How To Get The Best Upright Digital Piano

If you are musically gifted, or if you simply want to learn how to play the piano, you might want to start with something that is portable and easy to use.

If you do not have the money for a grand piano, and you would prefer not to travel to your friend’s house in order to use theirs, you can invest in what is called the best upright digital piano.

Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard

These are different from electric pianos. They are also referred to as a piano synthesizer. They are portable units in some cases, whereas others are uprights, and can be very similar in sound to a traditional grand piano.

When you see them, you will automatically think of one of those electric or electronic keyboard synthesizers that kids use today.

However, when you are using the upright models, it will give you the same feel as if you are actually playing on a regular piano at home. Here is a quick overview of what the best upright digital piano is, and where to get the best ones that are on sale today.

Are They Able To Replicate An Actual Piano?

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

One thing that needs to be stated at the onset of this information is that a digital piano is not going to be identical to a grand piano by any means.

These are sounds that are digitally remastered, and played when you strike the keys, whereas a regular piano creates music as a result of the piano strings that are tuned to play specific notes.

However, if you are just starting to learn, or if you don’t have room in your home for a regular piano, this might be a tolerable solution.

What Features Do They Have?

The first thing that you will want to look at when you are looking at the features on an upright digital piano, they are going to have sound or volume controls, headphone outputs, and are typically very low maintenance.

They incorporate what is called MIDI which is how they are able to replicate the sounds of a regular piano, and they may also have tutorials built into the device. They may also be equipped with what is called a transposition feature, and are often portable.

However, and the case with a regular upright digital piano, this is something that is quite large, not something that can be simply thrown into the backseat of your car.

What Sounds Can They Make?

These best upright digital piano are capable of producing a wide variety of sounds including piano timbres, mostly in an attempt to mimic a grand door upright piano.

They will use basic synthesizer sounds, and they often can combine many different sounds together as you are making digital compositions.

Another benefit to using these is that despite the lack of natural reverberation that is heard with the piano when you play it, they do have a sustain pedal which will allow you to resonate with different notes that you are playing.

If you basic visceral sound in comparison to a traditional piano, but it’s good enough you just need to learn how to play or practice.

Different Styles To Choose From

Although most people will choose the models that resemble a spinet piano, or an electric organ, you can also get ones that look like a stage piano, one that will come fully equipped with keyboards and petals, and you will need about 8′ x 3′ in order to place it in your home or apartment.

Concert Grand Piano with Matching Bench

Although there are many subtle variations that will depend upon which company you are purchasing from, they will all look virtually the same, and once you have started playing, it’s very easy to get used to overtime.

Getting The Best Deals

Whether you choose to purchase one from Kurzweil or Casio, names that you have probably heard of before, you can always find ones that are extremely expensive, or that are priced very affordably, but you also need to consider the features and options that are available.

For example, the ones made from Yamaha are actually of great quality. You can look at paying about $2000 for these.


However, if you get one from Casio, you will likely they half that amount, but they are not going to have all of the features of the Yamaha or the more high end upright digital pianos that are sold today.

Where To Find The Best Upright Digital Piano Online

When you start to search for these different companies that sell the best upright digital piano, you will start to see that they are advertising a multitude of different models.

You can also find used ones that are for sale, sometimes sold eBay, or even discount websites that you may have never heard of before.

You need to verify these companies are, making sure there are no complaints, especially if you want to buy one that is at an exceptional price to make sure that they are not simply taking your money.

Casio Privia PX-160

A search for best upright digital pianos will lead you to a multitude of information, and advertisements from actual companies that are running PPC ads.

Simply take your time, look at the different ones that are offered, and make a choice based upon how much you have to spend.

How Soon Can You Receive The Best Upright Digital Piano?

The speed at which you are able to receive your piano will depend upon whether or not it is in stock, and also what country it is being shipped from.

You will want to try to get one from the country you are in, and try to get free shipping if possible.

If they are already providing you with an excellent deal, then it should be no problem at all to pay a little bit for the shipping.

Just keep that in mind as the cost of getting it to you can sometimes make one looks like a great deal becomes less attractive.

In most cases, it will take only a few days to get to your location, allowing you to start enjoying this musical instrument.

Roland RD-2000 Premium 88-key Digital Stage Piano

When it comes to digital pianos, those that upright tend to be the most popular. They resemble a regular piano, one that you would see at a dance studio, or a high school and they don’t take up much space.

As long as you have done your homework and have found several companies that sell both exceptional and discount digital pianos, you can make your choice based upon what you see, and what you can afford, ultimately leading to you taking delivery of these digital pianos that will stand upright your home.


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