Top 8 Best Cordless Miter Saws Reviews

makita cordless mitre saw 18v

The best cordless miter saw is a great option for the workers and you can find it in a workshop. It is a great option for those who can take their saw with them at the time of work.

The cordless feature of this type of saw can help you in this regard. You do not think of dropping off the power.

This cordless miter saw can provide you with sufficient work power and it is perfect for on-site projects as well. You do not need to rely on the wall current. This cordless miter saw is the perfect solution for you.

Why Use a Cordless Miter Saw?

If there’s any power tool that carpenters use for fast and effective work is a miter saw. These tools help workers do their job accurately, and the cut can be made from any angle. If you are a carpenter you can go for compound miters, architectural molding with this saw.

Then, when you get the cordless version of it, you get to relive your breath. Cordless miter saws are for professionals, and it provides you the ability to cut small to big pieces and install moldings that were never possible before.

You will get better convenience, as you can use the tool for various tasks. You can start the saw without any electric switch or use a cord for the plug.

In recent days saws are required for compound cutting, and these have released the heavy burdens of carpenters. This eliminated the need for coping cuts, and it can be replaced with a miter. These are both for outside and inside corners, along with compound miter cuts.

If you are thinking of using the best cordless miter saw, then, you must know that it is also known as a drop or cut off saw. This type has a common use for molding and trimming. It is mainly used to make crosscuts and miters on a workpiece you are using.

The blade of this saw stays around 8 to 12 inches, and it’s very useful and portable as well. The material of the blade is carbon steel, and sometimes manufacturers add coats around it, which will provide you with a hassle-free cutting experience.

If you have a cordless miter saw, you will get options for 24 to 100 teeth in the blades. More blades will give you better work.

Also the same have different designs and it depends on the kind of material you want to use. The most commonly used ones are alternating top-level, triple chip, and flat top grind.

If you are working with good quality wood, you can use half-inch kerf. This measures the amount of load removed during the cutting session. Other than this, if you want fewer board movements, you can use a negative or a low hook angle.

There are many benefits of using the best cordless miter saw. Such as:

Different Angle Cuts: With the cordless miter saw, you will get many types of cuts on the material you are using. Other saws need an additional tool to make the angle cuts and make it precise.

Precision: This saw provides precision over the cuts and from every other level. You will get clean pieces whenever you want. The edges will be smooth and you will get satisfaction and efficiency in your work.

Efficient Work: You would want to finish your work as soon as possible, and for that, you have to use, cordless miter saw. You will be able to complete your work faster and you will get sleek cuts for every sweep.

Easy Usage: As this is a cordless saw, you won’t have to face any issue with it. These are made for professionals, and you can start the saw with just a switch on the tool. You won’t need to plug in the cords or need electricity to power it up.

You can build almost anything from it. Create a small dollhouse for your kids and it will be done preciously. You won’t need much help to understand its techniques, as you will understand it just from the manual instructions.

How to Choose The Best Cordless Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw is considered to be an essential tool for any person who requires cutting lengths of wood as a part of a do-it-yourself project or as a professional contractor.

The ability of this device to make cuts accurately and quickly helps it to stand above any other similar types of saws on the market.

On some occasions, one needs to cut away from his workshop where there can be no power supply. On such occasions, a cordless miter saw will be required by him given that it is powered by batteries that are rechargeable.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some essential factors to consider while purchasing the best cordless miter saw for your personal requirements.

1. Battery Power

The majority of the top-quality cordless miter saws use either 18 V or 20 V. Although several other voltages are also available, it is not sensible to use them with a high-powered device such as a cordless miter saw.

There are several advantages of using a saw which is battery-powered. First of all, it is not simple to transport the saw to your job location. You need not carry heavy fuel and it will be possible to operate the saw from virtually any electrical outlet.

Apart from this, they’re also environmentally friendly and one battery will be able to last for quite some time even after recharging it numerous times.

