Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Under $50 Reviews

airblades professional ping pong paddle

Playing ping pong games is a matter of adjustments and inches. As a good player, you will adjust to your opponents’ style and spin if you have an appropriate paddle.

Most developed players look at play style, grip, types of shots, and favorite serves. Each ping pong has a unique style, and it is easy if you can customize it with ease.

Our reviews you the best ping pong paddle under 50, and we are confident you will not have a reason to complain anymore if you purchase any of them.

1. PRO SPIN Ping Pong Paddles

best ping pong paddle under 50

Pro spin ping pong paddles is a high high-performance of up to four-player sets. With its professional and quality rackets, you are sure of the high performance besides its tournament approved rubber surface.

It has a 1.8 mm sponge for superior control and spin. Custom design of ultra-smooth triple sanded ergonomic handles for comfort and style while competing or for leisure.

It comes with three-star table tennis balls capable of withstanding both smash level either on the outdoor or indoor. It is one of the ping pongs sets that favor both the kids and adults since both can enjoy the game together.


  • Quality standard with a year guarantee upon purchase
  • Professional quality rackets
  • Ultra-smooth and ergonomic handles
  • 3-star pro balls for tournaments, training or leisure


  • The handle isn’t that all smooth

2. JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle

jp winlook ping pong paddle

JP WinLook founder is a table tennis player in the first place; therefore, the main goal is making a high-performance table tennis set, which is one of the popular sports.

Consequently, you are lucky to find our high quality and affordable ping pong set. You can purchase this set that suits all playing levels, be it a beginner or an advanced level.

Moreover, you can choose to play it with friends and relatives regardless of age. It suits both kids and adults. This set allows for playing single or double, inside or outside, and also hard or easy.

The paddles are lightweight to enable kids also to enjoy playing. Kids can learn quickly when provided with a scoreboard and a trainer. This best ping pong paddle under 50 product comes with four paddles, eight balls, and a storage bag.


  • Designed for all ages
  • Uses superior quality plywood paddle technology
  • Ergonomic flared handle
  • Blue zipped carrying a bag of gift design


  • Paddles are great but with less rubber

3. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle

Idoraz Table Tennis PaddleIdoraz Table Tennis Paddle is a well Crafted gadget suitable for both beginners, intermediate and advanced level players.

You gave will progressively improve upon gaming a few matches with idoraz racket. Its design brings about control and does not react explosively to the incoming spins but instead returning them to the table surface.

The paddle necessitates the generation of spins, the ball’s looping to a far distance, and forehead smashes.

This Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle comes in an elaborate and professional package; a carrying case and the side paddle protection band. All these are in a colorful box that is lovely and perfect for a gift.


  • Step up your game to the next level
  • Excellent balance and spin with a rating of 93%
  • Amazingly fast
  • Perfect control


  • None

4. Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle

abco tech ping pong paddle

Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle is of professional quality of 5 play blades. With its 5.6 mm thickness, you can easily play loop Stokes using its edge.

A superior quality spongy and soft rubber covers each paddle. For good control and spin that keeps you top of the game at all times, it has an inverted 1.5 mm rubber surface on the paddle.

The balls are of industry standards. The set comes with six table tennis balls; three orange and three white, four premium control paddles oriented to keep you game ascending; two red and two black.

The handles come in an ergonomic design whereby the top is narrow and the bottom is wide. These rackets easily fit players of different levels.


  • The ergonomic grip of rackets
  • Perfect table tennis set
  • A professional and quality set of ping pong paddles
  • Fits both beginners and the professionals


  • Low quality handles

5. AirBlades Professional Ping Pong Paddle

airblades professional ping pong paddle

Airblades Professional Ping Pong Paddle is capable of improving your gaming standards with the sloppy ergonomic handle that is good for all playing levels from beginners to advanced players.

This set suits both outdoor, indoor, or portable tables. The paddles are of Ayous wood in the three middle layers, whereas the two outer layers are of Limba wood for improved control and soft feel to allow modern topspin.

The smooth paddles handles have 2 mm quality sponge and a 1.6 mm high end inverted rubber for tremendous control. The six stars paddle is identifiable with the logo the three white lines on the handle.


  • You can play everywhere at any time
  • Smooth paddles for easy control
  • Suitable for players at all levels
  • Nice grip


  • Slightly heavy for kids


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6. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

killerspin jet200 table tennis paddle

Killerspin Jet200 table tennis comes in a gift box. It can help you boost your table tennis skills. It is favorable for beginners due to it’s a great balance between speed and control.

In no time, you can come from a recreational player to a high note competitor. With the single paddle, you can step up to the next level of the game.

