Top 10 Best Delta Shower Head Reviews

delta windemere shower trim

If you want the best shower experience in your home, then considering the best delta shower head is the best solution. It is a popular hand shower and shower head brand with the best technology, features, and design for your bathroom.

Whether you want a rainfall or handheld showerhead, the Delta is the way to go. We hope that our review and guide provides you with enough details to ease your buying process.

Are Delta shower heads good?

Delta is driven by the quest of discovering smarter ways to experience a d also live with water. Delta showerheads are one in a kind, especially when it comes to technology used and performance.

It uses Touch2O technology that turns the faucet on/ off with just one touch. Additionally, the MagnaTite technology used ensures you get a luxurious shower experience and a diamond valve that increases its durability of use.

Therefore, selecting Delta shower heads is the best decision you can make, and it is worth the investment.

Is Delta better than Kohler?

Delta showerheads have extra spray patterns making cleaning more efficient. More so, it uses advance H2O kinetic that provide three times water coverage. Kohler shower head, on the other hand, has only one spray option, thus making Delta better.

When it comes to price, water-saving and performance, then Delta takes the lead. That is because it uses water kinetic technology designed to create a wave-like motion this energy saving.

Kohler products don’t have lots of fancy features, but it is the most reliable showerhead available. Its design is to resist mineral build-up making it very easy to clean and also resist corrosion.

Ideally, Delta takes the lead in terms of water efficiency, quality of engineering, rich spray patterns and positive reviews making it better than Kohler.

Which is better Moen or delta shower head?

Looking at the two companies, both have impressive quality and performance. Meaning going for any of the brands above will be a good option.

The difference is that Moen showerhead has various range of advanced products in terms of technology. Delta, on the other hand, also offers more durable products and different designed products.

Are Delta shower heads made in the USA?

Established in 1954, Delta is known to be a faucet innovation leader in America. Therefore, Delta shower head is made in the USA, Canada and imported to China. Its name represents everything possible that can work today in plumbing technologies.

What is the best Delta shower head?

1. Delta Faucet Hand Held Shower Head

best Delta shower head

You can choose to experience the best shower with this Delta handheld shower head that gives you great control and flexibility. This best delta shower head is great for you, your pets and your loved ones in showering besides keeping your tub clean.

Due to the innate versatility and stunning gloss of chrome, it has become one of the re-known finishes used in the bathrooms.

In this model, chrome gets paired with bright whites and crisp lines that bring a modern and bold contrast that harmonizes with almost all vintage styles to convey a nostalgic hint.

It would be best if you did not worry of mineral build-ups since the delta soft rub er touch helps to clean the spray holes to give an instant refreshed look without soaking or cleaning with some chemical. The water restarts easily at the temperature you left it.


  • Comes with a soft rubber touch they clean the spray holes with no mineral build-ups
  • Has seven different spray settings for a more excellent experience
  • Using the pause features to reduce the water pressure while maintaining the temperatures
  • It has a 60 inches stretchable hose


  • Its hose is not that reliable.

2. Delta Linden Monitor 14 Series

delta linden monitor 14 series

Get inspired by the strong presence in nature; the linden bath collection comes with unexpected curves and stylish flares.

Its ornate blend of tones gives the Venetian bronze a hand-brushed look that fits most bathrooms; thereby offering a range of smooth contrast to a lighter one that will coordinate well with the darker ones to suit all spaces.

Delta soft rubber touch helps in cleaning the spray holes in an easy way besides the delta pressure balance valves also uses a monitor technology that helps in protecting you and your family from sudden water temperature changes.

This delta linden monitor 14 series also helps you in saving money without a compromise in performance by reducing the water usage with up to 20% less.


  • Has five powerful spray options for a greater experience
  • Single handle design for total shower control
  • No sudden temperature changes
  • Touch clean spray holes for no mineral build-ups


  • Low water pressure

3. Delta Ashlyn 14 Series

Delta Ashlyn 14 Series

With its soft edges, sleek and angular lines, the Ashlyn bath collection brings a modern appeal that attracts a fair price.

The stainless finish gives it am excellent match with all stainless steel and brushed nickel that complements almost all looks.

While other products continually gather mineral build-ups, this delta Ashlyn 14 series has a delta soft rubber touch that cleans the spray holes in an instant look without any chemical requirement.

It also uses the monitor technology to prevent you and your family from the sudden water temperature changes. You will enjoy up to 20% less water usage, thus saving your money without reducing its performance.


  • Powerful and steady full body spray
  • No sudden temperature changes
  • Easy to clean with no mineral build-ups
  • Single handle design to control the shower


  • Good shower head but with water spots galore

4. Delta Faucet 4-Spray Touch Clean In2ition 2-in-1 Dual

delta in2ition 4 spray

This Delta in2ition 4 spray has a detachable hand shower that is usable in a separate or simultaneously with the showerhead.

The dual integrated functionality offers excellent flexibility without losing warmth since you have the option of having water streaming from the showerhead only, handheld shower or both at ago.

While other models can go as far as gathering unsightly mineral build-ups with time, this best delta shower head utilizes the delta soft rubber touch that continuously cleans the spray holes that wipes all mineral residues out.

Its pause setting will give you ample space to shave, lither and perform other shower tasks, and later on restart the shower at the same temperature you left it. Please save your money on the 20% reduced water usage without sacrificing its performance.


