Top 10 Best Women’s Golf Putters

Odyssey White Hot Putter

The female golf market sector has gained popularity, and manufacturers have responded with a positive production of quality club putters for women to select. However, making purchasing the best women’s golf putter decision is the most difficult task that you can undergo as a golfer.

That is why this review guides you through important buyers guide information and highlights the top 10 best women’s golf putters to consider.

How To Choose The Best Women’s Golf Putter?

Having an inward drive can get your game started at the right time. Whenever you are great on fairways, you can experience traps and maneuver through obstacles like the opposing winds on the downward slopes. All these are in vain if you do not have a quality putter with you.

Just as the putter technology keeps developing and advancing, the putters for women also keeps on changing. There are factors you need to consider when you want to purchase a putter for women.

It is best if you don’t go for a brand or look for a new putter but rather their performance. Below are some of the factors to give weight:

Putter Length

Putter length is measured in your regular address position and not your standard height. The height can range from 30- 42 inches, depending on your style of stroke and comfort. If the eyes are over the target line, then your setup is good to start.

Besides, it would be best to consider your stroke style and arms hang. The industry standards are set at 35 inches long for some golfers, but you may interfere with other elements like lightening the club and stiffening the flex if you shorten the shaft.

Having a too short or too long putter will not promote a consistent stroke; therefore, go for that which fits you best.

Lie Angle

Your preferred hand position and the putters’ length determine the lie angle. Therefore your posture is essential. It is defined as the putter’s sole position and its relation to the ground.

Consider a putter that allows you to make a stroke with its sole parallel to the ground, as this will enhance your ability to fix the putter to the target line.

Head Weight

If you are of a slow stroke, you should go for a heavy putter head but if you are of a faster stroke, then go for a lighter putter.

Most of the putter heads are designed for a 35-inch shaft, which seems lighter for the short lengths and heavier for the long lengths. Therefore consider a putter built rather than adjusting the weight after purchase.


Loft helps in rolling the ball alongside tacking within the intended line. It also lifts the ball out of depression onto the green. It would be best to consider a putters loft that falls at a range of 3 to 5 degrees. This variable’s main agenda is to find a putter with a good roll after an impact of direction or distance.


Based on your own comfort and feel through your hands, you can decide on what putter has the best grip for you. Deer profile grip is great for the pendulum-type stroke golfers as it allows you to reduce wrist action by encouraging you to swing your arms and shoulders.

Smaller grip diameter is also good for wristy stroke golfers as it encourages the release during the stroke.


Since the strokes depend on the putter’s physical appearance, if you pull many putts with an arc, you should go for a heel-shafted putter that has more toe weight. On the other hand, if your stroke is more straight back to straight or pendulum-type stroke, you should face a balanced putter.

Moments Of Inertia

This is the situation whereby the club’s head resists to twist whenever you stroke the ball. A clubhead with higher moments of inertia will always twist less, thereby reducing the short’s effect.

Whenever you put a stroke off-center, the putter head twists, thus bringing a sideways roll and consumption of more energy.

Face Inserts

Consider a putter with face inserts if you are a golfer who prefers a dampening sound of the golf balls or a softer feel. If you are for the crisper sound or harder feel, you can go for the metallic face putter.

What Is The Best Best Women’s Golf Putter?

1. Odyssey Ladies Putter

Odyssey Ladies Putter

Are you looking forward to making more putts? Odyssey stroke lab black is all you need. This Odyssey ladies putter is known to offer great performance as it is of an elegant combination of black PVD.

Besides, it’s the innovative multi-material stroke lab shaft used to save at least 40 grams of weight redistributed to the putter’s grip and head. Meaning the putter remains completely balanced while in use, thus, improved consistency and tempo.


  • 2-year manufacturer included
  • Has a firmer feel and enhanced sound on impact
  • Of rich and premium quality
  • Offers high performance

2. Wilson Harmonized Putter

Wilson Harmonized Putter

Made of steel material, Wilson harmonized putter is one of the best recreational golf equipment to consider. You go for this Wilson harmonized putter is one of the best brands that has won sixty-two championships.

