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OUDEW Longboard

Amongst the most intimidating sports for beginners is longboarding. It is fun, especially if you are a beginner at skateboarding. Although it is a challenging and fun game, the longboards gear this year is attractive. As a beginner, you can still learn longboarding.

There are multiple options for consideration if you are searching for the best longboard skateboard. We have compiled a guide on finding the best longboard skateboard for you, and we hope your search will now be less daunting.

How To Choose The Best Longboard Skateboard?

Numerous longboards are appealing to the eye. Every part of the skateboard impacts your ride. Therefore you need to consider the following before the purchase.

Riding style

With longboarding, you can do different riding styles with numerous longboards to match. It is essential to consider where you live and ride. If you live in a flat area, you will most likely not bomb the hills, whereas if you live in the mountains, you will bomb both flats and hills in between your ride. Therefore you should have it in mind and purchase what will bring fun while you ride in your area.


Most common boards use the veneers of baltic birch wood or maple and thus inexpensive and are of more of a traditional skateboard design. The more the veneers used, the heavier and stiffer the board will be.

Others are of bamboo laminates, whereby a sheet of laminated bamboo is sandwiched in other composite materials like fiberglass. This model is light in weight, can spring more powerful and soft to medium flex.

The third model is the most expensive due to the making of carbon fiber. It is very light due to the combination of bamboo and pieces of foam. These boards are stiff and lightweight this great for downhill rides.

Deck shapes

Deck shapes are two: the directional and twin or symmetrical of which both are great for beginners and experts. Directional longboards are designed to move in one direction, which is majorly forward. Just as the name suggests, the symmetrical longboards look and feel the same on which direction they face. If you plan to have a 180° slide, you should go for the twin longboards.

Deck styles

The deck style determines how stable the board is, ease to push on flat ground, and ease to footbrake.

Just as the rule of thumb puts it that the higher the board is off the ground, the higher the center of gravity, thus less stability and hard to foot brake and push.

Therefore it is recommended that you go for a low to ground board to help your bottom put on tight turns.

Wheel wells

Both the wheel wells and cut-outs prevent the wheels from biting you on your longboard. Whenever you corner too hard, and the wheels come into contact with the deck, you can be thrown out of the board.

Therefore you need to consider the cut-outs to prevent the wheels from coming in contact with the board, thus allows you to turn the hardest. The wells also allow you to have sharp turns without getting you thrown out of your longboard.

Length and wheelbase

The wheelbase length gives the board a right turn and stability. Longer boards provide more stability at speed but do not allow the board to turn as tight as shorter wheels.

Board flex

Boards are of different flex ratings that rely on many factors like the laminates, amount of concave, length, and materials.

The soft flex allows for fun when mellow cruising and performing some board tricks. The medium flex is excellent for moderate speed cruising and carving. On the other hand, the stuff flex is the best for free rides, bombing hills, and going fast.


Wheels are the essential part of the skateboard since it unites you with the road. It also affects cornering ability and speed. The wheels’ performance also depends on the core style, durometer, shape, height, and width.

Longboards bearings

The bearings are the ones that allow the wheels to spin. The higher the ABEC, the faster the wheels will spin. The ABEC 3 bearing is excellent for cruising, ABEC 5 bearing is for freeride, and the ABEC 5 to 7+ is excellent for racing and downhill.

1. Hana Longboard Collection

hana longboard collection

Hana Longboard collection is a fantastic Longboard skateboard designed with quality that enhances its performance. You can rely on its 42″ extended deck for different riding styles.

This Hana Longboard collection comes in three reliable types: the Pintail Bamboo Longboard, Cruiser Bamboo Longboard, and Twin Bamboo Longboard.

Each skateboard is of a different shape, but we guarantee you that you will get maximum flexibility and added stability.

However, this description mainly focused on cruiser Bamboo Longboard that is not only designed for cruising but reliable for dancing and light freestyle.


