Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet Under $100 Reviews

KEVENZ Adult Tennis Racquet

Performance and affordability go hand in hand when it comes to finding the best tennis racket. It’s because the higher the price, the higher the quality. Buying a tennis racket is the most daunting experience for a tennis player, especially if they have not played tennis for a while.

With different brands in the market today, we guarantee you that our reviewed rackets are of quality. You can rely on them to take your skills to the next level. More so, there are many factors to put into consideration before you settle on one of them.

That is why the Review below gives you more reason and confidence to invest in our best tennis racquet under 100.

How to choose the best tennis racquet

Before purchasing a tennis racquet, there are a few things that you should understand so that you don’t get a lousy quality.

Although it’s said that the higher the price, the higher the quality, it is also true that there inexpensive rackets that are much better than priced ones. Having that in mind, you should put these into consideration;

String pattern

It is the primary consideration because it determines the performance of the racket. There are only two types of string patterns, open and closed. Rackets with open string have a 16 x 18 pattern while closed ones have 18 x 20 pattern. Their difference comes in performance.

Open string pattern rackets you more spin and power when hitting the tennis table. It is also the best choice for players in need of high power. The only disadvantage is that they are not durable enough because of vulnerable strings.

Closed string patterns, on the other hand, more cross strings to increase the durability of the racket and also resistant to snapping. More so, it provides more power and spin hence increasing its durability.

Head size

The head size determines the size of your racket face that is the frame and strings as it also influences your power. A more large size head offers a large sweet spot. It usually ranges from 85-135 square inches.

They are in three categories, mid plus, oversized, and mid-size. Oversize rackets range above 150 sq.inches.

The mid plus rackets range between 95-105 sq.inches while the mode size ones are below the 95 sq.inches. As a beginner, it is worth it if you go for a more massive sized head as it offers extra power. Mid-size racket, on the other hand, is ideal for experienced players.

Grip size

Finding a racket with a suitable grip size gives you the maximum comfort when you play with it. Wrong grip sizes may lead to poor performance because of irritation, control and power, injuries, and much more.

Before making any purchase, hold the racket in your hands to test its comfort.


Considering the weight of a racket is essential before making a decision. There are three types of weight lightweight, medium, and heavy.

You have to measure the balance point to determine the weight, which only works if you find the length of the racket balanced. A tennis racket has to be lightweight; that is, the balance point is halfway up the racket.

How do you know if the tennis racket fits you?

The only way to know a tennis racket fits you perfectly by considering the factors above. Following each step will automatically give you the solution to what you are looking for.

It is also essential to hold the racket in your hand to feel it. If you are comfortable with what you are staying then, you should go for it.

1. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

head ti.s6 tennis racquet

Designed from titanium and graphite combination, the Head Ti.S6 offers maximum performance for table tennis game. It is the ideal racket for you as a beginner or intermediate player.

If you are planning on taking your tennis skills to a higher level, then the head Ti.S6 is your best option. The materials used in its construction not only makes it lightweight but also enhances its sturdiness.

Additionally, it increases the racket’s maneuverability while on the court because its head size is 115 Square inches and 1-inch head heavy, hence an excellent balance to the racket. Lastly, it comes with a 16 x 19 open string pattern that ensures maximum power supply.


  • The racket comes pre-strung. lightweight, sturdy and durable construction
  • High quality thus offering great power
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate players


  • Doesn’t have a racket bag

2. ianoni Beach Tennis Racket

ianoni Beach Tennis Racket

ianoni offers the best quality and design racket to take your gaming to the next level. The graphite composite face will provide the surface with traction and perfect accuracy for maximum ball control.

More so, the pro-EVA core is of high density, allowing the players to get more feel on their strokes. The racket has a total length of 49 cm, meaning it gives you greater leverage and more extended reach of retreating shots.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight and very maneuverable hence easy to control. Besides, this best tennis racquet under 100 features a grit surface that enables you to spin on their ball, giving you maximum control on the court.


  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Offers excellent impact and a more extended reach when retrieving shots
  • High quality, durable and provide stable performance
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate players
  • The hole drilling technology used provided tremendous grab on the ball
  • Package includes a carrying mesh bag


  • Tends to be heavy for some players

3. HEAD Geo Speed Tennis Racquet

HEAD Geo Speed Tennis Racquet

The Head Geo speed tennis racquet uses the latest computerized calculation tools to optimize the shaft’s geometry. These Geo power technology used ensures that you get a frame that transfers energy to the ball, thus, giving you full stability and power while playing.

Its design makes it perfect for casual and recreational players as it offers greater versatility and value. What makes it best is its oversized105″ head diameter that creates a large sweet spot.

Besides, the frame is of graphite composition. Meaning you lightweight performance and also a tacky grip that boasts a secure feel while playing.


  • The string pattern of 16 x 19 makes it very effective
  • Perfect for casual and recreational players
  • The graphite composition frame makes it durable and sturdy enough for use
  • Its contour cushion 4 1/4″ grip provides more comfort while playing


  • Unsuitable for professional players

4. Babolat 2019 Boost Drive Tennis Racquet

Best Tennis Racquet Under $100

Babolat 2019 boost D is one of the best tennis rackets designed by Babolat manufactures. It has many benefits that help beginners, casual players, and rising juniors. Its string pattern, 16 x 19, helps provide the racket with an extra punch and topspin.

More so, it weighs 9.8 ounces, which are lightweight thus easy to maneuver. That is why it is an ideal racket for beginners willing to develop their strokes more. More so, it’s the head size of 105 square inches provides you with a larger sweet spot making it convenient.

