Top 10 Best Moen Shower Heads Reviews

moen s6320 velocity rainshower

Are you searching for a high-quality shower head for your bathroom? If yes, then the best Moen shower head is all you need. That is because it is among the top-ranked manufacturing companies that produce high-quality products.

We can say it is a top company with the best positive reviews as their products also have a warranty and available spare parts making it very reliable. Due to such ideas, we find it worth providing guidelines on which Moen shower suits you best.

Why choose a Moen showerhead?

With so many brands in the market, there is always one feature that makes one; what choose a Moen showerhead? Moen has and is still producing high-quality products for a long time now, so it is a trusted brand.

One of the factors that makes it unique is the digital shower systems. For instance, they have a showerhead controlled by a phone, controller, or voice. It is even compatible with Alexa, Siri, and google. Meaning you have full control of your device with there models.

They have also created an easy docking handheld shower head that is removable and clips back with magnets’ ease. Another advantage of choosing a Moen shower head is its easy installation that doesn’t need professionals’ help.

How do I choose a Shower Head?


Aeration is the process that the showerhead mixes water with air to create improved water pressure. Most modern shower heads use this principle to create the sensation, although they use less water than the regular fixtures.

Aerating showerheads may tend to be expensive initially, but it saves your monthly utility bills in the long run.


Some LED showerheads have LED lights in them. Whenever you shower, they illuminate the room, and this brings a good showering experience. Lighted showerheads bring some pleasure and showering habits more convenient as the Illumination brings the moods.

Environmental Consideration

It has been a routine that everyone would wish to have a showerhead that helps minimize water usage; This comes under the showerhead flow rate.

Some will go for a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate that conserves the water and fuel that runs the water heaters. It would be best if you went for a showerhead that helps you conserve water and fuel usage.

Price range

Whether to go for the unique features that will boost the price scale or worth the expense, the decision lies right on your hands. At times those with similar features differ in price, but you should have it in mind that a higher price does not necessarily indicate high quality.

Besides, this is the installation cost and how easy it is to install the showerhead into your bathroom. It would help if you went for an easy and quick to install a product that you can also mount on your own.

Other Considerations

It depends on how many people would wish to utilize the same showerhead. If it is meant for sharing with guests, you need to have an ordinary one operated by many, whereas if it is a master bath, you can have whatever you like.

1. Moen 26112SRN Handheld Showerhead

Best Moen Shower Head

The Moen Engage Magnetic Showerhead is of an inspiring and distinctive design that fits all home designs. Its chrome finish makes it highly reflective and thus perfect for any decorative style.

A 5.5-inch diameter spray handheld shower allows for maximum coverage. By clicking the six optimized settings, you can easily customize your shower.

With the magnetic docking system, you can quickly release and return even with closed eyes—the showerhead docks facing forward more often to avoid exterior splashes. For flexibility and extended reach, a kink-free metal hose is also included.


  • Magnetic base for easy detaching
  • Multiple showers of distinct settings
  • Flexible thus easy to reach
  • Easy and quick to install


  • Cheap and does not last long.

2. Moen 26100EP Handheld Showerhead

best moen shower heads

Moen26100EP is a dedicated product that you can rely on. You can complete your entire home with these products from the kitchen to the bathrooms, with various finishes that can fit your decor perfectly. The multiple distinct shower settings also give variety and flexibility when in use.

This best Moen shower head also complies with the Americans with Disability Act specifications. The replacement does not require much energy since it uses the magnetic base.


  • A versatile design that fits most Decors
  • Magnetic base for easy detaching and replacement
  • Multiple shower settings for flexibility and variety
  • ADA specifications compliant


  • Too low flow with cheap plastic parts

3. Moen 26009SRN Multifunctional Handshower

best moen handheld shower head

Moens engage collection features a magnetic docking system that eases and quickens the replacement of the showerheads. You can choose to create your own home spa experience within your home in the six showerhead settings.

Its chrome finish is highly reflective, just like the mirror works with any decoration. This best Moen handheld shower head also has 60 inches kink-free metal hose that makes it flexible and easy to reach. It comes with 6-1/2 inches in diameter rainshower spray face.


  • Spot resistant nickel finish
  • The magnetic base that makes it easy to replace
  • You can easily customize your shower
  • Works with six different functions


  • Plastic parts that fail easily

4. Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower

moen s6320 velocity rainshower

Have the privilege to enjoy the best shower experience that you can control its velocity. The 8 inches rainshower has an innovative system that gives an output of three times more power spray than other rainshower and thus perfect for rinse.

You can also adjust the water flow using the lever, thereby choosing between a full spray and a concentrated rinse. The finish and design complement most styles and Decors using it’s highly reflective chrome finish.


  • Stylish design that complements most decor
  • Exceptional coverage of up to an 8-inch diameter
  • Adjustable water flow with two spray modes
  • Powerful rinse with the immersion rainshower technology


  • Collects fingerprints

5. Moen 3638 Four Function Showerhead

moen 3638 shower head

Moen 3638 shower head is a chrome showerhead that is of a finish that guarantees a lifetime last. To enjoy it for a more extended period, you need to balance your water pressure to a perfect state. It sets the standards for reliability, innovation, and exceptional beauty in design.

