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Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

There is no doubt that the piano is one of the most popular music instruments across the world. It has been in use for many centuries. It has evolved with time. However, there are thousands of music lovers, who continue to use the big sized pianos.

As times change, and as technologies change, there is a shift towards smaller sized digital pianos. This is because there are obviously a number of advantages as far as these digital pianos are concerned.

These digital pianos help in learning using a headphone. It also allows the user to record his or her performances and find out areas of improvement. The users can also play with different sounds and this makes the whole process of learning interesting.

Further, it helps to graduate from a learner level and move on to the next higher level. It plays a big role in making sure that you get the feel of a classic piano.

This is important because if you suddenly come across a classic piano that is totally different from a digital piano, then you most certainly will find it extremely difficult to adjust to the new world of pianos that are suited for concert performances.

However, if you look around the market place, there are dozens of brands and models of digital piano. The task of identifying the right digital piano is not easy to say the least.

They come in different price ranges and specifications. In this article, we will try and look at ten best keyboard under 1000. We are sure, it will be of interest to all those who are looking for cost effective digital piano that offers reasonably good value for money.

It will also help the readers to make the right choice based on facts and information rather than being guided by hearsays. The information that we are sharing below is based on facts, customer feedbacks and reviews and is therefore very honest and correct as far as facts are concerned.

1.Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano Under 1000

We all know that Yamaha is known for offering some of the best musical appliances and their track record over the years has been very good.

Hence, this particular P-45 digital piano from the stables of Yamaha certainly has quite a few things interesting and exciting about it.

It is feature rich and if you are looking for the best keyboard under 1000 you certainly have reasons to feel that it could offer you an exciting music learning experience.

Let us try and have a look at the various likes and dislikes as far as this model of digital piano is concerned.

What I Like

It comes with a GHS weight action. In other words, the piano notes are heavier in the bottom and lighter at the top. This is akin to an acoustic piano.

The 64-note polyphony is also another big takeaway as far as this piano is concerned.

It helps the users to easily perform piano passages that is moderately dense. It also allows the user to make use of heavy-sustain pedals, and with this, you can be sure that no dropped notes are cut off.

On the whole, there is no denying the fact that this is a value for money proposition and for a beginner it could be one of the best digital markets available in the market. It is popular and time-tested.

What I Don’t Like

Many customers are pretty unhappy with the keys. There have been instances where half of the keys have stopped working in less than a year.


  • It comes with acoustic wave memory stereo sampling. This helps to recreate a sound that is the same as natural instrument.
  • It also features dual model and this helps you to combine two voices together
  • Offers an out of the world playing experience. Very good value for money.


  • Getting a return under the warranty conditions is more on paper
  • It does not happen in real life situations.
  • The problem is with the electronics
  • Not the best of after sales services.

2. Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

best keyboard under 1000

This model no. yamaha 1000 keyboard YDP143 is another masterpiece of the digital piano from the house of Yamaha. True to its tradition, there is no doubt that it has some of the best features and facilities.

We will look at a few of the reasons why it makes sense to invest money in this digital piano. Users are of the opinion that it offers the best value for money.

What I Like

Users will most certainly relish the CF sound engine that is pure and divine to say the least. The reproduction is fantastic and could help those who are keen on enjoying the best of expressive and dynamic playing.

The piano is designed in such a way that the notes are lighter in the high keys and heavier as far as the low keys are concerned. This makes it more like an acoustic piano. It also comes with a controller app suitable for iOS devices.

This goes a long way in providing high quality graphical user interface. It is possible to easily navigate and configure, using the controller app. It comes inbuilt with 50 classic piano songs and it will be a good learning experience for beginners.

You also get a 2-track song recorder. It allows the player to practice with one hand at a time and also record the next song single.

The half damper pedal control ensures much better subtlety and nuance and is the same as pedaling on a grand piano. It has a data capacity of around 11,000 notes.

Why I Don’t Like

Though the keyboard is light and user-friendly, the foot pedal often arrives in a damaged condition. The packing and transportation leave quite a bit to be desired. The warranty conditions are not customer friendly.

The customer is required to carry the huge piano to the service center because they do not have home based services.

3. Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano

best stage keyboard under 1000

This is another quality digital piano from Yamaha. The model number P-125 does have some interesting features and functionalities.

It comes complete with L-125 stand, pedal, dust cover, furniture bench, instructional book, instructional DVD, online lessons and also polishing cloth.

Additionally, it has quite a few attractive features that go in making it a quality piano that offers the best of playing experience and also gives the customers good value for money.

What I Like

As is the case with most Yamaha digital pianos, there is no doubt that it has a unique GHS weighted action. This results in low keys being heavy and high keys being lighter.

