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If you are in the market for the best office lighting for your eyes, there is great news. It is actually like a brand new day in the world of lamps. You may even want to encourage friends and relatives to get new lamps too. No, seriously.

Let’s see, the office lighting for your eyes last 25 to 35 years without ever requiring a change in bulbs. There is no bulb to change. For younger students, you may not recall this, but incandescent and CFL bulbs even were involved.

best office lighting for eyes

While the CFL last years unless there’s an electrical issue, incandescent was high maintenance by comparison. They popped after about one month of use. It was a revolving door, and no one really wanted to handle delicate glass.

How Many People Does It Take To Change A Bulb?

TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The happy answer is none. That’s because the desk lamp for today’s office does not have a bulb at all. Yes, finally, today’s advanced technology entered the world of lighting. Meanwhile, the features and capabilities of today’s lamps are light years ahead of old bulb lamps.

The lighting is high-quality and in most cases offers up some great features. When have you ever had a dimmable desk lamp that offered up 5 different brightness levels? Well, these days, most lamps provide that functionality as a matter of fact.

Many of the lamps on the market feature the added bonus of a built-in USB charger as well. This is a feature that is available on top lamps. LEDs hold a charge for hours when they come with the charging feature. Consider buying a lamp with this feature.

The best part is that for all of the different features and never needing a bulb, the lamps are very price-friendly. They run anywhere from $13 to $50 usually. Again, they last 25 to 35 years. The best desk lamp for an office differs.

It’s up to the individual personality what color, styles, and features will suit you best. While lamps can be bought quickly on a whim in a store, or online, it is best to take some time shopping for the right one.

After all, you will have it for a long time. Best to get one that fits you like a glove.

For work, you figure the lamp needs to provide a longer estimate for its lifetime of use. If you narrowed down your options to three lamps, go with the one that will last the longest. This is particularly true if you will have the lamp on a good deal of the time.

best lighting for office desk

Other than that, look for the best office lighting for your eyes that provides the best natural light levels. Most people, including those working with graphic and web design, need to be able to see the real color.

Avoiding fluorescent and any other lighting that alters the light and colors is unwanted.

The type of structure is also important. It is what will allow you to adjust the lamp so that you can see other parts of the desk or your work. Being able to pull out, zoom in, or pull the lamp away are all useful options.

Consider the crane lamps, which allow for the greatest mobility. The upside-down L architect lamp is another popular option because it fits over the desk seamlessly. It allows you to read pages, without an obstruction.

Of course, the quality of best office lighting for your eyes, its materials, and structure are all important as well. You will need this in order for the lamp to live up to the LED’s ability to last for 25 to 35 years.

These days, there is almost no reason to choose a lamp with a bulb. Anything beyond incandescent had been developed as an alternative when bulbs were the only option. These days, stick with LED for reliable lighting.

Features Of The Best Desk Lamps

lepower desk lamp

The adjustable lamp is best. From there, opt for lamps that have the best of the LED features. From being rechargeable with a built-in USB charger to having one-hour timed shut-offs, LED lamps to provide a good bang for the buck overall.

Choose dimmable lights that also come equipped with the option for multiple brightness levels. This gives you the best ability to adjust the lighting.

Most LED lamps are Energy Star. It means that you can expect lamps to be fully equipped with many characteristics that make it easy to choose what you want. The color of the lamp may be a challenging decision because many only come in black or grayscale.

Though, if you poke around enough online and at stores, you are sure to find that the top lamps provide ample selection and functionality. There is no reason to live without any features.

Best Desk Lamp For Office

Swing Arm Lamp

The inner nerd in all of us loves the digital readout on the Adoric LED Lamp. It features its “Eye-caring” characteristics to ensure that eye fatigue is kept to a minimum. It folds and features dimmable options, along with touch control and three brightness levels.

For around $16 it also includes a digital calendar, temperature readout, and a calendar on the lamp stem that sits on the desk. It even provides an alarm and a birthday reminder feature.

The best office lighting for eyes gets four hours per charge and is made to provide stable light without any flickering.

Did we mention that it features a variety of colors of light too? There is nothing like a desk lamp that provides ambient lighting for other uses. Of course, if you prefer reading with a different color of light, this may suit you just right.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics went above and beyond with its aircraft-grade aluminum lamp available for $36. Choose among a handful of light modes to suit your work. Also, enjoy the easy-operation of this touch lamp.

Enjoy the level and steady light that the best office lighting for your eyes on the market offer. They provide the best opportunity to get a lamp at a good price that will not burn a hole in your budget.

It’s simply amazing what the world of best office lighting for your eyes has done to blow our minds. It is the best revolution in lighting since the invention of the light bulb. Go bulb-less and you will never look back.


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