Top 7 Best 7 Inch Angle Grinder Reviews

dewalt dwe4597

Have you been looking for the best 7 inch angle grinder that you can use and you lack the time to do some research? Worry no more because we can help you with choosing the right 7- inch grinder to help you in grinding, polishing cutting and sharpening surfaces.

Here is a compiled list for you! We have clearly outlined some of the best 7 inch angle grinders that you may consider. The grinders vary in terms of their qualities, features and pricing as well.

It is therefore important to ensure that you get the best 7 inch angle grinder that suits your needs and conforms to your budget as well.

1. Hitachi G18ST 7-Inch 15-Amp Angle Grinder

best 7 inch angle grinder

The Hitachi g18ST 7-Inch 15-amp angle grinder guarantees you high output power, impeccable performance and more lifespan. It is best used in deburring aluminum, bronze and iron surfaces. It can also be used for cutting soft materials especially those made of steel and also concrete.


  • Lightweight to minimize fatigue. You therefore do not need heavy weights while working on your surfaces.
  • Powerful 15Amp motor which produces 3950W output
  • Labyrinth construction to prevent dust and particles from entering. Dust and other dirt particles which may quickly damage your grinder resulting to poor production and inefficiencies while grinding.
  • Removable side handles
  • Spindle lock for easy wheel changes


  • It is large and heavy
  • It powerful for more effective grinding results


  • It gets heavy after a lot of grinding and therefore it may be a bit challenging to go through a series of grinding tasks and hence it may not be a better option for multiple productions.

2. DEWALT 7-Inch Medium Angle Grinder

dewalt 7 inch grinder

This DeWalt 7 inch grinder is a thick powerful grinding tool that offers 13.0 Amp of power at 8000 RPM. Their sole purpose is to grind metals and cut tiles, stucco and even pavers. They can also sand, polish and sharpen tools.


  • A rear –handle grip area to offer better control and comfort
  • A spindle lock that ensures easy changing of quick and easy
  • Sealed ball and roller bearings to block debris from entering
  • Adjustable keyless guard that is movable
  • External brush doors for easy access during servicing
  • Two-position sides handle for maximum control


  • It is powerful and durable. You do not need to worry of the quick damages expected on the grinder.
  • The best 7 inch angle grinder can be used for multiple productions and still retain its efficient productivity levels. If you are looking for a grinder that may be used for multiple productions without incurring any damages.
  • Affordable price. The grinder is quite affordable and if your budget is a bit restrained then this grinder is indeed the best grinder to consider.


  • It is lighter

3. DEWALT D28499X Heavy-Duty Large Angle Grinder

dewalt d28499x grinder

You can use this type of grinder to perform any kind of job since it provides professional performance and is very reliable.

This DeWalt d28499x grinder is designed to conduct long-term heavy-duty jobs by offering an epoxy coated field that reduces abrasion from debris and an automatic turn off the feature.

That shuts down the tool when the brush needs to be replaced. This minimizes damage and saves you on cost.


  • A 5.3 HP, 15 Amp, and 6000 RPM motor with overload protection to ensure that the machine operates at high speed
  • Lightweight body, rotating rear handle and five-position side handle to provide more control over your work
  • 7- And 9- inch guards to allow you to work in tight spaces
  • Two-wire double insulated ’s’’ jacket rubber cord to lengthen its life in any kind of weather.


  • It is extremely powerful
  • Easy to use


  • Costly


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4. MAKITA GA7021 7 Inch Angle Grinder

makita ga7021 7 inch angle grinder

When you see Makita ga7021 7 inch angle grinder, think of a powerful motor. This best 7 inch angle grinder has great features that assure comfortability, durability and ease of its use.


  • 15 amp motor that delivers up to 6,600 RPM for fast stock removal
  • Large trigger switch locks for lengthening the operation
  • Switch handle that rotates 90 degrees left and right
  • A 7 inch grinding wheel


  • Use with the alternative power source is made possible by the AC/DC switch
  • Allows easy changes to the wheels


  • It is expensive

5. NEIKO 30070A 7 Inch Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

neiko angle grinder

The Neiko angle grinder has a free air speed of 4500 RPM and is ideal for buffing, rust removal and smoothing welds.


  • Auxiliary side handle can easily be switched from left to right
  • Heavy duty-balling bearing to provide reliable vibration-free performance
  • Lightweight, balanced design to reduce fatigue


  • Easy to use. The best 7 inch angle grinder does not require specialized skills to operate. With some simple instructions, anyone can effectively use the grinder.
  • It is price friendly and hence a better option if your budget is abit restrained.


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6. DEWALT DWE4517 7-Inch Angle Grinder

dewalt dwe4517

This DeWalt dwe4517 is a high power 4 HP, 8500 RPM motor with overload protection that provides high operating speeds under load.


  • Low profile gear case to allow for work in tight areas
  • Armature that provides long service against abrasion
  • Brush window that allows for quick replacement
  • 7 inch guard and a 2-position side handle


  • It is heavy and very powerful
  • Simple to operate. There are no complex procedures required in operating the grinder. All you need to do is simply follow through some simple instructions to set up the grinder and begin your operations.


