Top 10 Best Softball Gloves Reviews

Softball Glove

Softball gloves are one of the necessary equipment that you will need to keep the game rolling. It helps in protecting your hands as you catch hard grounder or line drive.

They are of different fits and for different field positions. Finding the best softball glove depends on the position you are playing.

The review below provides detailed information about the best softball gloves that will meet all your needs.

What size glove is best for softball?

When selecting the best softball gloves, you need to consider the player’s age and position. That is because there are different gloves sizes in the market, and it may be inconveniencing if you get unsuitable.

Consider youth size gloves for young players as it will give them better control. Forget about buying a larger one for them that they will grow into because it won’t help them develop perfect gaming skills.

As an outfield player, go for a larger glove with deeper pockets to catch the ball in flight. If you are an infield player, go for small gloves with shallow pockets for quick throws and greater control.

For softball players, a glove size 9-10 inches suits best 6years and below kids as it works on all positions. Size 10-11.5 inches suits 7-9 years old children for all positions.

More so, ages 10-14 infielders may use 11.5-12.5 inches gloves while outfielders to go for size 12-13. For over 15 year players, infielders can use 12-13 inches when the outfielders use 12.5-14 inches.

What is essential when choosing a softball glove?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a softball glove. It includes


You can only determine the pocket depth by using your position. Shallower pockets are perfect for throwing and catching the ball, which suits infield players.

Conversely, deeper pockets catch the ball while in flight hence perfect for outfielders. On the other hand, a softball gloves pocket is deeper for it to hold the larger ball.


This feature depends on your field position and preference. You can quickly retrieve the ball by using open webbing gloves, which works perfectly for infielders: closed woven webbing suits outfielders.


This feature wraps across at the back of your hand. It can either be open or closed. But that depends on your preference.

But, open back offers more flexibility hence suitable for infielders while the closed-back provides more support, therefore perfect for outfielders.

Wrist adjustment

Not all brands have included this feature to their product, but it is convenient because it helps keep the glove fixed to your hands. It may be in the form of Velcro, lacing, buckle, or D-rings.


Many brands are producing more padded gloves than how it was before, and we find it to be compelling. That is because it helps in reducing palm shock, which is very common among the softball players.


Softball gloves can either be of synthetic leather, treated leather, or leather. The difference between the three materials is their durability and feel.

Leather gloves are the most expensive, most durable, and comfortable. Synthetic leather is very affordable, durable, and quite stable.

They are perfect for young players advancing their skills. Treated leather is softer and strengthened to allow fast break-in. Also, they are more durable and easy to maintain.

1. Franklin Sports Pro Series Softball Gloves

best softball gloves

Franklin Fastpitch offers quality softball gloves of lightweight, soft, PU laminated palm and a technical mesh shell for flexibility and comfort.

With its adjustable wrist strap, it can customarily fit many. An ergonomic pattern design contoured to the hand intricacies for the female fastpitch players.

It utilizes a multi-positional closed web design guaranteed to enhance performance. You can be sure of improved performance around the diamond, as this has always been the case for most players besides the different playing styles.


  • Lightweight mesh design
  • Adjustable wrist to fit most players
  • Soft pocket for dynamic handling of the ball
  • Great for young players


  • Cheaply made

2. Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Glove is a premium designed softball gloves with a butter-soft palm liner of PU palm lining to improve its durability comfort and feeling during the game.

Also, its durability relies on the full-grain leather palm or pigs back. With its power lock wrist strap, these gloves can securely fit you. The right-hand throw is worn on the left hand, whereas the left-hand throw wore on the right side.

This is due to their construction design whereby the right-hand throw equals to the left-hand glove, and the left-hand throw equals to the right-hand glove. You can find this product of black or gold tartan U web.


  • Butter soft palm liner
  • Full-grain leather palm for durability
  • Alternation of the hands in the throw and glove
  • Secure fit power lock wrist strap


  • Small-sized

3. Mizuno MVP Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Mizuno MVP Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Mizuno MVP fastpitch softball glove is a right hand oriented fastpitch softball gloves that are gender engineered towards female players. It has a professional level lace that is durable and is offered majorly in the professional level gloves.

It’s a professional style, boo soft, and smooth leather with a balance of oil and softness to bring an exceptional feeling besides its firm control that is one of the main demands of serious players.

Its right-hand glove is used for the left-hand throw, whereas the left-hand glove is suited for the right-hand throw.


  • Designed specifically for female players
  • Professional level lace
  • Bio soft leather
  • Right-hand throw won on the left-hand glove and vice versa


  • Extremely stiff

4. Rawlings Champion Regular Lite Softball Glove

best rawlings infield glove

Rawlings Champion Regular Lite Softball Gloves is majorly designed for female athletes as it offers flexibility in design, lightweight, better glove balance, snugger hand openings for control, and comfort with a wide hand spread.

It’s flexibility, and movement relies on the neo flex convention back. The 12 and a half inch girls softball gloves are of all leather palm with a decorative x web.

