Top 5 Warm Light LED Bulbs Reviews

warm light bulbs

1. Philips BR40 LED Dimmable Soft White Light Bulb

warm light led bulbs

What I Like

Philips did a commendable job in ensuring you never stumble in the dark again. What impressed me most was the energy efficiency.

How thoughtful of the manufacturer to ensure that the bulbs use up 80% less energy than your ordinary 65W incandescent bulbs.

The bulbs are energy star certified so you won’t have to pay extra electricity bills. Additionally, the package comes with, not one but six LED soft white light bulbs. This means that you have one for every room in your home or workplace.

The high CRI (Color Rendering Index) with 2700-2200 Kelvins lends to a vivid and crisp glow and ensures you get down to the finest of details.

And not just that, the white light bulb fits into all E26 medium screw bases which are the regular size for most home light bulb screw bases.

What I Don’t Like

I noticed some flaws as far as these warm light LED bulbs to go. The price is a notable downside, these Philips BR40 6 pack dimmable warm light bulbs aren’t cheap but quality products in the market seldom are.

To add on that, the color rendition, which is the measure of light quality compared to sunlight is also noticeably low.


  • The long lifetime of about 25000 hours and 20 years.
  • Smooth dimming ensures the warm light LED bulbs to consume less energy and extends their lifetime besides reducing eye strain and adding to versatility and flexibility.
  • In addition to that, the bulbs are Mercury free and lack any hazardous waste and UV emissions making them safe for you and your family.
  • The manufacturer covers the bulbs with a 3-year warranty.
  • Lastly, the bulb relies on a 120V power supply to function which is the standard for most residential areas.


  • The Philips BR40 warm light LED bulbs are incompatible with Philips HUE products. This limits their use.
  • In closing, these modelsare higher priced than most of their competition.

2. Sunco Lighting BR40 10-pack Warm LED Bulbs

warm led lights

What I Like

Sunco has managed to meet and far exceed the expectation of its audience with this set of ten 50W warm light LED bulbs.

The 3000K and 550lumen bulbs flawlessly deliver a warm, captivating sun-like glow that will cover your entire scope without any flicker.

If you are on a budget, you will be delighted to know that the bulbs are up to 80% energy efficient. This will save you tons of electricity bills.

Another functional feature worth mentioning is the smooth dimming that not only changes the visual appearance to suit your demands but also allows for a wide array of applications and saves energy.

Furthermore, you need not more than the 10 pieces to care for all the rooms in your home or office.

What I Don’t Like

I was disappointed that you cannot use these bulbs outdoors because they are easily damaged by water and other elements. More than that,the dimming is not as uniform.

The light output does not whiten steadily as you brighten the light making it difficult to quite achieve the exact setting you desire.

Along with that, the buzzing noise these lights produce may be low, but it can still be annoying if you are sharp-eared.


  • The company trusts in its workmanship and stand by these products with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is Energy Star and UL certified meaning low energy consumption and reduced power bills.
  • The Sunco lighting warm light LED bulbs are moderately priced and easy to afford.
  • What’s more, the bulbs are fitted with E26 bases which are the size you are most likely to find in your home or office.


  • You have to wait for a few seconds after powering on the bulbs to get the light.
  • The bulbs produce a noticeable faint buzz when on which can be disturbing in quiet offices, bedrooms or study rooms.

3. LUXON Edison Antique Style Dimmable Amber Warm Bulb

warm light bulbs

What I Like

The LUXON Edison Antique Vintage Style warm light LED bulbs will make a statement in any setup and add an enticing accent to the décor in your home or office. They are as good looking as they are functional.

The manufacturer was fair to include 6 bulbs in the pack to ensure that each of your rooms is cared for. With the smooth dimming function, you will enjoy customizing the light intensity of the vintage light.

For your bedroom, for example, you can decide to tune it down to dim soothing light that will drag you into observation and draw you into sleep.

The price is a major selling point, at less than half the price of conventional warm light LED lights, you get to add an elegant touch to your home and delight your guests with the 6 traditional retro style bulbs.

What I Don’t Like

One drawback you won’t go without noticing is yellow light which may not be your best shot if you intend to use these warm light LED bulbs in office or study. The amber light is irritating to your eyes when stared at for long.


  • The bulbs fit into all E26 and E27 bases which should be the standard size in your home.
  • LUXON cares about customer satisfaction and offers a 1-year warranty and 24-hour customer support.
  • The warm light LED bulbs use a Gold filament that can stand to over 50000 hours of use for 45 years.
  • It is silent with no mercury or UV and IR radiations meaning it is safe for use. Expect absolutely zero heat emissions thanks to cold luminescence technology.


  • The amber light is not suitable for study rooms and paperwork.


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4. SHINE HAI Candelabra Dimmable Warm Light LED Bulbs

warm led bulbs

What I Like

Do you want something decorative that will add a special charm to your home interior while set an ambient mood? Then here you go. As an Up and coming company, shine Hai did a laudable job making these dimmable warm light LED bulbs.

They work amazingly well for chandeliers, table lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights and won’t go unnoticed in any setup, thanks to the attractive design.

Each bulb will complement your unique home interior while bringing some inspiration to the house.

The 12 bulbs in the set are more than enough for all the rooms you intend to light. Like you’d wish, the bulbs are all dimmable, this adds to energy efficiency and makes them more versatile and multi-functional.

The 2700K with 400 lumens ensures the light is bright enough to match your needs without making you turn your face the other way.

What I Don’t Like

I am yet to figure out why the manufacturer opted for E12 base sockets for the INE HAI Candelabra Dimmable Warm Light LED Bulbs.

These sockets are not so common in homes and may demand that you replace what you have in your home at an extra cost.


  • Shine Hai backs these warm light LED bulbs with a 2-year warranty.
  • Long-lived a lifetime of over 25000 hours saves you the cost of replacing your bulbs frequently.
  • Up to 90% energy efficiency significantly cuts the power bill and saves you money.
  • The bulbs are safe with no mercury, UV radiations and zero noise levels.


  • The E12 sockets are not common in most homes and may force you to spend extra and purchase the socket.

5. Hyperikon A19 Dimmable Warm light LED Bulbs

warm light

What I Like

Hyperikon made these dimmable warm light LED lights to please and captivate users while also adding some sense of style to the setting. Just like other premium quality in its class, the warm light LED bulbs in this set are dimmable.

This saves energy and ensures that you have just the right amount of light you need. Additionally, the bulbs are Energy Star certified so you shouldn’t worry about increased electricity bills.

With 6 bulbs in the set, you won’t have to spend any extra bucks any time soon to purchase a replacement. Furthermore, CRI93+ tech and 2700K, expect bright and crisp illumination. The manufacturer promises a prolonged lifetime of up to 25000 hours.

What I Don’t Like

We can’t fail to mention that the Hyperikon A19 Dimmable Warm light LED Bulbs produce low key buzzing sounds that can be annoying and disturbing.


  • The warm light LED bulbs are covered with a 5-year unlimited warranty from the maker.
  • Each bulb is energy star certified and UL Listed making it safe and economical.
  • The bulbs fit into all E26 sockets which are most likely what you have in your home.


  • I noticed buzzing sounds during use.


A good warm light led bulbs doesn’t guarantee security, of course, but a bright and glaring glow means you get to see every corner of your house.

Each of the Warm light LED bulbs we have discussed will give bright warm light that will promote harmony within the family, drive away negative energy, and bring good fortunes. Just choose the most suitable for your case and you will surely thank me later.


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