down the eight best impact wrench under 100. We are sure it will be helpful to our readers in choosing the right wrench.

1. Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench

Best Impact Wrench Under 100

From the house of Avid Power, this is a high quality 20V cordless impact wrench. It has a maximum torque of 185 ft-lbs. It also comes with 4 units of driver impact sockets.

This is one of the best options for those who are into replacement or overhaul work in scaffolding. It has been designed to meet specific needs such as loosening and tightening of bolt and nuts.

You also can operate it at three different and variable speeds and thus it is suitable for a number of uses and purposes.

It comes with a wonderfully thought out design and ergonomics. It is easy to grip and weighs just 3.3 pounds making it very user-friendly.

The anti-slip rubberized handle and a few other things certainly make it a suitable candidate for the best impact wrench under 100.

2. Porter Cable Impact Wrench

porter cable impact wrench

This is another quality product from Porter-Cable and it has all the features and functionalities to make it a good buy for those who are on the lookout for the right impact wrench at an affordable price.

It runs on a powerful 7.5 amp motor and therefore is perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications. It is extremely powerful and can generate a torque of around 450 feet pounds.

It has two different speeds of 2,200 and 2,700 RPM and therefore the speed can be adjusted keeping in mind specific needs and requirements. The socket changes can also be made quite easily with the help of the 1/2 hog ring anvil.

You also get the benefit of reverse as well as a forward rocker switch. It comes with an easy to use dimension of 13 x 4 x 11 inches making it ergonomic and easy to hold.

3. Dobetter Cordless Impact Wrench

Dobetter Cordless Impact Wrench

If you are looking for an ergonomically designed and quality impact wrench at an affordable price, then you have many reasons to have a closer look at this particular model from Dobetter.

It has many interesting features and the EMP or Electronic Motor Protection technology helps to protect the motor from overload and this improves its durability and longevity.

It has a powerful 20 V lithium-ion battery and you also get a charger that charges the battery in one hour. It has two RPM options at 2,100 and 2,900 making it perfectly suitable for loosening and tightening different types of bolts and nuts. It has impressive nut-busting and tightening torque.

The big takeaway is the cordless and compact design and it is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It also has a belt clip for improved convenience when you are using the wrench at high places.

4. Goxawee Cordless Impact Wrench

Goxawee Cordless Impact Wrench

Those who have used this cordless impact wrench believe that it has attributes to make it a suitable choice as the best impact wrench under 100. It comes with a number of rich and interesting features and these include a 20V high quality lithium-ion battery.

This battery along with a high performing motor offers robust and enduring power and this helps you to complete all your tasks quite well. The two speed adjustable impact driver ensures that the users are able to generate only the required torque.

This prevents the wrench from getting damaged while ensuring improved safety for the users. The ergonomic design and looks are also important takeaways as far as this impact wrench is concerned. It works both as an impact wrench and an electric screwdriver.


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5. Toolman Cordless Power Impact Wrench

Toolman Cordless Power Impact Wrench

There is no denying Toolman has a good track record when it comes to quality power impact wrenches. Hence, this model # ZTP011 has aroused quite a bit of interest from customers and other information seekers.

This is a high quality 21V cordless wrench that has a wide variation of RPM starting from 0 to 2300. It runs on a high quality lithium-ion battery and you also can use it both for forward and reverse functions.

The powerful LED lamp also makes it easy to use in areas where there isn’t enough light flow. It also comes with 4 pieces of 80 mm sockets.

It is perfectly suited for domestic applications and is a must-have for those who need to make perforations on wood and metal. On the whole, it is a product that offers good value for money.

6. Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

dewalt 12v max impact driver review

This is a great looking and Cordless Impact Wrench Kit and the model # DCF902F2 has quite a few unique things to offer to its customers. It comes with a brushless motor and this helps quite a bit in durability, longevity and the runtime also gets enhanced quite significantly.

It has 3 different mode settings and it suitable for those who are looking for precision wrenching jobs. It can be used for a variety of applications. You also have the facility of 3 powerful LED lights and they help illuminate the workspace quite brilliantly.

Its compact design, ergonomic shape and lightweight make it a wonderful cordless impact wrench that will make a big difference to your workplace and the overall efficiency levels.

7. Ryobi P261 Cordless Impact Wrench

ryobi p261 review

This is one of the best tools for those who believe in DIY works. It is extremely useful in construction sites and this Ryobi p261 is feature rich.

Many customers believe that it is the perfect wrench and comes with a 3-speed selector that helps you to ensure that you can adjust it anywhere between 0 to 3,200 impacts per minute.

You also will like the compact design and rubber overgrip. This will ensure a compact grip even when the conditions are slippery. The LED lighting system will help you to work even in dark conditions.

The 18V battery system ensures that the wrench will be ready to work as soon as it is taken out of the box. It is one of the most competitively priced wrenches for all DIY works.

8. Milwaukee 2663-20 High Torque Impact Wrench

milwaukee 2663 review

Milwaukee 2663 is a high-quality impact wrench that is known for its robust design and is one of the few wrenches that comes with rare earth magnets. It is perfectly suited for hassle-free and efficient wrenching and one handed socket change is also possible.

The 475 foot pounds torque makes it one of the most powerful products in the market in its price range. The size and ergonomics take into account the need to hold the wrench firmly even when working in difficult heights and other places.

It has an automatic overload protection feature that prevents damage to the tool. All in all, you will be buying a good product with a proven track record.

What’S Better Electric Or An Air Impact Wrench?

Both the electric and the air impact wrench are the most common and demandable impact wrenches available in the market. Both of these come with a package of both pros and cons.

Electric Impact Wrench:

The electric impact wrench mainly works with the help of a power supply. The electric impact wrench can be even further classified into Corded and Cordless ones.

The major benefits of corded impact wrench are:

1. The speed generated can be easily manipulated.

2. The torque produced can be effortlessly controlled.

3. Can be easily accessed.

4. Best to use in difficult to reach places.

5. Can be easily maneuvered.

The major difficulties in a corded impact wrench are:

1. Possibilities of overheating.

2. It is expensive in comparison with an air impact wrench.

3. Very Heavy

4. Batteries get drained rapidly after the usage in a short duration.

Air Impact Wrench:

The air impact wrench mainly works with the help of compressed air to generate the needed torque. It has many benefits along with difficulties.

The major benefits of an air impact wrench are:

1. It is highly affordable in comparison with corded and cordless impact wrenches. Many of the best impact wrench under 100 are air impact wrenches.

2. No possibility of overheating since no electricity is used.

3. Due to the absence of overheating this type of wrench enjoys a longer life period.

The major difficulties in using an air impact wrench are:

1. Difficult to control and balance the speed and torque.

2. Compressed airflow is required every time.

The pros and cons of both the electric as well as air impact wrench are mentioned above. But other factors are also needed to be considered when these two impact wrenches are pitted against each other. These factors are:

1. Based on the Surroundings.

2. The nature of work.

3. The amount of affordability


Concerning all the factors along with the pros and cons of these wrenches, it would be difficult to declare the better one. So it should be left to individual choices.

We are sure that the above eight brands and models would have given our readers useful insights about the various points to be kept in mind when choosing the best impact wrench under 100.


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