  • You can cruise and freestyle on this 9″ expansive deck.
  • Quality 78A wheel thus an ideal dancing experience
  • Wheels can ride on various surfaces.
  • Suitable for a beginner
  • Symmetric cut-out shape


  • Has no shock absorber between the board

2. APOLLO Longboard

Best Longboard Skateboard

Are you looking for the best beginner or professional longboard? APOLLO longboard skateboards suit kids, teens, and adults use. What makes it convenient is the twin tip drop-through shape that makes it stable.

Engineered in Germany, the Apollo longboards are lightweight aluminum trucks and durable wheels; therefore, you are guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable cruise.

Besides, the longboards are of bamboo ad solid wood with strong fiberglass layers, making them perfect for freeriding, cruising, and carving adventure.


  • Offers optimal value performance ratio
  • Stable in processing hence safe for use
  • Has 78A-90A wheel stiffness therefore suitable for any road
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • T-Tool included
  • Loaf capacity of 220 lbs


  • None

3. seething 42 Inch Longboard Skateboard

seething 42 Inch Longboard

You can rely on this seething model for carving, cruising, downhill, and freestyle. With the 10″ deck width, you can balance yourself while riding with a smooth and speedy ride.

You can use it on either smooth or rough grounds as it has what it takes. This seething 42 inch longboard is of streamlined design; therefore, you will get a comfortable, eye-catching experience.


  • Of high density, waterproof, and anti-skidding emery paper for more friction
  • Pre-installed; hence no assembly required
  • Sturdy, stable, and durable deck
  • Lightweight
  • Holds up to 330 lbs


  • It tends to have a wretched smell on arrival.

4. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

This Magneto 44 inch kicktail cruiser longboard skateboard is a combination of aluminum, bamboo, and maple material thus increased sturdiness, durability, and performance. It is a perfect option for beginners, but even pros can use it.

The deck doesn’t offer much flexibility, but it is stable and friendly, thus; safe and easy to ride. More so, its wheels are soft, thus offering an extra grip, especially when turning.

Meaning you will get a smooth ride even over rougher roads.


  • Versatile use like skating and cruising around town
  • Has excellent strength and stiffness because of quality construction
  • Durable thus reliable for extended use
  • Features 50° kingpin angle and 7″ hanger


  • None

5. Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard

magneto bamboo dancing longboard

This Magneto longboard drop through truck design who h lowers the center of gravity and offers a smooth ride. The quality trucks featured in this model adds to the carving experience.

The deck is 42″ long and 9″ wide, which makes it perfect for tight turns. Unlike the previous model, this bamboo and fiberglass deck offers excellent flexibility, strength, and durability this convenient for use.


  • It has a shallow concave, thus a comfortable ride.
  • Ultimate bamboo cruiser
  • High-quality materials
  • Premium look finish


  • None


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6. Wjlyueking 41″ longboard skateboard

WjlyueKing 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

This is one of the most attractive longboard skateboards that you can count on for attractive decorations and performance.

The best part is that its design suits beginners for commuting, downhill, carving, cruising, riding, dancing, freestyle, and freeride slide.

You will also benefit from its sound shock absorption system for a more comfortable skateboarding experience.


  • A slight concave deck that is firm enough
  • Adjustable and sturdy trucks and kingpin
  • A T-Tool is also included.
  • Large elastic PU wheels thus cruise over any surface.
  • Supports up to 330 lbs


  • None

7. QingAn 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

41 inch longboard skateboard

The QingAn 41 inch longboard skateboard is also the best to consider. It is of thick aluminum trucks, making them sturdy and reliable, therefore perfect for professionals and beginners.

The super-smooth anti-shock wheels ensure you get a smooth ride on all types of surfaces.

More so, the package comes with a skate T-Tool, so whether you need repair or tightening up of the skateboard, everything is all in place.


  • High-quality materials are, therefore, reliable and sturdy.
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals
  • Supports up to 220 lbs
  • The wheels are sturdy enough.


  • It tends not to be sturdy enough.

