Top 10 Best Oil Less Air Fryer Reviews

big boss oil-less air fryer

An oil less air fryer is a small countertop convection oven premeditated to kindle deep frying without plunging the food into the oil.

The main benefit of the oil-less air fryer is that the resultant food is of excellent quality and good results. When choosing the oil, you must select the quality one for incredible results.

But, with increased competition in the market today, selecting the best oil less air fryer can be an enormous task. That is because of the multiple brands available each with different features but performing the same purpose.

In that note, we are providing you with buying guide and the top best oil-less air fryer to put into consideration. Please read through to find out more.

What Is An Oil Less Air Fryer?

An oil-less air fryer is a gadget that is gaining popularity over the years. Its design is to specifically produce cooked meals with 80% less fat if compared to other fryers and also without fattening oils.

Besides that, an oil-less air fryer can also bake, grill and roast food, thus giving you all in one gadget. If you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle, then an oil-less air fryer is the best appliance.

Benefits Of Using An Oil Less Air Fryer

Oil-less air fryers cut back fatty oils, prepares your dish within minutes, and also cook multiple of them at once. Apart from that, it comes with lots of benefits, that is:

Fast and quick

If your schedule is so tight, you can consider an air fryer as the best option. That is because:

  • It is suitable for people who are always busy with no enough time to prepare meals.
  • It reduces the time you spend in the kitchen preparing a meal.
  • Food such as fresh fries takes only 12 minutes to cook in most air fryers.

No mess while cooking

Using an oil less air fryers means you don’t need oil to prepare your food. That is because:

  • All dishes get cooked with hot air, but the taste and look remain the same as oiled dried foods.
  • Since no oil is applicable, there will be no greasy stains on the plates.

So, with no oil means, there will be no mess and also less fat.

Easy cleaning

What makes it best is that most of its body parts are removable and also machine washable. For instance, you can get some that have huge bowls which may be challenging to wash manually.

Meaning if you select the dishwashing option, it will save you the struggle. For its heating elements, it only needs cleaning with a brush or rug. Whatever the case, it is easy to clean.


Oil-less fryers are quite versatile even though their primary purpose is to fry without oil. Meaning you can broil, steam, bake, fry or even heat the already cooked food, but that depends on the type of device you have.

More so, various recipe blogs and recipe books will give you more ideas from easy and fast meals to complex that you can make by using oil-less fryers.

How To Choose The Best Oil Less Air Fryers?

Fried food is a delicacy loved by many due to its sweet taste. Despite the food being testier, it is not suitable for your health since a lot of fats are included in the process and can alter the normal functioning of your body.

However, there are factors you can consider when it comes to choosing the best oil less air fryer for your kitchen needs that will be favourable to your health.

Having a quality fryer’s aid in your kitchen allows you to enjoy fried food without worrying about your health since a standard oil-less air fryer uses minimal fats. Even though it uses fewer fats, the taste of the food remains to be sweet.

Due to the health benefits accompanied by using an oil-less fryer, there are various types of them, although most of them are not of high quality.

Purchasing an oil-less air fryer is the best solution for your frying needs but identifying the best oil less air fryer is another hectic task. To acquire the best oil less air fryer in the market, consider the factors discussed in this article.


The size of the oil-less air fryer should always come fast at any point you want to purchase. Selecting the right size and capacity of an oil-less air fryer will help you from occupying too much space in your kitchen.

However, choosing the right size also depends on your needs and the number of family members. Also, different types of foods require a different size of fryers.

As you consider the size of the oil-less air fryer, remember the capacity is also a critical factor. There are models of oil-less air fryers in the market that are specifically designed to prepare snacks or small quantities of food.

In most cases, the oil-less air fryers are designed to hold a capacity of food ranging between 1.8 and 2.5 pounds. Consider choosing an oil-less air fryer with favourable size and capacity.

The Oil Less Air Fryer Settings

The performance of the oil-less air fryer depends on the type of settings; this calls for the urgent need to understand how the oil-less air fryer is operated. Always check the temperature settings and mode settings among all other settings accompanied by the oil-less air fryer before purchasing it.

Note that an oil-less air fryer without the temperature and the control settings is useless since every type of food is prepared under stipulated temperatures.

Remember to check the mode settings because there are kinds of foods prepared under the dry cooking method, while others require wet cooking mode.

When you acquire an oil-less air fryer with mode settings complications, you are likely to experience a hard time preparing some foods. Your oil-less air fryer should have all the adjustment settings for efficient results.


This part entails going through the manual accompanied by the fryer to understand how the fryer works. Always remember that the Air Fryers are manufactured differently; some kinds of fryers are designed to prepare specific types of foods, while others can prepare a wide range of dishes.

There are types of oil-less air fryers with the ability to save power; they are automatic; hence do not consume more power.

Upon reading the oil-less air fryer manual, ensure that your kitchen power outlet supplies power ranging between 800 and 1400 Watts since most of the oil-less air fryers require such an amount of energy to work efficiently.


