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Kawai piano price by ES100

Any musician who plays the keyboard has times when they need to produce some music in a limited space. It is during these times that “Kawai piano price” could be the best piece of reading they have ever come across.

This range of keyboards is far fewer space gobblers than large grand pianos and organs. In most instances, these digital keyboards are able to mimic similar sounds like that of their larger, permanent counterparts.

1. Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller

Kawai piano price by VPC1

This keyboard has 88 keys is able to interface with other devices that have a USB port. It includes a beautiful set of wooden keys, which is used to produce sound using graded hammer action. Then there is also the more than the useful triple pedal unit.


One of the niceties of having a mobile system like this is that it is often less intimidating than a larger grand piano. The keys produce a powerful musical sound and have a quiet action during play. Then there is then included touch curve mapping software to give you the edge by offering a library of premixed sounds.


It is quite bulky and heavy, making it a bit difficult to move around, especially if you are alone. The small music stand is inappropriately located making it a pain to see the music material. Some people might find the slightly rounded top a bit of a nuisance if you want to place additional aids on top of the keyboard case. This brings us to the black paint finish. Some have reported that this tends to fade after a year or two.

The upside is that this keyboard allows you to make your music with an expressive grand piano type sound.

2. Kawai E58 Digital Piano

Kawai piano price by ES8

If you are ever looking for a keyboard that has a vast repertoire of built-in sounds and stops, this could be your fancy. It has the standard number of 88 keys for this kind of instrument.

It produces incredible sounds with its graded hammer action. The keys are extremely responsive to changes to touch in pressure. This is made possible by the Aftertouch/Velocity technology which is included in this keyboard.


One of the great features of this digital piano is its impressive stage piano sound. This is supported by a superior key action, allowing the performer the pleasure of being able to play “trills” (a rapid, explosive repetition of the same notes) with ease. The USB interface makes it possible to interact with other devices.


The main downside of this digital piano is its weight. Making it a mission for a single person to move it around once it has been set up.

3. Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano

Kawai piano price by MP11

This is one of the granddaddies for a person looking at a Kawai piano sale. It has a range of features that will give the professional grand piano a run for its money.

This standard 88-key keyboard system includes some great electronic touches, making it possible to simulate a vast variety of sounds originating from different musical genres. Then there is the WAV and MP2 audio.


Many keyboard players will fall in love with the original wooden keys. This instrument also produces a very realistic piano sound. A great plus that you can create great music, which can also be recorded and saved in WAV and MP3 format. One cannot ignore that vast library of sounds that is included with this keyboard.


Probably the only negative of this keyboard is its weight. It is heavy and extremely difficult to transport once setup during a performance.

4. Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano

Kawai piano price by ES100

If you are in the market for a Kawai piano, then this digital model might pick your fancy. It produces a real digital stage piano sound with the aid of a built-in stereo speaker system. The sound is made possible by its advanced imaging technology.

This beautiful lightweight digital piano even comes with a built-in music tutor. It comes with an Alfred piano tutor, making it ideal for beginners to professionals. Then there is the advanced AHAV-f graded hammer action for producing the sound behind the keys.


One of the great plus points is its lightweight. Making it extremely portable and easy to move around. For those just starting off, there is the handy onboard Alfred tutor to the rescue.


One argument some made have is that this keyboard does not have the same acoustic output as the larger Kawai digital counterparts. Then there is the problem that not all of the keys have been perfectly molded. Even with the built-in speakers, the volume is only suitable for smaller areas.

5. Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano

Kawai piano price by MP6

This is a fantastic 88-key digital piano that allows you to mix and save up to 256 different mixtures. The number of saved repertoires is extended with its USB port, which makes it possible to extend your selection by saving your creations directly to a flash drive.

This system includes the revolutionary MP6 technology which takes the audio quality to another level. The split keyboard feature allows you to split the keyboard into up to 4 areas. Each area can be customized to produce specific mixes and tones.


One of the main advantages is its incredible MP6 technology. This makes it possible to create amazing sounds and saving them onboard directly on a hard drive. Many people just love all of its multiple instrument/piano combinations. The top of the selection is the string/piano combinations.

It is incredibly light making it a pleasure to transport or relocate, even after setting up. There are so many other pros that are directly associated with the MP6 technology.


For lack of dislikes, one of the negatives is that it does not include speakers.


Musicians often have situations where space makes it impractical to use full sized upright or grand pianos. The Kawai range of digital keyboards can come to the rescue. Each has its own pros and cons, but there will definitely be one that will match your requirements.


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