  • Steady and robust full body spray
  • Invigorating massaging spray for an ultimate showering experience
  • Unique pause features to conserve water while doing other showering tasks
  • Easy to clean with the touch clean spray holes


  • Wrong hose length

5. Delta 58467 Dual Shower Head

delta 58467

Replacing your shower head with a Delta 58467 shower head is one of the most fundamental, quickest and simplest upgrades you can choose to do for your shower. With a wide range of innovation and style besides its quick installation of fewer than 20 minutes with no-tool requirements.

This detachable handheld shower can be used simultaneously or in a different manner with the showerhead. It also gives maximum flexibility without reducing the warmth since you have the option to choose water streaming from the showerhead only, handheld shower or from both.

The pause settings allow you to perform different shower tasks. You can install this life warranted shower head with enough confidence.


  • Invigorating massage spray for an ultimate showering experience
  • Steady and robust full body spray
  • Maximum flexibility thus good for cleaning at all times
  • Durable and stretchable metal hose


  • Mineral build-up with time


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6. Delta Faucet 52664-SS Raincan Showerhead

delta in2ition shower head

Delta Faucet 52664-SS has a slant pivotal bath collection that improves on its striking addition to your bathroom geometry for an eye-catching look.

Replace your showerhead with this quick and straightforward to upgrade showerhead. It has a wide range of innovation, styles and besides can get installed in less than 20 minutes with no tools.

Worry less of mineral build-ups over time since it utilizes the Delta soft rubber touch the will automatically clean the spray holes without any chemical or absorption requirements. You can also perform other shower tasks by just passing the water flow.


  • It offers a luxurious, full coverage and drenching power
  • Mimics a drenching rainforest shower
  • Comes with five luxurious spray settings
  • Made of an ABS plastic


  • Plastic showerhead

7. Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Hand Held Shower Head

delta intuition shower head review

Delta 75588RB is a two in one shower with a three-way diverter that enables ample usage of the handheld, rain shower or both at the same time. Besides having five functions to offer you excellent showering experience, you will also have a high flow rate of up to 2.5 GPM.

It comes with pause features that can reduce the water flow to a trickle, thereby saving water as you perform other showering tasks. Soft rubber spray holes make this best delta shower head easy to clean with no mineral build-up. It comes with all you may need for its installation thus easy to install.


  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • You can enjoy it’s five functions
  • Its pause option reduces water usage
  • Easy to install


  • Stiff hose

8. Delta In2ition 58480 Dual Hand Held Shower Head

delta in2ition 58480

Delta in2ition 58480 is a detachable hand shower that is used simultaneously or in a different manner with the showerhead. The dual functionality brings about maximum flexibility without losing warmth. An advanced technology that renders up to three times coverage of the standard showerhead.

The result is good coverage with a great experience with exemplary water conservation. Pause settings will give you time to shave and do other showering tasks without changing the water temperatures. The spray settings also conserve water; thus, you should not worry about money wastage.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Stainless steel hose
  • Has five powerful spray settings
  • Unique pause features that help conserve water


  • Leaks with time

9. Delta Windemere Shower Trim

delta windemere shower trim

The delta pressure balance uses the monitor technology that helps you in protecting you and your family members from sudden changes in water temperatures. Its rustic oil rubbed bronze gives you a sophisticated look with a deep combination of warm tones.

The water sense will help you conserve water up to 20% than the standard showerheads; this is an advanced way of saving your money without losing any performance. Do not hesitate on buying this money-saving product that will give you a better showering experience.


  • Easy to wipe touch clean spray holes
  • Powerful and steady full body spray
  • No fear of sudden temperature changes
  • Total control with the single handle design


  • Leaking cartridge after some time

10. Delta Lahara Shower Trim

Delta Lahara Shower Trim

The sleek lines and curved handles of the Lahara bath collection will give you a lasting impression just as the ocean waves. It’s brilliance stainless finish gives a warm undertone that matches brushed nickel, stainless steel due to it’s versatile, and all looks complementing.

It has separate handles for temperature and volume control; thus, the delta lahara shower trim handle provides an excellent and fine showering experience.

You only need to set the water at your desired temperature and turn your shower on or off with the provided volume control handle without any interruptions on the water set temperatures. You can also save your money without reducing performance with up to 20% less water than the standard showers.


  • Easy to clean with a touch clean spray hole
  • Protection from sudden temperature changes
  • Has five powerful spray options
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Does not come in one package with the rough

Why does my delta shower head drip?

Showerheads dripping is one of the most common problems experienced when it comes to faucets. Although there are various reasons as to why your delta showerhead may be leaking, it is also worth it if you try fixing it before calling a plumber.

The most common reason for leaks is clogged showerhead holes. Try the unclogging procedure to find out the real problem. If it doesn’t work, you have to check for other reasons for leaking. It may include

Worn out rubber washer

It can be the main problem inside the showerhead. Meaning, you have to replace the rubber washer. Since you are using a delta faucet, please visit the supplier for the problem to be solved.

Damaged diverter valve

A worn-out diverter valve may also be another problem. Depending on the situation, you can replace or clean it up for it to work again. If it’s malfunctioned, it needs replacement that is Delta parts for best results. If not, the problem will persist, which can be very irritating.


Selecting the best shower head will enhance your quality of life because showering is essential in our day to day lives. Delta products are of high-quality, which also apply to the showerheads. They have extended warranties, high-pressure settings and water savings settings, making it perfect for home use.

The different models’ available design is to meet your needs whether you want one that mimics rain or a high tech powerful, modern handheld showerhead. You will find the best delta shower head of them in our reviews above.


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