You will benefit from other unique features, including soft-grip, larger diameter grip size, and a semi mallet putter.


  • It’s of steel construction therefore long-lasting.
  • Provides enhanced performance while on the course
  • It is a semi mallet putter
  • Suitable for beginners

3. S7K Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter

Designed for both men’s and women’s use, you can rely on this s7k standing putter for a perfect alignment. Meaning, you can’t miss your put with this putter. It is also legal for any tournament play; therefore, it is a clean investment.

What makes it more reliable is that it can stand on its own, even on a sloppy surface. Therefore, there is no need to risk models that will give you a hard time while in use.


  • You get a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Stands on its own even on a sloppy surface
  • Offers exceptional feel, roll, and balance
  • Has a built-in impact position therefore reliable for use
  • Legal for use in tournaments


  • The material used in its construction is rusty

4. Tour Edge Putter

Tour Edge Putter

This women’s edge putter is one of a kind because of its quality. Its high MOI head design ensures the putter remains stable while stroking throughout, giving you accurate putts.

Besides that, the player can stabilize their wrist action because of its matching jumbo grip. Thus ensuring a proper head position during impact. The Tour Edge putter is approximately 33 inches long, therefore convenient for use with various women.


  • Provides more accurate putts
  • Remains stable throughout because of head design
  • The shaft is of steel material, therefore durable
  • Right-hand women’s putter


  • The insert tends to be of simple painted steel.

5. Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Women's PGX Putter

We like this Pinemeadow golf women’s PGX putter because of its white finish, which makes it identify in the green field, thus very outstanding. This color will help you maintain your focus on alignment lines. Meaning that your putter will be on target from the beginning.

More so, it has a regular-sized grip, therefore convenient and reliable during the game. At impact, there will be a reduced skid. Meaning you will be more stable in the putting game.


  • Has the value of money
  • Comfortable for use with a regular grip
  • Lines up perfectly
  • Comes with a headcover


  • The manufacturer does not provide detailed information.


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6. Odyssey White Hot Putter

Odyssey White Hot Putter

High price devices tend to be of more quality than cheap models. With that in mind, this Odyssey right-hand ladies putter also doesn’t disappoint. Its design provides you with a more consistent feel, sound, and performance across the striking surface.

It’s unique from the previous model because its DFX grip and black finish make it unique. If you are looking for a professional putter for your golf tours, this Odyssey white hot putter is the best for you.


  • Offers great performance
  • Has headcover
  • Improves putting
  • Worth the price
  • High-quality construction, therefore durable.

7. Ray Cook Golf Putter

Ray Cook Golf Putter

This is the latest limited edition of the Ray Cook golf putter as it consists of new styles, models, and colors. Ray Cook has a history of winning over 200 tour events. It is not just because of the putter’s quality but also because of the classic and modern design combination.

At a friendly price, you will be able to own this superior look putter in the market today. What makes people fall for it is not just the price but the color matches and length of the putter.


  • Worth the price
  • High quality
  • Features a double-bend full-shaft offset
  • Headcover included
  • Limited edition

8. Spider FCG Putter

Spider FCG Putter

Spider FCG Putter is a combination of everything you need for perfect putting. Its optically engineered alignment features T- sightlines that combine the front edge aligned with the vertical line, thus a perfect precision aim from front to back.

Crafted from pure copper, it delivers a firmer sound and feels this improving forward roll and topspin. Lastly, you can adjust the sole weight to customize your performance at various putter lengths.


  • Has front loaded weight to optimize forward loading
  • Has adjustable sole weight
  • The truth path offers perfect perpendicular alignment to the player.
  • High-quality construction, therefore durable.
  • Has a short slant hosel

9. Ray Cook Golf 02 Putter

ray cook putter review

This 33-inch best women’s golf putter has all you need for consistent putts. Apart from its great performance, its vibrant color scheme also makes it unique for use in the field.

Besides, this best women’s golf putter also comes with a matching headcover, therefore, you will not just play better with this putter but also look better.


