Best Backpack Diaper Bags Reviews

When you have decided the time has come to go out with your little bundle of joy, diaper bags are essential.

However, you may be planning a day out or you may be planning a vacation, this is when the best backpack diaper bag becomes far more convenient.

In addition, fathers won`t mind carrying one of these bags around as opposed to traditional diaper bags.

Best Backpack Diaper Bags

The other great feature of the best backpack diaper bag would be their excellent capacity features, especially if you happen to have twins or children that are close in age.

One of the biggest advantages of these bags is that you won`t have to put the bag down in a public area that may be unsanitary while changing your baby.

You will also have both your hands free which can be a lifesaver in various situations when away from home.

These bags may not be described as chic and cute compared too many of the designer bags available on the markets.

But when choosing a backpack you are probably the type of parent that has more of an interest in the functionality part of the bag compared to the actual appearance. This is when the backpack really outshines its competition.

Top Reasons To Love The Backpack Diaper Bag

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack

Over and above the size and the hands free option, these bags are also excellent as they are far easier when it comes to organizing. The traditional and diaper bags can often tend to become disorganized and can pose problems when out and about.

Some of these bags may have a couple of pockets that you are able to store items in, but by the end of the day these bags usually end up in a mess.

One of the main advantages of the best backpack diaper bag will be that they typically have various sized zipped up pockets that help to keep all your items separated.

This can mean that you no longer have clean and dirty clothes, keys and snacks all combined into one messy ball.

Perhaps one of the most sought after benefits of the backpack diaper bag would have to be that dad will no longer have an excuse as to why he won`t carry the diaper bag around.

These types of diaper bags are ideal for dads. The majority of fathers are known for avoiding having to carry around the traditional diaper bag, especially the types that feature floral designs.

But when it comes to the best backpack diaper bag, dads no longer have an excuse. When investing in a good diaper bag, they generally come in the unisex option.

In addition, because these bags are larger and have more weight, dads are more prone to carry the bag around to help mom out.

HaloVa Waterproof Travel Backpack

Best backpack diaper bags are incredibly durable and are well known to last for a long time. Unlike the typical diaper bags, parents find that they are able to get much more use out of the bag well after its intended use as a diaper bag.

Finally, these backpack styled bags are ideal for a mom or dad that has a bad-back. Unlike the traditional messenger or diaper bags, the backpacks distribute the weight of the contents in the bag over both shoulders.

It is advisable to still carry as light as possible and this bag will be far easier on the area of the back.

The Disadvantages Of The Backpack Diaper Bags

One of the downsides associated with the backpack is that it is not an easy task to get items out of the bag. The mom or the dad will need to take the pack off their back before they can unzip it to retrieve items.

When compared to the convenience of the messenger or traditional diaper bags, many say this is a small issue to overcome.

Popular Backpack Diaper Bags

The Skip Hop FORMA Backpack

Skip Hop Forma Backpack

This bag comes in various colors, but it is advisable to invest in the black one so that dad won`t mind carrying the bag around. The bag features plenty of space with 8 convenient pockets to put all your different baby items into.

This bag features stroller clips that allow you to conveniently attach the backpack to the handles on a stroller.

However, it is advisable to check on the manual that comes with the stroller as a few advise that nothing should be hung from these handles according to safety reasons.

This particular backpack also features 2 storage cubes and one is insulated to keep water, bottles, food and snacks. The other cube features mesh and is ideal for clothes or any other items that do not need to be kept cool.

Lekebaby Diaper Bag Backpack for Mom

Both of these convenient cubes can be easily accessed from the front side of this backpack, which means the mom or dad does not need to search for items and all this can be done using one hand which is a fantastic convenience factor.

The outside of the backpack features 2 pockets for bottles. Both these pockets are insulated and are designed to hold cans or the standard size baby bottle.

This backpack bag has enough room to fit a changing pad and even a laptop for parents who like to travel. The bag is designed to hold just about every item a parent may need in the day out with their baby.


The best diaper backpack bags are designed for parents or people that prefer not to have to carry around an additional handbag or purse. Most parents agree that having their hands free is a great convenience factor when you have a baby or toddler in your arms.

There are many other best backpack diaper bags on the market that range in price and design. The backpack can be used for just about any outing and becomes a necessity when having to travel by plane.

The added space and various pockets make these bags a real pleasure for parents who have a baby or toddler.


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