Top 10 Best Mini Portable Washing Machines Reviews

COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine

Doing laundry can be so tricky, especially if you stay in small spaces like a cabin, apartment, dorm room, and much more. That is because you may opt for wash and fold services, which is also expensive. In such situations, purchasing the best mini portable washing machine is the best option.

If you lack dedicated laundry services in your location or lack enough space, it is the most convenient option.

Since there are various options today, we have combined a list of the top best mini portable washing machines convenient for you. Please read through to find out more about details on why they are the best.

Are Mini Washing Machines Any Good?

Yes. Mini washing machines are not just good but are worth it, especially if you need its services. Mini washing machines fit in small spaces and works best on your laundry. What makes it even better is that it uses a little electricity and water; therefore, your bills will not be very high. Even though some.

People find it inconveniencing as it washes smaller laundry loads at a go; it comes down to your personal needs. That is, are you staying alone or with family? With that in mind, that will find a reliable mini washing machine.

How To Choose The Best Mini Portable Washing Machine?


The most vital feature to look out for when considering dryers and washers. Portable washing machines should be compact, meaning it should fit tight spaces like small apartments, dorm rooms, cabins, and RVs. Its size makes it easy for you, especially when moving to another house because of its portability.

Load Capacity

Ideally, load capacity is a crucial feature of consideration depending on the number of people in the household and how often it will be used. You should check manufacturers recommendations for it to be able to meet your laundry needs.

More so, checking load capacity will give you information on whether it will suit your household needs or not.

Power Supply

A mini portable washing machine can be either automatic or manual powered. Depending on your budget and needs, selecting a convenient one is more beneficial. Automatic electric washing machines tend to be more convenient than manual ones.

The only difference is that it is costly, and its repair when it breaks down is also expensive. On the other hand, manual ones need the use of personal effort to run smoothly and get clean clothes.

Spin Speed

Removing excess water from your clothes requires a washing machine with high speed. This speed helps in minimizing drying time. Most mini portable washers have 850 RPMs spin speed, while high-end washers have high-speed speed ranging between 1400-3200 RPMs.

Noise Of Operation

Even though mini portable washing machines run pretty quietly, you should also be able to hear them even if they are in a compact space. That is why you must check on the washing machine’s operational noise level even though most brands run quieter.


We find it to be a consideration factor because it should be worth every penny. It would be best if you went for a brand known for its reliability, durability, replacement price, energy usage, water consumption, and much more.

You will find most mini washing machines to be less costly, but bill and repair cost will overlap the initial buying price after short use.

Which Is The Best Mini Portable Washing Machine?

1. KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

best mini portable washing machine

This KUPPET compact twin tub portable mini washing machine has a large capacity to accommodate all your clothes when you have gone out camping. The total capacity of this mini portable washing machine is 26lbs.

Out of the total, the Kuppet twin tub washing machine takes 18lbs and the spin cycle 8lbs. What’s more, you can decide to operate the spinner and the washer separately, or you can run them at the same time. Therefore, the Kuppet portable washer takes care you need efficiently.


  • The washer has a built-in drain pump.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Has a separate washer and spinner timer control.
  • It has a large opening.
  • It has a powerful motor.


  • The filling hose pipe is worthless.
  • It is semi-automatic.

2. Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine

Panda PAN6360W Compact Portable Washing Machine

This Panda pan6360w compact portable washing machine features electronic controls with a LED display. Additionally, the electronic controls have eight washing programs to suit the intensity of washing the different clothes types.

You need only to press a button to access all these programs. The programs interact with the four water levels to ensure that your clothes come out as clean as possible.


  • The control panel is easy to control.
  • It is lightweight and portable to carry around.
  • The stainless steel is durable and resists rusting.
  • The machine design saves space.
  • The machine is fully automatic


  • The machine has only one water inlet.
  • The 8programs may be incomprehensible at first.

3. Densors Single Tub Washing Machine With Spin Dryer

single tub washing machine with spin dryer

This single tub washing machine with spin dryer is amongst the best mini portable washing machines. This machine feature very user-friendly controls, which any novice wouldn’t take a second to understand.

The machine’s controls can be used to set wash and pin time. Therefore, you can predetermine the washing time and multitask effortlessly. These controls ensure that the machine uses less energy and saves your money. This portable washing machine is ideal for washing a few clothes and travel clothes.