It is a feature that should be considered in a wide range of products. Ensure that you choose an oil-less air fryer that has a guarantee for a specified period. Do a thorough inspection of the product before you purchase it, ensure that everything written on the manual is on the air fryer.

Inspect the product until when you have used it to the maximum since the oil-less air fryer is accompanied by a warranty of enough period to test its efficiency.


Since oil-less air fryers consume fewer fats, cleaning them seems to be an easy task. Do you know that some types of fryers have sticky surfaces? Always choose a oil-less air fryer with a non-sticky texture to avoid taking too much of your time washing it.

Also, read the manual and consider the washing tips shared by the manufacturer. Because if you do not follow the appropriate washing tips, once destroyed through the same process, the manufacturer may not offer replacement even if the warranty is on.

Cost Of The Oil Less Air Fryer

The cost of the oil-less air fryer will always affect the budget allocated to purchase the equipment. Note that a cheap oil-less air fryer still has low quality; most of the cheaply acquired oil-less air fryers do not last for an extended time due to the quality standards.

A high-quality oil-less air fryer is always relatively expensive. Those who cannot afford the costly oil-less air fryer should not get worried; many oil-less air fryers in the market are relatively cheap and produce the best results. That is why our review covers all the best price-friendly oil-less air fryers for you.

Digital And Manual Timers

All the types of oil-less air fryers in the market have timers that enable you to set the period you want your food to cook. The timer indicates how long the remaining time is.

However, the timers come in different types and models; some fryers have manual dialers where you can view and set the time, while others come along with digital timers. Note that all the timers enable you to set and read the remaining time; the choice of the time depends on you.


Oil-less Air Fryers have various features that ensure the safety of the user. These features include automatic temperature control, automatic shut-down, among others.

The automatic temperature control is an essential feature since the oil-less air fryer is controlled by electricity, and it may turn out to be very hot, thus difficult to handle.

Ensure the outer body of the oil-less air fryer is made of Polymer to avoid electric shock. More so, an automatic shut-down timer is also necessary to prevent overcooking of the food.

Simple To Operate

An oil-less air fryer is a useful equipment for our day to day cooking; choose an air fryer that you are convenient with and easy to operate. The instructions and guidelines on the manual should be easily understandable. Remember that different types of fryers have different modes of operation.

Always choose an oil-less air fryer in consideration of the above-discussed features. Remember that purchasing equipment such as an oil-less air fryer you can be awarded a discount. Most of the online retail shops offer incredible discounts as well as providing quality equipment.

1. Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

big boss oil-less air fryer

Big Boss oil-less air fryer is the good in frying, roasting, baking and grilling with little or no oil left in food chunks at all. You will enjoy your favourite meals without any added calories. This fryer is simple to operate in that you only press two dials, control and temperature.

There is a timing mechanism with auto-shutoff and popular food directions on the unit. It transparent walls make you see through to monitor the progress of your food.

Meaning you have a guarantee that nothing will go wrong with your cooking, and even if it does, which is rare, you will be able to handle the situation.


  • It is self-sufficient when using since it does not require specialization.
  • It is crispy and straightforward to operate.
  • Pleasant size
  • Has the triple cooking ability


  • Slow to cook

2. T-fal FZ700251 Actifry Oil Less Air Fryer

T-fal FZ700251 Actifry Oil Less Air Fryer

With only less oil or just a tablespoon of oil, the T-Fal oil less air fryer can cook a perfect variety of menu items. That means, with this fryer, you can use oil or not while preparing your meal.

It is the right product for those who can’t stay away from oily food. Apart from that, you will have a reduced budget with ease; therefore, you can rely on it for any type of dish. The transparent lid enables you to monitor your cooking progress.

This type of air fryer will produce delicious and nutritious food for your family. This device is unsuitable for the high liquid content recipe.

This best oil less air fryer has a unique pulse heat system and stirring paddle which cooks food in perfection. The stirring paddle ensures that oil is evenly distributed around the food. It has an automatic steam-free lid that opens when you push a button for your conveniences.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Technology oriented
  • Safe for family use


  • Tends to be Expensive

3. Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char-broil Tru-infrared oil-less turkey fryer is the perfect option for those watching the progress of their calories. It’s of patented infrared cooking tech that prevents flare-ups and eliminates hot spots.

The oil delivers juicy, flavorful, crisp results all times. It is a reliable mode of frying your turkey, roast or any other cut meat.

Char-broil Tru-infrared oil-less turkey fryer gives you a simple, safe and delicious meal to fry with oil. The cooking mechanism of this appliance is that it uses infrared heat to cook thereby making it outstanding from the rest.


  • It ensures safety cooking process
  • It is relatively cheap
  • Has no Grease fire
  • It versatile hence reliable


  • Some are defective by nature.

4. Flexzion Electric Air Fryer

electric air fryer

This Flexzion electric air fryer makes foods like potato chips, fish, chicken and also steak to appear brown. It has a digital LCD screen panel that can provide excellent backlight viability which monitors heat, modes and time.

