Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders

best stainless steel electric meat grinder

Meat grinders are incredibly useful in the kitchen but are not the most common equipment in the kitchen. However, they play colossal responsibility when it comes to food preparation tasks. That means many people have no idea how important they are.

It may be difficult to distinguish between a reliable stainless steel electric meat grinder and how to identify which is better from the other. Their qualities also differ at large as there are many brands available in the market today.

That is why our guide is here with enough information, about the best stainless steel electric meat grinder. We believe that you will have to find answers to your questions and great advice by going through it.

How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder?

Before purchasing the best stainless steel electric meat grinder, there are various features to put into consideration. Below are some vital factors to consider so that you will buy your appliance with confidence.

Power Source

The power source is an essential factor of consideration when finding the best stainless steel electric meat grinder. That is because it influences many factors and also eliminates some of the features and models. A meat grinder can either be manual or electric, each with pros and cons.

With a manual meat grinder, you use hands to turn the crank, while electric meat grinders only need flipping the switch to start operating. Selecting between the two comes down to whether you want to save time, effort, space, and money.

On the other hand, manual grinders tend to be cheaper and smaller than electric but require more of your efforts. Electric grinders are more expensive and bigger; therefore, grinding becomes an effortless process. Once you decide to select one of them, you can now go more in-depth about their specifications and features.


Same as any other kitchen appliance, durability is of great concern. It is worth every penny to choose a long-lasting grinder. If you opt for manual meat grinders, you can get plastic models that are less expensive but durable.

Electric grinders can either be of plastic or metal frames, which are more robust. That is why, if you need an ultimate level of material strength, go for grinders with cast aluminum body as it withstands heavy usage.

Cutting Blades

The best meat grinder blades should be of stainless steel material because of its strength and durability. Stainless steel blades can maintain a solid level when it comes to sharpness over time. They are rust-resistant, making them the best in sanitation and cleanliness because rust can be very difficult to clean.

Ease of Use

When it is a matter of personal level comfort rather than performance, it is a factor to consider. It would help if you went for a meat grinder that is easy to operate and use.

That starts from its size, operation, and also efficiency. For instance, manual grinders require keenness as it needs more effort compared to electric models.

Additional Accessories

It is essential because you do not know what will happen after a short time of use. Some useful accessories include additional grinding plates, sausage making attachments, pasta maker attachment, food pusher, and an auger.

What Is The Best Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder?

1. STX Turboforce II”Platinum” Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

best stainless steel electric meat grinder

The 2000watts peak output power featured in the grinder gives you three speeds; high, low, and reverse. These speeds coordinate with the three stainless steel blades to ensure that you get the service just like you expect it.

This best stainless steel electric meat grinder is ideal for especially when you have arrived at home late from the job. The three speeds will save you time by grinding the meat, which is, in turn, very easy to prepare and cook.


  • Features an optional foot pedal unit
  • Features an air-cooling system
  • It has five stainless steel grinding plates.
  • Has a circuit breaker for safety
  • grinds up to 225lbs of meat per hour


  • It can only grind soft bones
  • It has only 110V/120V models

2. Barton 1100W Electric Meat Grinder

Barton 1100W Electric Meat Grinder

You have perhaps ever bought a grinding machine that gives you a headache when installing; even more when cleaning it. In some grinders, you cannot even understand the language used to write the manual. However, Barton’s electric meat grinder stands out from the rest.

First, it is swift and easy to install, disassemble, and maintain. Cleaning is even more comfortable once you disassemble the parts.


  • You can use its capabilities in various places.
  • Features two cutting plates.
  • Guarantees you quiet use
  • It uses durable steel in the gears.
  • It has a powerful 1100watts motor.


  • Does not have a circuit breaker
  • Features some plastic which may not be very durable

3. Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile electric meat grinder is fully functional and gives a home-based solution to a home-based problem. It has three stainless steel cutting plates for coarse, medium, and fine grinding of meat.

This is key to the old and children in your family who have problems chewing meat. What’s more, the three plates are very easy to clean, and you can wash them in the dishwasher.


  • Features a highly powerful 1000watts motor.
  • The attractive design enhances the kitchen looks.
  • Its is safe and comfortable to use
  • Features a circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout.
  • Has a big capacity tray


  • It May not be very efficient in grinding bones.
  • You must slice the meat first.

4. LEM Big Bite Stainless Steel Grinder

lem big bite stainless steel grinder

You probably don’t know how you want to spend this month’s salary but not entirely on paying electricity bills. Therefore, to save even much more, you need an electric meat grinder that gives you two things: efficiency and low power consumption.

