Top 10 Best Golf Hitting Mats

professional golf hitting mats

Are you interested in improving your golf skills while practicing indoors? The best golf hitting mat is the game changer you will need. No golfer would want to hit off a carpet or hardwood floors as it can damage both the clubs and floor.

Golf hitting mats design is to mimic the real golf course. However, not everyone can afford expensive mats. Luckily, there are multiple options available in the market today to accommodate the range of budgets.

In our review below, we have tried to compare some of the top best golf hitting mats of different budgets. You can read through to find out more details.

What Are The Different Types Of Golf Mats Available?

Golf mats can be differentiated in terms of ground conditions that they emulate. So, the type of golf mats available includes:

Fairway practice mats

These mats feature a patch and a tee of greens. They tend to be the same with driving range mats. However, their difference comes in synthetic grass that features thinner nylon. This thinner surface emulated the fairway drive and with minimal resistance.

Driving range mats

It is the most basic type of golf mat designed to emulate the driving range. It consists of a patch and a tee of greens. It also gains support from the rubber sole and synthetic grass, thus supporting high impact shots.

Fairway rough practice mat

This mat features either one or more tough surfaces apart from the fairway surface. They are bigger than the fairway practice mats and driving range mats for accommodation on various surfaces. That is why they are more expensive.

Rough practice mat

It is similar to the previous mat, but this one features the rough surface alone. The rough surface is of polypropylene materials, thus emulating roughness.

A sand trap practice mat

This mat features a nylon surface, thus emulating the heavy rough while the other emulated sand traps. Thin polypropylene material is also used in emulating the tough lies of the sand surface.

Putting mats

This mat tends to be very different from all the mats above because it has a hole/ holes. More so, they are bigger than driving range mats for you to practice accuracy.

How To Choose The Best Golf Hitting Mat?

When buying the best golf hitting mat, there are certain factors to put into consideration. That includes:


You can get some golf hitting mat made of rubber as its base layer. Base rubber mats do exist, and you may need one for support. When looking at the golfing mat’s top layer, the hitting surface, material consideration is a significant factor. That is because it is the one that makes contact with your club.

The most commonly used materials for golf hitting mat surfaces are nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. They are the best in terms of durability. However, nylon tends to be more durable.

Nylon has stronger tensile durability and a higher elasticity than others. So, if you opt for a golf mat that is 100% nylon, then you will benefit from its durability. Additionally, nylon requires minimal maintenance, although they are more expensive.

Besides that, polypropylene is lightweight and water-resistant than nylon and polyethylene. But, polyethylene is also more study than its counterparts.


Golf mats do vary in size. When considering the best golf mat that meets your needs, it is the most significant factor to consider. In general, golf mat sizes range between 2-25 square feet. Having a bigger golf mat means you will have more playing area.

Also, a bigger mat means it will need more storage space unless there is a designated area for you to leave your mat.


A durable golf mat will weigh more. That ideally depends on the materials used. Thinner golfing mats are easier to roll therefore lighter to carry around. On the other hand, heavier mats have to lay flat, meaning it needs more surface area for transportation.

Surface function

Golf mats have multiple surfaces designed for different golf practices. The most common use is to hit drives. However, the golf hitting mats also have rubber guides to hold tees, thus securing shots. Other mats allow you to practice pitch shots.

Alignment guide

Some models have lines on the mat surface, which ensures that your stance is aligned correctly. So, with this feature, we can guarantee that your practice sessions will be sounds.

Length of the golf mat

The length of mats also varies in different models. To avoid inconveniences while coming into contact with the surface, you should get one with a perfect foot length.

What Is The Best Golf Hitting Mat?

1. Motivo Golf Hitting Mat

best golf hitting mat

If you are looking for unparalleled performance, then the Motivo hitting mat is the best option. We consider it our top best because it uses innovative technology to improve your scores and improve your skills.

With this Motivo golf hitting mat, you will develop confidence and consistency while playing. Also, its fairway and rough design offer excellent energy transfer. Therefore, there will be no clubs bouncing during impact.


  • Highly durable and portable
  • Has built-in shock pad base, thus increasing stability and durability of the mat
  • Offers extra shock absorption and energy transfer
  • Of rough and fairway turf


  • None

2. DURA-PRO Golf Mat


The Dura-Pro golf mat is your best option for indoor and outdoor use. You can easily convert it to a residential turf mat for indoor matches. It is also the best alternative for casual users, beginners, and professionals.

Besides, its construction is of high quality compared to ordinary residential mats, therefore long-lasting.

Lastly, it is 100% nylon 3D turf fibers; hence you get an elite may experience.


  • All golf accessories included.
  • Durable, portable, and all-weather
  • Suitable for professionals and beginners
  • It comes with three tees.


  • Not suitable for heavy use

3. SUNHOO 3-in-1 Golf Hitting Mat

best golf hitting mats

This short, rough, and fairway grass design make SUNHOO the best hitting mat to consider. Your carpet won’t get ruined while playing indoors on this mat. What makes it outstanding is the rubber backing that offers shock absorption and protection, making it resistant to wear.

Since it is an all-weather may, you can practice Perfect for indoor and outdoor use in any condition.