It securely fits you with the velcro strap beside the added impact protection that depends on the zero shock palm pad.

Its design enables high performance, comfortable feeling, and functioning. This best softball gloves comes ready with no conditionings required in the game.


  • Softball gloves for girls
  • Durable and decorative all-leather palm
  • Zero shock palm pad for protection
  • Comes 90% broken from the factory


  • None

5. Rawlings RLA125FS- 15WNS Advanced Fastpitch Softball Gloves

rawlings 15 inch softball glove

Rawlings liberty advanced softball glove is a 12.5-inch glove of attractive full-grain leather and is specifically for women.

This best softball gloves is designed with strong and durable laces of leather to help it retain its form and shape and withstand the wear and tear of the daily play.

Your hand is kept comfortable and protected from the ball stings by the impact absorbing Poron XRD palm padding.

With its pull adjustable strap closure, this liberty advanced softball gloves fit your hands properly with minimal break-ins. Therefore you can get to the field faster.


  • Customized fit
  • Ideal for players from high school to pros
  • Made of quality full-grain leather
  • Full strap closure that fits perfectly


  • None


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6. Mizuno Franchise Softball Glove

mizuno franchise softball glove

Mizuno works with a passion for creating high performing products by merging design and innovation to bring out the player’s dream products.

As they focus on design and acquire inputs from the games’ best players, Mizuno has got to the level of creating the best glove for all level players.

This franchise fastpitch softball gloves match all level players besides helping the players improve their gaming at all times.

It is of a Java leather with a pre-oiled tumbled leather blended to enhance its durability and long-lasting.

It utilizes an important glove technology that makes it comfortable with the parashock and ortholite palm pad to reduce the stings. It has a centered wider pocket with its thumb and pinky hinges hence easy to use.


  • Double plus palm pad
  • Durable construction
  • Double hinge heel
  • Designed for fastpitch players


  • For small hands

7. Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Gloves

franklin sports mlb cfx pro batting gloves

Franklin Sports field master series is a redesigned field master series of an extensive line of quality leather gloves.

This synthetic leather baseball and softball gloves come in different sizes, web designs, and shapes but in a superior fit and feel.

The best softball gloves are lightweight and responsive making. These gloves are easy and quick to break in this game ready in a short time.

Its adjustable wrist strap and contour fit system allows for thumbs adjustment and can fit all players comfortably.

It mimics the durability and performance of a real leather mitt with no long break-in periods. You can do Scoops and catches when putting on these softball gloves with hand-formed pockets.


  • Easy break-in period
  • Durable
  • Hand formed pockets for maximum comfort
  • Unisex adult softball gloves


  • Doesn’t breathe

8. Franklin Sports Softball Gloves

franklin sports softball gloves

Franklin Sports Softball Gloves is a windmill series fastpitch softball gloves for the pros designed to deliver high performance and comfort for the young players.

We are sure you will love this ergonomic design glove that gives players a responsive and dynamic feeling by it’s lightweight and adjustable fits.

The soft palm material makes breaking in easy and quick. The adjustable strap makes this softball gloves fit players of all ages.


  • Lightweight mesh design
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Soft pocket to allow an easy and quick break-in
  • Great softball gloves for the young players


  • Slick material making the ball slip out

9. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Softball Glove Series

wilson a2000 outfield baseball gloves

The long balls always win games, but today, you can now get the right equipment to use in defense. Wilson A2000 gloves are just for the elite slowpitch players who always take the game seriously.

Specific patterns and the hot stylings in this slow pitch gloves can never go unnoticed by the diamond.

It is a pro stock leather that is an American steerhide made more specifically for the Wilson ball gloves; this contributes to its unmatched feeling and rugged durability.

Two strips of dual welting leather are placed along with each finger back to make a durable pocket with a long-lasting break-in. This super skin is of lightweight, half that of a regular leather even though twice it’s strength.


  • 13 inches slowpitch softball gloves
  • Reinforced single post ladder web
  • A new feature with a gap welting
  • Twice as durable as regular leather


  • It takes time to break-in

10. Mizuno Classic Fastpitch Softball Gloves

mizuno premier softball glove

Mizuno works with the passion of creating innovative and ergonomic designed products that these gaming players have proven to be the best and can meet the game’s purposes.

These gloves can meet the requirements of all level players, both for the baseball and softball players. This silver or brown catcher mitt designed for the right-handed players.

The impressive part of it is that they try to make gloves that boost the game of most players in all situations.


  • Baseball gloves and mitt
  • Classic fastpitch softball gloves
  • Fits all level players
  • Made of pre-oiled throwback
  • Ultra-soft pro


  • Difficult to break-in


Purchasing outstanding softball gloves will not all benefit your hands and improve your catching skills. And since it is something that acts as a protection to your body, you should invest in a quality glove.

That means it suits your gaming without any inconvenience. We hope you will be able to find the best softball gloves from the list above as it covers all field positions.


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