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Top 8 Best Scroll Saw Blade Review

A best scroll saw blade, like any other blade, wouldn’t last forever. You would have to replace it at some point or the other. However, not all blades work the same.

There are certain brands that truly make blades keeping efficiency and longevity in mind. And then there are some other blades that stop functioning optimally after a few projects.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best scroll saw blade you can truly count on for both their performance and lifespan.

1. Olson Saw PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade

Best Scroll Saw Blade

If you’re looking for extremely sharp and fine scroll saw blade teeth, the PG49802 by Olson is worth checking out.

The sharpness of the best scroll saw blade them ideal for different materials, particularly hardwood. The double teeth ensure top performance.

Also, since the blade is long-lasting and highly durable, you need not worry much about changing them often.

The blade’s reverse tooth guarantees clean and sharp edges on the top and bottom surfaces, along with a sand-free finish. Not to mention, the blade is extremely durable and will not distort or bend easily.

Removing and installing the blade is quite straightforward. If you have never dealt with scroll saw blades before, the PG49802 would not make you feel alien or confused.

2. Flying Dutchman New Spiral Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade

flying dutchman scroll saw blades

The flying dutchman scroll saw blades is ideal for people who handle multiple or different kinds of projects, or their scroll saw blade requirements vary with each project.

This flying dutchman scroll saw blades 60-blade set comprises milled blades that are exceedingly sharp. They serve five different purposes. For instance, Polar #5 works great against Corian, bone, acrylic, and wood pieces.

Ultra Reverse #5 is a solid all-purpose blade. Besides being versatile, these blades are extremely durable.

Therefore, the need to replace one wouldn’t arise soon, unless if you use them day in and day out. The only thing about the New Spiral that perhaps could miff potential buyers is its price.

Though not the most expensive thing in the world, you will have to pay a slight premium for the product when compared to other blades on this list.

3. Olson Saw SP46500 Spiral Scroll Saw Blade

Olson Saw SP46500 Spiral Scroll Saw Blade

The Olson Saw SP46500 Spiral Scroll Saw Blade is a pack of blades that saw in multiple directions. In other words, they have 360-degree cutting capabilities.

The solid zero radius scroll means you would not have to turn the workpiece while work is in progress.

How quickly and well these blades do their job hinges on the number of teeth for every inch and material thickness.

Made from high carbon steel, these premium blades have been tempered and hardened to remain sharp for longer.

The Olson Saw SP46500 Spiral Scroll Saw Blade can be used to cut all kinds of materials, which include wood, wax, plastic, plaster, non-ferrous materials, horn, and bone.

These blades are great for bevel-cutting letters within names. They have increased throat capacity, which means you can cut longer pieces with zero turning.

4. Bosch SS5-20 Pin End Scroll Saw Blade

bosch scroll saw

Made of premium-grade steel, the Bosch SS5-20 is made to last long. They have been precision-sharpened so that intricate shapes could be cut easily.

Offered in a range of widths and TPIs, these best scroll saw blades are ideal for sewing all kinds of woods, non-ferrous metals, and plastics.

Not to mention, the SS5-20 is designed to be used by professional craftsmen who require long-lasting, sharp blades.

The package comprises four blades of the same size. The precision sharpening ensures consistent cutting regardless of which blade you use.

Also, installing these blades shouldn’t be an issue, thanks to the pin-end system employed.


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5. Flying Dutchman Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade

flying dutchman scroll saw blade

This pack by flying dutchman scroll saw blade. This best scroll saw blade are milled and made of high-quality hardened steel, like pretty much every other pack of Dutchman Variety scroll saw blades.

The five different styles help you try the different blades out and compare them so that you could find out what serves your requirements the best.

The pack consists of a dozen of each variety: SR5, UR5, P5, PS5, and NS3. The UR-5 or the Ultra Reverse 5 is the most popular blade variety of the lot.

They come in a reusable, handy pouch so that you don’t lose them. Not to mention, the blade helps cut different materials, which include wood, bone, acrylic, and Corian.

6. Olson Saw FR49400 Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blade

olson scroll saw blades

The Olson Saw FR49400 would be right in the alley of craftsmen who perform sensitive fretwork and constantly seek smooth finishing.

This pack of 36 blades offers extremely smooth cuts – probably the smoothest of them all.

This is thanks to its skip tooth shape or design that facilitates fast and efficient material-cutting. Also, you can be assured of a sand-free finish pretty much every time.

The olson scroll saw blades come with wide cutting capacities: 3/32 to 2 inches. The two-inch blade helps quickly cut materials and could be used on any kind of fibrous material.

These olson scroll saw blades also boast a varying range of teeth: 20 to 11.5 TPI. This ensures granular control in how the blade cuts or the amount that gets shaved off.

7. Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Scroll Saw Blade

flying dutchman scroll saw blades ultra reverse

Another solid offering from Flying Dutchman, the Ultra Reverse is a pack of 72 scroll saw blades that comprises five-inch long, pinless blades.

Made in Germany, these blades with their top-grade hardened steel blade construction scream quality.

They are milled, which means increased cutting abilities or smooth and quick cuts.

The third tooth on these blades has been reversed to ensure there is no splintering on the underside of a project.

These blades work with a range of scroll saws and are pretty solid for cutting through different wood materials.

If you want several blades in a pack and do not mind spending a bit more for the same, this blade pack by Flying Dutchman is truly worth considering.

8. Olson Saw FR49202 Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blade

olson saw blades for scroll sawing

The Olson FR49202 is a set of reverse tooth blades for your scroll saw. The pack comprises a dozen of three different blade variants: FR44302, FR44802, and FR44602.

The reverse teeth ensure a splinter-free, smooth finish both atop and beneath surfaces. The blades are ideal for doing away with tear-out on maple and birch plywood.

These blades are pretty much identical to the skip tooth fret blades in terms of performance.

The only difference or benefit is the set of reverse tooth. Not to mention, these are five-inch blades.

They shall, therefore, have no issues working with your existing scroll saws that can fit in only five-inch blades.


The aforementioned best scroll saw blade constituted our list for their durability, versatility, and precision. There is no perfect or right set of blades.

In other words, no particular scroll saw blade(s) would cater to all craftsmen the same way.

Therefore, important to learn what your specific requirements and budget are and find a set of scroll saw blades that fit well into those requirements.

Needless to mention, you are not going wrong with any of the blades mentioned above.


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