Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 100 Reviews

nibiru sport ping pong paddle set

Ping pong games are not only a fun game but also enjoyable, whether you are a beginner or a professional player.

However, it may not be that interesting if you continue relying on those ping pong paddles that are sold with the table. Of you need to sharpen your skill further, you must find a paddle that meets your need.

Furthermore, it is always a great idea to ha e personal ping pong to avoid inconvenience when playing at home or office.

Our Review focuses on the top 10 best ping pong paddle under 100 that will meet all your needs. We hope you find the appropriate paddle and keep the fun going as always.

The difference between the red and black side of a ping pong paddle

The difference between the black and red bat is the dying process during the fabrication process. They are not 100% identical. The difference includes:

Black rubber

  • It is softer than the red rubber
  • It is tackier than the red rubber
  • Its tackiness makes it long-lasting

Red rubber

  • Harder
  • He top sheet expands with ease
  • Tend to be thicker
  • Are faster and less tacky
  • Has less spin

How can I improve my table tennis game?

There are many ways in which you can improve your table tennis game. But, it all depends on your area of weakness.

If you did maybe groundstrokes to be your problem, then it’s better to focus on that. Other ways to improve your game includes;

Searching for the best forehand grip

How you handle your jacket determines the quality of your game. The most common type of grip is known as continental. You will achieve it by picking up the racket then hold it like you are shaking hands.

Then, endure the knuckle of the index finger is on the top right angle of your racket. On the other hand, groundstrokes go for semi-western grip. Just move the index finger knuckle round at the bottom right angle of your racket.

More so, most professional players use this type of grip because of its impact on the topspin on the ball, giving you more control and power.

Do not be so hard on yourself while playing

It may be discouraging if you miss lots if shots even on the one you are always perfect on. If you experience such, just promise your self, it won’t happen again and if it happens to the next shot.

More so, you should always keep your head still while playing. Ensure that you are not moving or lifting your head when you play the stroke.

Then follow the tennis ball onto your racket with your head still until the shot gets played. By doing so, you will improve your consistency and balance during the game.

1. Killerspin JET Set 4 Ping Pong Paddle Set

best ping pong paddle under 100

The Killerspin Jet set of four is one of the best set in terms of both performance and price. It consists of four ping pong paddle and six ball set which makes a perfect equipment for your tennis closet.

More so, it will go e your team a unique color, and it will be easy to distinguish between it with your opponent’s racket. What makes it top in performance is its superior construction. The blade is of five wood layers covered with Killerspin’s jet basic rubbers.

Furthermore, the PVC tape surrounding the ping pong racket will keep the perimeter in place. If you need to learn basic strokes and to perfect your ball control ability, then settling for this set will be advantageous.


  • Superior construction hence durable
  • The flared handles good grip and comfort while playing
  • Designed for those learning basic strokes and perfecting their control ability


  • Has quality control issues
  • Not durable as expected

2. Killerspin Jet 800 Table Tennis Paddle

killerspin jet 800 table tennis paddle

Unlike the previous versions of Killerspin Jet, this Killerspin jet 800 table tennis paddle outsmarts the rest because of the aggressive attack playstyle. That means it is an all-round paddle, which is very convenient. It generates power that ignites the ping pong competitor in you.

Meaning you will be able to dominate the game with powerful ping pong shots. This best ping pong paddle under 100 blade comprises two layers of carbon fiber that are sandwiched around the five-plus of the premium wood.

More so, burnt wood handles and wooden side tape will always keep the paddle in place from damage and preserve the energy you generate to produce more powerful shots.


  • Uses dual carbon technology for more speed and slams absorption
  • Highly designed table tennis paddle
  • The Nitrix rubber gives you full control of the ball
  • It’s professional table tennis hence reliable
  • ITTF approved for competition purposes


  • Tends to have low spin abilities
  • Not durable as expected

3. NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Set

nibiru sport ping pong paddle set

As the #1 best seller in Amazon, NIBIRU SPORT Ping pong set gives you the best experience to enjoy as a team or solo player.

The package includes four ping pong paddles and eight ping pong balls. It is crafted with durable rubber of premium thickness and balance; thus, improving your ball speed, control, and spin. The best part of this set is the reactive ping ball.

The orange and white table tennis balls are of 40 mm thickness and of ABS material, which is durable. That is why it is suitable for amateurs, beginners, and professionals players. You can rely on it both indoors and outdoors and also for kids’ and adults’ usage.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor playability
  • ITTF and USATT approved
  • Comes with a convenient storage bag
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Uses water-resistant grip technology hence no sliding


  • None

4. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance Table Tennis Racket

stiga pro carbon review

STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket is among the best performance level rackets to put into consideration. The pro carbon design used ensures you get extreme power and spin the same as those top rackets used by top players.

More so, this best ping pong paddle under 100 features ITTF approved rubber, which means you can use it for tournaments play with performance ratings of speed-99, control-80, and spin-100. It also features a 7-ply lightweight blade with S5 rubber and 2mm sponge.

And since quality is a matter of consideration, this racket uses carbon technology to create more power and speed, whereas the ACS technology increases control. Lastly, in case the rubbers are worn out, you can easily change it, thus budget-saving.


