Top 10 Best 4000 Watt Generator Reviews

4000 watt generator

Selecting the best 4000 watt generator that meets all your needs may be a difficult task, especially with many brands in the market today. However, considering factors such as noise level, run time, fuel choice, safety features, and the price will help ease the struggle.

In our review, we have considered all of those factors, which is why we can provide you with the best choices. Most of the generators in this list are inverter typed, making it a perfect match RVs.

Others are even perfect for home backup. So, read through to find out more why purchasing any will be of benefit to you.

How long will a 4000 watt generator run?

Since each 4000-watt generator has a different fuel tank and fuel consumption, there is no universal answer. However, we found 4000-4300 watt generators run for 10.2 hours approximately when 50% loaded from our research.

What can a 4000-watt generator handle?

The best part about a 4000-watt generator is that it runs almost any household appliance, including microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, pressure cooker, TV, coffee maker, washing machine, toaster, ceiling fan, computer, and much more.

Always check on each appliance’s power consumption in your home if you need to run all the items simultaneously.

More so, ensure to check whether the generator has the same type and number of outlets because higher wattage appliances need different outlets than low wattage appliances.

1. Champion 4000 Watt Power Generator

Best 4000 Watt Generator

Champion power equipment is a 4000-watt digital hybrid frame inverter generator that is one of the innovative products. The advanced technology helps you enjoy life with full-time power. You need not fear of the noise since this model utilizes an integrated quiet technology inverter.

Mechanical design is also used to decrease the weight and overall footprint with up to 20%. This best 4000 watt generator has a champion recoil start technology besides the reliable engine that can run continuously for 17 hours in a full tank.


  • Open frame inverter design
  • Quiet with an extended run time
  • Clean electricity that gives out a sensitive electronics
  • Three-year warranty from the manufacturer’s


  • None

2. Champion Power Equipment 100573

champion power equipment 100573

This champion power equipment 100573 is a 4000 Watts ready digital hybrid inverter generator. With this model powering your life takes a new meaning with the innovative technology and design.

It’s lightweight and quiet design help you use it more effectively in storage and use next to the house. You can choose to use the remote key to work from 80 feet away or enjoy the on/off push buttons for power.

The grip handle is easily foldable, and its wheels can never run flat, thereby convenient to move at all times. Besides, quick touch panels enable fast access and control.


  • Wireless remote start
  • Quiet technology
  • Extended run time
  • Optimal panel kit for improved power output


  • Does not work as expected

3.WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

Think of it if you can have clean, portable, and quiet power safe for phones, laptops, and other sensitive electronics. The generator limits total harmonic distortion up to under 0.3% at no load.

This best 4000 watt generator for RV comes fully packed. Engaging the eco-mode switch also helps maximize fuel economy. Therefore it allows the engine to adjust the fuel consumption preventing unnecessary gasoline consumption automatically.

Two generators can link up using a parallel connection kit to share the wattage among the units. Whenever the fuel and oil are low, it automatically shuts down besides overloading protection with its indicator.


  • Generate clean power for safe operation
  • Parallel connection for two or more generators
  • Heavy-duty engine
  • Light bodyweight for easy transportation and storage


  • Not that quiet as expected

4. DuroMax XP4000S Generator

DuroMax XP4000S Generator

DuroMax Store is a refurbished generator perfect for camping, sports events, job sites, and many more. It comes with a seven horsepower engine and a recoil start that gives a constant running power.

The rugged workhorse is great for more variety of uses, giving all the necessary home conveniences while operating it from a distance. It must also be CARB- compliant to be exported to California, therefore, meets rules and regulations of various nations.


  • Portable generator
  • 69dB noise level that is low
  • Long-lasting power with gasoline
  • Compact design with 105 lbs weight capacity


  • Warranty is not that honored.

5. XtremepowerUS 4000 Gasoline Generator

XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt Gasoline Generator

The XtremepowerUS generator is of a heavy-duty roll cage frame that is great for durability and protection. It is ideal for charging tools in a construction site, power outages, campgrounds, party, or even your backyard lighting.

This best 4000 watt generator can operate for 10 hours on a single fuel tank. Besides, it has an engine shutoff, circuit breaker, and voltmeter for security purposes.

Since it is a user friendly, safe, and easy to operate a generator, you can handle your jobs with no hassle. No noise disturbance for the neighborhood due to the quiet operation making it ideal for recreational activities.