  • It is of steel material hence durable.
  • Right-handed women putter
  • Worth the price
  • Offers great performance this improving putting

10. Ray Cook SR500 Putter

ray cook sr500 putter

Ray Cook models are of high quality, and this putter also doesn’t disappoint. What makes it different from others is design and size. This Ray Cook sr500 putter is of grey finish with several styles available. Its head is slightly weighted, therefore, you will have an improved fluid stroke.

This is an upgraded model of 2016 with new features. You will benefit from its mid-sized grip, which has not only enhanced its performance but is also eye appealing.


  • Balanced and weighted
  • Offers optimum putting consistency
  • High quality, therefore durable enough.

You should know the fact that female golfers need the same need as male golfers while it comes to their putting. So, finding the best putter is very much important. You can get so many best women’s golf putter.

It is essential to choose the best putter that you can comfortably and simply line up to the goal and target. Selecting the golf putters varies as per your personal preferences.

You can choose one as per your preference and which looks best in your eyes. But it is about the subjective decision of a golfer. The best putter for women golfers is available up to 34 inches long. Apart from the standard length of the putter, most of the putters are shorter in size for the women golfers.

There are varieties of putter such as mallet and blade type. These are designed to offer better control all around the green land and better shots. A woman will feel light at the time of the shot.

You will have to check these tips while you are searching for the best putter for a woman golfer. But you should not spend your life looking for the perfect one.

The putter is the second most important thing in the game after your mind. Therefore putter length is a thing to consider while shopping. Most putters are 33 to 35 inches in length.

Beyond or below, this needs a special order in most shops. Women tend to tuck their arms when the putter is too long, making their toe lift and thus making the putter upright.

It is recommended that you have a putter that fits you perfectly and thus comfortable while having a stroke. Most women can use the 31 and 32 inches putter as this is their average standard length.

How Do You Know If Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long?

Many newbie women golfers have the question of whether their golf club is too long or too short. Beginners struggle a lot to determine the size of their golf clubs. While it comes to the matter of the golf club then, size is very much important.

You should know that the right size golf club can improve and enhance your gaming capability. Many golfers will recommend you to go to a professional for the right measurement. But you can know how long your golf club is through these simple steps:

1. Measurement:

The obvious way to know if your golf club is too long or not through perfect measurement. You can measure your golf club and also measure your height and the gap between your wrist and floor. After having these two measurements, you can tell how long your golf club is.

2. Posture:

If your golf club is too long then you will have to stand righteous. You cannot opt for your normal and regular posture. So, for the perfect swing plane, your posture should be perfect.

3. Perfect Takeaway:

The long golf club will cause you to swing on the outside path. But you need a properly fitted golf club.

4. Flight Of The Ball:

If your golf club is too long then you can find it with the flight of the ball. The ball will travel towards the left side and go high as well.

5. Heavy Shaft:

If your golf club is too long then, you may feel very heavy. It is difficult to manage for a beginner.

Who Should Use Centre Shafted Putters?

The Center shafted putters are mostly faced balanced, with the weight being distributed properly between the toe and heel. The Proper weight distribution allows the head part to properly move straight back and through in place of the arc. Which will stop the head from twisting during impact.

People who struggle with directional consistency, for them it is the best. Other than that if your typical miss is a push, then you should consider going for a center shafted putter. Golfers who always keep their eye directly on the ball also benefit from the center shaft design too.

It is also an important factor to consider that the majority of the center shafted products do offer little to no offset. There are a few exceptions to this with a half shaft of offset.

This can affect the ability to aim and the ability to square the face up with impact. Some people prefer no offset at all whereas others prefer half shaft or full shaft.

It all boils down to the user experience and hence you need to see it and try it yourself to judge it the best. In that way, you can find the best putter for you and no matter if you take the best women’s golf putter, if you are personally not comfortable with it, it’s not useful

What Happens If The Putter Is Too Long?

