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Top 3 Best Led Downlights For Kitchen

Best led downLights for kitchen providing Aesthetic Visual Appeal.Recessed down lighting for areas such as kitchen, dining rooms, living rooms and various other house areas help in decoration and dimmable illumination for aesthetic interiors. For if you’re feeling weary for using protruding conventional light bulbs on sloped ceiling, it would be better to consider replacement for old fashioned lamps to these LED downlights.

With this new type of lighting technology you get much longer time, higher efficiency and output, low carbon emissions, quick response and much better ability to render colors. Let’s have a look at the best LED downlights for kitchen and what benefits you avail with each of these.

1.Hyperikon 4 Inch LED Recessed Lighting

best led downlights for kitchen

These are among the best LED downlights for kitchen and are great additions for different spaces such as for kitchen remodeling, bathroom ceilings, living room and bedroom. The downlight is embedded fixture for lighting that helps in saving more space while embellishing any areas for interiors.

In case you require bulk recessed lights for remodeling of your kitchen space or living room and wish to avail further discounts for the same, the product would suit well for your requirements. The product is available with 13 watt LED of 12 Pack, generating 830 lumens (64 lm/W).

The product is certified by “ENERGY STAR” product for saving more than 90% of the total energy. This is possible because of LED retrofits 13 watt halogen of 60W capacity.

As this is 9W LED (4 pack), it can easily retrofit 65W conventional lamps and hence more than 86% of the energy can easily be saved.

This is available with 3 options for colors namely 2700K (warm white), 3000K (soft white) and 4000K (daylight), and also user-friendly DIMMER, which would easily help in tweaking light intensity from a minimum of 20% to 100%.

One more good thing about this recessed light is that it is easily able to utilize LED as the primary source of light, so that it easily saves energy, and does have higher CRI to get “true color” experience.

According to manufacturer claim, more than $100 to $200 can be reduced. Being similar to previous products such lamp is easily dimmable through the use of LED dimmers.

Further for superior performance, these down lights are easily able to make use of highly advanced anti-flicker LED technology for guaranteeing supreme comfort for the eye.


Great Design – Recessed lights can fit well perfectly to ceiling. With elegant designs you get a lot of fun
Saves a lot more on energy as it only consumes around $3 to 6 annually upon turning 3 hours in a day
Simple installation with all necessary steps provided in package
The CRI 94 brings real colors to life and you would be amazed to see artwork while switching on these down lights
Provides a total of 35000 hour operating lifespan annually with daily 8 hour use


A buzzing sound is frequently produced while dimming light which can be an annoying issu


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2.Sunco Lighting 12 Packs 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight

best downlights for kitchen

The best led downlights for kitchen product is quite similar to the most demanded products from Hyperikon and the package consists of a total of 12 recessed lights. However, the total power is quite large and 12W for producing 965 lumens. The available size to select is 5/6 inch, along with 2700K (warm light) color temperature, 4000K or 5000K.

The recessed lighting can support majority LED dimmers that can be available in market. As it is able to use LED technology, this is ballast free and also saves on installation time.

The perspective of energy saving is 90% and it gets saved after replacement of your typical lamps to LED ones. When comparing it with lights from first can, Lighting from Sunco provides better ability for dimming (of around 10 to 100%).

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The product produces bright light and saves 90% of energy
The total life span of the product is more than 35000 hours
Has a warranty of 5 years
Is free from any hazardous agent like mercury and lead
Provides accurate values for color temperature
These are non-flickering kitchen lights


A little gap is present between recessed down light and ceiling, which is only limitation for the product
The downside here is that a few sets are available with deformed springs for loading

3.Sunco Lighting 10 Pack 4 Inch LED Recessed Down light

best led downlights

The product comes under the most top rated products meant for E26 base adapter installation and can easily fit well with 4” metal cans ideal to get retro-fit installation.

You can easily conserve energy: Through the use of LED recessed lighting of SUNCO you can easily reduce the overall energy with the use of more than 90%. With the improvement of energy efficiency it reduces any emissions that lead to global warming contribution, mercury contamination in acid rain, nuclear waste and rain.

Energy saving is possible with super bright light leading to low electricity costs: 11W (40W Halogen Equivalency), Lasts for more than37 years, and also you can save $123 with each lamp.

The product is UL listed and meets all essential regulation requirements. UL certification indicates superior product quality for passing a lot of tests before being approved.


The 4” 11 watt down light module is meant for both retrofit and new construction.
The CRI rating is highest in market in the product… The CRI (color rendering index) is scale from 0 to 100 percent and indicates how accurate the provided light source would be at rendering colors when comparing to “reference” light source. With higher CRI, with better color you get better rendering ability with more realistic appearance.
The product can be easily installed in a lot of standard recessed four inch housings, like IC and non-IC units.
The unit can simply generate cool light with inbuilt LEDs offering natural white color and higher savings on energy.
LED retrofit dimmable module works well with major LED dimmers and incandescent dimmers as well.


Can delay a little bit while turning on
Flickering can be a problem for some

Similar to other technologies, all thee lighting products constantly get a lot of updates and few of all these products will get superseded through better product versions. These products look great and do their job quite well and smooth. Before making a purchase it’s better to make sure that these best LED downlights for kitchen comply well with your requirements.


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