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Top 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews)

I hadn’t noticed how advanced the agricultural sector is until I came across a hydroponic greenhouse. I was completely stunned by how they have revolutionized the whole niche. My main task was to help in the installation of LED grow lights, and that’s how ended up learning more about them.

This article is meant to help you have a detailed insight about best cob LED grow lights. It will also enable you to know the features of the numerous LED lights and what to look for when purchasing them.

5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights

When shopping for the best cob LED grow lights, the last thing you want is something that is not dependable. Your grow lights should be energy efficient and durable for you to get optimum results. Below is a list of five best cob LED grow lights that I have compiled after doing intense research.

They have proven to be the overall best when it comes to delivering great work in hydroponic greenhouses and other areas where they are needed.

1. Niello COB LED Grow Light

cob led grow lightsTop 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews)

This is a superior and efficient grow light that comes with some of the most sought after features. The grow light produces a full spectrum making it remarkable for use by indoor growers.

It has proven to be more effective than the traditional red and blue grow lights and only requires 600Watts to function optimally.

This cob LED grow light is designed to save about 30% of the production cost; thus the ideal choice for a greenhouse.

What I like

What intrigued me most about this cob LED grow light is how it has managed to have a high PAR value while maintaining energy efficiency. Its patented unique design, which includes a reflective cup and lens, enables the grow light to have a high light-gathering effect.

The cob LED grow light also delivers high-speed heat dissipation while maintaining a quiet operation. Summing up the features that make the LED grow light great is its 3x3000K COBs. This makes it perfect for most types of indoor plants.

What I don’t like

What I dislike most about the Niello cob LED grow light is the fact that it is waterproof. Given that it is designed to work in an environment where water is inevitable, this is one feature that it really had to possess.

This means that while watering your indoor plants, you have to ensure that the water doesn’t spray on the grow light at all.


  • The light is energy efficient.
  • Comes with full spectrum.
  • Has a high-speed heat dissipation.
  • Operates completely quiet.


  • The grow light is not waterproof.


led grow light cobTop 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews)

This is one outstanding LED grow light that comes with impeccable abilities. The grow light has a full spectrum making it great for a wide range of indoor plants.

This light’s 90 degrees lenses are efficient, and this feature coupled with its 97% light transmittance makes the cob LED grow light optimal for indoor plant growth. You can use greenhouses to grow tomatoes, orchids, flowers, and strawberries among many others.

What I like

One main feature that attracted me to CANAGROW cob LED grow light is its energy efficiency. The light only needs 120Watts for each LED chip. You should also be ready to have it around for quite a long time given that the LED light comes with 50,000hours durability.

CANAGROW grow light is also waterproof, and so you don’t have to worry about it coming the case coming in contact with a few drops of water. These features make the cob LED grow light a great inclusion to your greenhouse.

What I don’t like

When you compare this grow light to other grow lights, you will notice that it comes with only a single type of LED lights.

The grow light would have been much more efficient and competitive if it came with UV and IR LEDs. The single type of LED light limits the grow light to certain indoor plants.


  • Very durable.
  • The light is energy efficient.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Has 97% light transmittance.


  • Fitted with only one type of LED.

3. AGLEX COB LED Grow Light

led cob grow lightTop 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews)

AGLEX is a more advanced and effective LED grow light. At 1200 watts, the light will ensure you have one of the best time growing indoor plants. The light is fitted with two big fans that are fully functional and quiet.

The fans will make sure that the cob LED grow light gets cooled effectively to prevent heating up. The grow light also comes with a great scientific LED ratio to ensure optimal performance. You will get 2 COB lights, 8 Blue, 42 Red, 2UV and 2IR.

What I like

There are quite a number of features that I like about AGLEX cob LED grow light. First, the grow light has a high PAR value, this means high Photon flux and density, and so be sure of a remarkable illumination.

The light is also designed to prevent wastage by ensuring 98% of the light is absorbed by the plants. With this grow light, you will minimize the growth time of plants as well as the overall cost. This is because it comes with COBs that are high powered and double chipped LEDs.

What I don’t like

Despite having all those unique features, the LED grow light lacks one of the best features that any cob grow light should have, waterproof ability. This means that you need to ensure the light doesn’t come in contact with any water or else you risk damaging the LED grow light.


  • Very effective.
  • Comes with numerous LED lights.
  • Weighs less.
  • Has an efficient cooling system.


  • Consumes a lot of power.
  • It is not waterproof.


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best cob led grow lightTop 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews)

If you are looking for an efficient LED grow light that comes with variable LED lights, then MARS HYDRO is exactly what you should get. The light has a maximized lifespan which ranges from 50,000hours to 100,000hours.

This means that it is very dependable. You will also be impressed to know that it has a wavelength of 380nm-780nm and has been designed to emit every light that a plant requires for proper growth.

What I Like

I admire the fact that this LED growth light can emit high energy light while consuming only 110Watts. This is a clear indicating that the cob LED grow light is energy efficient. The light emits full spectrum and high lumens which are very vital for plant growth.

With on big CREE LED 3590 at the center of the grow light and other red, and blue CREE LED lights surrounding it, be sure you will have every type of light needed to facilitate the sprouting of plants and fast growth of your indoor plants.

What I don’t like

Despite coming with variable light types, the light has only the ordinary LED light. It lacks other important lights such as UV and IR LEDs. This means that it is only limited to some specific types of indoor plants. You can’t use it for plants that require UV or IR LED lights.


  • The light is completely silent.
  • It is energy saving.
  • Very durable.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Lack UV and IR LEDs.


cob grow lightsTop 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews)

CF is one of the best full spectrum Cob LED grow light in the market. This LED grow light comes with a flux lm of 26000lm and can be used in place of the 400W HPS growing lamp. It is designed to suit quite a number of indoor plants and provide a remarkable growing environment.

The LED grow light can be used to grow herbal plants, peppers, tomatoes, and orchids, among many others.

What I like

What I love most about this Cob LED Grow Light is that it comes with big 90-degree glass lenses and has a 97% light transmittance. The cob Light is designed to last for approximately 100,000hours making it very dependable.

You will also be thrilled to learn that it is waterproof and energy efficient with each LED chip only reaching 120Watts.

What I don’t like

Despite having great features and remarkable durability. The grow light comes with only LED chips. It lacks other incredible lights like UV and IR LEDs.

The lack of these lights means that it cannot be used for some other plant growth, and it makes it less effective than those grow lights that have those two capabilities.


  • Very durable.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Has multiple usages.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Lacks UV and IR LEDs.


These are so far the best cob LED grow lights in the market. I picked them because they have at least 50,000hours of durability and they emit light that initiates more than 97% growth rate.

They can also be used in almost any hygroscopic environment. They come with other additional features that you will find to be very effective. This article will make you have an easy time when picking the best cob LED grow light for your indoor plants.


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