Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Food Dehydrators Reviews

VVinRC Commercial Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is among the best kitchen appliances gaining popularity over the years. Their primary purpose is to dry food or dehydrate it by circulating air over the food surface. What makes it better than a conventional oven is that it offers precise temperature control at a low temperature.

If you opt for a food dehydrator, then the best stainless steel food dehydrator is what you need. With various brands in the market today, it isn’t easy to find an outstanding one. Our review gives you enough information, and we hope you find the best.

How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator?

Airflow direction

Dehydrators have two forms of airflow, horizontal and vertical. In horizontal airflow, there is even drying/heating and less-mixing of flavors. On the other hand, vertical airflow has a fan at the top or bottom, allowing the air to flow up and down.

The difference between the two comes vertical flow enables you to rotate the trays, thus increasing drying consistency and efficiency.

Shape of trays

A dehydrator plate can either be circular, square, or rectangular. Square/rectangular plates tend to be with an efficient usage space to accommodate a lot of food. Whichever shape you choose, you should go for one that meets expectations.

Number of trays

A dehydrator can have 4-9 plates, so the decision is yours too on trays’ choice. We recommend nine trays, even if it is for a small family. That is because it will allow you to do more massive batches processing.

Shape of dehydrator

It is an essential factor of consideration, especially when considering space. Cube-shaped dehydrators with removable plates tend to provide you with enough space to handle other things like incubating yogurt and proof bread dough.

Tray material

Material is a vital consideration factor because most inexpensive dehydrators have plastic trays. Others have stainless steel trays. However, even though we are to stay away from plastic, it is not an issue because it uses lower temperatures for dehydrators.

Plastic usage is of more concern when cooking at high temperatures. But please ensure the plastic used is of BPA free material for your health safety.


It is an essential factor of consideration when dealing with temperature control. Dehydrators didn’t have this feature in the past, but today you can opt for one with it to avoid inconveniences. It should have a temperature control range between 95-155 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which Is The Best Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator To Buy?

1. Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill food dehydrator is an elegantly designed appliance that has an alluring design. A drying fan and an air circulation technology comes in this appliance. It is to enhance the circulation of air in the appliance to improve even drying.

A digital thermostat is in the Magic Mill food dehydrator. Meaning that you will be able to regulate the temperature according to your preference. A timer is put on this appliance to enhance the exact timing you need for dehydrating your food.

Once the countdown is complete, this best stainless steel food dehydrator will automatically shut off. Spacious and adjustable food trays are an added feature for this appliance.


  • Has an automatic thermostat
  • Components are dishwasher safe
  • Has the overheat protection mode
  • Has spacious trays


  • Consumes quite a lot of power

2. Magic Mill Food SS2 Dehydrator

best stainless steel food dehydrator

It is another magnificent product from the Magic Mill company. A unique heat distribution capability features on this dehydrator. This feature ensures that your food is dried evenly. This is also enhancing by the airflow circulation mechanism and the rear fans.

Components of this best stainless steel food dehydrator are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. With this dehydrator, you will not need special skills to operate it since it is easy to use. The dehydrator also has spacious shelves, which enable you to store a lot of food.

A digital thermostat that enables you to regulate the temperature of the dehydrator is also featured. This dehydrator can’t overheat since it has the overheat protection feature.


  • Has an overheat protection
  • Fitted with rear fans
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a thermostat

3. Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator

Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator

Cosori appliances are renowned worldwide due to their enhanced performance and quality. This Cosori premium food dehydrator is from California. Six steel trays are fitted on this appliance to increase the food space. It also has a mesh screen where you can see the food being dehydrated.

The stainless steel material used in the manufacturing of this dehydrator enhances its durability level. To use this dehydrator, you don’t require special skills since it is effortless to operate. There are a timer and a temperature regulation feature.

Unlike other dehydrators, which make noise while in operation, the Cosori premium food dehydrator has a very quiet operation. It is also worth noting that this appliance is safe to use due to the overheat protection feature. The six trays on this dehydrator are easy to clean, and they are compatible with a dishwasher.


  • Has a quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Trays are easy to clean
  • Has an overheat protection


  • When hot, your hands may get hurt.

4. VVinRC 10 Layers Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

VVinRC 10 Layers Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

If you are looking for a commercial use dehydrator, then the ten-layer dehydrator is the perfect option to go for. Its particular dehydrator has a large capacity due to the ten trays incorporated. This means that you can dehydrate a large amount of food at once.

This dehydrator has 1000watts of heating power; this means that your food will dehydrate at high speed. There is also a rear airflow circulation technology fitted on the dehydrator. The LED control panel enables you to control the vital aspects of the dehydrator.


  • Easy to clean
  • Has an enhanced durability level
  • Has a high heating power
  • Large food capacity


  • It consumes a lot of power due to the high heating.

5. Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator

This is yet another elegant dehydrator from the Magic Mill company. The only significant difference is that it can be used for commercial purposes. Ten trays have been fitted on this Magic mill commercial food dehydrator. There is a temperature adjusting feature.

