A Guide To Finding The Best Light For Applying Makeup

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Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that the absolute best light for applying makeup is natural light. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to use natural light.

Your bathroom may not have any windows or you may have to be up and out the door before it even gets light outside.

The good news is, even if you can’t take advantage of natural light, you can still create the same effect by investing in the right desk lamp for applying makeup.

Overhead lighting is one of the worst options for applying makeup. When your lighting source is placed higher than your face, it creates a lot of shadows underneath your eyebrows, under your eyes, and around your nose.

This can make it far more tempting to go overboard with your makeup, causing you to apply far more makeup than you actually need.

best light for applying makeup

Instead of relying on overhead lighting, you should look for the best light for applying makeup that you can use to evenly light your face from straight on. Ideally, you should purchase two identical desk lamps and position them on either side of your face.

The brightest part of the light from each lamp should be right about at eye level. This helps ensure that both sides of your face are lit evenly and that there are no intense shadows on your face.

To make the lighting even better, choose daylight bulbs for the lamps. These bulbs are designed to look as much like natural light as they can.

As a result, the colors of makeup that you choose will look the same when you put them on in your bathroom as they will when you walk outside into natural daylight.

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Once you buy your lamps and get them properly positioned, do a test run with your makeup. Apply your makeup so that it looks fantastic in your bathroom. Then, walk outside with a handheld mirror.

Look at your face in the daylight to make sure that your makeup looks as good outdoors in natural light as it did in your bathroom. If not, make any necessary adjustments to your lighting set up to compensate.

For instance, if you find that you have far too much concealer under your eyes when you step outside, it could be because the lamps are at the wrong height and are creating excess shadows underneath your eyes.

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Choosing the best light for applying makeup is not an easy task. However, it is definitely something that is worthwhile to do.

Once you get the lighting in your bathroom set up correctly, you can rest easy knowing that your makeup will look absolutely beautiful every time that you apply it.

You don’t have to worry about your face looking different outside than it does when you first put your makeup on. That can give you the peace of mind necessary to get through your day with confidence.

When you know you look your best, you can focus on living your life to the fullest instead of on worrying about whether or not your makeup looks okay.


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