Top 8 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviews

ricta clouds 92a review

If you love riding skateboards then it is necessary to have the best quality wheels for them. Buying the best skateboard wheels can be very confusing for you whether you buy them online or from a nearby shop as they are available in various designs, sizes, styles, and colours.

Some of the best wheels for skateboards are briefly reviewed in this write-up to help you in finding the most suitable wheels for your skateboard.

1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

The dimensions of these MBS All-Terrain longboard wheels of the longboard are 65mm x 100mm. These wheels are made from extremely high rebounding 78a urethane to give these wheels an unmatched speed.

They can be used perfectly to the quiver of any longboard. You can use them with your present longboards to improve their capabilities to ride on off-road terrains. You can use these wheels while riding on pavements, and sidewalks packed with short grass or dirt.

2. Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Skateboard Wheels

orangatang longboard wheels

This set of 4 wheels for skateboard longboards are very versatile to use as they can be used with longboards of midsize for performing a dance, freestyle tricks, and free riding as they are loaded with integrated speed rings and spacers along with V2 bearings.

The stimulus of these wheels of 70mm diameter is large enough to roll over debris at a high speed and is light enough for quick slides and tricks. The ground contact and rounded lips of these wheels allow you to slide smoothly from the moment you take them out of the pack until their life.

These wheels are made from urethane to make them slide smoothly and fast by making them grippy and luxurious. They are available in four colours and sizes to choose from as per your requirement.

3. Orangatang Durian 75 mm Skateboard Wheels

orangatang 75mm

These all-purpose large wheels for longboards are designed especially for freestyle dancing as well as cruising and commuting downhill at a high speed. These wheels are provided with Jehu V2 bearings to avoid the use of speed rings and spacers.

They can easily cross over rocks, cracks, rough roads, and sticks due to their larger diameter of 75mm. Their contact patch to the ground and rounded lips allow you to slide smoothly throughout their lifetime.

They are made luxurious and smooth by improving their grip by using the original formula of urethane in making them. The core integrated into these wheels can maintain the smoothness and crispiness of the slides with the help of its lips.

4. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

ricta clouds 92a review

This is ricta clouds 92a review. These wheels for skateboards are made of soft urethane to roll on any terrain including ditches, pools, metal rams, Masonite, and rocky streets, etc. The profile of the 4 wheels in this set is standard due to their classic shape as they are not designed like wide or narrow wheels.

They are the right wheels for almost every situation. These wheels are appropriate for beginners. The smooth surface of these wheels allows you to slide smoothly due to less friction than the wheels with treads. They can be used on any terrain due to their Durometer 92a.

They are soft enough to have a lot of grip on the ground and roll smoothly and hard enough to slide easily. They are suitable for park riders and beginners. They are made from urethane to make them hard and usable.


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5. FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels

70mm skateboard wheels

These longboard polyurethane wheels with 83a durometer have 51mm width and 70mm diameter which makes them the best wheels due to the installation of ABEC-7 bearings and spacers made of high steel on them.

These wheels for professional longboards are made durable to roll smoothly while skating in the streets or on the terrains in the park. The rides of these wheels are smooth and fast even on the roads with small pebbles as they are made from PU materials. They are designed with the pattern of dots to increase the beauty of your skateboard.

6. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm

The measurement of these longboard wheels with 80A SHR hardness is 53mm x 76mm which ensures their stability and good grip even at high speeds due to their extremely high rebound hardness.

The offset core of these wheels allows them to maintain their grip while on corners and turns and provide a controlled and predictable slide. These wheels for longboards are designed for the riders who want to have a fast downhill or slalom ride. One can easily maintain the top speeds due to the larger size of these wheels.

7. Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels

Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels

The parts of these wheels are particularly designed ideally for riding on longboards. The trucks of these wheels are made durable, lightweight, and strong by sing aluminium to allow you tom have a solid ride every time.

You can start using these wheel juts by adding a wooden deck to these trucks. These wheels are perfect for cruising in the streets smoothly due to their 78A durometer and 70mm diameter. They are available in a wide range of opaque and transparent colours to choose from.

8. FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels

58mm skateboard wheels

These best skateboard wheels with 82A durometer and 58mm x 45mm size are made from polyurethane. All the four wheels in this set have high steel ABEC-7 bearings and spacers on them to make them more stable and efficient on any ride.

They are very durable and roll smoothly on the park skate terrains as well as skating in the streets when used on penny boards. They are suitable for street tricks and street cruising as well as for riding smoothly on asphalt or concrete. These wheels are the best for gifting to your loved ones as they also come in delicate packaging.


After going through the reviews of some of the best skateboard wheels discussed in this write-up you can easily know how to choose the best wheels for your skateboards.

You should compare the features of some of the popular skateboard wheels to find the most suitable set for your personal use.


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