The nonstick trays are not only adjustable but also easy to clean. This Magic mill commercial food dehydrator is also easy to use, and this makes it a sought-after product in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Has an enhanced durability level
  • Has the temperature control feature
  • The trays are adjustable.


  • Not durable as expected.


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6. STX Commercial Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

STX Commercial Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

This specific dehydrator has an alluring design. The STX dehydrator can also be described as an extra-large appliance. A 1200 watts heating feature is also included on this dehydrator. A control panel is also featured in this magnificent appliance.

You can also set the duration in which you want your food to dehydrate. Once the timer has reached ”0”, the dehydrator will shut off automatically. This appliance is ETL approved; thus, its efficiency has been approved and accredited.


  • Has a control panel
  • Has a high heating feature
  • Ideal for commercial use


  • Consumes a lot of power

7. VVinRC Commercial Food Dehydrator

VVinRC Commercial Food Dehydrator

This particular dehydrator is designed for commercial purposes. It is fitted with 12 trays making it spacious. An enhanced cooling system is also featured on this dehydrator, enhancing the dehydration process.

The LED control panel enables you to control different aspects of the dehydrator. There are an adjustable timer and temperature control feature.

Stainless steel has been used in the manufacturing of this dehydrator, thus enhancing its durability level. There is a transparent screen where you can monitor your food as it is dehydrating. The trays of this dehydrator are easy to clean, and they are safe to be used in a dishwasher.


  • Has an enhanced durability level
  • Trays are easy to clean


  • Consumes a lot of power

8. NutriChef Countertop Dehydrator

NutriChef Countertop Dehydrator

This Nutrichef countertop dehydrator has temperature control, which enables you to regulate the dehydrating temperature. The six trays fitted on this appliance gives you ample space to dehydrate a lot of food at once.

The operation of this Nutrichef countertop dehydrator is easy; thus, no special skills are required. The display panel comes with the touch-control feature.

High-end circulation technology is also featured in this best stainless steel food dehydrator. This means that your food will be dehydrated evenly. The trays are also easy to wash and dishwasher safe. This appliance also has a quiet operation.


  • Easy to use
  • Trays are dishwasher safe
  • Has a temperature control feature
  • Has a circulation technology


  • None

9. Colzer Food Dehydrator

Colzer Food Dehydrator

It is one of the most sought-after dehydrators in our present market. The Colzer food dehydrator has a large capacity of eight trays. Besides the automatic shutdown feature found on this appliance. There is temperature control.

This Colzer food dehydrator is ideal for both home and commercial uses. The Colzer food dehydrator also has a silent operation.


  • Has a quiet operation
  • Has a temperature control feature
  • Safe to use


  • May be difficult to clean

10. ChefWave Food Dehydrator

ChefWave Food Dehydrator

Being a commercial dehydrator, it comes with ten trays. It is user-friendly and simple to operate. The digital control panel is also easy to use. There is a viewing screen where you can monitor your food as it is dehydrating.

Upon purchase, you get a one-year warranty. This Chefwave food dehydrator comes packed with all its tools and accessories.


  • Easy to use
  • Has a one-year warranty upon purchase
  • Comes with all its accessories


  • May malfunction easily

What Can a Food Dehydrator Do?

A food dehydrator consists of multiple tray space and other unique features. That means it can also dehydrate a variety of food types. You can dehydrate most food apart from high-fat content items and dairy products. Below are some of the foods to dehydrate.


You can drive fruits through slicing or blending. Sliced fruits are perfect for snacks, while blended fruits are perfect for snacks or pudding.


Dehydration of vegetables depends on your rehydrating methods. If you eat them raw, it’s not a must to cook before drying. Others may want to cook all vegetables first.

The overall best method is steaming before drying, Or you can opt for frozen vegetables. However, do not dehydrate onions, as it can make your house smelly.

Meat and seafood

A dehydrator can also dehydrate meat and seafood, although they are stickier than vegetables and fruits. They have to be heated at a higher level to kill bacteria and rehydrate properly. Consider canned tuna, imitation crab, cooked shrimp, canned chicken, deli meat, and ground beef.

A dehydrator can also dehydrate sauces and meals, legumes, pasta, grains, and even dehydrating dried foods.

Can You Leave A Food Dehydrator On Overnight?

Yes, you absolutely can! Food dehydrators need long amounts of time to actually do their job and dehydrate the food. So they are designed to stay on for 24 hours, if needed, so they can accomplish their intended purpose. Keep in mind it also depends on what you are dehydrating at the time.

For example, meats and herbs will need a much longer time frame than fruit would to dehydrate. Although there are always certain risks when it comes to leaving any electrical powered appliance running overnight or unattended.

It is very unlikely that anything will happen while leaving your dehydrator on overnight. These amazing machines are designed with your safety in mind. And are made to be safe, convenient alternatives for at home use.

Of course, as with all appliances and machinery, make sure you check all safety information and recall information on your product. Also, you want always make sure your device is being used in a safe space and is being used for its intended use.

Keep your dehydrator away from anything that could easily catch on fire and make sure the outlets are clear of debris and trash. And avoid placing your dehydrator near water or where it could get to wet or to hot.

Make sure to also check out the device’s warranty and replacement options, should anything actually happen with your dehydrator. Better to be safe then sorry.