  • Comes fully loaded
  • Powerful generator
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Ideal generator for most jobs


  • Loud


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6. Buffalo Tools Sportsman GEN4000 Portable Generator

sportsman gen4000 portable generator

Buffalo tools sportsman is a premium wholesale that produces quality products for both industrial and home use. It offers 4000 Watts with a starting Watts of 3500 while giving an equivalent outlet ranging from 4 to 120 volts. This four-stroke engine automatically shuts down when it runs off of gasoline.

Whenever the tank is full of gas, it can run for 10 hours consistently. Besides, it has a decibel rating of 69 that is of low sound. The compact design is also of 91 lbs in weight thus can be stored and transported in an easy way.


  • Great power output
  • Four-stroke engine
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Good decibel rating of 69


  • None

7. Green-Power America GPG4000W Generator

best 8000 watt generator

Green-Power America has eight-inch solid wheels that help it maneuver easily through different terrains. Its noise level is reduced to 72 dB that makes it ideal for use as a backup power source, construction sites, camping excursions and reliable emergencies.

You need not to worry of the generator going off whenever you start working, all you need to do is fill the 6.6 gallon fuel tank and you will work for up to 11 hours in just a full tank.


  • Reliable 11 working hours with a full tank
  • Four cycles professional engine
  • Comes with a weatherproof cover
  • Easy to maintain and light lithium-ion battery


  • None

8. A-iPower AP4000 Generator

best 5000 watt generator

A-iPower AP4000 is a gasoline-powered generator that starts manually. The power for work and play offers great power at an affordable price. It is ideal for construction sites, recreation like raving and anywhere around your home.

This best 4000 watt generator has an easy to reach control panel that makes it easy to access in a user friendly way. The sturdy engine gives out a great power output that can drive the motor-driven tools easily. An average run time of twelve hours at a 50% load when the 4-gallon fuel tank of steel is full.


  • High performance alternator for great power
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient for raving
  • Manual start with a four-stroke engine


  • None

9. Green-Power America GPD4000

Green-Power America GPD4000

Green-Power America is a 24*17.5*20 inches in dimensions besides being 96 pounds thus great for compact storage and transportation. It tends to work in a quiet mode with low noise levels of up to 72db noise level.

Besides the compact design, it provides great power thus ideal for recreation, emergency power for your home, and also small commercials.

This product can work for up to 12 hours consistently in a full four gallon gas tank at 50% load. With its professional engine, it is focused to produce an innovative, durable and quality performance that can last for long.


  • 8.5 hours run in a full tank
  • Utilizes a manual recoil start
  • Compact storage
  • Efficient in power output


  • Slightly loud

10. Mech Marvels Fuel Portable Power Generator

best generator under 1000

Keep your home activities running even during the power outages with this Mech Marvels dual fuel generator. It is a perfect choice for homeowners, recreational activities and contractors.

For convenience, it can run on either propane or unleaded gasoline. With the four 120V, 12V for battery charging and 120V outlets. This best generator under 1000 can run for 10 hours on a full gasoline tank. Suggested uses include home standby, appliances, camping, job sites or general RV.


  • With the double running Watts, it can run most household appliances
  • Runs on gasoline or propane
  • Can work for ten hours on a gasoline full tank
  • Comes with a regulator hose kit


  • No quality control


Generally, 4000 watts generator powers most appliances in your house in an RV. That includes an air conditioner, lighting circuits, refrigerator and TVs. You can also rely on it for backup power during emergencies.

With all that in mind, we are confident that this is the best budget option that meets all your needs with ease. We have kept all consideration factors in mind and we conclude that selecting any of the best 4000 watt generator will be an added advantage to your home.


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FAQ Of Best 4000 Watt Generator:

How many amps can a 4000-watt generator handle?

Generally, a 4000-watt generator provides 33.3 amps for 120 volts and 16.6 amps for 240 volts. Always check on the owner’s manual for more information about the amp. But, you can also use the following formula to identify the amperage of a generator. That is:Amps= watts/ volts

Meaning, you have to divide the wattage by voltage to find the amps. I.e., 4000/240

Is a 4000-watt generator enough for RV?

Yes. A 4000-watt generator is enough for an RV. And while looking for RV generators, consider one that is powerful but remains quiet while in use. Ideally, it would help if you went for an inverter. In our review, there are both RVs and those that are best for RV.

Ensure you get the necessary set of adapters to connect the RV through 20-30 amp outlets. Generally, go for a generator that meets your needs, and yes, if it isn’t RV ready, get the correct adapters to avoid inconveniences.

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