  • The machine doesn’t consume a lot of energy.
  • Takes minimal space.
  • Has a clear rid
  • It has a 3kg washing capacity.
  • Suitable for all fabrics.


  • It is a single tub
  • It cannot be used with thick materials like blankets.

4. Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

This washing machine features a twin tub design. This design ensures you save your time by giving you the ability to wash and spin clothes simultaneously. Additionally, the twin tub gives you the power to move your clothes from the washer to the spinner to finish your laundry first.

The powerful motor featured in the twin tub ensures that clothes come out spotlessly clean. This garatic portable compact mini twin tub washing machine is ideal for dorms, camping, college rooms, and apartments.


  • Features a powerful performance motor.
  • Saves a lot of space.
  • It is lightweight and, therefore, portable.
  • It has a plastic body; not prone to rusting.
  • Features gravity drain and drainage hose.


  • The draining pipe is too short.
  • It’s not very quiet.

5. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

This washing design features a compact twin tub design that is very convenient in use. The tub on the washing barrel has a filter net that efficiently filters when washing; however, you can remove it when you want to clean the barrel.

Similarly, the filter helps when you wash clothes to protect and avoid them being through away due to the high rotation speed. This best mini portable washing machine is perfect for dorms, homes, apartments, and camping.


  • Easy to operate
  • Feature a drainage pipe for the removal of dirty water.
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of electricity
  • Saves space
  • Has a high capacity.


  • The drain hose is not very long.
  • Not very reliable in washing high load clothes like blankets.


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6. VOLIGO Portable Washing Machine

mini portable washing machine

You will love this best mini portable washing machine, particularly for many reasons, but one reason stands out; it is foldable. When folded, this mini portable washing machine is 4inches thick. This small size is ideal and convenient for storage after usage.

This feature is perfect, particularly in this age where space in the house is limited. When folded, it can fit under the stool or even under the bed, and therefore you don’t have to worry about space consumption.


  • low noise
  • features touch screen which is easy to use
  • uses very minimal space
  • features movable handle
  • It is made using high-quality materials


  • It can only be used with hand wash clothes only
  • The washing machine capacity is too small.

7. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

super deal portable compact washing machine

This Super Deal portable compact washing machine features a powerful performance 1300RPM motor, which has a frequency of 60Hz. This motor ensures that the washer and the spinner can handle a high capacity of 8lbs and 5lbs, respectively.

As a result, you are assured of optimum cleaning, which you can watch happen using the translucent tub container window. The high-performance motor generates enough power to guarantee that the clothes will be super clean within 15 minutes in the washer and 5 minutes in the spinner.


  • Features twin tub dual function.
  • Has simplicity of usage
  • Ideal for limited spacing.
  • Made using durable plastic
  • Has three washing modes


  • The product is a bit expensive.
  • Learning it might take some time.

8. COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine

COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine

This Costway mini portable washing machine is easy to operate. You need to follow a straightforward process; load your clothes into the wiser and fill them with water.

Then, set the timer and then start washing. When washing, the maximum time control you can set is 10minutes, while 5minutes is for the spinning. What’s more, you can use the lid to monitor how well the washer is operating.


  • It is perfect for limited space
  • Has low power consumption.
  • The handle easily opens
  • Easy to use the control timers
  • Allows you to monitor the cleaning using the clear lid


  • Does not have a high capacity
  • The machine features a single tub.

9. ROVSUN Twin Tub Washing Machine

rovsun portable washing machine

This Rovsun portable washing machine is made to fit home-usage. It is less noisy to ensure you can use it as you engage in other business and chores without being distracted by booming machine noise.

The machine consumes very little energy in reducing the noise, which translates to a controlled electricity bill. This Rovsun twin tub washing machine is ideal for dorms, college rooms, and apartments when you want to silence.


  • Features a reasonably high capacity
  • Features twin tub cleaning
  • It has a very appealing design
  • Has a built-in gravity draining hose
  • Does not consume a lot of space.


  • The operation may not be easy at first.
  • The house is not very long.

10. ZENY Twin Tub Washing Machine

zeny twin tub washing machine

Apart from being very appealing to the eye, this Zeny twin tub washing machine is lightweight. It is factored in by the design of the machine and the plastic materials used to make it.

Therefore, you can take this best mini portable washing machine with you whenever you are going camping, on trips, or in your apartment or dorms if you just joined college. The Zeny portable washing machine promises to make your life easy and efficient.


