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Luna Lamps

Did you know you can make moonlight yourself at home? It’s great if you could do it. Right? A Luna lamp brings the experience of the moon into your home. The luna lamp is a glass fiber ball shielded with non-toxic latex. Now you can create the brilliant spectacle of moon light with a luna lamp.

A luna lamp can bring good ambiance thanks to its design. You can use it as the lamp that illuminates the reading room that you love so much.

Not only does it make your home beautiful, but also enhances the overall well-being of all. You can make your moon colorful as you like with few built-in features. You can choose the color – bright while or warm yellow

It was made by Acorn Studio (Taipei City, Taiwan), ( is a design company) in 2015. Today, you can get them in diverse designs and sizes from different manufacturers. Today, they have become quite popular for home lighting.

The Lunas were equipped with LED when they originally came. The LED were kept inside the fiber gall structures. and the ones economically priced are 3-d printed and made with eco-friendly materials. you can buy one to illuminate your home.

1. 7.1 INCHS CPLA Lighting Light

Luna Lamps

What I Like

7.1INCHS CPLA Lighting Light comes is made to be compatible with 3d printing technology and brings the real appearance of the moon live. The moon symbolizes well-being brining you good luck and happiness. The touch control memory enables to set the amount of lihgt you wash – bright or dim.

The built-in rechargeable battery enables 4 to 20 hour illumination. We use just for fours a day. Therefore, once charges it’ll last five days. We’re planning t give it as a birthday gift because it is great to use as a gift article. It’s energy efficient and creates comfortable light.

It can be best used as a soft nursery light. The lamp is energy efficient and can create quality and comfortable light consistently.

Adjustable color of the light can be made between cool white and warm yellow so a healthy sleep environment for all could be created.

What I Don’t Like

The stand is not that good. Made of very soft pine wood, it has two staples.

The electronics should be upgraded. Because of low quality electronics, it is working for just a few days. The price is prohibitive. Similar proudcts are available at lower prices.


  • Great for home furnishing
  • Variety of brightness and color


  • There is no charger provided with the package

2. LOGROTATE Luna Lamps

luna ball light

What I like

With a diameter of 5.9 inches – 15 cam, created using 3d printing technology,

LOGROTATE Moon Lamp offers a realistic full moon appearance and makes the home charming. The 16 color RGB can flash or fade a wide nage of decorative lights.

It’s the best option as a decorative item for occasions such, birthday celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, kids’ bedroom, the dining room, living room and elsewhere.

The remote control enables you to change in color and the brightness of the light emitted. We are happy because we can choose any color at any moment. Changing color is almost effortless.

The Lam has been made as per the FDA approved norms. It is environmentally safe and nontoxic. You don’t have to feel heavy by your heart if you are using this lamp as you are not polluting the environment anyway.

The lamp comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

It’s convenient. You can even hold it in your hand.

What I Don’t Like

The color lights don’t work properly. Maybe because of the low quality LEDs. there is no difference between flash colors and smooth functionality.

Sometimes the remote fails work. The size and look are too small. Whether it our kid’s reading room, the living room, the size of the light ought to be bigger than the available size.


  • A variety of colors – making the home more beautiful
  • Easily rechargeable battery
  • Durable material
  • Affordable price


  • Small size

3. Seamless LED Lunar Lamp

lunar light lamp

What I Like

This luna lamp gives a seamless mon lam with a diameter of 7.1

inch with 3dprinting technology enabled and gives as the realistic shape of moon as possible and feels as if you have brought your home the moon.

It gives 2700 k warm white light and 4000 k neutral while illumination and has short touch switch on/off. It will among the best options as a gaft on any special occasion. Kids cannot resist accepting it.

It’s reliable and safe and reliable thanks to the USB of low voltage and charging. The efficiency is also high because of the LED light blue lamp keeps cool even if you use it for a long time. It is environmentally safe and therefore safe for kids and babies.

You get a money back guarantee with 100% refund during 90 days from the date of purchase.

What I Don’t Like

The size looks smaller and therefore may not give a good amount of illumination when you use it for large room. Further, there is a charger provided with the set.

You cannot run when it is charging. Therefore, you must plug in for charging every morning. The touch sensor does not work properly. Don’t waste money.


  • Adjustable light in diverse colors
  • Looks aesthetic


  • Small in size
  • No charger is provided

4. HaloVa Night 3D Printing Luna Lamp

luna night light

What I Like

HaloVa Night illuminates your home with the best sort of light. Made of eco-friendly material PVC, and 3d material, the moonlight does not cause any odor or any toxic effect on kids, babies, and pets.

The 3d material and the PVC material are ecologically safe. The 3d printing tech Aesthetically beautiful.

Brightness can be adjusted (layer by layer)

Aesthetically beautiful.

Brightness can be adjusted.

Stack by stack ensures the real shape of the moon. You can adjust the brightness of the light. It is a great gift for decorating your home.

The lunar light can exactly produce the perfect surface of the moon. the light looks like a real moon in or home or room. You will great post-sale service.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty. You are not happy with the product, you could contact the company. You need to contact them during the first 90 days from the date of purchase. the company intends to offer the

What I Don’t Like

There is no charger provided with the package. The light is not that bright as claimed. If you wish to change color from orange to white light,

Once charged, you are not sure how long it will last. Further, it does not carry how to use instruction. when you put it for charging it is flickering. Wish I didn’t buy it.

5. AMZLIFE 3D Printing LED Luna Lamp

luna globe light

What I Like

The luna light uses most developed 3dprinting technology. This helps present a real appearance of the moon. The touch control, brightness adjustment enables choosing the color to enhance the beauty of your home by setting colors as you like.

The luna lamp is available in 3000 K and 6000 K. You can recharge the lamp by connected with a USB connecting cable. Once you recharge the lamp fully, it will give 12 hours with low brightness and takes four hours full brightness.

The luna lamp has a special material finish on the external surface of the lamp. This makes the light emitted from the lam safe.

It is neither too dark or nor excessively bright. Therefore, the lamps are adjustable for the decoration of your courtyard, pathways, dinner table and parties. It can create a great experience.

The company offers quality customer service – after-sales service. If you have any query you may ask Amazon.

What I Don’t Like

The luna lamp is priced high as compared to certain other designs. Further, You will not get a separate charger for the lamp. You will get a connecting USB cable. As for design, it looks fine. When it comes to plugging in charging, it does not work.

There is no customer service to check out. As you keep on using, the battery comes worse in performance. The touch control system is working erratically. The lamp is not working as soon as I turn it on.

I have to struggle for a few minutes to turn it on. Also, the product looks expensive given its low functionality. The lamp looks too bright.


  • Gives a more realistic representation of the moon thanks to the use of 3d technology
  • The brightness can be used to suit your vision.


  • Pricey


Luna lamp, is thus an important product to enhance the look of your home. It’s also a good item for decorating the home with lights. While buying a lamp the important factors that your must consider include why you’re going to buy it, where to keep it, the ease of use, safety to kids.

You must research well. Check if customer care service is offered for the lamp. That is important. In the event of any hitches that you experience in your product, they can be fixed by taking the help of customer care to get the issue fixed. By this, you will get worth your money and effort.


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