Fortunately, LEM big bite stainless steel grinder stands out in the two. The LEM big bite stainless steel grinder uses 550watts and 120V to grind approximately 7lbs per minute. To assure you of its quality, it has 5years warranty.


  • The out features a modernized brushed steel finish.
  • The gears are very quiet.
  • Features a storage drawer underneath the grinder head
  • It Has a large capacity pan.
  • Has a 0.5 horsepower


  • You won’t love the design
  • Not be very perfect in grinding bones

5. Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder

Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder

The Kitchener elite electric meat grinder features a large- capacity stainless steel meat pan. This pan is helpful, particularly if you do heavy-duty meat grinding. The throat is enlarged to ensure it holds more meat during grinding.

What’s more, this pan can grind 12lbs per minute. This Kitchener elite electric meat grinder assures you of perfect service whenever you decide grinding meat. You will love it, that’s a promise.


  • Features a heavy-duty SUS304 stainless steel grinder head
  • The machine gives you a smooth and quiet operation
  • Has a circuit breaker for safety
  • Is capable of breaking small bones
  • Features an air-cooled motor


  • The grinder does not have a reverse gear.
  • The grinder has only one-speed mode


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6. ChefWave Electric Meat Grinder

ChefWave Electric Meat Grinder

Modern apartments don’t have a lot of space. Therefore, the best stainless steel electric meat grinder would be that which doesn’t consume much of their space. It is this gap that Chefwave electric meat grinder fills up.

This Chefwave electric meat grinder is small and features a sleek design that makes it a perfect match for your kitchen. The device doesn’t need much attention when cleaning; dismantle, and wash each accessory using soap and water.


  • Extra high capacity in the meat feeder tray
  • Has a powerful 1800 watts maximum motor
  • Features 3 stainless steel cutting blades
  • Features reverse function to eliminate jamming.
  • It is certified by the FDA.


  • It is deafening and noisy
  • Has a very poor control

7. GVODE Meat Grinder

GVODE Meat Grinder

We are all inclined towards visual. Therefore, what people see in your kitchen when they come to visit is important and dear to your reputation. This GVODE meat grinder understands that’s your reputation means everything, and it is for this reason, they have featured a polished mirror surface.

The surface is attractive and very easy to clean. What’s more, you can simply wash the surface on the dishwasher without affecting the shiny surface’s clarity.


  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • Has a multifunctional use as a meat grinder and sausage maker
  • Feature stainless steel blades.
  • Can grind even nuts
  • Very easy to clean


  • Cannot grind hard bones
  • It is a bit loud.

8. STX Turboforce 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder

STX Turboforce 3000

The STX turboforce 3000 feature Advanced variable intake, which makes it stand out as one of the best stainless steel electric meat grinders. This technology interacts with the hopper opening where the meat is fed to make grinding larger portions of meat a dream come true.

The diameter of the grinding plates eases the grinding even more. Therefore, you will spend less time preparing your meat and meal.


  • Has a locked motor wattage of 3000watts
  • Features a high capacity metal plate
  • Has a new ergonomic style of a meat pusher.
  • Features 3 push-up button control panel
  • It has three stainless steel cutting blades.


  • You cannot wash the plates in the dishwasher.
  • Cannot grind bones.

9. Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder

aobosi electric meat grinder

You probably hate going through the manual several times. Aobosi electric meat grinder design understands that, and it has gone a step further.

This Aobosi electric meat grinder combines simplicity, safety, and one-button control technology. It is easy to attach all parts to the main body. The single button with ON/OFF/reserve eases your interaction with the machine.


  • The circuit breaker prevents motor burn out.
  • Features 3 stainless steel cutting plates
  • The device has a peak output of 2000watts.
  • Features a big capacity tray that is detachable
  • Grinds 2pounds of meat every minute.


  • it cannot handle any type of bones.
  • The grinder can only be 10min maximum and then let to rest.

10. Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile sm-g73 heavy duty electric meat grinder is fully functional and easy to clean. The stainless steel cutting plate design maximizes the quality grinding of meat you get from this machine.

These plates ensure you don’t get choked when eating your deliciously prepared meat. What’s more, you can effortlessly wash the plate and the cutting blade in a dishwasher to save time.


  • A highly powerful and strong motor
  • A big aluminum capacity tray enough to hold meat for grinding
  • Ease and safety of operation
  • The machine uses stainless steel, which is very durable.
  • Has a circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout


  • It is a bit noisy
  • The plastic gears are not very durable.