It works perfectly as an acoustic piano. The matte black key tops are considered to be another big takeaway.

They are well designed and have the capacity to absorb moisture. The keytops continue to remain tactile even after long use and they do not become slippery as is the case with many such digital pianos.

It comes with the proven and time tested CF sound engine. This helps in one of the finest reproduction of tones. You can expect one of the most expressive and dynamic playing experience.

You also have a simple and user-friendly USB to host connections. You also get audio and MIDI transfer facility. You just need a single cable to connect the music-making software.

The 2-way speaker sound produces high quality piano sound that is pure and reverberating.It also comes with an advanced Table EQ feature. This ensures the best of sound quality even when the piano is played on a flat and hard surface.

What I Don’t Like

It could at best be called a high-quality beginners’ piano. The keys have a tendency to come out after a few months. This is a serious problem, according to a few customers.


  • One of the most long-lasting and durable digital pianos.
  • Versatile and dynamic in performance.
  • Easy to connect single cable to connect to music-making software.
  • Quality after-sales service.


  • Not suitable beyond the beginner level.
  • Shoddy packing and transporting.


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4. 3 Pedal Unit Yamaha Deluxe Piano (Digital)

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Deluxe Bundle with Furniture Stand and 3-Pedal Unit

There is no denying the fact that Yamaha has been in the forefront of offering some of the best digital pianos. This model number P-125 with 3 pedal units, is an exciting new addition to its inventory.

It has stood the test of time and many beginners believe that it could be a great investment for the price at which it is available.

It has some of the best features and we are happy to share a few of the likable features. We also list down a few things which may not be exactly to the liking of customers.

What I Like

It comes with 88 piano keys and is fully weighted. The keys are full sized and resemble the conventional pianos. The heavier weighted action in the low keys and lower weighted action in the high keys are again an interesting aspect.

The CF sound engine is capable of producing the best of tones and the tempo range is from 5 to 280. It is one of the few digital pianos with 3 pedal units.

It also comes with high quality and well chiseled wooden furniture stand that is compatible with P125B digital piano. It also has a unique transpose function. It can be mated to any standard portable stand.

What I Don’t Like

The wooden furniture is not compatible with P115 and other models of Yamaha digital piano. There have been a few instances where a few of the keys are fully locked up when the piano arrived at the customer’s place.

Replacement keys arrive very late and in some cases, they are refused. Refunds are permitted within the warranty period but it takes quite a bit of time.


  • Looks like conventional pianos and performs the same way.
  • The best of weighted action.3 pedal units is a big takeaway.
  • It is compatible with most portable stands.
  • Transpose functions are unique.


  • Keys have arrived damaged.
  • Not the best of refund policy
  • Replacement policy also ambiguous.

5. Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

Casio is a famous name as far as various types and kinds of musical instruments and devices are concerned. They are now offering a high quality digital piano, specifically aimed at beginners.

This model No. PX-870 is quite interesting in terms of looks, performance, and other parameters. You get a furniture bench, online lessons, instructional book, instructional DVS and polishing cloth.

There are quite a few things that are likable as far as this digital piano is concerned. Yes, it also has a few points that may not be exactly to the liking of beginners. We are sharing some pertinent information for the benefit of our readers.

What I Like

Many customers simply love the weighted hammer action keys. There are 88 of them and they are fantastic looking with ivory and ebony textures.

You also get to experience the best possible new piano sound and the resonance is not only detailed but also extremely clear.

You also get 18 other tones. The 4-speaker sound system is not only powerful but also helps to reproduce the most natural piano sounds and notes.

The users can also experience the best of recording, and also enjoy versatile practicing apart from performance tools that are reliable and customer friendly.

It is ergonomic in design and is modern and stylish as far as the wooden cabinet and sliding key cover and other such attributes are concerned.

What I Don’t Like

The delivery and packing need quite a few things to be desired. Customers have complained of broken feet, broken keys. The screws, nuts and bolts have been carelessly strewn all over the place in the packing box.


  • The hammer action is perhaps the best in this category.
  • The 4 speaker sound system is just heaven to the years.
  • The ergonomic and space saving design is another big takeaway.
  • The stylish sliding key cover helps to keep the digital piano in good shape.


  • Poor after sales services.
  • A few complaints about packing and transportation.

6. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

This is another classy piano from Casio and is a good candidate for being classified as the best digital piano under 1000. It is feature rich with some of the best functions and capabilities.

You get a CS-67 stand, furniture bench, SP-33 pedal, instructional book, polishing cloth and instructional DVD from Austin Bazaar and a polishing cloth. We will have a look at the various interesting reasons as to why it is like by many customers.

We also will share a few downsides about the piano so that customers are able to make an informed choice based on facts and knowledge.