The drawback of using tools that are battery-powered is that you need to buy the charger and the battery separately. These components can prove to be quite costly, and on most occasions, it is imperative to purchase multiple batteries.

Although the technology is becoming advanced, battery-powered tools are somewhat underpowered as compared to their gas-powered counterparts.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Portable
  • No fuel is required


  • On most occasions, the charger and battery are not included
  • Underpowered
  • Costly

2. Precision

The ability of the saw to produce precise angles and also make straight cuts is an important aspect out there. Without this, it will not be possible to create projects fitting together. Cheaper materials are usually used by portable tools for keeping them lightweight.

Although these cheaper materials might result in tools that are not accurate and straight as compared to the larger machines, a meticulous inspection can notify you of any distorted or bent pieces prior to purchase.

It is recommended to go for cordless miter saws consisting of a line guide that will allow you to make more precise cuts. In fact, laser line guides will be working even better when there is plenty of sawdust scattered everywhere.

3. Weight

While purchasing the cordless miter saws it will be sensible to take into consideration the weight of the device and also whether it is possible to transport it. You’ll come across models on the market ranging from 15 pounds to more than 60 pounds at present.

Although the heavier tools are going to provide more cutting power, the lighter tools are more portable. It is advisable to purchase a heavy cordless miter saw that fits within your budget.

4. Safety

It is a fact that cordless miter saws can prove to be quite dangerous as compared to the stationary tools. While using a portable saw, you are more likely to come across improper weather conditions and humidity.

Although you might not become electrocuted, things can become quite slippery because of the moisture.

Apart from the weather hazards, it is sensible to ensure that the saw comes with the required blade guards in place. Look for saws featuring overheat protection, electronic breaks, and so forth.

While working with the saw, make it a point to wear all the safety equipment including earplugs, breathing masks, heavy-duty gloves, and safety glasses featuring side protection.

5. Crosscut

The last thing to consider while purchasing the best cordless miter saw will be the crosscut size. It allows you to know the width of the cut that you will be able to make.

As compared to the portable saws, the larger ones will typically have a bigger crosscut. Some saws come with a crosscut of only a few inches which is best for cutting molding.

You will come across lots of cordless miters saw models on the market at present. Let us hope that these guidelines mentioned above will help you to make a sensible buying decision.

Here is a list of the best cordless miter saw. Each one is different from the others on the basis of speed, power and features.

Let’s check the list and find the useful one according to your choice. This guide will help you to find the best one according to your need. Let’s check the topmost list of miter saw:

What is the best cordless miter saw?

1. Dewalt DHS790AT2 Cordless Miter Saw

Best Cordless Miter Saw

If you are looking for the perfect size, capability and sheer power, then Dewalt DHS790AT2 is the best choice for you. It is one of the best cordless compound miter saws available in the market.

This particular saw is specially designed for the carpenters and for their beneficial purposes. You will definitely like the dual voltage design of this saw.

This Best cordless miter saw can provide you with a considerable amount of freedom at the time of working. When you need to do a lot of cutting, then this miter saw is the perfect choice for you.

This cordless miter saw uses FlexVolt technology. This miter saw is portable and comes with high-quality features as well.

2. Dewalt Dcs361m1 20v Max Cordless Miter Saw

dewalt dcs361m1 20v max cordless miter saw

As you can see that Dewalt is a big and popular name in the cordless miter saw business. They have already launched so many models on the market than any other company.

This particular miter saw is the most available one in the market. This Dewalt dcs361m1 20v max cordless miter saw is compact in size and very lightweight as well. Dewalt makes the most portable battery-powered miter saw in the market.

It is a compound miter saw. It can do the compound angle cuts. This is lightweight and portable as well. You can also get the feature of a fast-charging battery. It comes with three years of warranty and it is very easy to use.

