Top 10 Best LED Rain Shower Heads Reviews

16 inch rainfall shower head

Best rain LED shower heads are specifically designed to spice up your showering experience by creating additional colors. That is because it uses the newest technology of water flow in generating colorful lights.

Although there are many colors to choose from, it also depends on water temperature. Meaning it will be easy to monitor the water temperature. For instance, green or yellow indicates warm, blue for cold, and red when hot.

The most challenging task comes in selecting a durable and high quality LED rain shower head. That is because of many brands in the market, so choosing the best may be difficult. Below is a compiled list of the top best led rain shower heads to consider, and we hope it meets your needs.

Benefits of a LED shower head

Like any other unit, the led shower head has both pros and cons, but we will now focus on its advantages. Those are:

. The temperature sensor helps in checking water temperature without touching.

. It makes showering fun as the kids need to see the light to clean up.

. Most led shower heads are ABS chrome-covered; therefore does not need batteries to operate.

. It also tends to have a medical advantage in that the lights help you at the start of the day on a positive mindset if you shower early in the day.

Drawbacks of a LED shower head

The major drawback of an LED shower head is its construction. Although they are not bad quality products, they still can’t be compared with other first-class showerheads in the market today.

Lack of quality maybe because there is no leading industry LED manufacturer on the market today with increased competition. Meaning it is challenging to find an LED shower head from a reputable showerhead manufacturer.

1. DELIPOP HN-11 Shower Head

Best LED Rain Shower Heads

DELIPOP is a 200*200*15 mm shower head with a purple, red, and blue led light color for sensing the temperatures. A 20mm screw connection diameter is also provided. This lightweight shower head weighs up to 650g.

This fancy LED bathroom shower headlight gets activated when the faucet senses water flow making the color change with the water temperature. The experience is exciting to an extent.

You may wish to spend your time in the bathroom just staring at the automatic color changes. No batteries are required for its operation. furthermore, it is easy to both install and removes.


  • Easy to install with no tool requirements
  • Has three automatic LED color light changes with temperatures
  • Safe and long-lasting usage
  • Made of a high-quality ABS chroming material
  • No batteries required


  • Noisy and can leak at times.

2. Dream Spa Rain Shower Head

dream spa rain shower head

DreamSpa AquaFan is a 12 inches rainfall showerhead of chrome with a LED and LCD temperature display capable of changing its colors.

This best led rain shower heads need no battery to operate, but instead, it is powered by running water. It comes with an inbuilt water temperature sensor and displays the temperature on the LCD screen.

It has 123rub clean jets that help in drenching high power rainfall with a good experience. Its design is of an elegant curve of 12 inches for a great shoulder to shoulder flow coverage. Its connection does not require any tool to install.


  • Displays both color and temperature changes
  • Changes the look of your bathroom from ordinary to faucet
  • 123 easy clean jets for good rainfall experience
  • Easy installation without tools


  • Noisy

3. Suguword 16 inches Rain Shower Head

best led rain shower head

Suguword is a modern element that brings comfort during a shower. This fashionable design makes it user-friendly, more accessible, with an enjoyable shower experience. It is of a silicone nozzle that prevents limescale and dirt build-up.

Advanced design also makes good use of air, thus allowing the internal passages to allow even flow of water through each outlet. With the stainless steel filter, impurities are prevented from getting to the showerhead.

This stainless steel making provides for easy cleaning, anti-corrosion, and oxidation, thus keeping it smooth at all times for adequate water flow.


  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Good water pressure that can wet your body in seconds
  • LED lights that work with running water


  • Loud

4. Eoocvt 8-inch LED Shower Head

siroflex shower head

The Eoocvt has an LCD seven-color display that moves gradually and circularly when the water flows. In this model, the light color changes are not affected by the water temperatures but are set automatically to change every 2 to 5 seconds.

Make your bathroom look fantastic with this shower head that conserves water buy low flow giving you a unique feeling of fun and soothing experience. It is capable of transforming the water stream into a beautiful waterfall with light.

Enough brightness that you won’t require any other lightings. With the ABS case material, you will get the RoHS and CE certificate.


  • Anti clog design
  • Brightly illuminates the room during water flow
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Consistent, soothing, and soft rain flow with the 144 spray nozzles


  • Cheap construction

5. ELENKER 8″ Rainfall Bathroom Shower Head

best rain shower head

If you require a bath shower head, you need not hesitate to purchase this ELENKER bathroom shower head that automatically changes seven colors. With this best led rain shower heads, your bath experience will be more pleasant and enjoyable.

The ultra-quiet model does not require any battery to operate, nor does it require any other external power source. It will illuminate itself using the principle flow generation. Quick and easy installation since it fits all standard connectors, thereby a great experience from each shower.


  • High-quality construction that makes it rust proof thus durable
  • Tools free connection and installation
  • Ultra-quiet and delightful experience during the water flow
  • No other lightings are required


  • Doesn’t last for long


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6. FUZ 16 Inch Rainfall Shower Head

16 inch rainfall shower head

FUZ is a manufacturer of both bathroom and kitchen fixtures with beautiful, versatile, and reliable products.