What I Like

It certainly is famous for its elegant and ergonomic looks. The speaker system has been redesigned adding a lot of power and clarity to it. The electric piano tones and high quality string ensembles are a few more takeaways as far as this piano.

You also have two headphone outputs available in the front. These include 1/4 inch right and left line outputs. Built-in features and headphone outputs The weighted keys (88 of them) are another good attribute of this piano.

It well and truly looks like a real piano, though it is designed for beginners and priced that way too. The pedals are also very good and offer the best of playing experience.

What I Don’t Like

The keyboards in some cases do not play out of the box. They play only with the headphones are attached.

The after sales services are pathetic and they just offer telephonic and online resolutions. They do not have any technicians visiting the home to address such problems.


  • It resembles a real piano in performance.
  • Rich and resonating soundHeadphone sound production is one of the best.
  • The weighted keys are also of high quality.
  • Good value for money investment.


  • Keys do not play out of the box in some cases.
  • After sales service poor.
  • Home visits of technicians are not available.

7. Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

When it is from Casio, it certainly is exciting and there are quite a few things to look forward from it. The same is the case with the Casio Privia PX-860 digitalized piano.

This is well and truly made by beginners. It has a number of interesting features and functions that are synonymous with the brand name Casio. Apart from a quality digital piano, the accessories and other attachments are also worth looking at.

You get a furniture bench, CS-67 furniture stand, SP-33 triple pedal, instructional DVD, an instructional book from Hal Leonard, and also a high quality polishing cloth.

We also are listing down a few things that are likable as far as this piano is concerned. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also a few things that are not exactly to the liking of a few customers.

What I Like

As mentioned above, the attachments and accessories are quite generous and as a bundle, it certainly offers very good value for money. It is a new version of the previous PX-150 and comes with a number of additional features.

The new design and looks have taken into account the changing needs and aspirations of modern day piano players. The electronic piano tones and string ensemble are indeed positive takeaways.

You have two headphone outputs. The padded piano bench matches well with the piano and ensures that the piano sits firm and safe. It comes with 88 keys and you can be sure about the best quality playing and listening experience.

You have a replay facility of the lessons that you have learned and make corrections wherever necessary. The weighted keys are certainly a good addition as far as low-note keys and high-note keys are concerned.

Many users believe that it is as good as a real, classical piano. It is a good buy for students who are keen on learning piano the right way. It helps students to prepare well for their piano exams and ensures they do well when performing in a real piano.

What I Don’t Like

Few customers believe that it does not walk the talk as far as sound quality and reproduction are concerned.

The sound is quite hollow and not as natural as the claims make it to be. It would be not right perhaps to compare it to a concert grand.

A few instances of bad packing and damages in shipping have also been reported.


  • Two quality headphone outputsIt is as close to real piano as it can get.
  • Permits easy migration from digital to classical piano.
  • Comes with a number of attachments and accessories.


  • Sound quality leaves a bit to be desired
  • Wrongly being marketed as a concert grand according to few customers.


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8. Roland FP-30-WH 88-Note Portable Digital Piano

Roland FP-30-WH 88-Note Portable Digital Piano

There is no denying the fact that Roland is a big name to reckon with when it comes to high quality and value-for-money portable digital pianos.

Hence, you can be sure that as a customer, you can expect quite a few things exciting as far as this digital piano from Roland is concerned. It certainly is very competitively priced and compared to the features and function it offers, you are buying this piano for a song.

Therefore, We are happy to share some positive reasons for buying this Roland digital piano, especially if you are a beginner.

On the other side of the spectrum, we also are sharing a few of the reasons which are not exactly positive and are areas where some improvements might be required.

What I Like

The supernatural piano sound engine from Roland is indeed a big takeaway. It ensures the best of responsive tones that are rich and reverberating. The 88 key note-keyboards well and truly provide that real and authentic piano touch.

It helps in getting the maximum expression. You also get high quality stereo speakers that ensure the best of sound and amplification. You also can use the headphones and enjoy your piano lessons without disturbing others.

You also get an optional three-pedal unit. The same provides that classic piano look. The three pedal units also ensure improved functionality. Hands-free turning with certain sheet music apps is also possible. It is one of the lightest digital pianos, making it easy to port and lug around.

It can easily be shifted inside homes, classrooms and also studio. The piano is also featured with wireless connectivity and can be used on smartphones and also on tablets. On the whole, reasons to believe that it could be considered as the best keyboard under 1000.

What Is Don’t Like

The sound, especially in the higher octaves is a bit jarring and unpleasant according to a few customers. The 3D spatial sound feature also is not very good according to many end users.


  • You can expect the best of supernatural sound.
  • Headphones can be used for learning without disturbance to others.
  • It is very easily portable and can be moved almost everywhere.
  • Hands free turning of notes possible.