The four-function head comes with three distinct finishes that make your bathroom look lovely and eye-catching. Its spray head is 4-3/8 inches that cover a good range with its maximum flow rate being 2.5 Gpm. Moreover, this best Moen shower head is backed up by a lifetime warranty.


  • A maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM
  • Four function combination spray
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Reflective chrome finish that fits most decorations


  • Cheap plastic body


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6. Moen 6345 Collection Rainshower Showerhead

moen 6345

From a bright finish to a faucet that that balanced your water pressure. Moen continuously sets the standard for reliability, innovation, and beauty in your bathroom. With this premium selection, you will bring elegance to your home.

A transition from the sophisticated periods of tradition to a refined streamline of minimal contemporary. You will never lack unique ways to express your taste with this product. The item weighs up to 1.75 pounds with a 3.13*8*8 inches in dimensions.


  • 8 inches diameter rainshower for a good experience
  • The versatile design of chrome finish
  • Great pressure and valve
  • Beautiful product


  • Not metal

7. Moen IN208C2 Aromatherapy Handshower

moen vs kohler

The Moen IN208C2 Aromatherapy combination shower makes your bathroom of a luxurious sensory experience.

From a minimum coverage, you can use the rain shower and Handshower together or even separately. This six hand shower spray setting gives you optimal water pressure but with excellent coverage.

All you need to do is add to your routine an INLY Aromatherapy shower capsule then infuse the shower with spa-inspired fragrance and essential oils. You can now relax as you reinvent and rejuvenate your time in the shower.


  • Has four aromatherapy fragrance settings
  • Six Handshower spray settings
  • Resistant brushed nickel finish
  • The shower can work with or without the INLY capsule


  • Too heavy showerhead

8. Moen 23046BRB Banbury Hand Shower

moen banbury hand shower

With this Moen 4 inches Banbury hand shower, you can perfectly balance your bathroom style and water pressure. It comes with five spray functions with easy to clean nozzles.

The product also comes in an oil-rubbed finish that gives a unique look and thus elegant to all Decors. Water flow options include; relaxing massage, wide spray, energizing massage, and two combinations that can fit everyone’s preference in your home.

It’s elegant and durable finish also resistant corrosion, whereas it’s self-cleaning nozzle renders its durability and thus long-lasting.


  • Combination spray allows more variety
  • Easy installation
  • Self-cleaning nozzle for optimal performance over the years
  • Variable bronze finish that looks great


  • Does not come with a shower arm

9. Moen T2902EPBL Gibson Modern Shower

moen modern shower

Gibson gives a unique and contemporary design that renders you a softer viewpoint. The handles, mirror, and tubular spout give a look likewise to that of exposed piping with polished edges to give the modern style.

With long-standing flexibility, you can update the faucet style to the future without replacing any plumbing. It also complies with the Americans Disability Act specifications. Just from a glance at the matte black finish, you will not hesitate to purchase this best Moen shower head.


  • Built to last longer
  • Meets the ADA specifications
  • Long-standing flexibility
  • Cute, eye-catching finish


  • Does not come with the valve for installation

10. Moen T2252EPORB Brantford Shower

moen t2252epbn

Brantford faucets and accessories make your bath traditional and polished over time from the intricate architectural features.

The handles are of a classic lever, global final, and tapered spout that makes it appealing to the eye. It meets the EPA water sense criteria that conserve water without losing its performance. The 8 inches diameter allows for full coverage.

Besides, it coordinates with other Brentford collections more perfectly. Its finish looks unique as it is oil rubbed bronze that, in turn, delivers a dark and light accent at the same time.


  • Unique and elegant finish
  • Certified WaterSense that doesn’t discriminate it’s performance
  • Full coverage with the 8 inches diameter spray
  • Complies with the ADA specifications


  • Attractive but with a wobbly handle


Moen showerheads come in various sizes and shapes to meet everyone’s needs. You must have noticed we have included all the categories depending on the model and its performance from our review.

Go for one with enough usability and versatility to avoid inconveniences while in use. It should have the value of money, and we believe all of the best Moen shower head above is worth it. Be sure to select what suits you and your family best.


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FAQ Of Best Moen Shower Heads:

Where are Moen showerheads made?

AI Moen began his company in 1937 to solve the gap he had seen in plumbing. In 1947, he began the manufacturing of single-handle faucets. After 75 years of countless innovations, Moen produces top-quality shower heads both in Pennsylvania and North Carolina in the USA.

Are Moen showerheads guaranteed for life?

If you do thorough research, you will find out that other manufacturers like Kohler, whose models are expensive compared to Moen products. Although morn is among the most significant competitors in the plumbing fixtures market, they make quality products at a reasonable price.

Moen products have a limited lifetime warranty, so do not expect anything more than that. It doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee.

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