  • Expensive

7. DEWALT DWE4597NR 7 Inch Angle Grinder

dewalt dwe4597

It is designed to provide a high level of control, low vibration and high level of control without letting go of its performance.


  • High power 4.7 HP, 8500 RPM motor hence a better option to consider for quality productions.
  • Anti-vibe Trigger handle
  • Dust Ejection system which prevents particles from entering the air intake
  • Quick change guard to allow for quick adjustment of the guard


  • Works perfectly and has great power
  • Has high performance


  • Designed for rigorous

There are various angle grinder springing up in the shops. You will get confused if you do not understand what it is and what features this tool has.

So, you will have to understand first what is an angle grinder? The angle grinder is one kind of a manual machine that polishes, cust, sharpens and grinds as well.

The 7-inch angle grinder is mentioning the size of the grinder. It is the size of the grinding wheel. This particular tool is used by professionals. There you can get so many types of angle grinder. But you will have to choose the best 7 inch angle grinder.

So, before making any purchase, you will have to understand the features of the product and pay attention to it. In the market, you will get full of choices starting from electric to gas angle grinders. These tools are suitable for heavy-duty performance and applications.

Here are a few questions that every purchaser should ask before going to buy any angle grinder.

What Are Most Angle Grinder Injuries From?

Angle grinders are handheld power tools. These are found on the construction site. This tool is used for grinding, cutting and polishing. It is an effective and fast tool to cut so many varieties of materials and surfaces. But this tool is dangerous and accident-prone as well.

So, it is necessary to use this tool rightly. If you use the wrong wheel then it can harm you in a variety of ways. You can get hurt due to it.

  • You can get cut to the skin.
  • You may suffer from the amputation of fingers.
  • Eye injuries may happen.
  • Head injuries may occur.
  • Foot injuries can occur as well.
  • Other types of injuries may happen due to that.

These injuries may happen due to the metallic particle and flying abrasive. Apart from this, there are so many types of injuries that can happen due to the angle grinder.

How Do You Take The Wheel Off Of An Angle Grinder?

Simply, you can use a spanner or wrench to take the wheel of an angle grinder. But if you have lost it then, what will be the solution to remove or change wheel from an angle grinder? You can simply follow these tips:

  • You will have to need some basic things such as an angle grinder, hand gloves and the grinder wheel that you want to install in your angle grinder.
  • You will have to hold down the lock button of the wheel and turn and hold the wheel in the same position unless the lock button will come to the right place.
  • You will have to wear hand gloves and grab the wheel as well. You will have to turn it anticlockwise unless you feel the release.
  • After that, you will have to change the wheel and repeat the process as well.

This is the process that you can do if you will find the wrench and spanner. But you will have to search for the spanner and wrench. You will get the perfect and easy solution with these tools.

Spanner and wrench can make sure that your angle grinder will tight enough. It is easy to take off the wheel from the angle grinder and change the wheel as well.

So, to choose the best 7 inch angle grinder, you will have to check some considerations:

  • You will have to check the size of the discs. There are so many sizes available in the market. But 7-inch is the best and suitable angle grinder for all applications.
  • The handheld angle grinder has an immense capacity of power. These are very much effective and efficient for cutting, sanding and grinding as well.
  • The motor power of the angle grinder may vary. The wattage ranges from 500 to 2500 watts.

These all are necessary considerations of angle grinder that you need to check before buying. These above-mentioned questions are also very relevant to ask the manufacturer.

You will get the perfect answers from them and do your work smoothly. This angle grinder will increase working capacity and power.

With these best 7 inch angle grinder explained above, it will be very easy to make a decision on the right one to buy. All of them are incredible and reliable tools that will you without tasks.


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FAQ Of Best 7 Inch Angle Grinder:

Will An Angle Grinder Cut Steel?

The angle grinder is a versatile power tool. It can cut so many types of metals and steel. You can cut steel very smoothly with the help of angle grinder. It is easier to cut steel with the help of angle grinder due to its size, portability and reasonability.

You can buy any size angle grinder including different sized abrasive cutting discs. It is necessary to fix the perfect cutting disc to get the smooth work of cutting, finishing and polishing. A wrong disc can damage your work. So, for steel cutting, you will have to change the disc and fit the suitable disc as well.

How Many Amps Should My Angle Grinder Be?

While you are going to buy a power tool then, you will have to choose between corded and cordless. Most of the power tools are corded. Corded power tools are rated by amps. For the mid-range and budget-friendly ample grinders, 5 to 6 amps are fine.

But you can also get 11 amps angle grinder in the market. If you want some larger machine then, you can also choose for 14 amps. The standard electrical outlet of this power tool can supply a maximum of 15 amps.

You will have to buy an ample grinder that can work effectively and cut smoothly.

How Do You Tighten An Angle Grinder?

You will have to know the operation of the power tool and know how to fix it while needed. You can grind, cut so many materials with changing different kinds of discs.
1. At first, you will have to unplug the power cord from the switchboard.
2. After that, you can use a wrench to give tight to the angle grinder.
3. You can also use the wrench to change the wheel of the angle grinder.
4. You will have to tighten the angle grinder properly.
5. If you do not tight it properly then, your machine will not work smoothly.

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