This best ping pong paddle under 50 comes in three different colors to meet everyone’s taste; whether you are a fun of classic wooden appearance or light and breezy look, jet200 paddles will still meet your taste.

Killerspin’s main objective is to bring youth and innovation into this beautiful sport. It is of premium quality.


  • Helps sharpen your playing skills
  • Its construction is o superior quality
  • Good performance
  • Comes with a personalized memory book


  • Poorly constructed handle

7. STIGA Performance 4 Player Table Tennis

stiga performance 4 player table tennis

You can start a double with four players’ tennis table set. It is perfect for players who wish to challenge their friends to a table tennis competition.

This set has high quality, durable, and good performing rackets that offers you topspin, speed, and control. The three-star balls for tournaments have a consistent bouncing.

This table tennis set meets the standards of USA Table Tennis and is perfect for your table tennis table. A 90-day warranty also covers it by the manufacturers.

The box contains six balls and four rackets. For over 60 years, STIGA sport is always at the top of the list worldwide.


  • Includes everything for a full double match
  • USA Table tennis approved
  • Inverted rubbers on the rackets to improve on the control and spin
  • Tournament balls with three stars ready for play


  • Cheap paddles

8. Killerspin Jet Black Combo Table Tennis Paddle

killerspin ping pong table reviews

Killerspin Jet Black Combo table has a great attacking style and performance. It also has an ergonomic style and shape that is sleek and simple. It comes with a free black case with sleeve.

The sharp-looking table tennis fits the modern player’s standards with the blade consisting of 5 layer wood and Nintrx rubber for controlling the direction of the ping pong ball.

The sleeves on the case can accommodate two rackets, and its security depends on the elastic fastener and still leaves ample space for the ping pong balls.


  • Perfect design for sharpening your skills
  • Case sleeve for storage of the balls and rackets
  • Superior and premium construction
  • Sleek design


  • Low-quality rubber

9. JOOLA Duo Recreational Racket Table Tennis

joola ping pong table reviews

JOOLA DUO set comes with a JOOLA MATCH and a JOOLA TOP recreational table tennis rackets besides two white and an orange ball of 40 mm suitable for all competitions, tournaments, or leisure.

This best ping pong paddle under 50 has two rackets that are suitable for players with slower rackets, whereas making it easy to spin the ball and maximizing the control of the ball.

The racket is of lightweight, thereby improving its spin and speed, whereas the rubber improves on the control. Both the top and match have their control systems to eliminate vibrations, thus genuine ball response.


  • Top speed and spin
  • Anatomically flared handle
  • The lightweight of 35 lbs
  • Cross milling for good ball response


  • Paddles don’t hold up for long

10. Glymnis Ping Pong Paddle Set

mini ping pong table

You can imagine practicing for hours, whether indoor or outdoor, day and night without complaining about your wrist being exhausted.

This table tennis set utilizes an excellent surface material with high-quality sponge rubber for balance, strong batting ability, and stable control when offensive and defensive.

The paddles are of 7 layer poplar wood, thick solid and durable, albeit lightweight. The ergonomic flared handles your hand’s palm easily, thus making this racket easy to control and can grip more comfortably.

Its racket surface is of inverted rubber besides being smooth and flat to improve on the rotation of the ball.


  • You can play at any time due to its easily portable storage bag
  • Solid and durable paddles
  • Excellent racket surface to control the ball
  • Ergonomic flared handles


  • None


Best Ping pong paddles under $50 to work even better than over $100 ping pong paddles. It is due to that reason that we find it necessary to give you alternatives to meet your budget.

Purchasing any of them is of great importance to you because not only will it help sharpen your ping pong skills but also add fun to your life. Consider buying any of them, and we promise you will not live to regret it.


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FAQ Of Best Ping Pong Paddle Under $50:

How to choose a ping pong paddle rubber?

Depending on your skill levels, manufacturers use different rubbers in their products. No matter your preference, consider their firmness and tackiness.

Soft rubber produces more spin while more tackiness delivers more spin. If you are playing a defensive game, go for tacky, soft rubber. For attacking game, find a firm rubber to avoid inconvenience.

How long does a ping pong paddle last?

A ping pong paddle lasts for long, depending on lots of factors. Ideally, it’s construction.

While looking at durability, you must ask your self for how long do you use the paddle? What the rubber do you use? Do you participate in leagues or tournaments? What is your skill level? Do you always boost your rubbers?

If you are a regular, it is convenient if you change rubbers every five weeks or before, depending on the type of league you are participating in.

More so, some companies boost their rubbers, after it wears out, you may consider rebooting it. Rubber and sponge used the durability of your paddle.

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