Is It Worth Buying a Meat Grinder?

This is an open-ended question, but generally, yes, it is worth buying a meat grinder. That is because meat grinders give you multiple options. From manual to powered, therefore, you select according to your preference.

Also, they are durable, produce quality grind, and are well made. With a meat grinder, you are guaranteed a long-lasting device.

But Why Is It Long-lasting?

Meat grinders are of high quality. What makes them more durable for home use is that most people or families use ground meat at least once per week. More so, you can rely on it for beef and pork grinding. Meaning it will also fit your home needs. Therefore, it is worth every penny.

Why Is The Meat Grinder Clogged?

Constipation is a common problem when people grind meat using meat grinders. There are those who abuse the meat grinder to hung bones and oily parts without thinking about the ability of the meat grinder.

Everyone should remember that not all meat grinders work the same way. It’s not difficult to figure it out once you know exactly what to do and how to expect.

Be aware that some meat grinders are more prone to constipation. Some people abuse the meat grinder, including the fat and bone parts, without thinking about whether the meat grinder is suitable for this job.

Not all meat grinders are created equal – some can run chicken bones without a problem, while others degrade if the meat contains only an ounce of fat.

Remember, hygiene is essential. Some of the best stainless steel electric meat grinder can easily cut chicken or meat bones, while others break down if the meat contains only an ounce of fat.

Another cause of clogging is the accumulation of tendons and fat. If the meat grinder clogs frequently, you will disassemble the blades and cutting plates to wash it frequently. If you feel sluggish during polishing, it’s time to clean the parts.

It is best to clean the parts with warm soapy water or mix water with a touch of baking soda because it removes oil residues with high effectiveness.

If you do not have time for cleaning a meat grinder, grind a piece of bread first. This will help you remove some of the tendons and fat accumulated in the grinder.

Here are some additional data to help you troubleshoot and prevent meat grinders from clogging:

Please get rid of the extra tendons and fat from the meat before grinding it.

This is not a problem with most high-quality electric meat grinders. However, if you are using a beginner’s plastic meat grinder for your pieces, this step should be followed before going through the whole meat grinder process.

Do The Same For Bone Bears.

Some people like to grind meat from bones to meat to feed their pets, but if your grinder doesn’t have the parts of grinding the bones successfully, you need an oscillating grinder in your hands.

Make Sure Accessories And Blades Are Clean.

These are the parts where the meat is cut and ground. So you need to make sure it is hot. Frequent use of the meat grinder can weaken it over time. That is why it is better to remove the essential parts and sharpen the blades.

Cleaning The Blades

The blades must be cleaned properly. Corrosion occurs on the blades of some of the best stainless steel electric meat grinder, which can result in rust. Make sure the blades dry quickly and adequately with a damp cloth or towel after washing.

Clean blades and dishes immediately with a dry towel and place parts on your work surface until completely dry. If they have not been burned, do not pick them up as corrosion can occur, especially if you are using a mill that is not completely made of stainless steel.

What Is The Difference Between a Meat Grinder And a Meat Grinder?

Meat grinders are devices used to grind or cut meat. All meat should be minced.

Meat grinders are used for this. The meat can be tough, such as beef, lamb, pork, or buffalo, or tender as rabbit, chicken, or duck.

Meat grinders can grind both soft and tough types of meat. Meat mincers can be operated manually or with electricity.

We should know that these two mean the same thing. The basic principle of these meat mincers and mincers is the same. The meat is placed in the mincer, and the wheels are turned, which leads to the required operation.

On manual cutting machines, the wheels are turned manually, while on electric grinders the wheels are operated by pressing the start button.

One of the reasons a meat grinder is such a useful tool is when you want to know precisely what is in your ground beef and if it is clean and healthy.

When these questions occur to you, you need to choose a meat grinder.

Can You Use A Food Processor Instead Of A Meat Grinder?

Yes, it is possible to make use of a food processor instead of a meat grinder. While meat grinders are effective at breaking down all types of meat finely, food processors are appropriate for loosely grinding, slicing, mixing, and shredding.

Let us look at the fundamental differences between the 2 in the following paragraphs.

The most significant difference in using these 2 appliances is the end result. Meat grinders will provide you with finely ground meat which is evenly textured and loosely packed.

On the other hand, a food processor will produce unevenly minced meat consisting of large as well as fine chunks. Moreover, some meat can also become pasty because of over grinding.