  • Suitable for recreational players with a tennis background
  • The rubber is STIGA S5 hence perfect control
  • Ideal for beginners who can do forehand and backhand drives
  • Excellent quality and worth the price


  • Not suitable for absolute beginners because it may be too fast which is inconveniencing

5. STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket

stiga raptor table tennis racket

We can consider STIGA Raptor to be one of the best because of extreme performance.

Although they have the same features as the STIGA Pro Carbon, the STIGA Raptor is the highest and top in line paddle, being that it has more technology for power and speed if compared to its counterparts.

Its design perfectly suits professional players, unlike carbon, with the same features but suitable for intermediate players. Its weight is 1.2 lbs; hence it will be easy for you to have full control of it.

When it comes to comfort, the hollow tube handle is lightweight, making it more convenient for professional players.


  • Perfect for professional players
  • ITTF approved S5 rubber for use in tournaments
  • Features carbon technology for power and speed


  • The rubber may be too hard for some players


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6. STIGA Evolution Performance -Level Table Tennis Racquet

stiga evolution paddle

When it comes to finding best ping pong rackets that are of value to your money, then STIGA Evolution takes the lead. Although it has the same features as the pro carbon and raptor models, their difference comes in design.

STIGA evolution features Shock Dispersion Technology (SDT). Meaning there will be no inconveniences while delivering shots.

Also, the technology does utilize high tech composite rod integrated to the handle and blades. The tube allows the created energy and vibration transferred out of the handle in the form of sound energy; thus, improving your control and speed while playing.


  • Offers a performance rating of speed-96,control-90, and spin-94
  • ITTF approved rubber for tournament play
  • The 6-ply blade used is light in weight hence enhanced performance
  • Features Shock Dispersion Technology


  • Tends to be of poor quality hence not durable as expected

7. Butterfly NAKAMA S-5 Table Tennis Racket

butterfly table tennis racket review

Butterfly NAKAMA racket tends to be the new product in the block, and it does not disappoint. It’s unique was are in its double side shake hand grip. It offers you with a perfect grip while delivering shots.

The upper grip is of plastic cork/ wood handle with a standing bottom, which makes it even more convenient. Also, do not worry about certification because the rubber is certified.

That is the ITTF certified and the Japan table tennis association (JTTA). And since you will get used to your racket, you can carry it along during tournaments or any other competition.

We must say the rose logo full case makes it even better when it comes to portability and storage.


  • ITTF AND JTTA certified for tournaments use
  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • The shake hand grip offers excellent grip hence no slipping
  • A full logo case included for secure storage and portability
  • Reliable and effective ping pong paddle


  • None

8. MightySpin Tornado- Ping Pong Paddle

most expensive ping pong paddle

Are you looking forward to playing like a pro while practicing? MightySpin Tornado offers you9-ply with eight carbon layers blade to provide you with superior control and spin while playing.

The most preferred level users are professionals but can also work for intermediate players with high skills. This best ping pong paddle under 100 is ITTF approved, so whatever the skills and techniques you apply on your racket can even work while playing in a tournament.

Its construction is also outstanding. The rubber is 100% of premium gallop rubber combined with SureSpeed technology will offer you with varying degree of spin from any distance.


  • It’s a handshake grip type hence perfect for aggressive players
  • Offers backhand and forehand looping
  • The 2.1 mm sponge thickness and carbon layers it lightweight
  • ITTF approved
  • Pro-quality therefore suitable for any level layer
  • Comes with carrying case for secure storage


  • User instruction not clear enough

9. Butterfly NAKAMA S-7 Table Tennis Racket

butterfly racket reviews

Butterfly rackets do not disappoint when it comes to performance, and the same thing applies to this NAKAMA S-7 racket.

This professional ping pong paddle is of high-quality wood and Sapphira rubber, which is not common to other products.

Do not worry because the Sapphira rubber is invertible, thus high speed compared to traditional ping pong paddles.

More so, the 1.9 mm sponge layer creates a hard springy motion when striking the ball. Meaning you will have fast ping pong shots.

The flared handle design with a shake hand style racket offers superior grip and also stylish table tennis paddle.


  • The ping pong is ITTF approved
  • Sapphira rubber help to increases its speed
  • Comes with two ping pong balls
  • The bat offers excellent speed, control, and spin


  • Customers complain about quality not matching with price

10. Oceanvils Ping Pong Paddle Set of 4

mini ping pong table

If control and precision your main consideration factor, then purchasing an oceanvils Ping pong racket is all you need. It sets strikes with a perfect balance between speed and weight.

Furthermore, each of them is of 5 -ply wooden materials, an ITTF approved rubber and 2mm sponge. They are built to last, unlike other cheap quality products, and that is what makes it a primary consideration.

More so, this set provides you with all the accessories needed for indoor or outdoor table tennis.

Having this set will also help you Sharpen your skills to another level Ina four players competitive environment. It is also the best ping paddle under 100 for you to consider to avoid inconveniences.


  • ITTF approved
  • Offers ultimate control and precision
  • Eight table tennis balls included
  • It’s a quality set for indoor and outdoor use
  • Four pieces of table tennis paddles included
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Each paddle is 0.41 lbs hence lightweight


  • None


Playing ping pong is only exciting if you have the right ping pong paddle for the game. That is achievable by selecting one of the above best ping pong paddle under 100 to avoid inconveniences.

They offer high topspin, speed, and control throughout the game. We are also confident that they are all you need to advance your gaming skills to the next level.

All you have to do is make an order of any of the above paddles, save your future budgets, and improve your skills.


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