3. Ryobi P551 18-volt Cordless Miter Saw

ryobi p551

It is one of the lower-priced cordless miter saws available in the market. It is an attractive choice for DIY customers. The weight of this particular miter saw is very much light as well.

So, you can move it anywhere without any trouble. This saw can provide you with fine cutting. But you may face the problem of small cutting and limited power issues.

But if you see this saw, you can understand that the battery life is not too small and bad.

This Ryobi p551 saw is perfect for the DIY workers and you will get so many benefits from this cordless miter saw.

4. Milwaukee 2734-20 Cordless Miter Saw

milwaukee 2734

It is one of the top models on this list. This is the new entry of 2018. Since 2018, it maintains its popularity in the market. It can provide you with a larger capacity as well.

This Milwaukee 2734 can give you 45 degree cut and has the vertical capacity against the fence. It is a reputed cordless powered tool.

You can get outstanding battery power with this miter saw. It can deliver you up to 400 cuts with a single charge. It has vertical, horizontal and cross-cut capacity as well.


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5. Makita XSL02Z Cordless Compound Miter Saw

makita xsl02z

Makita xsl02z has always created their power tools with innovative technology. They increase the both matter of usability and performance as well.

It is the perfect product available in the market. It is powered by two 18V batteries. It can run long without reducing the runtime.

As this tool comes with a lightweight feature, so, the contractor can move it easily without any trouble. You can also get the feature of a brushless motor with 5700 RPM maximum speed.

6. Makita XSL06PT Brushless Cordless Compound Miter Saw

makita cordless mitre saw 18v

Makita cordless miter saw 18v is very much well known for its cordless tools. This is one of the first companies in the market that makes professional-grade cordless tools.

This particular brand shows the dedication of a saw. It can provide with dual-level of battery. This runs off the lithium-ion battery.

The battery of the cordless miter saw is also known for the fastest recharge time. It can take only 20 minutes after draining out the power. You will get a soft start with this cordless miter saw. It is powerful as well.

This tool can automatically adjust the brushless motor speed. It will provide you with smooth and fast cutting.

7. Ryobi ZRP551 Cordless Miter Saw

ryobi zrp551

This best cordless miter saw can give you the perfect cutting experience. You can get the heavy-duty 18V motor facility with a variety of cuts.

This Ryobi zrp551 cordless miter saw is a built-in 9 ball detent stop. You can also get the laser alignment system.

This miter can give you a top-class performance as well. You do not find any kind of cosmetic imperfection.

8. Makita XSL04ZU Cordless Compound Miter Saw

makita cordless mitre saw 36v

This model of Makita cordless miter saw 36v can give you a powerful and portable miter saw in the market. It can give you a 10” blade and many more features as well.

This cordless miter saw is the new addition to the list of the best cordless miter saw.

This cordless miter saw is made with innovative technology and powerful feature. The cut quality is enhanced as well. It is a durable tool. You can expect the best service as well.

Should I purchase a corded or cordless miter saw?

Cordless or corded both types of miter saw will give you better precision in cutting, but the first option is better when you are looking for a hassle-free job done. If you consider some important things it will be clear to you that the cordless one is the best. Let’s compare the same:

Corded saws are attached with cords, and you must have a big space to put them safely in the room or place you are working. While with a cordless one, you can finish your work within a small place.

Cordless saws are safe for everyone, as there is a cord attached. With corded ones, there is always a chance to trip over it, and you might injure yourself, or someone else can get hurt.

You will get efficient and better precision in your work with a cordless miter saw. On the other hand, with corded you have to keep a note of the cord and move very carefully.

You won’t need electric power to start the cordless saw.

You can always trust the best cordless miter saw for your work, and it will give you perfect cuts and molds than any other type of saw.


A cordless miter saw is a major power tool investment. So, you should go for the best one that has a reputation for quality.

You can also go for companies that are trying to make low-cost and highly efficient products. These are the top picks of 2021. You can choose any one of these best cordless miters saw according to your needs.


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