5 Features Of The Best Reading Light For Eyes

best led reading light

When it comes to finding a best reading light for eyes, there are many different features that you need to take into account. With that in mind, presented below are five key features that you need to take into account before purchasing your next best reading light for eyes:

1. Energy Use

best reading light for eyes

You might not think that the amount of energy that a lamp uses is important, but in reality, some lamps actually cost more to run each year than they do to purchase when they are used on a regular basis.

That fact alone should be food for thought and should cause you to take a look at the wattage rating of any lamp before making your next purchase.

2. Blue Light Filtering Properties


Blue light is responsible for the disruption of human sleep patterns. Consequently, if you plan to use a lamp to read late at night before you go to sleep, it would be beneficial for you to look for a lamp that has blue light filtering properties.

Otherwise, you could find yourself suffering from unnecessarily disturbed sleep patterns and potential insomnia.

3. Dimmability

best led reading light

After the sun has set, the ability to dim a lamp to a comfortable brightness setting is a feature that should never be overrated. Unfortunately, too many reading lamps in the marketplace today come with the limited functionality of a simple an on/off switch.

4. Sourcing Replacement Bulbs


The ability to source replacement bulbs should be of great importance when you are purchasing a new the best reading lamp, unless, of course, you are purchasing a modern LED lamp.

The sad reality is that too many lamp manufacturers are selling lamps that require replacement bulbs that are no longer available in the marketplace. In order to future-proof your purchase, you might want to consider buying 3-5 replacement bulbs at the same time as you purchase your best reading light for your eyes.

5. Ability To Redirect The Angle Of Light

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Anybody who works on a desktop or laptop knows how annoying it can be to have to put up with intense light glare or seeing the reflection of a lightbulb on the screen.

Fortunately, the best reading light for eyes come with flexible necks, so that users can redirect the light rays to a position that brings the most comfort. So, how does this impact readers? Well, more and more people are choosing to read books in their digital form, making screen reflections a real issue.

What’s more, the fact is that many books are printed on glossy paper, which can reflect light into the eyes and cause unbearable pain unless the angle of the light can be adjusted by the user.

In this article, we have briefly discussed five features of the best desk lamps for reading. Hopefully, you have found some of the information presented in this article insightful and will put it into practice when you purchase your next reading lamp.

Always remember that you are the consumer and you can demand the best. Also, keep in mind that you only get one set of eyes and it is your responsibility to protect them.

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