  • Sound output in the higher octaves is not good.
  • Not the kind of services that one can boast about.

9. JUNO–DS88 Roland Digital Piano

JUNO–DS88 Roland Digital Piano

Roland needs no introduction as far as digital beginners’ pianos are concerned. In keeping with it rich tradition, Roland has offered a high quality digital piano.

The Juno–DS88 is feature rich and it could truly be a good value-for-money proposition especially for those who are learning the first lessons in Piano. It is good looking, ergonomic, tough in construction, and is durable and long lasting.

We are happy to share some useful points that perhaps could make it a good buy and also are sharing a few downsides as far as this piano is concerned.

What I Like

If you are looking for a gig ready digital piano for beginners, then this could be the choice. It has pro sound and a number of performance-enhancing features. The battery powered operation ensures that it is well and truly mobile and portable.

The 88 ivory keyboard ensures weighted action. The lightweight design and manageable weight ensure that it can easily be transported. You also get all the popular sounds from the house of Juno-Di.

You also get additional organs, electric pianos, and various other essentials needed for stage performance. The wave expansion slot helps users to have new sound waveforms downloaded. These are freely available on various websites.

You can also play WAV files using the keyboard (JUNO-DS88)Sound manipulation and editing possible using sliders and knobs. Samples can be triggered by making use of eight phrase pads. The audio recordings can be stored using USB memory.

What I Don’t Like

Quite a few things not good as far as sound and reproduction are concerned. Otherwise, nothing much to complain about this digital piano.


  • It is one of the best gig-ready digital pianos.
  • Generous storage space for audio recordings, including USB memory.
  • Eight phrase pads is another big takeaway.
  • Sound manipulation very much possible.


  • Reproduction and sound are not up to standards.
  • After sales services can be better.

What Toto Look For When Buying The Top Digital Piano Under $1000?

If you are a beginner and are planning to buy a beginners’ piano, here are a few things that you must bear in mind.

Portability And Convenience: Digital pianos are liked because they are light and even considered to be more compact than an acoustic piano. Hence, this is one of the most important points to be considered when buying digital pianos. They should be convenient and easy to port around.

Cost: Since you are a beginner, you must always look for pianos that are not very expensive. The market is abundant with digital pianos costing less than $1000 and you must always keep this in mind. It is all about researching and then deciding.

Versatility And Volume: You must ensure that the required volume and versatility are generated by the digital piano. This would depend on the way you strike the piano keys and the acoustic features that the digital piano offers.

Recording facility: This is another important point to be kept in mind while buying digital piano. It must be able to record the user’s performances and it is a must for beginners.

Connectivity: It must most certainly have MIDI capability and this will allow the user to connect it to computers and other recording equipment.

What Are the Top Piano Keyboard Brands?

There is no doubt that the market is filled with dozens of brands, makes and models of digital pianos both for beginners and experienced end users.

However, only a few brands like Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Williams, and Korg are the names that come to the minds of people when they are on the lookout for quality digital pianos.

There could be a few lesser known brands and even unbranded and customized digital pianos made from local manufacturers. However, it would not be advisable to put your money on unknown brands.

This is because you could be wasting money and also if you are a beginner, you could end up on the wrong side as far as your piano learning experiences and practices are concerned. The reputed brands also have the best of warranty and guarantee terms and conditions.


The above are a few examples of the main models and makes of digital pianos. If you are keen on buying the best one, the above information would be useful in choosing what you consider to be the best keyboard under 1000.

However, it would always be better to look up as many brands and models as possible. This will most certainly help you to broad base your search and you will perhaps stand benefitted both in terms of quality and pricing.

The online outlets are always better when it comes to variety, pricing and you also get the best feedback from customers by way of reviews and star ratings.

However, before buying from online outlets, you should also make sure that you are completely aware of the warranty and guarantee terms and conditions failing which you could lose money in the whole bargain.


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FAQ Of Best Keyboard Under 1000:

What Digital Piano for Beginners?

When buying a digital piano for beginners, ease of use, weight, portability and other attributes must always be taken into account. You must only look for models and make that ensure the best of hand-holding, learning, editing, correction and other features.

Without this the learning process will become cumbersome and tough. At the same time, you must be sure that the beginners get the real feel of learning when they use these digital pianos.

This is one of the most important attributes when you are hunting what you feel is the best digital piano under 1000.

What Digital Piano for Advance Pianist?

As far as advance pianists are concerned, the onus should be performed in public concerts and programs. Hence, they should focus on brands and models that are known for offering the best of digital pianos for advanced performers.

For example, choosing models like Arius Y DP-181 from Yamaha or Casio PX860 from Casio are just a couple of examples of quality advanced pianos (digital) for such high end performers.

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