makita 9557pbx1 angle grinder

Top 8 Best Angle Grinder Under 100 Reviews

Here is a list of the best angle grinder under 100 that you can consider. They are light on the wallet yet get the job done.

When it comes to home improvement work, the angle grinder is a powerful tool that should not be neglected. Choosing a good angle grinder will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to cutiing and polishing the rough edges.

They are many types of angle grinders in the market and there are many factors to consider before you make any purchase.

You need to consider the size of the disc, the type of work that you are using it for, the power and speed of the grinder as well as the durability of its handle.

1. DEWALT DWE402 Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

Best Angle Grinder Under 100

This DEWALT DWE402 Paddle Switch Angle Grinder has the best power to weight/size ratio with its revolutionary 11 amp AC / DC 11000 RPM Motor. It is also capable of ejecting damaging dust and debris particles which makes its way into the tool with its dust injection system.

Compared to the previous model, it has twice the brush life and a large spiral bevel gear which gives it a longer transmission life. The grinder also comes with a OneTouch guard which allows for a full 360-degree rotation with a single action.

Also, you do not need a wrench to remove the wheel from this angle grinder as it comes with a quick change wheel release technology, With a top mounted and protective spindle lock button, the depth of each cut is maximized.

It is also one of the most comfortable angle grinder to use with its small surface and ergonomic handle design. In terms of safety, the grinder comes with an auto off brush feature that turns it off when the brush needs to be replaced and a safety lock that prevents accidental start up.

2. POPOMAN 20V Cordless Angle Grinder

POPOMAN 20V Cordless Angle Grinder

Touted as a high-performance, cordless grinder tool, it comes with a 850 watt Max brushless motor and runs at a constant speed of 10000 RPM when no load. With this powerful brushless technology, this grinder has a longer motor life with more run time.

It can deliver up to 24% more power compared to other brushed products. The angle grinder is powered by 20 volt 4.0AH lithium ion battery with power indicator and fast charging mechanism,.

As this is a battery-powered cordless angle grinder, it is perfectly suitable for outdoor work and can be conveniently moved around different work stations .

It also comes with a 3 posiiton side rubber auxiliary handle which makes it easy to operate for both left and right-handed users.

In terms of safety, this best angle grinder under 100 requires a two-stage trigger for activation and it has an overload protection design to protect the battery against overheating, thereby increasing its service life.

3. Ingersoll Rand 3101g Angle Die Grinder

Ingersoll Rand 3101g Angle Die Grinder

This is the perfect angle grinder for heavy duty cutting, grinding and polishing jobs. It has a strong ball bearing construction with a 1/3 horsepower motor and a 1/4″ collet.

It also comes with a rear exhaust and a self locking lever throttle which gives it more accuracy. Users will like the fact that the grinder comes with an ergonomic grip which makes it very comfortable to use.

4. Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder

makita 9557pbx1 angle grinder

The makita 9557pbx1 angle grinder is a compact tool with a powerful 7.5 amp motor for high output with small diameter barrel grip for additional comfort. The tool comes with several features which ensures its longevity.

It comes with labyritnth construction seals and zig zag varnish seals which protect the motor and bearings from dust and debris. Its thick coil wires reduce heat and energy loss.

Both features are working hand in hand to ensure a longer tool life. In terms of durability, it comes with four 4.5 inch grinding diamond wheels stored inside a metal gear housing.

It is also a very flexible angle grinder to use as users can switch between AC and DC for power source and it has a lock on lock off feature for continuous operation.


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5. Chicago Pneumatic Right Angle Pistol Grip Die Grinder

chicago pneumatic die grinders

Sold by Chicago Pneumatics, this is a lightweight tool for general maintenance purposes. It is extremely compact and comes with 1/4 inch and 6 millimeter collets.

The perpendicular angle head design gives it a lot of flexibility when working around tight corners. This chicago pneumatic die grinders also has a built in air regulator which clears dust and debris from the motor.

6. Makita 9557PB Angle Grinder with Paddle Switch

makita 9557pb

The Makita 9557pb angle grinder incorporates comfort with solid protection features for long-lasting performance. The grinder can operate at a speed up to 11000 RPM and can start up easily without any hassle.

The Makita 9557pb also comes with labyrinth construction seals and protective varnish which prevent dust and debris from damaging the motor for longer tool life.

Some of its user-friendly features include a large pedal switch to ensure comfortable operation and a lock on lock off feature for continuous usage.

At 4.5 lbs, it is extremely light and its handle can be installed on either side of the tool. In terms of safety, it has a wheel guard adjustment that makes it very easy to clamp on to the surface that the users are working on.

7.KIMO 20V Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder

kimo cordless angle grinder

Sold by KIMO, this is a cordless angle grinder best suited for work in confined areas where electrical outlets are not easily accessible.

This KIMO cordless angle grinder differentiates itself from other grinders in the marketplace with its efficient operation. It comes with an all copper and premium magnet which ensures stable and smooth operation.

Also, it runs on brushless motor technology. The tool is powered by proprietary KIMO lithium-ion technology, which has been tested thoroughly on numerous charging cycle tests.

The company claims that it has one of the longest battery life in the marketplace. Its 9000 RPM Motor is perfectly suitable for most grinding and cutting work, even on metal surfaces.

The rubberized and ergonomic 2 position grip handle also provides much comfort for its users.

8. Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX Angle Grinder

dewalt dcg412b 20v max

The dewalt dcg412b 20v max angle grinder comes with a 8000 RPM Motor and can be used for most cutting and grinding applications.

Similar to other DEWALT models, it has a quick change wheel release that allows you to change the wheel without using a wrench for maximum convenience.

It also comes with a tool free guarrd which allows for quick and easy positioning. The 2 finger trigger switch with lock off button makes it very convenient to activate the tool. It also comes with a 2 position side handle for steady gripping and better control.


Regardless of the complexity of your home improvement works, there is always an angle grinder for every occasion. If your budget is limited, the best angle grinder under 100 will be your best choice.

If you need convenience and ease of use, opt for the cordless variety with brushless motors. For heavy duty work, go for the ones with a powerful motor with higher speed, preferably above 10,000 RPM .


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