When it comes to maintenance, This device is easy to clean. The non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze.

This fryer does more than just frying. It can roast, grills, bakes or even bake and therefore you have more application of this device. Meaning buying one of them will have to cover more of your expectations while preparing your meals.


  • Easy to clean
  • It is multipurpose
  • Its temperature is adjustable
  • It is an up-to-date device


  • Expensive

5. Elite Gourmet Air Fryer

Elite Gourmet Air Fryer

Elite Gourmet air fryer is compact size free and non-stick pan with a rack and hold. The device cooks perfect food for two or a few individuals.

The appliance cooks faster and safe than oil, eliminating splatter burns and reduce power usage. Elite Gourmet cook up to 85% less oil for delicious meals which are free from fats.

The resultant food for this best oil-less air fryer is flavoured and crispy finished without any addition of calories. The adjustable time and temperature give you the ultimate control over your cooking and versatility. Thus, allowing you to fry, roast, bake and grill in one.


  • Multipurpose
  • Digital working mechanism
  • Has cool touch-handle
  • Easy to use


  • The user is not able to monitor the food since it is opaque.


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6. Elite Platinum EAF-1506D Electric Digital Hot Air Fryer

elite platinum eaf-1506d electric digital hot air fryer

It is an extra-large fryer with a non-stick handle perfect for some family-sized meals. The appliance cooks faster and safely than in oil, reducing splatter burns as well as reduces the use of electricity.

Elite Platinum Air Fryer requires little or no oil at all in cooking. And hence, you will not be experiencing unnecessary pain from hot-oil splatters on your arms and hands.

Its advanced touch screen technology includes a 1-hour timer with automatic shut-down. Its cool-touch handle allows you to remove the pan after cooking safely. Elite Platinum Air Fryer takes up minimal counter space, making it suitable for dorms and apartments.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • Good volume and capacity


  • Tends to be Heavy

7. Ultrean Air Fryer

Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2 Quart

With Ultrean air fryer, one can enjoy food with less fat or oil. It is a cooker that malfunction and saves money and time. Other than air fry, you can also bake, roast or grill with this innovative heating appliance.

The system is set to cook your food evenly and without the hassles of using a thermometer or hot oil. Its operation is hassle-free having accessible buttons for operation, thus enabling easy and efficient cooking.


  • Has a contemporary Design
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a scratch-free up-to-date design
  • Has LCD for easy monitoring


  • Relatively expensive

8. MOOSOO Air Fryer

MOOSOO Air Fryer

It is a large air fryer that inclusively meets your cooking needs for a relatively big family. This Moosoo air fryer uses free air circulation to fry your food which reduces fat content in your meals.

Its inner pot has a detachable blade which rotates freely. Hence it stirs the contents during cooking so that there will be a uniform distribution of heat in food.

It is a multifunctional cooking oven which can fry selected menu presets. Thus, you can rely on it for all the home dishes that you are interested in.


  • Allows quick and faster cooking
  • Safe to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Large capacity


  • Power consumable

9. MOOSOO 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

moosoo 8-in-1 air fryer oven

It is a large capacity oven with preset functions. It is available at a lower price. Its capacity is suitable for cooking food for a larger family. This Moosoo 8-in-1 air fryer oven has a total of eight preset functions each function having a specific time and temperatures.

It offers oil-free frying with overheating protection functions. The device reduces fat content in the food by about 85% compared with another frying.


  • Safe for cooking
  • Large volume and capacity
  • Multifunctional
  • Has quick air conditioning


  • Requires some special skills

10. Lensun Air Fryer

Lensun Air Fryer

With Lensun Nonstick air fryer you will enjoy the same crispy and fried food with less grease and fat! This oven’s temperatures range from 200oFto 400oF thus allows you to cook at a suitable temperature. You are thus achieving crispy food on the outside and tender in the inside.

This Lensun air fryer is equipped with an air outlet and air inlet openings, operating it with adequate security. It has an integrated 7in one-touch control panel. It is a multifunctional device which can offer a variety of fries.


  • Multifunctional
  • Digitally designed
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Consume electricity


In conclusion, good health is worth for your existence. Therefore, it is recommendable that you should consider checking the fat content in your food. Too many calories will disorient your normal functioning of the body.

And to achieve a healthier body, selecting any of the above will help reduce your worries. Good health start with the food you eat. Therefore, Use the best oil less air fryer for fat-free food, and we hope that you won’t get disappointed by your option.


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FAQ Of Best Oil Less Air Fryer:

Is Oil-less Fryer Same As Air Fryer?

Air fryers are also known as oil-less fryers. We can also refer to it as convection ovens. It works by heating the air in the closed space then blowing it to the food by a fan. Ideally, it circulates air all around the food, thus reducing the time it takes to cook.

Are Oil-less Air Fryers Healthy?

Oil-less air fryers offer healthy dishes which makes it the best when it comes to quality. If you have been dying to lose weight with ease, then air fryer makes it more accessible. With this device, you still can have fried dishes but conserve the saturated fats and calories.

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