  • It comes with six plastic tees.
  • You get a three months return warranty.
  • Offers exceptional portability
  • It’s a mini hitting mat.


  • It doesn’t come with a chipping net.

4. GoSports Tri-Turf XL Golf Practice Hitting Mat

GoSports Tri-Turf XL Golf Practice Hitting Mat

Do you want to master your swing with style? The GoSports Tri-Turf XL golf practice hitting mat design will last you longer and is the best addition you can have to your golf net. You can practice on this portable XL mat that ranges from fairway to rough.

More so, its rubber base grips ensure that the mat remains steady; therefore, it will not move from your swing. The best part is that the hitting mat is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. And as a beginner, it will be a perfect addition for you to improve your skills.


  • Suitable for golfers of all levels
  • Portable thus works for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • High quality hence durable


  • None

5. GoSports Golf Hitting Mats

GoSports Golf Hitting Mats

Designed for right and left-handed golfers, this GoSports golf hitting mat offers you maximum stability on any surface, whether indoors or outdoors, with six different tee positions. It is of commercial-grade synthetic turf, which provides maximum longevity for the mat.

What makes it different from previous GoSports models is the non-slip foam padding, which simulates the real turf. But still, it provides maximum stability; therefore, perfect golf hitting the mat.


  • It comes with three rubber tees
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoor use
  • Provides maximum stability
  • Great cushioning with lots of space


  • It comes folded while shipping, which might be inconvenient to some golfers.


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6. All Turf Mats

All Turf Mats

If you need a golf hitting mat that withstands repeated abuse, then this All Turf Mats is all you need. That is because it has urethane backing therefore very reliable for prolonged use. With these hitting mats, you won’t need other unique rubber tees or hit off predetermined heights.

Its uniqueness comes in that it accepts wooden tees. Therefore, you can select the clubs you want to hit.


  • Can use real tees on the mat
  • Its size makes it portable.
  • Strong and durable construction


  • Its edges tend to be frayed.

7. DURA-PRO Residential Golf Mat

dura-pro residential golf mat

This residential golf mat absorbs club shock; therefore, it works best for newbies and professionals. We consider it among the top best because it’s non-staining, non-slip, and bonded thermally for increased longevity.

More so, you can use it with all clubs, therefore very convenient and reliable. Its quality and durability is also a guarantee for its longevity as it’s all-weather thus lasts longer than regular golf nets and mats.


  • Suitable for use with all clubs
  • Absorbs club shock
  • Portable and suitable for indoors
  • Premium rubber and portable turf


  • It tends to have a durability issue.

8. Premium Pro Backyard Golf Mat

Backyard Golf Mat

Made of the best industrial material, the Premium Pro golf hitting mat is best because of its design. Its thicker backing minimizes club shock, therefore convenient for all level players.

More so, it suits both the right and left-handed players as it has two tee holes. You can rely on this hitting golf mat for use with drivers’ irons and woods.


  • Works best on hard surfaces
  • Absorbs club shock
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • All-weather mat
  • Resists curling, fading, and tears
  • Its package includes mat and net.


  • None

9. Sharper Golf Hitting Mat

Sharper Golf Hitting Mat

Sharper Golf hitting mat is one of the best options for you as a golfer to make. Even though it is not large enough, it is perfect for any shot and swing type you need.

Therefore it is suitable for home use. We consider it because it comes fully packed with golf balls, alignment sticks, rubber tees, and training aid, therefore worth every penny.


  • It has four different tee holes, thus accommodates all size players and swing type
  • Accommodates both left and right-handed golfers
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Extra thick and durable enough


  • May not lay perfectly flat.

10. P4G Foldable Golf mats

professional golf hitting mats

While using this golf hitting mat, you will get a great feel. It is nylon turf and Eva base this more stable and durable than other standard golf hitting mats. Most ranges, golf courses, and schools rely on this mat for golf practice.

Its package includes a golf rubber and hinge mat, therefore worth the price. Lastly, it is very efficient for use as it absorbs club shock hence no inconveniences.


  • More stable and durable
  • Foldable therefore portable
  • A professional fairway mat


  • Not durable as expected


Selecting the best golf hitting mat is all you need to practice golf at home. The mats reviewed above are worth the purchase. We hope our buying guide gives you enough information on the best golf mat that meets your needs.

We also recommend you read customer reviews to get more information on how they function. It will be the ideal method to use in making your purchasing decision.


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How Big Of a Golf Hitting Mat Do I Need?

As we had said before, the length and size of mats depend on your height, needs, and materials used in their construction. Most golf hitting mats range between 2-25 square feet.

So, getting one that is long enough that you will not miss a place to stand on is essential. Because the mat is too short, you may need another surface at a similar level to that to stand on.

What Material Should My Golf Mat Be Made Out Of Not To Damage My Clubs?

A golf mat can be of nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. All three materials had their benefits and weakness, but one seems to be better than the rest.

Nylon is the best material to consider when it comes to durability. It has high elasticity and more robust tensile durability. Nylon material needs minimal maintenance. So, nylon golf hitting mats is the best material to consider if you want to protect your clubs.

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