Top 5 Best Price Digital Piano Reviews

Yamaha YDP143R

Digital pianos are now loved by many people. The pianos produce almost perfect acoustic sounds and there are many variations and modes in the form of sound.

Yamaha produces some best price digital piano. The sounds that these pianos produce, are truly excellent. The technology and the system of these pianos are really easy to operate. Even, for any first timer, it may not be too difficult to learn.
One can buy Yamaha piano to experience best quality of sound.

Details of 5 Yamaha best price digital piano are given below to know more about them.

1. Yamaha YDP – 143B Arius Console Digital Piano

best price digital piano

With three different types of grand piano sounds, this piano produces great sound quality. There is an app through which the piano can be connected. Even complex notes can be played and it produces the depth of an acoustic piano.

But the sound that the piano produces, dies immediately. The over sound ain’t so good. With high volume the keys sometimes produce weird noises.


  • To learn the proper finger technique, the G.H.S keyboard is good.
  • The pedal controls are subtle and they help to produce great sound.
  • There is a bench with it. The bench is a perfect fit for a piano player.
  • Some previously loaded classic piano songs come with this piano.


  • The piano has some non-functional keys.
  • Sometimes, the piano fails to produce perfect sound like an acoustic piano.

2. Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano

Yamaha P-125

This piano provides online lessons for 2 months. These lessons help the first timers to learn some basic lessons. The piano produces great quality sound, even on any flat surface. The paddling system is good. The piano has an app for the IOS version. So, the IOS music library will guide the keystrokes to play the exact music.

But the keys are pretty basic. The piano is good for first time learners.


  • The piano has good acoustic type sound quality. The sound satisfies the ears.
  • The audio of the piano can be transferred from U.S.B to Host. This means customized music-making software can be made.
  • The keys don’t become slippery, even after playing on it for a long time.
  • The dust cover and the Austin bazaar cloth for polishing helps to keep the piano active and sparkling.


  • The piano is not for regular use. With heavy usage, the keys sometimes fail.

3. Yamaha YPG- 535

Yamaha YPG- 535

There are 88 keys in this piano. This is good for any professional piano player. This piano has some special sound voices. Trumpet, pan flute, flute, Tenor saxes, cool and many more. These voices are realistic and they produce really nice sound.
The best part of this piano is the Education suit of Yamaha. This software displays the keystrokes of songs. Any piano player can learn piano through this system without anybody’s help.

The weight of the piano is too much. The computer connection and the USB connection are complex and it takes much time to set up the entire system.


  • The voices and the styles are really easy to choose.
  • The sustain paddle is really good. It helps to produce excellent quality of sound.
  • The stand and the power adapter are a good aid to this great quality piano.


  • The keys are not like the keys of a real piano. The keys of this piano are lighter.
  • The sound quality of this piano is not worthy of its value. The piano has an average sound quality.

4. Yamaha YDP143R

Yamaha YDP143R

The sound quality of this piano is just excellent. The piano can produce concert quality sound with perfect acoustic engineering. The keys are with GHS action. This means, the high keys will produce low sounds and the low keys will produce high sounds. The half damper pedal helps to produce subtle sounds.

After some heavy usage, the keys become loose. Some keys even stuck after some playing. The stand’s quality could have been better.


  • The rosewood is truly beautiful. The piano looks charming.
  • The piano has an app that helps to connect with the I.O.S platform.
  • There are almost 50 classic songs that come pre-loaded with it.
  • The supreme quality sounds of the piano can be experienced through the headphone.
  • Both the hands of a piano player can be recorded at the same time.


  • The app sometimes fails to work with this piano.
  • The price is a little expensive.
  • The keys of these piano’s could have been better.

5. Yamaha YDP-143R (Arius console digital piano)

Yamaha YDP-143R (Arius console digital piano)

To learn proper finger technique, this piano is great. The G.H.S keyboard truly helps to learn the proper finger technique. The CF engine in this piano produces the great quality of sound. The half damper pedal helps to produce a realistic quality of sound.

The speaker’s sound is not impressive. Sometimes, the sound drops. The keys have some problems. The keys often fail to produce sound.


  • It has total five different grand piano sounds. These sounds are capable of producing some versatile music.
  • Many features of this piano can be reached through the app.
  • The piano is loaded with classic piano songs. If a piano player listens to these songs, he/she can produce great music.
  • The polishing cloth with this piano keep the rosewood afresh.


  • Sometimes weird noises coming out from the keys. Some keys of this piano often become non-functional.
  • The speaker is not suitable for high volume.
  • Assembling the product may take some time.

The above best price digital piano of Yamaha has great sound quality. They are made to produce perfect sound. The pianos may have some drawbacks. But, the drawbacks are minimum and ignorable. Anybody who wants to practice at home can buy a Yamaha piano. Even, those who are professional can also have these pianos.

With optimum sound quality and advanced technologies, these pianos are matchless. Buy best price digital piano to experience the best.


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