Besides that, the woofer technology in the rackets grommets helps optimize time contact between the string and ball. Lastly, it comes pre-strung, which makes it easy to handle for casual and recreational players.


  • Offers excellent power and comfort
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Has easy access to spin and pace
  • It is stiff, lightweight, and durable
  • The high-quality construction of modern carbon fiber frame
  • Comes with a carrying case cover


  • The strings aren’t of high-quality

5. Babolat 2019 Drive 25 Junior Tennis Racquet

babolat junior tennis racket

Same as the previous product, this Babolat 2019 drive 25 Junior was specifically designed 9 to 10 years old or less than five feet tall. It stands out to be the best because of its ability to offer maximum spin and power.

More so, the carbon fiber and aluminum composite construction are durable, sturdy, and safe for kids’ use. Besides, this best tennis racquet under 100 is the perfect tool for your child to perfect on their tennis skills.

It’s the head size of 100, and a strung weight of 8.6 ounces makes it suitable for children to use.

The racquet will also not fly off from there hands because it has a grip size 0(4-even), which suits children’s hands with no inconveniences.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comfortable grip size makes it easy to use
  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • Pre-strung
  • Has a cover
  • Suitable for less than five feet tall kids


  • None


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6. Babolat Boost D Tennis Racquet

babolat boost d tennis racquet

Are you looking for Babolat icon inspiration at affordable prices? The Babolat Boost D tennis racquet is ideal for women because of its elegant and bright design. Its length of 27 inches, which is very convenient for tennis players.

Furthermore, its lightweight construction enables it to swing easily; hence you can expect awesome shots while using it. The 105 square inch head size ensures you have a large sweet spot while playing.

These that the table tennis lands on the racket smoothly, which also enables excellent energy transfer. The grip is of cortex comfort technology that uses Syntec soft material to offer better support and comfort.

Finally, the elliptical geometry used in this best tennis racquet under 100 prevents twisting of the racket while in use.


  • Offers excellent transfer of energy
  • The grip guarantees better support and comfort while playing
  • Lightweight hence easy to swing
  • Of graphite composition consequently durable
  • Comes with a racket cover
  • Suitable for beginners and casual players


  • Unsuitable for professional players

7. Champion Sports 27 Inch Tennis Racquet

27 inch tennis racket

What makes Champion sports tennis racquet to be among the best tennis racquet under 100 is the oversized head. That is because it offers more power to your swing hence making it simple to play and use.

Additionally, the durable titanium frame and extensive body construction are sturdy, stable, and durable, thus perfect for dedicated players. And that not being all, it’s grip is of leather while the strings are of nylon hence durable and reliable.


  • The cushioned leather grip offers maximum comfort
  • Has a length of 27inches which is desirable for use for most players
  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • Pre-strung


  • Not all information is given

8. MacGregor Wide Body Series Racquet

best power tennis racquets

When it comes to performance, MacGregor racquet offers you the best. It has an oversized head of 110 square inches. Meaning it gives you a large sweet spot that enables the smooth landing of the tennis ball on the racket.

More so, the head and shaft are fused with graphite and an aluminum composition. It means it is not only lightweight but also sturdy and durable. Although most manufacturers use a cushioned leather grip, this brand uses a PU grip.

Also, it’s the frame of O beam design; hence can help sharpen your skills maximumly at all angles. The grip size is 4 1/4 inches, which is favorable for most players. Lastly, as a beginner or intermediate player, you can rely on it to sharpen your skills hence worth the purchase.


  • The PU grip is comfortable to handle
  • Of high-quality graphite and aluminum composition
  • Its frame is O-beam design thus, perfect for sharpening players skills
  • The head is over-size hence you get large sweet spots
  • Lightweight therefore easy to swing


  • Has no racquet bag

9. KEVENZ Adult Tennis Racquet

KEVENZ Adult Tennis Racquet

As its name suggests, the KEVENZ tennis racquet got designed for adult use purposes. What makes it different from the previous brands is the material used in its construction. KEVENZ racket is of alloy, which offers better flexibility and stability while in use.

More so, it’s lightweight makes it easy to maneuver hence very easy to hit the tennis ball. Additionally, its length is 27 inches, which is the ideal standard length for adult use.

The racket offers incredible shot absorption from the customer reviews, which means that vibrations will not hinder you from focusing on your shots.

Finally, this best tennis racquet under 100 is not only powerful but also perfect in performance hence very reliable.


  • Professional tennis racket
  • Offers good control grip while playing
  • Has incredible short absorption hence convenient
  • Lightweight and also durable
  • Worth the purchase


  • The racket unravels very fast after use

10. Babolat Aero Junior 26″ Racquet

babolat pure aero junior 26

The Babolat Aero Junior is also another top product to consider from Babolat manufacturers. Many tennis players find it to be amazing because it offers excellent spin and power while in use.

The best part of this product is the graphite throat and aluminum head that provides maximum maneuverability and power to recreational and casual players.

They suit children between the age of 8-13 because of its 26-inch length and 100 square head. You can consider it for your beginner or intermediate child to sharpen their skill without dining their performance.

Lastly, it’s construction makes it worth the purchase, thus, reducing the budget.


  • Lightweight, stable, and durable
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate young tennis players
  • Worth the purchase
  • It’s of graphite composite hence longlasting


  • Does not come with racquet carrying bag


The above best tennis racquet under 100 offers the best open string pattern, sweet spot, lightweight, and power to deliver the best. You can rely on any of them, whether as a beginner or intermediate player.

The materials used in their construction are lightweight, meaning you will swing the racket with ease. We hope you find any of the above selection to be the perfect selection to improve your skills to the next level.


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