8. Xapwell 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

best longboard for beginners

Xapwell longboard skateboard is a multi-function longboard that is a perfect choice for beginners and professionals.

Especially if you want to perform standard drop-through with a tighter turning radius.

Besides that, the materials used in their construction are of high quality, including 7″ aluminum alloy trucks, PU wheels, and maple, thus offering great stability.


  • Suits skateboarders of all ages
  • Reverse plate design, therefore, increased stability.
  • Stable wheels for a smooth ride
  • Increased controllability
  • Holds a maximum of 330 lbs


  • None

9. OUDEW Longboard Skateboard

OUDEW Longboard

OUDEW longboard is designed for speed. It has a unique shape that provides added balance and pushes power; therefore, there will be no wheel bite risk.

It has a gliding slant reverse aluminum truck that is smooth and reactive; hence there will be no inconveniences while riding.

This OUDEW longboard is equipped with extra abrasive OS780 grip tape. Meaning you will have total control over your balance and ride.


  • High quality 9″ PU wheels
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy and strong skateboard
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Holds up to 250 lbs


  • It May did not come with T-Tool if not correctly checked.

10. Lywaini Longboard Skateboard

Lywaini Longboard Skateboard

This 41″ longboard is the best choice for you as a beginner or if you are interested in carving, cruising, freestyle, and downhill.

What makes it best is the quality wheels, high-speed bearings, and stable maple deck hence perfect for adults.

Additionally, the bearings can withstand high rotation, therefore smoother and faster while in use.


  • Holding capacity of 330 lbs
  • Brushed black surface making it anti-slip
  • No assembly needed
  • High-quality trucks, therefore, excellent control and stability.


  • It may not come with the T-Tool if not adequately checked.


Why Does My Longboard Skateboard Wobble At High Speeds?

Speed wobbles at high speeds may be due to various reasons. The most common reason is loose trucks, which gives much turning ability; therefore, it can be hyper-responsive at higher speeds.

Another factor is weight displacement. If you lean far backward on the board, then there is a 90% chance for wobbles. Try to balance at least 60% for the front and 40% on the back.

Foot placement can also be the reason for wobbles. You should place the front foot far forward without hanging the toes over the railing.

How Do I Stop My Longboard Skateboard At High Speed?

A longboard skateboard is typically much faster than a conventional skateboard because it is designed to be so thanks to its wheel size and board design.

As such, it is important for any would be the rider to know how to stop a longboard skateboard at high speeds because at some point you are sure to be traveling at a much quicker speed than you may be used to on a traditional skateboard.

The first and most important thing for you to know is that applying your foot break at a high speed can be dangerous and lead to you losing your balance and coming off the longboard.

Foot breaks should only be applied at slower speeds to prevent this from happening.

So, once you have controlled the speed of your longboard to a more manageable pace, simply apply more pressure using your front foot and you will notice that the board will slow and eventually stop, but a good tip to remember is that you have to have a good center of gravity or else you might overdo it and come off your longboard.

If you are traveling at high speeds though, you need to bring your speed under control BEFORE you apply the foot brake. So, how do you do it?

The first trick is to head towards a surface that provides increased friction to slow down your board naturally. Smooth surfaces won’t provide enough friction, so head to rough patches like short grass or even gravel to slow down.

Alternatively, if you are heading downhill ‘carving’ can help to slow down your speed.

This involves turning backward and forwards to slow down, just be sure to do it carefully or you might end up crashing into an obstacle and hurting yourself.

Another way to slow down is to use air resistance instead of friction. This involves making yourself larger on the longboard by holding out your arms to increase the amount of air resistance and naturally slow down your speed.

In short, be sensible and safe when slowing down using your longboard, the more experience you have using one the better you’ll be at slowing down safely even at high speeds.

Why Does My Longboard Skateboard Lean To One Side?

If you have had your longboard for a while, the chances are your longboard is beginning to lean more to one side because you naturally apply more pressure on one side as you ride.