They try to ensure exceptional quality by making the finest materials and cutting edge designs to make your bathroom inspirational and a better life for you. The black solid brass body construction makes it long-lasting and durable.

Besides, it has a reasonable water flow rate of up to 18 gallons per minute. If you need a shower head with a style that works with harmony, you need to have the FUZ shower head of 40 cm.


  • Solid brass construction for durability
  • Increased water pressure with the nozzle design
  • Three color changes with the water temperature changes
  • Easy installation without tool requirements


  • Poor quality

7. Rozin Rainfall Shower Head

Rozin Rainfall Shower Head

Rozin is a rainfall showerhead of a solid and durable brass that has an elegant black finish. It’s LED light works with water flow. Thus, no battery is required. The colors change with the changes in Tempe attires.

This 16*16 inches shower head has a square shape and connects using a ball joint and rubber gasket for a half-inch standard connection.

This best led rain shower heads weigh up to 7.43 pounds and has a great water flow pressure capable of raining on both shoulders at a go. Lastly, it can produce up to 2 gallons per minute with a reasonable flow rate.


  • Easy and quick to install with no tool requirements
  • Good quality making of brass materials
  • Color changes with change in temperature
  • Black finish to fit most bathroom decors


  • Overall good but makes noise.

8. POWER SPA Luminex Shower Head

luminex shower head

Power SPA Luminex shower head is a showerhead with seven color changes and 24 settings LED display. Besides a boost nozzle technology that uses an air jet turbo pressure.

The seven bright colors automatically change every few seconds, you can also use the two color-changing LED shower heads to choose 24 different water patterns. The showers can work together or separately, depending on your decision.

The LED lights are also powered by the running water and not the batteries, so, connection requires less time with no tools. Lastly, it comes with a full year warranty from the manufacturer’s.


  • Comes with 24 setting color changes
  • Easy to register a warranty
  • Extra flexible shower hose of stainless steel
  • Four settings shower head with adjustable angles for a good experience


  • Leaks with time

9. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Led Shower Head

stainless steel led shower head

ELLO&ALLO is a showerhead constructed of stainless steel of high-quality SUS304. Besides, its attractive finish of brush stainless steel that can match most decors. With its variable controls and fully simultaneous functions, the shower panel provides the most opulent of all showers.

All you will have to do is immerse yourself in this relaxing shower with a great experience and enjoy its modern style and beautiful design.

The manufacturers offer a two-year warranty that counts from the purchase date. Therefore you can have trust in this durable product at all times.


  • Elegant brass body material
  • Fingerprint free finish
  • Functions in six different modes
  • High-quality stainless steel making this rustproof


  • None

10. HOMEDEC Best Thermostatic Shower Jets System

best thermostatic shower system

HOMEDEC produces a truly spa-like full set jet shower system of brass. It comes with a Thermostatic mixer valve that makes you use the shower more flexibly using both or any of the functions simultaneously.

Here you have the authority to choose which shower you may wish the water to come from or even use all at the same time. Durability and reliability are maintained with the brass body finish that also harmonizes most if not all types of decors.

The Thermostatic design has a security lock that makes your bathing safe without being scalded with too hot water.


  • Easy to install using the instructions sheet
  • Satisfied purchase with a five-year guarantee
  • Has a thermostat that ensures anti-scald with a balance in pressure
  • Simultaneous rain flow from the nozzles


  • No labeling on the plates as in the book


We hope our research gives you enough information to select the best led rain shower heads that meets your style and needs. One of the most critical factors to look for is quality. That is why you should go through previous customer reviews to find out more.

Please don’t end up settling for a cheap product because you want to save a few dollars as it means you will be sacrificing your comfort for the price. But, after reading through our review, we hope you will find the best unit that meets your family needs and expectations.


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FAQ Of Best LED Rain Shower Heads:

Are LED shower heads safe?

Many people think that led shower heads are dangerous because if the theory that electricity and water are not compatible. The fact is, that is not how LED shower head works.

The led shower head uses water to generate power, so there is no chance of getting an electric shock. The power generated by the turbine is very low; hence no inconveniences, it can save you from burning.

How do you clean LED shower heads?

Maintaining an LED shower head is very simple. After installation, maintaining the showerhead is also necessary. All you need to do is follow the guidelines below. You will need a freezer bag, vinegar, and rubber bands to clean the led shower head.

Pour out water to check for any leakage; if there is none, pour vinegar into a bag a submerge the showerhead in the vinegar bag.

You can use a rubber to secure it and leave it for about 8 hours. After that, use a brush to clean the showerhead. You can even use a toothpick and toothbrush.

Vinegar removes debris. You can also use the pliable plastic nubbins to break the calcium deposits. If it is from a reputable brand, then the temperature and motor sensor will work properly.

Lastly, apart from the guidelines above, ensure you follow the manufacturer guidelines to avoid any issues.

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