Where To Get The Best Sounding Digital Piano Online

Are you a musician? Do you like to play the piano? If you do, you might want to consider investing in a completely different type.

For example, if you don’t have room in your home for a grand piano, you might want to consider getting one that stands upright. These are pianos that you will often see ads places of business such as a school, or even at a dance studio.

These are much smaller than regular pianos, and you can also get ones that are completely digital, a type of piano that has become very popular.

These are called best sounding digital piano, and some of them are very small where you can carry them with you, throwing them into your vehicle to take with you wherever you go.

There are also operate ones that resemble a standing piano, and they will make very similar sounds.

However, only certain pianos that use digital technology are actually capable of replicating the beautiful sounds of a grand piano in most cases.

To find one of these the following information will lead you to the best sounding digital piano online, one that will be affordable.

How Digital Pianos Work

Very different from a regular piano where all of the keys are attached to strings which are struck in order to make a particular note, a digital piano is designed with MIDI technology digital representations of the sound of an actual piano.


There is a significant difference in most cases when you are comparing the sounds that are made. This can be very difficult for professional piano players to handle.

It will sound fake at least to the trained here, but for people that would simply like to learn how to play such as children, or if you would like to have one at your home because you used to play, these are a great alternative spending your money on a full grand piano.

Different Types That Are Made


There are several different types that are made that originate from some of the most well-known companies in the music industry.

If you have ever used a synthesizer before, then you probably heard of the company Yamaha which produces an absolutely phenomenal upright digital piano.

These will have 88 keys, and they use what is called graded hammer action, making it feel like you are actually playing a regular piano instead.

For those that absolutely cannot stand to use a synthesizer, this is going to be a pleasant surprise.

Features To Look For

On some of the most expensive ones that actually create the best sound, you will have what is called a three-level advanced wave memory system. This is a dynamic stereo system, one that can truly replicate the sounds of an actual piano.

According to some, those that use this memory system are able to almost completely replicate the sounds of actual keys being struck.

Additionally, using a GHS keyboard, complete with standard black keys, there will be virtually no difference in the way that it looks and you.

Advanced Features That Are Common

Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

Some of the most advanced features include dynamic stereo sampling. This is called the AWM. For example, they will use digital technology that will actually record an instrument, such as a piano, and then very carefully replicate that sound.

This is so different from MIDI technology which literally makes it feel like you are listening to sounds that are within a can it is so authentic with this advanced wave memory technology, most people that play piano, even professional.

Digital Signal Processors

Another thing to look for is called digital signal processors also referred to as DSP Effects. They can give an almost reverb like distortion to the notes that you are playing, allowing you to really branch out.

Instead of simply hearing piano keys, you can transform what you are playing into something very special. This is part of the reason that people will actually invest in a digital piano because it is similar to a synthesizer, but has all of the qualities of playing a regular piano plus these added elements.

Performance Assistant Technology


This is something that has recently come out that is perfect for those that would like to have an absolutely perfect performance every time.

It allows you to keep in time with any music that you may be playing in the background, something that people will use when they are preparing for a play or concert performance.

In the same way that you would interact with other musicians that are playing a particular song, this will allow you to stay right along with the other instruments, so that when you actually do play within a band, you will have had plenty of practice.

Physical Components To Look For

In the last decade, it has become very important to integrate musical instruments like these with your PC. If you are able to compose something that is absolutely elaborate, it’s nice to be able to transfer it to your computer.

This will not only allow you to play it on your computer, but potentially send it to other people, something that is nice if they also have a similar digital piano at home.

Additionally, this allows you to perhaps make changes, especially if the system that you are using has a software program that is not only on the digital piano, but also something you can load onto your computer, so that you can make changes.

To do this, you will also need to have a USB port which is what will allow you to make this connection.

In the same way that you would plug in your portable hard drive into your PC or laptop, this works in the same way.

There are only a few pianos out there that actually have all of this technology wrapped up into one digital piano. Here is one of the best that you can use, a product that is highly recommended coming from one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

Yamaha Arius Digital Pianos

Yamaha Arius YDP-V240

All of the features and benefits that have been listed can be found on this Yamaha device. It is one of the best sounding digital pianos that is being sold today, and one that you will definitely like.

The cost is roughly $2000, but it will be well worth the money because of all of the features, benefits, and ability to connect with your PC.

If you’re looking for the absolute best digital piano that is available, one that is reasonably priced, cannot go wrong with not only the Yamaha Arius, but also most of the other expensive Yamaha digital pianos today.


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