There can be 2 possible cases if the putter is too long and you might be surprised to know that over 80% of the people out there are playing with putters that are too long for them. The 2 things that occur with long putters are :

  • The player will place his grip on the club in such a way that his arms are not fully hanging straight down from his shoulders.
  • The player Will be positioned in such a way that his or her eyes are not over the target line and the putter will not sit flat on the ground. This can lead to misalignment and will not make a pendulum-like stroke

The majority of the putters sold in shops are either 36 or 35 inches long and most of the people fit in the 32 and 34 inches height category.

The putter’s length can also be easily changed and hence you should consider doing that if it is too big for you. This will improve your shots and make you a better player with improved accuracy.

How Do You Shorten a Golf Putter?

You can easily shorten the height of the putter by removing the grip and cutting the shaft to the desired length you require. Usually, it needs to be done when the length of the putter is not right and you need to adjust it.

The process is fairly simple and straightforward. If you have minimal tools, you can do it. You can also save money by not paying a professional or going to a club repair shop for this task.

But you need to be careful while even using the best women’s golf putter and always consider the safety considerations or else you can get hurt in the process.

You will need a Utility knife, 100 ml of solvent, Double-sided grip tape, cloth, Marker pen, Metal pipe cutter, bucket and a new grip. The steps are :

  • Cut off the previous grip
  • Clean the area underneath the shaft under the grip
  • Wipe it clean
  • Cut the shaft to the desired length
  • Wind the tape around the new shaft.
  • Then slip the grip on it.

By following these steps you can shorten your putter by yourself and wouldn’t need to consult a professional or a repair shop. Wear safety equipment and keep a first aid kit ready just in case it might be needed.


We now believe you are aware of the best women’s golf putter with good performance, playability differences, high-speed putter heads, in-depth fitting putters, and ball at impact. Small many golfers have little knowledge of their equipment but rather accept their playability.

It is time you make a proper selection of your putter. Consider the above factors and products, and surely you will not regret it.


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FAQ Of Best Women’s Golf Putters:

Is A 35-Inch Putter Too Long?

The standard length of the putter is 34 inches tall. A 35 inch putter is also a traditional fit. It can help you to give your perfect and easy shot. It will give you a natural flow at the time of playing. So, the 35-inch putter is not too long.

Is A 38-Inch Putter Too Long?

Apart from the golf club length, you should also consider the length of the putter. Most of the people play with a long putter that means a 38-inch putter that is too long for them.

The length of the putter depends on the height of the golfer. If a woman is 5 feet 8 or shorter than that then, the correct and perfect putter size is 38 inches.

Should I Use a Shorter Putter?

It would be best if you used a fitting putter. Too short putters will make you stand closer to the ball, thereby making your eyes go past the target line.

Short putters also make your path and shaft more upright. The putter’s heel will also have the chance to lift off the ground, thus making it aim right, which is not a good sign in the game.

Should I Get Fitted For a Putter?

Of course, having a proper putter fitting has many advantages on the game besides comfort and grip. To improve the consistency of your short game, you are recommended to have a fitting putter. With consistency in your putting, your scores will improve, thereby confidence as well.

How Do I Know That Putter Is Best For Me?

1. First of all, check on the putter’s length for a refect fit. It should not be too long or too short for you.
2. Know the type of stroke you have, which will help you determine the perfect putter for you. Depending on the type of stroke, you can check on the head balancing. Head balancing can either be of face-balanced or for hang.
3. You can also consider the head shape and weight of the putter. This depends on personal preferences and depending on the turf.
4. The type of grip is another factor that depends on personal preferences. Lighter grips come with heavier head weights, whereas heavier grips are for lighter head weights.

How Long Should a Women’s Putter Be?

The putter is the second most important thing in the game after your mind. Therefore putter length is a thing to consider while shopping. Most putters are 33 to 35 inches in length.

Beyond or below, this needs a special order in most shops. Women tend to tuck their arms when the putter is too long, making their toe lift and thus making the putter upright.

It is recommended that you have a putter that fits you perfectly and thus comfortable while having a stroke. Most women can use the 31 and 32 inches putter as this is their average standard length.

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