Top 5 Best LED Flame Lamps Reviews

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The best LED flame lamps are more reliable and efficient option to use if you are crazy to use candlelight in your room. You can use these LED lamps at a very low cost even than a regular bulb without any problem.

You can really change the environment or mood of a room just by using lighting of the right type. You can create a welcoming and warm environment just by using candlelight but it may not be possible always due to some safety hazards involved in it.

Before choosing the best LED flame lamps for your home you should have brief information about its benefits.

Benefits Of Best LED Flame Lamps

These LED lamps can help in saving lots of power bills as it consumes very less power than traditional bulbs used for this purpose.

By saving your energy consumption they also help in saving a lot of money which makes LED flame lamps are smart choice especially for the homes having pets or children as they are cool to touch.

It will not warm up your room. So you need not to increase the cooling level of your air conditioner.

Review of some of the best LED flame lamps

1. Upgraded Solar Lights By TomCare

best LED Flame Lamps

This LED flame lamp is the upgraded version of solar lights. This waterproof lamp provides a flickering flame to illuminate any outdoor location and decorating a landscape throughout the night.

It can also be used as a security torch on the driveway or patio. It can be operated safely with its auto on/off feature.

What I like?

I liked its beautiful dancing flame which looks like a real soft and safe flame to enhance the mood of the environment. The total length of this LED lamp is 43” which makes it easier to handle and transport.

Its battery is charged throughout the day with solar power and at dusk, it is turned on automatically and can be placed wherever you want. It can be used consistently for 12 hours after charging it fully.

It can be used in any weather condition due to its durable and waterproof construction. It is easy to install as no wiring is required for this purpose.

What I do not like?

Though these LED lamps are beautiful their stakes are made from cheap plastic as their stake cracked as it was inserted into the ground. So it became difficult to hold the light firmly.

Moreover, they do not provide light from dusk to dawn as it goes off after a few hours. One of the lamps stopped working after few days.


  • Turns on/off automatically
  • Ideal to light patios and driveway
  • Provides light from dusk to dawn


  • Stakes made of cheap plastic
  • Battery runs out after a few hours

2. LED Flame Effect Light Bulb By CPPSLEE

led flame light

This LED light bulb provides a flaming effect in 4 upside down modes. This pack includes 2 LED bulbs with a base to be used to decorate any location at the time of a bar party or any festival.

What I liked?

I liked its 4 modes that allow you to get the light in different modes like breathing mode, flame emulation mode, gravity-induced mode, and general light mode.

Its mode gets changed as you turn on or off this lamp. You can use E26 standard screws to hold these flame bulbs safely.

It is environment-friendly lam as it disperses heat efficiently. It provides light of flickering flame without any infrared or UV radiation. It uses 1.8W AC power at 90-265v and saves over 90% energy as compared to traditional bulbs.

It can be installed in lanterns, frosted glass shades and salt lamps, etc. to give a flickering effect. It can be used to decorate your bedroom, entire home, bar, night clubs, hotels, restaurants, villas, gardens and coffee shops along with parties and wedding celebrations, etc.

What I do not like?

Sometimes the flame of this LED lamp did not flicker as advertised and sometimes it flickers when you place the bulb at some firm base otherwise it looks like around flashing light.

Its 4 modes do not make any noticeable difference in its flickering flame. Many times it blinks continuously to give an annoying effect instead of a mod changing effect.


  • 4 modes to change the pattern of light
  • Energy saving
  • Decorate any indoor or outdoor location


  • No noticeable difference in light in 4 modes
  • Annoys by blinking continuously

3. Solar Torch Lights By OxyLED

led flame effect light

The package of these LED flame lamps includes 6 lights to light up the pathway of your garden with realistic looking dancing flame.

It can be used to decorate your pathways from dusk to dawn at the occasion of Christmas or Halloween. Its auto on/off feature makes it easy to operate.

What I liked?

This LED flame lamp includes 96 LED beads to give a flickering dancing flame every time you use it to decorate your garden party, weekend camping, or the session of barbeque.

This wireless device absorbs sunlight through its solar panels during day time to provide you light from dusk to dawn as at dusk it turns on automatically. In this way, it saves your energy consumption.

Its built-in rechargeable battery can be charged fully in 5-8 hours and can be used for 8-10 hours when charged fully.

The lampshade and solar panel are made of highly waterproof materials to allow you to use it n any weather condition.

It can be installed easily in your garden, lawn, parasol base or flower pots just by tucking it like a torch.

What I do not like?

Though these lights are beautiful but what I did not like is the lack of customer service as I could not replace one of the lights I have bought which stopped working after a few days.

Moreover, they do not match with similar lights I have bought from other brands due to their different pattern.


  • Runs on solar energy
  • Waterproof structure
  • Can be used in various applications


  • Lacks customer service
  • Different pattern than other similar lights


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4. Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

led flame bulb

The package of these best LED flame light bulbs includes 2 pieces that can provide flickering light with the help of its 4 modes. Its R26/27 base can be used to give an upside-down effect in its light.

It can be used for decorating at Halloween or gifting to someone at the time of a festival.

What I liked?

I liked its design with 4 modes to get a different type of flame in each mode. You can install it in a lantern, lampshade with frosted glass, or a salt lamp to get a better effect of its flickering flame. Its mode will change automatically when you turn this bulb on or off.

It includes more than 2800 LED beads set in 108 pieces to enjoy its flickering light in 4 modes along with dispersing heat efficiently. It provided a brighter light of 320 lumens at 6W and 85-265V of AC power.

The flame looks realistic when this bulb is turned on to create a romantic environment or decorating your home.

These bulbs are eco-friendly as no harmful substance is used in them. They do not emit infrared or UV radiation. They are backed by a money back guarantee for 30 days.

What I do not like?

They can be good for Halloween decoration but cannot be used around the year due to their unusual orange but dim light.

Though the flame of these bulbs is orange in color their flame does not look as advertised by the company. They emit less light than expected from them.


  • 4 modes to change lighting style
  • Environment-friendly
  • 30 days money back policy


  • Light is less bright than expectations
  • Shorter lifespan

5. Led Flame Effect Light Bulb By HUDSON LIGHTING

flame tip led bulbs

This LED flame light bulb includes a standard E26 Base to give an upside-down effect of 200 lumen light by consuming only 3W power. These flaming bulbs with single mode are energy efficient when used outdoors or indoors.

What I liked?

These bulbs with flickering flame provide realistic flames that rotate automatically when they are switched on. They are made durable and long lasting by using the best quality materials.

The company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to change the bulb if it does not work properly. Its LED flame effect is also covered with a warranty for 2 years.

These bulbs bring light to the life of needy people as a part of their sales will go to Watts of Love.

What I do not like?

Though this bulb looks beautiful but it can be used with a limited range of applications due to its unusual shape.

Moreover, its base is very close to its threads which again makes it difficult to use at any location. Their lifespan is shorter than even a traditional bulb.


  • Realistic flickering flame
  • 2 years warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A part of their sales goes to needy people


  • Short lifespan
  • Unusual shape


After going through the reviews of some of the best led flame lamps, provided in this write-up, it can be concluded that one should try these lamps at least for once in one’s life due to their energy saving and decorative features.

Though some of their users have filed complaints against them still you cannot ignore them. Any product cannot be assessed on the basis of complaints of some of their users. Most of their users are almost satisfied with their looks and performance.


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