  • Has two twin tubs for easy usage.
  • Features a gravity drainage hose pipe.
  • Has a slightly high capacity.
  • The machine does not take a lot of space.
  • It has a durable plastic body.


  • The machine does not dry clothes.
  • You will undoubtedly take some time to learn in

Regular washing machines, even of a smaller size, take up a lot of space. Its size is a drawback if you are living in an apartment. You might have to go to laundry stores to do your everyday laundry.

It’s also a cause of concern at camping trips, especially the longer ones. You might just not want to damage the soft skin of your hands, washing clothes, while you are at a happy trip. Mini portable washing machines come to the rescue!

Mini portable washing machines are much smaller in size than a regular one, and so take up very little space. They come in two types to suit your preference; manual and electric.

If you are a person who loves camping, you might want to try the manual washing machine. They are convenient, small, and don’t create a mess. Both, manual and electronic portable washing machines, are easy to use and handle.

It washes just as good as a regular one, except that it has a lesser capacity than the latter. Other than it’s capacity, an electronic portable washing machine, more or less, has features similar to a regular one.

Do Portable Washers Use A Lot Of Water?

Mini washers have high efficiency; therefore, it uses 8.35 water gallons per full wash- load of 2.1 cubic foot, which is approximately 3,274 gallons yearly.

If we compare big to mini washers, one is more water-saving than the other. For instance, a four cubic foot large washing machine uses 11.75 gallons of water on average in a full wash load. That is approximately 4,606 water gallons a year.

Mini washers, on the other hand, tend to use more water. During full laundry washing, mini washers use 3.96 water gallons per cubic foot, while a standard size washing machine uses 2.93 per cubic foot.

What Should You Look Out For While Choosing A Best Portable Washing Machine?

Due to its growing popularity, there are many manufacturers of mini portable washing machines. What you need to look out for, to choose the best mini portable washing machine of your preference, are; Mode, Capacity, and Water management

Mode: There are two types of modes, electronic and manual. If you wish to take your washing machine to your camping trips, then you must go for a manual one.

Portable washing machines are much cheaper than a regular one, and a manual portable washing machine is cheaper than an electric one. So, you must choose your budget preferences.

An electronic portable washing machine comes with all features of that of a regular one. It’s easy to use and is hassle free. If you are working, an electronic portable washing machine is convenient to use.

Capacity: Although the capacity of a portable washing machine is much lower compared to a regular one, there still are various portable washing machines of different capacities. You may choose the one that benefits you the most. It usually depends on the size of the group you share your room with.

Water Management: Usually, you need to drain and fill the tub while you are using a portable washing machine.

However, there are some upgraded washing machines, where you have a water hose that you can connect to faucets. Also, some of them come along with drying options too, to give you the comfort of a regular washing machine.


The best mini portable washing machine is worth every penny for people with limited space. They are portable, compact, and small, with plenty of power for your laundry needs. It is best as it fits in spaces that regular washing machines won’t.

However, if you stay with a family and have enough space, you can opt for a regular washing machine. We hope that our review has given you more alternatives, and we hope whichever you opt for works best.


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FAQ Of Best Mini Portable Washing Machines:

Can You Use Bleach In A Portable Washing Machine?

Using bleach in a portable machine is not a problem, but you may want to follow a few things that will help you keep away from a mess. You may want to use a lower quantity of bleach, as the portable machine is smaller in size, and using a lot of bleach can cause a strong odor in your garments.

Also, since the washing machine is not a regular washing machine, you might not have the option of using hot water. So, to increase the quality of your washing using bleach, it’s highly recommended that you mix in some hot water in the tub, as bleach works better with hot water.

How Much Electricity Does A Portable Washing Machine Use?

While a regular washing machine uses about 255 Volts per hour, a portable washing machine uses only 120 Volts per hour. This is a great advantage, as you wouldn’t have to worry much about your electricity bills if you use a portable washing machine.

Because of it’s compact size and it’s smaller capacity, it doesn’t use much of electricity. So, you don’t have to own a regular washing machine if you live alone. This will save you money.

A mini portable washing machine can suit all your needs, like a regular one, but only that it saves money and time too. It saves your time as you don’t have to put a lot of clothes in, and so, it’s quicker in washing your clothes. Own one right now, if you are tired of having to go to the laundry stores, every day.

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