Does Food Dehydrator Use A Lot Of Electricity?

This is a common question and concern about the use of a dehydrator. They take so much time to do their job, they have to use a lot of electricity too, right? Actually, that is false. The great thing about our day and age is technology has grown so much.

The world has become more self aware about things like saving energy and making safe, efficient products at the same time. People want to save money. People also crave convenience.

Luckily, most appliances now, including food dehydrators, take way less energy and electricity to run. The great thing about dehydrators compared to larger appliances like your stove, is it will save you a considerable amount of money on energy use in the long run.

To break it down a bit, appliances require electricity to run. The electricity is measured in kilowatts, or kilowatt hours. Which is how many kilowatts are used in an hour. The formula to figure your numbers looks like this: kilowatt hours (kWh) = watts of appliance X time in hours / 1,000.

So to figure your cost on using a specific device you can use this formula: Cost to run dehydrator = kWh X cost per kWh.

Usually these smaller devices will have a smaller energy usage, making them cheaper to run even at longer intervals. Of course, different models of dehydrators as well as different sizes need to be considered as well.

Make sure to read over your appliance manuals and specifications to understand how much wattage the device has and how it runs.

At some point in our lives, all of us have tried dehydrated foods such as chips, granola bars, dried fruits and beef jerkies. In the same breath most of us are unaware of how the process of dehydrating foods works. By doing a google search you may stumble across multiple dehydrators.

But, the question that lies to be answered is, ‘how does the best stainless steel food dehydrator work?’ In this post we give a breakdown of how the process works as well as some foods you can dehydrate.

How Does The Best Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Work?

A dehydrator is an electrical appliance that sucks up the moisture of whatever you put inside it. The best stainless steel food dehydrator consists of vents, fans, heating elements and trays.

The heating element of the unit raises the temperature, while the fan circulates that heated air as it removes moistures from whatever kind of food that you put in its trays. It’s important to note that units come with a temperature scale that you adjust, based on the types of food that you put in it.

Dehydration process

The dehydration process is broken down into two processes. The first of which consist of heat and the second is to circulate that heat. The heat from the dehydrator helps to pull the moisture out of food. It is able to do this by applying low temperatures as well as long cooking times.

This is regarded as being the ultimate dehydration process, because its low heat and long cooking times allow you to preserve the flavors and nutrients of the food you put inside it.

In addition to the fact that you can make delicious dehydrated treats with a dehydrator, it also works well to preserve the food that you place inside it.

This is because the heating feature of dehydrators allows you to remove compounds from inside the food which helps to keep mold, yeasts and bacteria from being able to grow. This is because, like all living things, it needs water or moisture to survive.

For example, bananas typically last for a week at most before they go bad. However, by placing bananas in a dehydrator it can make that same banana last for months. The same thing can be said about herbs and spices. High moisture content can cause them to attract bacteria and mold.

However, a dehydrator will enable you to preserve your herbs and spices and lengthen their lives by months and years.

Air Circulation

The second process that occurs in a dehydrator is the circulation of heated air. While it may be true that the heating element plays a big role in dehydrators, it is not the only process that occurs.

This is because as the heat removes moisture from the food you place in the unit, that moist air just hangs around within the machine. This can be reabsorbed by the very same thing you are trying to dehydrate.

This is where air circulation comes in. Each unit has a heating feature and an air circulation feature which allows units to push moist air out of the unit as the heating elements work on pulling moisture from the food.

Common Foods You can Dehydrate

Some of the most common types of foods you can use in a dehydrator include:

  • Asparagus
  • Eggplant
  • Tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Pineapple


Dehydrators are not expensive to run, which means it is a perfect additional kitchen appliance. Observing all the detailed information and manufacturers’ manual is the way to go. The ideal theory of use for this best stainless steel food dehydrator is food type and temperature.

We believe our article has given you all the information needed. We hope that the choice you make will not disappoint you.


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FAQ Of Best Stainless Steel Food Dehydrators:

Is Food Dehydrator Worth It?

Food dehydrators are cheaper and also the easiest way to make your dried vegetables and fruits at home. They are worth it not only in terms of price but also health benefits. Buying it can be a perfect addition to your kitchen needs, but is it a must-have?

At first, dehydrators are not that attractive and are also bulky looking. However, their size tells a different story. It means they can dry a lot of food and ingredients at a go. Even though they consume more power if used for long hours, dehydrators are worth every penny.

For instance, we all know how expensive it is to spend on a shop-bought version of dried fruits. Approximating the cost, having a personal dehydrator helps save a lot. Even though it won’t produce the same dry fruit as the one sold in shops, it will save you money in the long run.

How Long Does It Take For a Food Dehydrator?

The time food takes to dehydrate depends on various variables; therefore, there is no specific answer. Dehydration is the food temperature you want to use in drying, the type of food, size of the pieces, the desired texture, and the surrounding environment.

For instance, a dehydrator takes a few hours if it’s drying leafy vegetables and drying herbs, while meat products may take 24 hours or even more. As a new user, you can go through the dehydrator manual for more information about temperatures and dehydrating time to avoid inconveniences.

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