Top 5 Rose Flower Lamp Reviews

rose flower lights

Imagine soaking up in a dim-lit tub with the light of a glowing inflorescent rose flower lamp covering the room with beauty and elegance.

They can also make perfect gifts for your loved ones for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and dinner dates.

Rose flower lamps come in all kinds of models each with its own features. Here is a review of the 5 best rose flower lamps.

1. SWEETIME Rose led Bottle Lamp

Led rose bottle lamp

What I like

The very first thing I like about this rose bottle lamp is that it’s 100% preserved fresh roses so there’s always that feeling of nature that artificial flowers lack.

It comes with a multi-color mode. I can change it to whatever color I like, blue, yellow, purple, they’re all there. All I have to do is press the M button until I find the color you like.

Sweetie rose led bottle lamp’s battery power life span is quite long. The battery capacity is 1200 mAh and can last up to 8 hours.

It also has an amazing sound experience. With the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, I get both music and style from the same product at the same time. And the sound system is also very good.

What I don’t like

There is no way to change the Chinese language. Those with a good understanding of how electronics work may be able to understand the meaning even if they don’t understand Chinese but it’ll be very hard for those who are not familiar with how most electronics work.

The software is a little twitchy with iPhones but if you have an android you shouldn’t get any problems.


  • Multi-color
  • Great design
  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth and a great audio system
  • It’s customizable


  • Cannot change the language settings from Chinese to English
  • Takes long to fully charge
  • Not great with iPhones

2. Ucho Beauty and The Beast Rose

rose flower lights

What I like

The Ucho Beauty and The Beast Rose led bottle lamp has a removable glass dome. You can add a card or a letter for your special person. It’s a perfect gift for valentines and anniversaries.

The fallen petals give it that Beauty and The Beast feeling. If your partner is a big fan of the movie or animation then be sure to win them over with this lamp.

I like that I can always change the color mode to seven blinking colors light whenever I get tired of the constant warm white light. I, therefore, get to enjoy Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White, color changing which gives off great visual stimulations especially in a dark room.

It has a long battery lifespan and comes with its own USB cable. The fact that I don’t have to worry about finding the right USB cable for it is a really great advantage.

Ucho led rose bottle lamp also comes with two power supply. It can be powered with a USB cable or 3x AA batteries (not included). It has low energy consumption and low heat conductivity.

What I don’t like

I do not like the fact that it comes with its own USB cable but not batteries. Even if it lets you know the type of batteries needed, it would be a lot more convenient for users if it came with batteries instead of a USB cable. Most of us already have a couple of USB cables lying around the house anyway.

I also don’t like the fact that it lacks Bluetooth and it’s own audio system. It means I have to set up my own audio system.

Only half the lights work. Each light mode, it seems has its own set of bulbs.

You can notice from a distance that the rose petals are artificial.


  • It is the perfect gift for a Disney fan
  • Very pretty LED lights
  • Easy to set up
  • Has two power supply
  • Removable glass dome


  • Batteries are not included
  • Only half the lights work
  • The roses are artificial

3. Lemonbest Red Silk Rose Kit LED Light

rose flower lamp

What I like

I like the fact that the roses are real and the fallen rose petals really give a warm and romantic feel to any room. It is a great gift for all romantic occasions: valentines, anniversaries and dinner dates.

Just like the Ucho led rose bottle lamp, the fallen rose petals give it that Beauty and the Beast feeling.

It comes with a durable glass dome cover that will protect the delicate flowers from any damage.

What I feel is its winning quality is the remote control feature. I can change the color mode from strobe light to a smooth light without having to reach out for it.

The glass dome can also be easily opened and closed. Which makes it great if I want to customize it by adding something before giving it as a gift.

What I don’t like

What I really found off-putting is how fast the color fades. Which means you can’t really use it for a long time, but then it’s not a very expensive rose flower lamp.

It also has a very fragile stem, which now that I think of it is why the glass dome it tough. So you have to be careful when adding or removing things from it.


  • Remote control
  • Made of real roses
  • Very pretty led lights
  • The removable and durable glass dome


  • Very fragile stem
  • Fast fading colors

4. Lonzone Beauty and The Beast Rose

led light up roses

This enchanted rose was inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast. It’s a great gift for her.

What I like

I really liked the wooden base. It gives the room that lumber style and makes it look more natural. I think this was a great way for the designers to compensate for the plastic flowers.

The rose flower lamp are very pretty and can last for long hours. The lonzones’s LED lights boast of only 5 volts using a USB cable plug. The lights have undergone multiple experiments to ensure their safety under such low voltage.

I also liked the fact that the roses are made of silk and polyester. They are environmentally friendly and is also odorless with no pungent smell added. So you don’t have to worry whether or not she will like the smell.

This rose flower lamp also has a removable glass dome. It can be easily opened and put back. It’s great if you want to customize it by adding a card or a picture of your partner.

The other thing I found that made the Beauty and the Beast stand out from the rest is its warranty policy. If you somehow manage to break the tough glass dome or the durable stem, a free replacement will be sent to you as long as it is within the first year of purchase.

What I don’t like

The flowers are artificial but unlike most rose flower lamp, it closely resembles the real thing.

The LED strip can become very hot (100 degrees Fahrenheit) due to its low voltage. So if you want to put something in it you must first wait for it to cool down.

The temperature can make a lot of people worried because it can seem that the flower will ignite, but the manufacturers have assured the customers that the flower is strong enough to withstand the heat. The ignition point for silk is 750 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • No pungent smell
  • Perfect gift for a Beauty and the Beast fan
  • 1-year warranty、Easy to set up
  • Very strong glass dome and flower
  • Energy efficient and long lasting


  • Artificial flower
  • It’s impossible to touch the flower with the LED lights on

5. SanRan Handmade Preserved Real Rose

red rose led lights

What I like

I really like its unique design. Unlike most rose flower lamp which come with the typical cylindrical glass dome, Skyfire has a pot design which combines tradition and modern style in an elegant way.

The roses are natural and long lasting which is always a winning quality for me when it comes to rose bottle lamps. The roses are preserved using environmentally friendly methods and still manage to have their natural and unique beauty.

Another great feature is its romantic color modes. But in order to change the color mode, you first need to remove the white insulator on the lid and then open the switch.

The product also comes with instructions on how to set it up and preserve the flower. And they have a 30-day money back guarantee policy just in case the product is not up to your liking.

What I don’t like

It requires a lot of maintenance because of how fragile the flower is. To keep it safe avoid high moisture, dusty environment, and direct strong sunlight.

The flower also isn’t immortal. You will have to replace it after 3 to 5 years because it will start to wilt.

Turning it on and off can be a hassle. You have to lift the cork center out on the bottom of the cork and push the knob up and out to turn it on.


  • The flower comes in three colors: purple, blue and red
  • 180-days warranty and 30-day money back policies
  • Colorful LED lights


  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • The flower isn’t eternal
  • Cumbersome control settings


Sure, you can use the traditional candle lighting style, but it has become quite boring and overused, almost every restaurant uses them as a table setting, why not take things to another level with a rose flower lamp.


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