The meat grinder features different types of plates which are responsible for regulating the output size. It is possible to change the texture of the ground meat easily by making use of different types of plates and blades. However, a food processor will not allow you to regulate the processed meat size.

Both food processors and meat grinders are obtainable in various sizes. In case the meat grinder is lightweight, small, inexpensive, and features a weak motor, it will not serve the purpose on most occasions.

On the contrary, a compact and lightweight food processor will deliver the goods for you. Therefore, it will be a sensible idea to purchase the best stainless steel electric meat grinder available on the market instead of buying an inexpensive one.

Can You Grind Vegetables In A Meat Grinders?

Yes, it is possible to use meat grinders for the purpose of grinding vegetables. As a matter of fact, you can make use of electric as well as manual meat grinders to grind meat as well as vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

Meat grinders are considered to be useful kitchen appliances intended for grinding, chopping, mincing, slicing, preparing sausages, pasta, and so on.

It is also possible for meat grinders to prepare purees of fruits and vegetables. They’re capable of making uniform food textures for recipes such as sausages, meatballs, pasta, falafels, and so forth.

It can be quite difficult to chop nuts while making pastries. However, meat grinders will allow you to chop nuts finely for cookies as well as cake recipes instead of chopping using a knife.

As mentioned earlier, meat grinders come with different blade sizes which help to make excellent, medium, and coarse pieces of vegetables. It is also possible to chop greens such as cilantro for salads, soups, sausages, and salsa.

The fast, as well as smooth functioning of meat grinders, will make your life easy in the long run. However, for big vegetables, it is important to cut them into several pieces before sending them for grinding. You may also cut the smaller vegetables into several chunks for better grinding.

There is some difference when it comes to grinding vegetables and meat using the meat grinder. While it can be difficult to mince some veggies in the meat grinder for obtaining the desired texture, the meat will come out in a consistent manner at all times.

In case you do not like to store a number of appliances in your kitchen and keep it simple, then a meat grinder should be able to replace all the mixers and grinders in your kitchen. In this way, you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a meat grinder.

Can A Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

Of course, you can use meat grinders for the purpose of grinding bones. In fact, most of the meat grinders out there will be able to grind smaller chicken, turkey, and rabbit bones easily.

You’ll come across various brands of meat grinders on the market which will help you to choose the appropriate one for grinding bones and meat smoothly.

However, it is advisable to purchase heavy-duty electric meat grinders. Heavy-duty grinders will assure you that the bones will be ground perfectly.

In fact, meat grinders are used by many individuals for preparing their own food and even for their pets since these appliances will be able to grind hard bones without any problem whatsoever.

There is no need for you to apply any manual force for grinding the bones and the heavy-duty electric grinder is going to perform the job within a few minutes only.


When making the final choice, it comes down to finding the best tool that makes life easier. That is whether you want a simple one for occasional use or a powerful appliance that gives you more advantage when preparing bulk food.

So, whichever the case, the choice you make should be easier with the following guide above. We hope that you will find the best stainless steel electric meat grinder that meets your needs.


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FAQ Of Best Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders:

How Do You Grind Meat With a Meat Grinder?

Below are the steps to follow to grind meat by use of a meat grinder:
Step 1: Cut the meats into 1-2 inch slices, set them on a large baking sheet. The main goal is to ensure it fits into the grinder spout with ease.
Step 2: You have to cover them in plastic and leave it in a freezer for 30-40 minutes. Maintaining that time range ensures the meat remains cold and firm, not frozen. It will also help in reducing the gumming up of meat at the grinder head.
Step 3: For the process to be smooth, you also have to freeze the grinder.
Step 4: After that, set up your grinder, then place the meat at the top. You can use high speed to speed up the process.
Step 5: Using a handheld attachment, stuff the meat down and allow the grinder to work.
Step 6: Place a bowl below the spout for the ground meat to spill in it.
Step 7: You can decide on your flavor combination and finished product, like chicken and cheese brats, homemade chorizo, Italian sausage, and much more.

Can You Grind Chicken In a Meat Grinder?

Yes. With a meat grinder, you can make chopped or ground chicken at home with ease. But first, you have to:
1. Decide how much grounded chicken you want—for instance, 5 ounces of uncooked chicken per person.
2. Cut the chicken into chunks. Place it in parchment paper, then slide it into the freezer.
3. Ensure you have a food processor nearby fitted with metal blades. You then place the frozen chicken in the bowl and pulse the blade until the meat is fully ground.

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