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Top 8 Best Cheap Impact Wrench Reviews

Sometimes a cheap wrench can perform much better than a high-priced wrench. To help you in buying the best cheap impact wrench we have reviewed some of the affordable impact wrenches of different companies in this write-up.

In our daily routine, we use various types of tools to do various types of work easily. An impact wrench can help us in doing a high amount of work effortlessly with the help of its features.

The torque modulation or turning capacity of impact wrenches can help in uniquely accomplishing projects. But buying the best impact wrench within your budget may not be easy for you.

Today many companies are manufacturing a wide variety of impact wrenches in different shapes design and styles. But while buying the best one you should focus more on their features instead of their price only.

1. Dobetter-DBCIW20 Cordless Impact Wrench

Best Cheap Impact Wrench

This ergonomically designed allows you to handle it comfortably without slipping with the help of its soft-grip handle. Its motor has been protected against overload with the electronic motor protection technique used in it.

This best cheap impact wrench is durable with its gearbox made of cast iron. It includes a 20v lithium-ion battery, 4 sockets of ”, 5/8”, ”, and 7/8” and a fast charger to charge its battery in one hour.

It can be used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts with 250-300 N.m. torque and 0-2,900 rpm. It can be used indoors and outdoors with equal ease.

2. Acdelco Ani403 Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench

acdelco ani403

This acdelco ani403 heavy-duty impact wrench works on a powerful impact mechanism of Twin Power. It can easily handle fasteners without breaking them with the help of its maximum torque of 650 feet/pound.

It consumes air up to 5.3 CFM and runs at a free speed of 8,000 RPM. It is one of the most durable tools because its housing is made of aluminum alloy. It can be operated forward and reverse at 6-speed settings each.

3. WEN 48107 Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench

impact wrench vs driver

This electrical impact wrench works in 2 directions with the help of its powerful motor of 7.5 amperes to give nearly 2,700 impacts in a minute.

It includes a rocker switch which can be used to change its rotational direction in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Its heavy duty nose creates 230 ft. /pound torque when it spins at the rate of 2,100 RPM.

In order to change its sockets easily, a hognose anvil made of cast aluminum is provided with this impact wrench. It enables you to reach farthest locations with the help of its 6 1/2’ long power cord provided with it.

4. CRAFTSMAN Impact Wrench 9-16882

craftsman 16882 specs

The design of this craftsman 16882 specs impact wrench has been made comfortable with the help of its ergonomic trigger and 2-shot molded contoured grip. It is a highly portable and lightweight tool that you can carry anywhere easily.

It includes a strongly designed single hammer to give maximum torque up to 400 ft/lb and produce 7,000 RPM as its jerk-free and smooth maximum speed.

It has been made comfortable with its contoured grip and composite housing. It creates low-level noise with the help of the exhaust through its handle that is directed away from your hand.


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5. VonHaus Impact Wrench Set

vonhaus impact wrench set

This powerful impact wrench can help in installing and removing sockets, lug nuts as well as nuts and bolts with its 8.5 amp power.

its maximum torque of 290 ft/lb is delivered by its inbuilt Planetary Gear System which makes it a lightweight and compact wrench with strong output as no air compressor are required.

It has a strong ” hog ring anvil to retain sockets reliably and a rocker switch for controlling it effectively.

Its balance is improved and the vibration is reduced with the help of the dual-bearing armature system used in it. It includes 4 sockets of 11/16”, ”, 13/16” and 7/8”. It can be transported and stored easily in the hard-wearing carry case provided with it.

6. Campbell Hausfeld 1/2″ Impact Wrench

campbell hausfeld 1/2 impact wrench

This best cheap impact wrench can generate 550 ft/lb torque to bust nuts of your lawnmower blade, brakes or tire of your car when it is used with Campbell Hausfeld air compressors of the right size.

You can select its speed easily with its 3-speed power regulator to lose or tight lug nuts perfectly. It has been made a durable tool to complete the task confidently with its strong composite design.

Its twin-hammer mechanism and ergonomic soft-grip allow you to use this lightweight impact wrench smoothly and effortlessly as its vibration has been reduced by these two features.

For best results, you should use it with a 30-gallon air compressor and air hose from Campbell Hausfeld. It is backed by a warranty for one year.

7. GETUHAND Electric Impact Wrench

getuhand electric impact wrench

This getuhand electric impact wrench can produce a powerful torque of 300 ft/lb at 400 N.m. when connected to the 12v power outlet of your vehicle. It has been made strong and sophisticated with its aluminum casing.

It can easily tighten and loosen lug nuts within a few seconds with the help of its reverse/forward rocker switch and powerful torque.

It generates enough impact force to spin its drive shaft freely with the help of its output shaft when its motor attains its set speed.

It includes 11.4 feet long DC power cord, LED light, bubble level, 2 spare fuses and 2 double sockets of 11/16”-3/4” and 13/16”-7/8”.

It allows you to work in dark places with the help of its built-in LED light. It also includes a storage box to keep and carry it easily.

8. ACDelco ANI405 Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench

acdelco impact wrench

This acdelco impact wrench generates 500 ft/lb torque with the twin hammer hard-hitting mechanism used in it. It is made durable with its well balanced rugged aluminum alloy housing so that it can be used roughly.

This high-performance impact wrench can be switched easily and quickly with its built-in reverse and forward switch to build torque fast. It can work easily at hardest to reach locations with its long nose.


After going through the reviews of the best impact wrenches of different companies it can be concluded easily that even the products with low cost can perform better than high priced products.

While purchasing the best cheap impact wrench you should focus on their features also instead of price only.


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