This will result in friction causing more wear to your wheels on the side that you naturally lean on, and therefore make the longboard lean more in one direction because the wheels are uneven in their resistance against the surface you are skating on.

Other reasons include bad bushings, trucks that are either loose or too tight, bent truck axles, a warped deck, or lose screws and bolts.

If you find that your longboard is leaning more to one side, check your longboard’s wheels in the first instance, the wear should be visible.

Failing that, you might need to get more familiar with servicing your longboard to make sure that all of the component parts are working in the way that they should be.

Replace anything that is damaged or missing, and you should notice an improvement whilst riding on your longboard.

Does Skateboarding Burn Belly Fat?

Skateboarding is actually an incredible form of cardio exercise, and cardio exercise is the best form of exercise for burning fat and calories, including belly fat.

Research has shown that skateboarders can burn an average of between 300 and 450 calories an hour whilst skateboarding. Most skateboarders will do at least some skateboarding every day, meaning that you can burn some serious calories without realizing it.

The best thing about this form of exercise is that most people don’t even know that they are working out, because skateboarding is seen as a leisure activity, something you do for fun, not something to help you stay in shape.

So not only are you having a blast, but you’re also burning calories and belly fat, making you, even more, healthier in the process. It’s a win-win.

How Do You Turn On a Longboard Skateboard?

The first thing to know about turning on a longboard skateboard is that in many ways it is easier than a traditional skateboard, and most beginners will find turning to be much more comfortable on a longboard. This includes turning in a much more safe way, without a high risk of falling off your longboard.

First things first, you need to make sure that you are wearing the proper protective gear.

Yes, turning on a longboard can be easier than a skateboard, but there is still a risk of falling, so make sure you’re properly protected so that you don’t cause yourself an injury.

The second step is to get comfortable with the way you ride.

Most people use their left foot positioned at the front of the board whilst riding, but some prefer their right foot to be out front. Knowing what works for you is essential in getting the right position on the board for turning, so make sure you have this ironed out first.

Once you are positioned comfortably on the longboard you simply need to lean in the direction that you want to turn. Leaning to your left gently will cause your longboard to turn left gently too.

This will cause the trucks to lean with you and guide your longboard in the direction you wish to travel.

However, it is important to note that the more harshly you lean the more harshly your board will try to turn.

Don’t apply too much pressure straight away, you want to ease yourself into it so that you are more comfortable with how the longboard works with you and your riding style.

Be sure to start off on flat surfaces too until you get the hang of it, then you can move on to more difficult surfaces as your confidence on the longboard grows.


As you have read above, there are many factors and ideas for a rider to consider when buying the best longboard skateboard. However, once you find the right board for you, your riding experience will be incomparable.

The fun and experience while riding on a longboard is not comparable to anything. So, the recommended thing for you is to do research, take your time, stay safe, and enjoy the ride. All the best.


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Are Longboard Skateboards Suitable For Beginners?

Yes! Longboards are more comfortable to ride, therefore suitable for suitableness. That is because of its long wide boards and deck considered to be drop through. Drop through lowers the rider’s center of gravity, helping you maintain your balance much better than a skateboard.

They are also more forgiving if you either lean forward, backward, or to the sides, and it is what most beginners find favorable.

How Much Does a Longboard Skateboard Cost?

A reasonable longboard costs between $90-150 for a complete set. However, prices vary with quality, which means buying a low-priced longboard can discourage you from them, thus poor riding experience.

The best quality longboard cost anywhere between $150-400. The factors that determine how much you should spend on a longboard include the brand, deck construction, bearings upgrade, wheel size upgrade, trucks upgrade, and longboard size. Each factor has its contribution so that you can check on them further.

Are Longboard Skateboards Harder To Ride?

Generally, longboarding depends on various factors determining whether it will be hard or easy for the rider. That includes fitness level, age, physical abilities, the type of longboard in use, type of terrain, and the longboard’s purpose.

If you want to cruise around or ride at the park or beach, then longboarding is not tricky. You only need to learn how to push, turn, footbrake, balance, and work on your stance.

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